Transport app: Hamburg prohibits driving uber.

Hamburg – no company worldwide is expanding in the business of digital mediation of travel services as fast as uber from San Francisco. The app is available in approximately 150 cities. While offering about pop, which is now also in Hamburg, individuals offer their services with your own car, the driver can simply order via your Smartphone. Berlin and Munich uber currently trying to gain a foothold in this country particularly in Hamburg and Frankfurt. However, the traffic authority of the Hanseatic city has prohibited now offering as a spokesman for agency manager told online magazine. The problem: Who wants to carry people in Germany for money, needs a passenger ticket – the uber drivers usually do not possess. Pierre Dimitri Gore-Coty, European head of uber, manager informed magazine online, Hamburg was a progressive and ambitious city, where innovations flourish. Uber respect the legal framework, will offer his services but continue in the city. In the city of Hamburg assuming anyway, that at the end of the courts be must deal with the case. Uber in San Francisco are convinced that the legal regulations for person transport around the world are obsolete and only the needs of the digital-savvy big-city dweller would need to be adapted. For example, Gore Coty calls even in the case of Hamburg, that the rules and regulations of the city of the Smartphone era would have to be adjusted. In the industry, one assumes that uber in Hamburg will take over the penalties for the driver, so that it won’t jump out. It does not disturb the investors by uber. Recently the 2009 founded company gained a new money for its expansion and it was prized over 18.2 billion US dollars on a goodwill – this is record breaking even for the standards of Silicon Valley. So the company, which itself has no own fleet, evaluated roughly as high Hertz as the car rental. And many firm such as court costs, you can with the more than one billion US dollars collected in the financing round probably settle how they now could arise in Hamburg. . For additional facts about this topic click

Health: 589 private structures in Italy, only 64 not credited.

Rome, 23 Jul. (Reuters Health)-In Italy there are about 600 private nursing homes. Of these, only 64-about 10%-are not accredited with the National Health Service. And ‘ what emerges from the data of the Directorate-General and statistical information system of the Ministry of health, which snaps a photograph on the world of private facilities (non-accredited), updated to 2011. Structures that are known and prestigious groups, including: San Donato Group, which belongs to the family Rotelli, with structures in Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. And again: the GVM Care Ettore Sansavini & Research with distributed facilities all over the country-from Turin to Agrigento and the Ganji of Emmanuel Miraglia, present with its facilities in Liguria, Tuscany, Lazio, Calabria and Sicily. Analyzing the table in detail, a given on every jump in the eyes: about half of the private structures active in Italy-266 on 589-located in four regions, namely Lombardy (72); Lazio (65); Campania (65); Sicily (64). Another aspect that emerges is related to the (few) non-accredited facilities with Ssn: only 64. Of these, about half (29) is situated in Lazio. Other structures 12 ‘ released ‘ from public service counted in Lombardy. For the rest, in other regions, the private care homes are almost all credited. Only 5 structures In Campania on 65 are not tied to the Ssn. In Sicily, however, the 64 private nursing homes are all credited. To work in this kind of structures are about 15 thousand employees. According to figures provided by the Italian Association of private ospedalità (Aiop)-representing 500 nursing homes, with over 53. 000 beds of which 45. 000 credited with the Ssn-people working in associated structures are 14. 902, of which 4. 696 doctors; 20.032 nurses; 5. technical 853; 9.010 socio-medical auxiliaries; 4.680 assistants. To underline the importance and the role played by private healthcare facilities is the President of the Aiop, Gabriele Pelissero: In Italy-Adnkronos Health claims-the 25% of hospital services are covered by the private ospedalità, which weighs only about 15% of health care expenditure. Not me to say it, but adds-is the Court of Auditors. The numbers show that we are a very important resource for the country, as an integral and efficient Nhs. Represent, concluded the number one of the Aiop-a great opportunity to ensure, in the future, a sustainable national health service and able to give citizens a high quality performance. . Root source can be found checking the following

National football team: Joachim Löw remains head coach.

Joachim Löw remains head coach of the German national football team after the World Cup triumph. "Yes, at the moment I can imagine nothing better than to continue working with this team, to lead the Championship after France the team to develop the individual players." I am so motivated as the first day at the DFB, the 54-year old declared on Wednesday in an interview on the website of the German Football Federation. Löw wants to fulfill his contract until 2016 dated and in two years run the DFB selection to the next mission of the title at the European Championships. "We have celebrated a huge success in Brazil, there are still more goals we want to achieve. The 2014 World Cup was a highlight for everyone, but still no conclusion. "The next match is on September 3 in Düsseldorf with the new edition of the World Cup finals against Argentina. Four days later, the European Championship qualifiers, Gibraltar, Ireland, Poland and Georgia are the other opponents begins with a duel against Scotland in Dortmund, Germany. . Inspirational source can be read reading this

Ex-Ambassador Primor: Israel has”no alternative”.

In addition, the army wanted to know: what happens then? An offensive against Hamas makes only sense when you set in motion a political process, a peace process. Otherwise Hamas comes back and rebuild everything, because it not lacking her money. But the current Government wants any negotiations because it is affected by the extremists. The majority of Israelis wishing, however, real negotiations. Primor: Yes. There is a hardening mood, as always in times of war. If people need to run ten times a day in the shelter, they are impatient and think you must hear no philosophy but quickly win the war. This is obviously superficial and it not all people think so, but quite many. And there are also right-wing extremists in Israel, which have become violent. This is a problem and worried us very. tagesschau. de: the head of the Palestinian Mission in Germany, Khouloud mow, talks about, there was a mass murder in Gaza, entire families would be killed. What answer Mrs Daibes to these allegations?. Original source could be studied visiting the following

more than 400 miles south of Seoul. The announced today the police that Dna tests carried out showed that the corpse was found on 12 June in an advanced state of decomposition of the owner of Chonghaejin Marine, shipping company Sewol ferry sunk on 16 April with a budget of nearly 300 killed and missing. Still uncertain, for, the causes of death. Dna samples taken from the corpse match exactly with those of Yoo said at a press conference Woo Hyung-ho, head of the Sucheon police agency, report Yonhap Agency. Another confirmation gained from the examination of fingerprints of right index finger, he added Woo that Dna comparison was possible thanks to traces retrieved into a house where Yoo, 73 years, had taken refuge to escape the Manhunt which mobilised thousands of agents. To clarify the exact timing and cause of death: at the time of the discovery, the body lay face-up, wearing a suit and a hat, surrounded by empty bottles of alcoholic beverages and another empty of shark liver oil, produced by a company of its group. We believe that more detailed analysis and a second autopsy by the National Forensic Service can bring out other details, such as the cause of death, said concluo Woo. Yoo, founder of the sect of salvation, was the man most wanted in South Korea, with the South Korean authorities desperate for details on his capture, to the point of deciding a maxi size of nearly 500,000 dollars (only 100 thousand on his eldest son Dae-kyun, still unavailable). Prosecutors, in relation to each other, suspect Sewol consolidated practices of corruption, brought by Yoo and his family, have resulted in incomplete and dangerous procedures on security, including overcharging, resulted in one of the worst disasters in peacetime for South Korea. . Extended information can be read reading homepage.

Turin, intesa on movida: early closure to two only to the dehors.

Turin, 21 Jul. -(Adnkronos)-early closure at two o’clock at night but only for dehors, to three for all premises, for the exercises to adopt one stuart which will ensure compliance with schedules, identifying a precise quadrilateral in which the new regulation is implemented (vie Galliari, Madama Cristina, nice and corso Marconi, ndr), via sperimemtale until next November 30. Are the main points of the agreement reached today between the Mayor of Turin, Piero Fassino, and local operators affected by the Turin movida. Positive it was expressed by the President of Ascom Turin, maria Luisa Coppa that stresses ” the solution in accordance with the legitimate requirements of businesses and residents. It is important-observe-who has managed to avoid unnecessary confrontations and each party has committed itself to overcome the ‘ impasse ‘. ” The compliance-adds Polo Troccoli Public exercises of Torino President and Vice-President Epat-is also the interest of operators: the ‘ good nightlife ‘ must be an important opportunity for raising the quality of service and development of the territory, while at the same time counteracting all forms of unfair competition ‘ ‘. After the representatives of the municipal administration managers talking ‘ citizens ‘ committees and associations active in the area. (more). You can click this to learn extra about this great matter.

William Harvey and the circulation.

P irtually all men die of their remedies, and not from their diseases.  "Molière has beautiful game poking fun of doctors of his time: between the masters of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris and its hilarious Mr Diafoirus, one sometimes wonders who caricature the other. The great battle that pitted, fifty years, professors of french medicine to the English William Harvey around the issue of blood circulation is the perfect illustration. When the author of the "imaginary" sees the day, in the first quarter of the 17TH century, the medicine still lives, basically, on the achievements of the Greek Hippocrates (460-370 before j. – c.) and Galen (129-200 after J.-C.). Obviously, this date a little! Regarding blood, if elders had well because it is "like a river which flows through the entire body" and that, «if the river is dry, the man is dead», their conceptions of the functioning of the blood system were totally wrong. Thus Galen was much surprised to learn that blood from the veins is the same as that of the arteries. Instead, he thought that venous blood had its origin in the liver and arterial blood in the heart, these two organs, liver and heart, secreting permanently the precious liquid to feed other bodies who consumed it as and. It is this concept of Galen who will prevail over fifteen centuries until William Harvey in affect. She explains in passing a medical practice which has probably killed more than men that she in has cured: the bleeding. Believing that the liver and the heart produce new blood throughout life, full galienisme doctors in were deducting logically the possibility of a temporary excess of blood in the body (which could also be the case for the other three humours: lymph, yellow bile, and black). Bloodletting were supposed to absorb the overflow. They will disappear after William Harvey to be replaced by a technique still used: transfusion. Lift the nose of the old grimoires, experiment and observe, this is exactly what the physician of James I did with the blood system. A series of simple experiments, requiring no other equipment than tourniquets placed in carefully selected locations of the body, allows him to demonstrate with certainty how this system actually works. Blood does not recur constantly: he keeps and circulates perpetually organs to the heart via the venous network, from the heart to the organs via the arterial network – the engine of this movement being other than the heart itself, which acts as a pump. In 1628, William Harvey logs the results of his observations in a short treatise written in latin and published in Frankfurt, ‘De motu cordis’ (‘movements of the heart"). If this conceptual revolution was quite well received in England, he went not the same across the channel. In Paris, these gentlemen of the Faculty of medicine, more molieresques than Molière, made hot gorges of the «circulationniste» of Harvey theory. The wordy Gui Patin, Dean of the faculty, unleashed his caustic verve against English that it dealt with "circulator", a treacherous game of words since this term also includes a charlatan in latin. More hard yet, Prof. Jean Riolan, nicknamed ‘the Prince of the Anatomists’, piled the derogatory adjectives to denounce the idea of blood circulation: ‘paradoxical, unnecessary medicine, false, impossible, unintelligible, absurd and detrimental to the life of the man.  "We’ll even hear one of these federalists defenders of tradition exclaim:" I’d rather be wrong with Galen that follow, in circulation, a charlatan like Harvey! "The ‘pen war’ doctors on both sides of the handle will last nearly fifty years and reaches even to the ears of the King of France, that it will eventually heat up. More convinced by Harvey that Galen, Louis XIV load in 1672 a surgeon, Pierre Dionis, to teach the circulationniste theory in the royal garden of medicinal plants (current Jardin des plantes), one of our oldest scientific institutions, created in 1635 to compete just dogmatic School of medicine. It is the first time, in France, that political power is directly involved in the field of medicine. The beginning of a long tradition,, You should click the following info to learn extra about this amazing matter.

They discover the reasons that bovine tuberculosis is not transmitted between humans.

Researchers from the University of Zaragoza and the Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red de Enfermedades Respiratorias (Ciberes) Instituto de Salud Carlos III have discovered the mutation by which different tuberculosis bacteria have specialized in infection of people and livestock. In addition, this finding explains why the bacteria of bovine tuberculosis is not transmitted between humans. The results of the research, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America’ (PNAS), help me understand the evolutionary history of tuberculosis and in addition to provide an explanation for the epidemiologic observations, the results contribute to understanding and prevent this disease that causes three deaths every minute in the world. The researchers explained that in humans, this disease is caused by bacteria transmitted by air called ‘mycobacterium tuberculosis’ and also indicated that tuberculosis also affects animals causing a "potential risk" of transmission to humans mainly through the consumption of milk unpasteurized. According to experts, bovine tuberculosis caused by the bacterium ‘mycobacterium bovis’, once transmitted to the man, "rarely" continues its aerial transmission between humans. In the work, which also involved French researchers of the University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse (CNRS) and the Pasteur Institute in Paris, researchers compared the genomes of various bacteria of human or animal origin, to understand this phenomenon and found the explanation in a mutation that is only present in the bacteria that cause tuberculosis in animals and that affects a virulence regulatory system called ‘PhoPR’. . You should check the following resource to learn extra regarding this amazing subject.

Investigation after bus tragedy on A4.

69 passengers were associated with fractures, abrasions or bruises at hospitals, including four Ukrainians. 30 were released now, more are left independently, as the official head of the Dresden fire, Andreas Rümpel, reported. 34 are still in hospitals. Saxony Deputy Prime Minister Sven Morlok (FDP) expressed condolences in a letter to the President of Poland and the Ukraine on behalf of the free State. At the same time, he assured his concern all victim, their family members and survivors and wish the injured speedy recovery. According to the Polish authorities of the accident bus company has violated often working hours and breaks rules. Lukasz Smierciak said between July 2013 and February 2014, working conditions in three subsidiaries of the company had been controlled, by the competent supervisory authority in Oppeln (Opole) on Monday. We noticed irregularities in connection with the working hours of drivers, the breaks and the recovery time. A driver did seven hours and 58 minutes continuously behind the wheel; a maximum of four and a half hours were allowed. While the weekly rest periods between long-haul missions should be 48 hours, drivers were in some cases 18 hours again or close after 13 in use. In other cases, the driver had been working through several weeks on the weekends without compensation. The Ministry of transport rejected doubts concerning the safety of crash barriers. The control and safety devices on Saxon highways comply with the applicable technical regulations. This of course also applies to the in question accident on the BAB 4, informed the Department on request. The head of accident research of insurers, Siegfried Brockmann, had criticized the weekend that broke the bus through the guardrail. This must be so designed that she take also this stunner. . You must click the following to discover extra on this amazing topic.

The France in liquidation: four good doctor Gattaz errors.

To support its finding, in an interview published Monday in le Figaro, he d Nuncio triple absence: growth is not l, there is more investment and more hiring. The yardstick of this triptych, the patron of the Medef has its suppos shock s rem favour the resumption. But the diagnosis and the pr conis dosage e can leave fear a few side effects. However, it is hard to imagine a banker offer a firm in full legal redress, this kind of rate of trusting any competition. Logically and to stay in St taphore, the rate at which borrows a company is inversely proportional the probability to see fail. On this plan-l also, the France bit tre e rassur, m me if we know that the psychology of the markets can evolve quickly enough. In m registry me, a study by KPMG published in the d goal of July on m live the most appr ci es international investors showed that Paris is once again in 2014 the troisi me m tropole most attractive economic of the plan te, just behind New York and London. E ann pr c dente, she was only the fifth place ranking. The symbol does not appear to move as many investors as Pierre Gattaz himself me. The patron of the Medef seems in any case firmly believe, just like the think thank lib ral iFrap, who estimated that between 70 and 140 000 jobs could be s cr by deleting the thresholds that determine social enterprises of 10, 20 and 50 obligations employees. � . For more data about this topic visit info.