Bartolone invites Valls to focus on his work as Prime Minister.

"The idea of changing the name, [the Prime Minister] has brought it within the Socialist Party. And I said unto him: Dear Manuel, it is a fault. For now, concentrate on your work of Prime Minister, meets the expectations of the French in terms of safety, employment, energy transition, and leave this debate to socialist activists who will have to discuss this at the time of the next Congress. [. . . ] It is a catch phrase and I think that this is not the best time to push this little ditty. "Previously, on his blog, in a forum entitled"Now, that’s enough", Claude Bartolone had pleaded for a truce in the fighting between Socialists, who have raged Wednesday by returning back to back protesters and supporters of the Executive, without sparing the head of Government.  "Here, we would be of the passeistes, ordered to change the name of the Socialist Party – what a strange idea. There, our policy would threaten the Republic – nothing less", he wrote in allusion to employed formulas the day before by Prime Minister and member of Parliament and former Minister Benoît Hamon. "I made no Richter scale between the words that hurt the left. "It is simply time to say stop," wrote Bartolone. "That’s enough, artificially amplifying our differences", he exclaims. "I’m returning the proposals of each and of others in every way, we agree on the essentials. I would challenge anyone to convince me that there is a schism between us. » . You must read this homepage to discover more regarding this amazing matter.

Athens again fatal to Juventus loses 1-0 with Olympiacos.

Juventus loses 1-0 in Athens with Olympiacos and complicates the life in the Champions League. Cheerful host Morata instead of Llorente, Spanish beginning from the first minute. Olympiacos strong part in the first ten minutes of the match with Dominguez and Mitroglou, then Juventus-blue shirt, put on the index by the fans of Shrek, green in colour, shown during the defeat against Atletico Madrid last October 2-takes the measures. At 35 ‘ action on Dominguez-Mitroglou, Kasami brings benefit to the Greeks. Immediate black-and-white with Pirlo reaction, but the first time you close on 1-0 for the hosts. In the second, the Cheery team becomes dangerous Pirlo free-kick wide, then with Alvaro Morata. The only Ian not to deface is the Spanish, who at 20 is the recovery manages to stop a large ball in the area, to turn on itself and to start a powerful shot, but too which Roberto neutralizes. Spanish we try again shortly after, but his conclusion is murata from Botia. Is the best time of Juve who came close to an equaliser with back Pogba and Tevez, and again with Morata. Nothing to do, the Spanish goalkeeper of Olympiacos is unsurpassed. Marchisio was replaced by Pirlo. The Greeks almost doubling again with Kasami, well served by Dominguez; his conclusion is out of breath. The result does not change: 1-0 to the Greeks. In Europe, far from the Juventus Stadium, the merry men are not convincing. And, now, the black-and-whites qualifying is always at hand, but the road is uphill. Once again, Athens is taboo for the bianconeri: in 1983, the team then coached by Trapattoni lost the final of the European Cup with Hamburg. This is the situation in qualification group A of Champions: Atletico Madrid to 6 points after the victory with Malmoe, along with Greeks. At 3, Juventus and the Swedes. . Inspirational facts could be studied clicking this

Roma camp evacuated in Bobigny: how many families in the street?

Sadly, he did speak of him, last February, when a fire there had caused the death of a seven-year-old girl. Camp said the eggcups in Bobigny, one of the oldest in Seine-Saint-Denis, was evacuated Tuesday in early afternoon. At the end of a long legal battle. And under a bylaw made in August by the new mayor the city Stéphane Paoli IDU, citing unsafe places. The camp hosted recently hundreds of Roma, more than 300 according to the associations. All had to leave. To go where?  According to the prefecture of Seine-Saint-Denis, a little more than a thirty families present at the last social diagnosis, in February and August, and whose children are in school, received a proposal for rehousing. Or about 140 people according to the prefect to the equal opportunities Didier Leschi. However, according to the associations, many families have not identified in these diagnoses. Some were absent in February because their homes had burned in the fire, and many were not there in August assures us Véronique Decker, Director of the primary school Marie Curie de Bobigny, particularly involved in the reception of Roma children. The prefecture said taking into account all the families whose children are in school, but this is not the case. There is much more than that.   How the fact of having or not a CDI can be a criterion for assigning or shelter in 93? questions Véronique Decker, that these few families ought to be offered a housing for a long time already. And insist: the Roma criteria are the same as in the other? If not, why? The prefecture, which has taken these decisions in terms of households and non-family in the broad sense, has an extremely archaic vision of the family also denounced School Director, citing the example of a couple in which it proposed hosting without the ability to take their daughter, young major. Or even this man who preferred to sleep in his car that accept a hotel room. He should abandon his mother. . You should check the following to discover extra about this interesting topic.

The Russia reassures the Slovakia on supplies of Russian gas.

The Russian Minister of energy, Alexandre Novak, assured Wednesday the Slovakia that the Russia would continue to deliver gas to the European countries where deliveries decreases were reported in September. The Russian side fills completely and will continue to meet its international commitments on deliveries of gas to Europe, including to the Slovakia, said Mr Novak, quoted in a release from the Department of energy, at a meeting in Moscow with Slovak Minister of the economy, Pavol Pavlis. We are counting on a mutually beneficial partnership and long term with the Slovakia, stressed Mr. Novak. The gas distributor SPP had mentioned early September decreased about 10% of the deliveries of Russian gas, just like the Polish PGNiG gas operator who had stated only receive 55% of the ordered gas. These accusations had however been refuted by the Russian gas giant Gazprom, which has ensured that its deliveries to the Slovakia had not changed. The CEO of Gazprom, Alexei Miller said then that deliveries of additional gas volumes requested by Europe and, in particular, by the Slovakia, had indeed declined, but that all the deliveries required by the contracts remained unchanged. While half of the deliveries of Russian gas to the EU countries passes through Ukraine, which Gazprom ceased all deliveries since mid-June due to unpaid bills, the Slovakia has undertaken these last months to resell in reverse flow of Russian gas to the Ukrainian group Naftogaz, to the chagrin of the gas giant Russian. The Russia and threatened to cut the supply of the EU if the Slovakia, the Poland or Hungary, continue to sell gas to the Ukraine. The negotiations on the gas conflict between the Russia and the Ukraine were not successful Tuesday in Brussels, despite significant progress, and a new meeting with the EU will take place Wednesday in Brussels, the European Commission. The Russia provides 30% of gas supplies to EU countries. pop-MP-jpr. Inspirational source could be studied checking the following

Brazil: The Ribeirinho from the highway.

On the trans-Amazonian Highway, you reach a river called Sucunduri after many hours. His feisty water has washed a small, dirty Beach on the shore and in the undergrowth next door is a hut made of wood and reeds, is a cheerful old man lives. Is Teófilo Pereira da Silva 87 years old, and he lives since 1963 on this beach. People like him are called in this area of Ribeirinhos, indigenous native Americans, Indians, which, however, have lost all contact with their previous strains. I’ve had good luck in my life, the man says. Nine snakes have bitten me but I never die of her venom. in 1966, Teófilo married a girl of 13 years. In 1973, his life changed abruptly: Bush knives, fires and bulldozers opened for themselves a swath in his jungle. The military Government in Brasília had built a highway from West to East through the untapped North of the country, Tapajós should their names and bring modern life in the secluded Woods. The construction of the Tapajós was a story of full of violence: whole tribes of native Americans were killed along the way, new diseases spread, a rough working people flew in from other parts of the country and lay down with the ancestral inhabitants of the forest. Next door they have opened a brothel, Teófilo recalls. There, they have drunk and beaten. In the first year alone, three people were shot. Teófilo is up today early in the morning. He wears a rowing under the arm, because he just wants to catch fish on the river. With rubber, you can already since decades doing more in this area no business, the industry is mostly artificial rubber, but Teófilo has remained in the forest. He has come to terms with the Tapajós. Road at that time have been rough lads, but 86 of them to built a camp on the shore, they invited Teófilo, for her tapioca to make starch from the Manoikwurzel. He had never earned so much money. The river merchant who bought rubber by him, no longer came. They traded now by truck, and there was plenty of competition. It liked Teófilo. I was not a prisoner of his pushers prices more! The couple has five sons and four daughters. You help the fish catch, the pressing and drying the cassava roots and baking of tapioca bread; Corn, rice, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and potatoes grow on a nearby field. The old man is sad that despite the improvements, which brought the Tapajós, so many trees for them had to die, that so much nature had to make way. Maybe, someday people find a way to take advantage of the nature without taking so much of her.    . For more facts about this topic visit

Of men and war: the method Laurent Becue-Fox.

Cinema is an art of patience sometimes. It is indeed necessary to go back to 2003 to find the origin Of Men and War, in the form of two articles. One of the Herald Tribune on the shock wave caused by the return in the family of a US soldier wounded on the Iraqi front, the world on a mother who went to Baghdad to tell his military’s son to do nothing that might one day regret. His gesture had amazed me and I wanted to go meet her. This woman then opens an infinite number of doors and allows him to get acquainted with other soldiers and their families, therapists, associations,. I pulled the wires as a journalist, but in a film goal.   And his subject takes form from his first voyage, thanks to its meeting with a therapist who worked with veterans of Viet Nam and wished to see build a centre to help soldiers who fought in Iraq or Afghanistan. After three years of struggle, the Pathway Home opens and Laurent Becue-Renard moved there.   For five months, the filmmaker simply to observe, to be part of the furniture: the day where I felt that the legitimacy of my presence would no longer be delivered in question by soldiers, nor by the therapeutic team, nor by patients, I started filming. It begins alone, with a small camera, for six weeks, before being joined by his brother, engineer sound and his cinematographer of weary war. Two watchwords: discretion and respect. For example, asked microphones on the ceiling to avoid the boom that might give the impression of a weapon pointed at them. And on each of the eighty present patients by their first name saluted every morning.   Becue-Fox had to run three months, it will remain six more. My film was meaningless unless it was part of the therapeutic project. We were not mere observers. Soldiers have accepted him, while if one had complained, [it would be] any order. And their lives have become his life. This project seeks such involvement that can not be done without loving those whom one films.   With 450 hours of rushes, including filmed scenes in families, the filmmaker begins the final stage of its obstacle course: a mount centred on twelve soldiers that will last four years. I found myself in a quagmire, but I had to keep this promise never verbalized between them and me: a clear narrative had to be born from the apparent chaos of their confidences. He worked first on each therapy, meeting by meeting. Then shapes the story by changing their chronology and manages to a version of 2:22.   . Inspirational source can be read checking this article.

Gloomy prospects for the fast-food giant McDonald’s Insider: “executives do not know what’s going on in the stores”.

"The senior executives have no idea what’s going on in the stores," he criticized. Others complain about the lack of innovation potential. "We have no new things that we can offer our customers," writes a franchisee. It is clear to the respondents business partners customers have "Trust in the brand lost". Around the world, McDonald’s has problems. In China the rotten meat scandal caused a major breach of trust in July. The supplier Hari food mixed meat with expired expiration date with fresh, to deceive as the controllers of the chain. Revenues in the 2000 Chinese branches affiliated decreased by ten percent. Also on the domestic market, it becomes increasingly difficult for McDonald’s. The customers lose faith in the brand – sales fell by 3.3 percent. People eat less and less at the fast-food chain. The reasons are similar in Germany: Burger lose popularity. Many Americans go to upscale chains, where there are also pastries, soups, salads and pasta. . Additional info can be inspected reading source.

Garlasco, no copy of 41 photos of Stasi disappeared, “diverted” Investigations.

MILAN «Surveys diverted. " For negligence, for incompetence, for superficiality. I was curious to see if, among the thousands of pages in the record, I found the photographs of Alberto, shoe scuff marks that had arms, family bike. But among the folders there’s none of this ‘ said two days ago at the hearing, the Deputy Prosecutor General Laura Barbaini. And the accusation the resounding demise of 41 photographs from the papers of the case against Alberto Stasi, accused of the murder of girlfriend, will have an impact on the appeals process, if it shall be taken into account in the indictment. " SHOE HUNTING The public prosecution, in essence, has implicitly denounced a veritable ‘ investigations ‘ diversion. A binder containing 41 shots that immortalize Alberto alone, with Chiara and friends of Tucson acquired by the carabinieri in autumn 2007 in the cottage of the Stasi in via Carducci has disappeared from the archives of the barracks of Vigevano, where he had to be guarded. . Root data could be found reading this hyperlink.

Is the Eiffel Tower a giant buttplug?.

Paul McCarthy is famous for his way of turning derision the order, beauty, sex, love, power and popular icons (from Donald Duck to Pinocchio passing by Marilyn Monroe). Among its most provocative techniques, one is to smudge his works of flows of melted chocolate, mayonnaise, liquid sticky how sperm and ketchup; other reportable hideous characters, hidden, in the copulations or the grotesque masturbation. What are they and what can I object? 1) Paul McCarthy is alien and his work comes defile a high place of the national heritage. But if this principle was applied everywhere, french artists could no longer expose their less academic works abroad. (3) the plug tree of Paul McCarthy ridicules a religious symbol which account for Christians (the Christmas tree) by representing it as a sex toy giant. If you followed the argument, should rehabilitate the crime of sacrilege and apply it also to attacks against symbols of other religions (Judaism, islam, etc.). But those who go on a crusade to ‘save’ the Christmas tree would probably not be the first to defend with the same energy the symbols of other religions. . Original data may be read visiting the following

+++ IS-terror in the news-ticker +++-terrorist militia now fighting with chlorine gas.

08 07 h: the Canadian Government has the terror alert level of the country by low to medium increased. Reason a general increase in the exchange of message within by Islamist groups such as the Islamic State (IS) and Al-Qaeda, a spokesman of the Ministry of public security said on Tuesday. There is not a specific threat. The warning level reflects the recognition of the Canadian intelligence services rather that a person or a group in Canada or abroad has the intention and the means to commit an act of terrorism. Wednesday, October 22, 07 01 h: IS fighters could have used chlorine gas a report according to the picture newspaper in the embattled Syrian city Kobans.   Eyewitnesses reported on Twitter of hustendenten people with watery eyes. A first photo should show a patient during the medical examination. The Arab reporter Jenan Moussa tweeted that were injured with symptoms such as watery eyes or Erstickunsanfällen on the way to a hospital, as the newspaper further writes. So far, a proof is missing however. Also BBC journalist Güney Yildiz, citing a doctor in Kobans tweeted that they could not currently confirm a chemical attack. 20 22: in Canada, an allegedly radicalised Islamist has attacked two soldiers with his car and killed one of them. The offender did on Monday night near a shopping centre in a town South of Montreal with his car approached the two soldiers and overrun, informed the police of the province of Quebec. The police shot and killed the 25-year driver after a car chase. One of the two soldiers succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday. Canada is involved in with six combat aircraft international fighting of is in the Iraq. According to media reports, the culprit is a Canadian citizen from Quebec. Neighbors reported Reuters, that the man had maintained for about a year dealing with radical Islamists. The State Chancellery of Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the driver had been known to the authorities. There was evidence that he had been radicalizes. The Canadian security agencies warn of a threat from radicalized young Muslims for years. 19 42 pm: US fighter jets continued their air strikes against the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) near the Syrian Turkish border town Kobans. Four attacks had been flown since Monday. This IS one great and more positions of the militia and a building occupied by them were destroyed, the U.S. command (central command/CENTCOM) announced on Tuesday in Tampa, Florida. In the Iraq fighters destroyed an IS position near an oil refinery, as well as Southeast of Mosul Dam accordingly. Even allies have flown attacks IS militias in the Iraq. All aircraft have returned safely.   . Similar facts can be inspected clicking