The France strengthens its device against the Islamic State in Iraq.

The France, which attends the Washington-led international coalition air operations in Iraq will deploy six planes, the Mirage 2000-D. The devices will be positioned in Jordan to fight against the State Islamic (ARS), or Daech. The new, which is not really a surprise, was announced Wednesday at the National Assembly by Jean-Yves Le Drian. "The French Airforce will be strengthened by six Mirage placed in Jordan," said the french Minister of defence. Now, the french will have a ‘pillar bombing’, since the Jordan, and a ‘pillar intelligence’ from Al-Dahfra. The french Rafale stationed at the water indeed prevail "pods" of recognition new generation (so-called ‘pod redco NG’), to collect information. The french device also features an Atlantic 2 reconnaissance aircraft and a C-135 tanker aircraft. Dispatched in the area, the anti-aircraft frigate Jean Bart pursues a mission of air traffic control. Finally, a french AWACS – aircraft command and control radar – operated since the Qatar for a month, between mid-October and mid-November, for a mission that could be repeated. French aircraft engaged against Daech carried out 20 sorties per week, including patrols armed reconnaissance and refueling missions. Their mission is to support action on the ground of the Iraqi army and the Kurdish fighters. Made from a base in Jordan, "flights will be shorter and more useful," asserts this on to the staff of the armed forces. Other countries in the region, Kuwait, or even the Turkey – had also been envisaged for closer french related to their area of intervention in Iraq. The signal is also political, France is being also assigned as objective to support the countries in the region threatened by Daech. Its leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, has explicitly indicated its intention to extend its "caliphate" in the Jordan and the Lebanon. . For more on this topic read

The onset of winter in the United States: more people die in heavy snow storms.

Buffalo, New York City – an early onset of winter raises chaotic conditions in the United States. Several people have come in life. Five people died on Tuesday in the city of Buffalo in the State of New York the United States today reported. According to official information, a man in a car accident was fatally injured, three people suffered a fatal heart attack at the snow Pallab, one was discovered dead in a car. Two more people were therefore because of the bad weather in the States of New Hampshire and Michigan, to life. In the North-Eastern States, some heavy snowfalls had gone down, the temperatures in many places fell to the freezing point. More than one meter snow fell in Buffalo, is expected to again much will fall on Thursday. Mayor Byron Brown said of the largest mass of snow for more than 40 years. It will take a while to shovel away the, he told the television station CNN. According to the national weather service caused cold air from the Arctic, which triggered the heavy snowfalls in parts of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin on the Great Lakes flowed away. There was snow in the half of these States. Also on Thursday, the US weather service predicted snowfalls. Until Friday, snow could fall in some almost two meters. . You can click this to discover more on this great topic.

Silvia Casi: “Le Grand Paris must exist by its own identity”.

This is a first step. For the sake of simplification, it relies on a departmental cutting which respects neither geography nor the Metropolitan reality. Reflections on the Grand Paris must go beyond the administrative boundaries that emerge. Otherwise, it will repeat the same mistakes as before, when it had not considered of continuity between Paris intramuros and the suburbs. What is metropolis? What is the perimeter which is now defined in the Act? If this is the case, we will integrate the suburbs administratively, and create a suburb of a suburb. It must have a global reflection, and decide a Grand solidarity Paris, with a redistribution of wealth between the departments. Historically, I would say Versailles. This city was designed and built in duality with the centre of Paris. It required people to move because there was an interest to go there. Today, I think in Rungis, which is the belly of the Grand Paris. We could open it to the public and a centre linked to French gastronomy. . Original source could be read clicking the following info.

Femicide, black year: 2013 every two days killed a woman.

With 179 women killed, the 2013 was the year black for the femicide in our country, the bloodiest of the last seven, with an increase of 14% compared to 2012. It is one of the data contained in the second report on Eures femicide in Italy that the past year has presented the highest percentage of women among the victims of murder ever recorded in Italy, accounting for 35.7 percent of total casualties (179 on 502): in ‘ 90, women killed were just the 11.1% of total casualties. In 2013, nearly 70% of feminicides in 92.4% family at the hands of a man. A bulletin of war ‘ that in the Chronicles of internet sites, newspapers and tg passes almost unnoticed. In 2013 the South becomes the area at highest risk (75 victims and an increase of 27.1 percent over the previous year), also due to the decrease registered in the northern regions ( -21% and 60 victims), but is the Center for the largest increment (+100), passing women killed from 22 to 44: cases grow nel Lazio (from 9 to 20), Tuscany (from 6 to 13)in Umbria (from 3 to 6) and Marche (from 4 to 5). The Lazio, Campania together in 2013, the highest number of feminicides between the Italian regions (20): follow Lombardia (19), Italy (15), Italy (13), Calabria and Sicily (both with 10 victims). The provincial ranking sees at the top Rome (with 11 feminicides in 2013), Turin (9 victims) and Bari (8) followed, with 6 deaths, from Latina, Milan, Palermo and Perugia. Often the family ‘ the trap ‘ jailing these women. Also last year, in 7 cases out of ten (68.2%, amounting to 122 in absolute values) the feminicides are consumed within the family or emotional context, consistent with the data covering the period 2000-2013 (70.5 percent).   If the author is almost always a man, are the transformations and the dynamics of the relationship to explain the greater number of cases. In fact, the 2013 66.4% of the victims was murdered spouse, partner or former partner (81 victims on 122). Also as a result of the continued crisis, shows a sharp increase of matricides, often made for reasons of money and aggravation of relations arising from cohabitation imposed by necessity: 23 mothers are killed in the last year, which accounted for 18.9% of feminicides family, compared to 15.2% detected in 2012 and 12.7% surveyed in 2000-2013. If firearms are confirmed as the main instrument in the murders in General (45.1% of cases, compared with 25.1% by cutting weapons), in the hierarchy of instruments feminicides changes significantly. The fact that baffles are the murders with bare hands, expression of a higher degree of violence and rancor, to represent altogether the most applicant (51 victims, accounting for 28.5% of cases), in three forms of beatings (5.6%) of strangulation (10.6%) and strangulation (12.3 percent). Slightly less the percentage of those with firearms (49, 27.4% of the total) and cut (45 casualties, amounting to 25.1 percent), followed by those made with improper weapons (21 fatalities, equal to 11.7%) or by other means (13 fatalities, equal to 6.1 per cent). Besides the territorial changes, the 2013 notes a growing average age of femicide victims, passed by 50 years in 2012 to 53.4. And with the average age also increases the percentage of victims of femicide in non-professional status (from 54.8% of 2012 to 58.1%) confirming the pensioners (35.5% of the total) main victims, followed by housewives and unemployed women (15.1%) and employed workers and employees (9.9%) and maids, housekeepers and nannies (9.9 percent). It is the worm of jealousy to explain the higher proportion of feminicides (the 30.3 percent of those families, amounting to 36 in absolute values), followed by those resulting from conflicts and disagreements newspapers (21 victims, amounting to 17.6 per cent). The feminicides of possession generally results in the victim’s decision to get out of a relationship: there are over 330 women killed in Italy from 2000 to today, for leaving your companion.   The Eures report emphasises finally the inefficiency and inadequacy of the institutional response to the call for help of women victims of violence within the couple, because in 2013 as much as 51.9% of future victims of murder (17 in absolute values) had reported/reported to the violence suffered. . Root facts could be found clicking this page.

Seven: Fight against the weakening of the power.

This time is all the more important that it precisely guided the choice of Assembly in 1875. At the time, the parliamentary monarchy made his return and internal tearing between legitimist monarchists and Orleanist monarchists led parliamentarians to elect a president of the monarchist, curious thing if anything. Taken by surprise, the parliamentarians decided to adopt the Republic by electing a monarchist president (Patrice de Mac-Mahon), for a period of seven years. The idea was simple, it was a long enough time for that: God wanted to open the eyes of the Comte de Chambord or daignât him close them [1]. The Pretender to the throne being quite old indeed, there was a chance that he might not survive (it is in fact died in 1883) and have thus left the free place to the orleanists. The subsequent victory of the Republicans definitively buried the Pact and did not see the return of the monarchy. However, the seven-year rule remained and time has passed,. In 2000, he was, on the other hand, to match the presidential and parliamentary mandates. Indeed, the growing disaffection of politicians led the electorate to disavow several times presidential majorities and the lack of coincidence between the mandate (seven years and five years), has led to three successive cohabitations. In reality, the effects of the five-year period were very clear: he has significantly weakened the authority and legitimacy of the Parliament. The Government is almost more responsible before him, as appointed and headed by the president, and the operation normal parliamentary game in was thus considerably weakened. . For extended facts about this topic visit

TV: I was ‘ Auditel ‘ family.

Yes, I was "The Auditel family".  The TV rating has another story.  The Addams Family was a humorous family, born in the 1930s for a strip on the New Yorker and moved to tv in the 1960s. Today in 2014 if you ask a guy if he knows the Addams Family will list all characters and their characteristics. (Oh dear, Hand by hand, no one can stop the advance of listens. Oh dear sensitive Hands, you are the lover of progress at hand). The auditel is defined as: "The authoritative and impartial source of data that depict, 24 hour, 24 minute-by-minute, the Italian television ratings". We contacted as far back as 1987, we had a large family, Dad, MOM and three sons, two daughters and a son. A perfect family spot. We delivered a "Meter" (now called as well, then we call electronic device) that automatically detected the channel tuned on our TV. But what is unique and easy to manipulate is that we delivered a remote for the reporting of household members. Each of us was a number, my father, my mother 1, 2 I 3, my sister, my brother 4 5, until you reach the last numbers for any guests. When you saw a program, you had to push your personal key and indicate whether there were people outside who were watching with you. Sunday afternoon my sister Bridget and I participated in the TV program Domenica in. At home it was a feast, because friends and family gathered to see us live. Now, do you think that our remote control supplied could not be lit with all your keystrokes from one to nine? In recent years the quality of a program is given only by listening to television, by the amount of people in front of the screen. The television rating in this way is not measurable. This kind of quality does not convince me at all. Today maybe technology has made great strides, but the remote run still exists. The Addams Family was a humorous family, Auditel family seems a bit of a farce. . Main facts could be studied checking the following

Radios: France Inter goes back, NRJ fails.

This little game, the annual renewal of grid has been beneficial to France Inter. Generalist public radio was coming out of a year 2013-2014 continued decline and judged her "exhausted" grid Freshly appointed the new Director of programs, Frédéric Schlesinger, and the Inter boss, Laurence Bloch, widely renewed the cast: Charline Vanhoenacker and Léa Salamé promoted in the morning; Augustin Trapenard and Nada headliners of circles in the morning; Nicolas Demorand return to close out your afternoon,. So many choices rather pay, since France Inter goes back to 10% of the total audience, an increase of 0.1 point compared to September 2013. The former home of Mr. Ruquier, Europe 1, also fell to 9% of the total audience (0.2 point over one year). The successor to Laurent Ruquier afternoon, Cyril Hanouna, gathers at the moment 28% of listeners less. But the station of Lagardère believes that it is a good start and was pleased to see that «the gap with RTL tightens» (2.5 point against 2.7 a year ago). . Related facts can be found clicking reference.

Threat will be a PR disaster: embarrassing revenge fantasies of an uber Manager.

The service intermediary uber is known for his rabid business methods. The company wants to compete with the taxi trade, without to adhere to their rules. In Germany, the company even of legal prohibition put across. In the United States, a competitor accuses the company, to have blocked the business with thousands of false car orders. Michael’s remarks at an event in New York became known first, because there was an editor of the US site Buzzfeed. It was intended that no quotes should be disseminated by the meeting–but this had told nobody the Buzzfeed Editor. So, it was published that Michael at dinner about it spoke to hire specialists for the discovery of opponents for one million dollars. They could investigate critical reporters and their families and encourage unpleasant facts from their life to days. Asked about possible problems for uber, Michael said therefore: no one would know that we were there. Notably, the Manager in the conversation mentioned the American blog founder Sarah Lacy, who had repeatedly criticised above. Lacy published an apology E-mail Michaels, in which among other things wrote, he had drained only steam and not about concrete plans in their technology blog Pandodaily. According to information of the blogs recode, there is still no decision about the future of Manager at uber. . Related info can be inspected checking hyperlink.

Amanda Lear and Tina Turner: 75 years with grit Fotostory.

Model Amanda Lear, singer, painter, actress and host the mysterious white Queen of Tomorrow off the November 18, 75 candles. Over according to some biographies. Because the true date of birth of Amanda Tapp (this the real name) there’s always mystery dense. According to some, in fact, was born in Hong Kong in 1939. According to others in 1941 and not in Hong Kong but in Viet Nam to ,, Though his career began posing as a fashion model in the early 1960s, winning numerous important magazine covers, becomes the Muse of surrealist painter Salvador Dalí, portrayed on canvas in works such as Venus to the Furs and Vogué. Describes the close relationship with the painter lasted 15 years as a spiritual marriage. After being featured on the cover of fetish Bryan Ferry album For Your Pleasure Roxy Music and David Bowie special friend his career singer explodes in the mid 70 ‘s with a low voice and sensual, and strong of a character with an aura of ambiguity and mystery, reaches a considerable success with their debut album I Am a Photographwithin Blood and Honey, Tomorrow and Queen of Chinatown. Also passes through rock new wave sound, wanting to look as much as possible to his favorite rock star Tina Turner, recorded in 1988 with CCCP a remake of his "Tomorrow". . For extended facts on this matter read

The Japanese giant Hitachi formalizes the offer for AnsaldoBreda.

The Japanese giant Hitachi has formalized a binding offer and remains only in the race for the acquisition of the company manufacturer AnsaldoBreda trains of Pistoia, a subsidiary of Finmeccanica.   The offer came at the last minute in the Piazza Montegrappa on expiry of the deadline for binding bids for the acquisition of transport area of Finmeccanica, a tandem between the fragile manufacturer AnsaldoBreda trains, by the counts in red, and the solid ‘ jewel ‘ of Ansaldo Sts railway signaling. operation by total value of approximately 200 billion yen, 1.45 billion: this is the estimate that emerges from the following Japanese press reports.   It seems so, but surprises, leaving the Chinese climbers Insigma-Cnr. The times are now the ones already announced by Mauro Moretti, who may be driving the Finmeccanica group: one month, maximum one month and a half to evaluate the offer. the final decision by the end of the year. Soon after the publication of the news in the morning until then negative, then came to earn the 2% and approximately 13 euro 7.6050 share (+1.6 per cent). The news of these hours-commented Daniele Quiriconi, regional-Cgil that Hitachi has formalized its final proposal, in itself says nothing if not on behalf of the partner or buyer can, because we need to see the business plan and in particular what investment projects for the revival of this settlement behind us. This company, he added, is to download orders, no longer races but has no products, to make new products we want investments that Finmeccanica did. Only when we have read the cards will be able to form an opinion on the quality of this project. The Nikkei newspaper: Hitachi works in an offer as far as we are concerned, we believe it is necessary to discuss in a general national framework what are the prospects for industrial revival: you have to come back to participate in contracts, we have to go back to designing new vehicles and we have to draw a strategy that foresees investments for the future. If the industrial partner able to ensure that we are open-minded to discuss, said the Mayor of Pistoia, Samuel Bertinelli. Certainly the voices chasing-he added-confirm as given that there is an interest around AnsaldoBreda, which also matches quotes only a few seasons ago unthinkable, i.e. a market value which obviously means a current and potential production value is important. . Inspirational source may be found checking the following weblink.