Gaza: Hamas ready for 24-hour truce.

Faced with this spiral of violence, the international community has so far failed to oppose that its horror and its helpless calls a cease-fire. Israel and the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas ruling Gaza seem determined to go all the way in their war, despite the heavy human toll and devastation in the Palestinian enclave. The Israeli offensive triggered on 8 July to put an end to the firing of rockets by Hamas has made more than 1. 110 Palestinians were killed, mostly civilians according to the UN. Israeli side, three civilians and 53 soldiers have been killed, the heaviest military balance since the war against Lebanon in 2006. The Israeli army said have killed more than 300 Hamas fighters and hit nearly 3. 900 "terrorist sites" since the beginning of the conflict triggered by air raids before spreading on July 17 at a ground operation. But the aim to obtain a "demilitarization of Gaza" and destroy the arsenal of rockets and tunnels to attack Hamas, is far from being achieved. This Israeli operation already lasted as long as of 2008/2009, which was intended also to stop the firing of rockets by Hamas and was for the Palestinians (1. 440 deaths) the deadliest of the four wars since Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in 2005. And nothing seems to be able to stop it. . For additional about this subject visit

Oktoberfest 2014: What is new at the Oktoberfest.

Mayor Josef Schmid (CSU) presented the new Oktoberfest attractions in the press on Tuesday in his capacity as economic adviser and was allowed to say equally pleased that the Oktoberfest is now firmly with butcher hand: he himself comes from an Allacher butcher shop, the new Oktoberfest Councillor Georg SAH is butcher and the spokesperson for the hosts, Toni Roiderer, anyway. The Oktoberfest is something unbandig, Schmid said he remembers like to his childhood, when went on the first Saturday the whole family at the Oktoberfest. There was always a coconut ball and a Schokobanane and before that lots of rides for the small Seppi: at that time it might be even wilder for me than it is today. Thus it should be acceptable for Munich’s second mayor, that it not quite so wild will go to this year, regarding the changes. Encounter is the attraction of made Karl Häsler, where a virtual Professor in a circular Auditorium in front of 80 people dance the dolls or aliens can and brutalized with all sorts of high-tech and special effects, as well as other thrill. Safety bar there on the seats also, but much will be held at encounter only in the head. The new transit scheme for the Theresienwiese is brand new for the Oktoberfest residents while the building up of the Oktoberfest. So far the Matthias Pschorr road on weekdays was in principle open but locked every hour for 10 minutes, so that the construction could go through. From now on it is completely locked for a month on weekdays between nine and 16: 00, at other times, it remains at the 10-minute barrier. On Saturdays and Sundays the passage remains open but still all day. With the construction of the rides from 27 August to the passage is completely blocked. . You can visit this to learn more regarding this interesting matter.

Football: Griezmann pays tribute to his former club.

At the time of farewell, Antoine Griezmann don’t forget to greet his former team. Transferred Monday from the basque club Real Sociedad to Atletico Madrid for the sum of 30 million euros, the french striker held to pay tribute to those who have shown at the highest level. "Thank you for everything, for making me grow, taught me all these things and my dream" said winger of 23 years, regarded as one of the greatest European hopes after his performances at the World Cup to the Brazil.   Spotted at the age of 15 by Real Sociedad – the basque club of San Sebastián – the native of Mâcon (Saône-et-Loire) made all its classes up to push the doors of the France team. Rejected in his youth by many french clubs due to a judged too frail physique, the player owes much to Real Sociedad and failed to know at the time of his departure for Atlético Madrid. "When I arrived, I was still a little young, and you have opened the doors of your House. You were the first and only give me your trust. "in a letter in the form of tribute, that which constitutes the future of the team of France in the company of Varane, Sakho, worthy and other Pogba recalled. He now joined the workforce vice-champion of Europe of Diego Simeone with the ambition to impose itself as a value of the old Continent. However promising to never forget the club which has revealed. . Inspirational source could be studied visiting this link.

Leukemia: approval of Gazyvaro by the EU.

The Swiss pharmaceutical group Roche got the green light from the European Union for its Gazyvaro drug for treating the most common form of leukemia, it announced Tuesday. The European Commission has approved this treatment, in combination with chemotherapy with chlorambucil, for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia who have not yet received treatment and for which intensive therapy is not feasible, said the Basel group in a statement. This decision was based on a study of phase III, known as CLL11, which demonstrated that the association of this medication with chlorambucil reduced significantly the risk? worsening of the disease or death and allowed to extend the survival of patients who had not yet received treatment. The Committee for medicinal products for human use (CHMP), an instance of the EU, was pronounced in favour of this drug in May. It also called obinutuzumab, is already marketed in the United States, under the name of Gazyva, where he received the go-ahead from health authorities last November. Roche said expect to start marketing of this drug in several countries?Europe this year. Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia is one of the most common forms of cancer of the blood. . Inspirational facts may be found visiting this resource.

Flight MH17: no mission army on the site of the crash.

International experts gave to visit Sunday at the site where the Boeing due to the proximity of the fighting between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian separatist forces crashed. Alexander Hug, Deputy Director of the mission in Ukraine of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) said that the situation on the ground was not safe. He expressed concern that the ongoing fighting between the regular forces and the pro-Russian rebels have consequences on the site where the MH17 flight. The Dutch were able to gain access to this area following an agreement between the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the pro-Russian separatists, said the Ministry. The Netherlands are in charge of the process of identification of victims and lead the investigation into the causes of the crash. Many bodies were already taken to the Netherlands, but others are still on the scene. The British Government ruled Saturday that it was highly likely that the Boeing of the Malaysia Airlines which crashed on July 17 in the East of the Ukraine was shot by a surface-to-air missile provided by the Russia and fired from an area controlled by pro-Russian rebels. Taking into account the corpus important and growing of credible evidence, in the absence of persuasive information to the contrary, we believe it is highly likely that the flight MH17 was shot by a system of ground – air missile Russian SA-11 type operating from an area held by the separatists backed by the Russians in East of the Ukraine, wrote the Foreign Office in a release entitled Russian on the flight MH17 myths. . Original data can be read clicking the following

Severe weather, flooding in the Centre-South Climber killed by lightning in Molise.

A violent wave of bad weather has also affected the provinces of Ascoli Piceno and Fermo. Torrential rain in Ascoli city, notably in the area east of Mounds: a car with an elderly couple trapped in a flooded underpass in Campolungo is taken to safety by firefighters. Heavy rains in San Benedetto del Tronto and Ascoli-Expressway along the sea, with the water reservoir road and motorists forced to stop at road side. Servigliano is also struggling with flooding of basements and a landslide between Republic Street and via Oberdan: firefighters are working to rescue a stranded family.   A tornado was recorded at Ascea, in Salerno. On-site teams of firefighters of the detachment of Vallo della Lucania to visits and inspections of the damage. Strong gusts of wind ripped down part of the ceiling of a house in Viale Magna Greece. the building was evacuated as a precaution,. Inconvenience to vacationers and tourists because of strong winds. There are uprooted trees and loose tiles in other homes.   . Root source could be studied visiting this

Likelihood of attack reduced in Norway.

The Norway reviewed Sunday to lower the risk of an attack by Islamic militants from Syria, three days after having sounded the alarm against a threat judged to be credible and imminent. On the basis of the work done these days, we can say that the threat of a terrorist attack against the Norway is somewhat reduced, the head of domestic intelligence (PST) service, B̩n̩dicte Bjoernland, told a press conference. But the situation remains serious and is not yet drawn clear, she added. The PST has refused to reveal the reasons having allowed him to arrive at this conclusion, indicating only that he relied on elements of information collected in Norway and abroad. Thursday, the PST announced having been informed of a threat of imminent terrorist attack on Norwegian territory by a group with ties to extremist Islamists in Syria. The threat was considered credible but unspecified: neither the nature of the possible attack, its target, or the identity of its perpetrators were precisely known. Enhanced security measures will remain in place until further notice, said the Chief of police, Odd Reidar Humlegaard, Sunday. The Norway including intensified checks at the borders, increased patrols of armed police Рunusual in the country Рin airports, train stations and closed several public buildings to visits. Jewish museums of the country have also closed their doors. On 24 may, an individual had left four dead by opening fire on the Jewish Museum in Brussels. The alleged perpetrator of the attack, the French-Algerian Mehdi Nemmouche, had spent more than a year in Syria, where he is suspected to have joined the more radical jihadist groups. According to the PST, about fifty people with ties to the Norway had visited Syria to participate in jihad. Half of them were already back in the Scandinavian Kingdom. The return of these seasoned and radical activists is a haunt for Western intelligence services. Up to 11. 000 foreign fighters originating from 74 countries have taken up arms in Syria, estimated in December the international Centre for the study of radicalisation and political violence (Toni). For extra about this topic visit source.

Formula 1: chaos race in Hungary: Ricciardo triumphs – Rosberg defended World Cup tip.

Before the Grand Prix of Belgium in four weeks in Spa, Rosberg (202 points) leads the World Cup with eleven points from Hamilton. Riacciardo (131 is 3rd overall. For Hamilton, the race began with a scare: the Mercedes man slipped in the second curve in the guide rails and damaged the front wing is doing. The brakes have failed, the British established the accident. The Jinx had to go from the pit lane after qualifying was over on Saturday for him because of his burning silver arrow already after a few minutes. After a severe impact of Sweden Marcus Ericsson, the safety car neutralized the race in the ninth round. Rosberg lost not only his already comfortable lead just nine seconds back. He fell to fourth place because he could turn later as the new leadership trio with Daniel Ricciardo on top of the box to change the tyre. In addition, Rosberg had problems with the brakes. After the release of the race after four rounds, conceded Jenson button in the McLaren Ricciardo and temporarily took over the leadership. . Main source may be found visiting this

Preserved body: Mystery Mummy children on Schloss Sommersdorf.

Fever strikes and agonizing abdominal pain must have turned Baroness of Kniestätt in an ordeal the last days in the life of Louise. Finally she died completely invalidated at the age of 42 years, a few days after death giving birth to her eighth child, the Wochenbettfieber. She was buried a short time later in a Battlement of the Frankish Castle summer village. About 320 years later Wilfried Rosendahl and Albert Zink are available at the open coffin of the deceased. For the two scientists are the mortal remains of great interest, because the body of Baroness not rotted. The climatic conditions in this area and a constant air have ensured, that the body quickly dried up, naturally mummified Rosendahl says. Their good state of preservation allows us a glance into the past. Under the old nobility, several deaths have found their final resting place, which all mummified. So also, the corpse of an infant that was buried next to the Baroness. His identity will not be proven in the Chronicles of Blaublüter; only so much is certain: missing head and forearms. But what child is here in the coffin? And how did it come to the mutilation? Especially in bone, the genetic material is still well preserved often after centuries of zinc says. Not too much to damage the mummies, he searches for fragments of loose-fitting and you will find it in the open chest and in the back of the mummies. The bone pieces come in sterile packaging and should be evaluated later in the Italian Bolzano zinc laboratory. Wilfried Rosendahl wants to know more about the injury, he brings the child mummy in Mannheim, Germany. A computed tomographic examination should bring clarity in the local University Hospital. Several ten thousand shots of the unusual patient, which are converted into a 3D view of the body are created in a few minutes. . For extended data about this matter click info.

Gaza truce already over: Hamas shoots, Israel bombards.

Lasted a few hours the Gaza humanitarian truce claimed vociferously by the United Nations to rescue the wounded and the Palestinian civilian population. Saturday, in fact the Government of Tel Aviv had agreed to extend the ceasefire until midnight on Sunday, but after several missile launches by Hamas the Israeli air force immediately triggered new air raids in Gaza Strip bombing. Army operations in Tel Aviv are shooting especially after the killing of an Israeli soldier shot to death by a mortar fired at the border with the Gaza Strip. Israel’s response was swift and this morning took up aviation to launch bombs and missiles on Palestinian targets. Moreover, the Israeli Security Council, chaired by Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, had already indicated that the army would continue to neutralize the tunnels into Gaza even during the truce and would be ready to stop immediately the cease-fire should break the same violations by the Palestinians. In the Gaza Strip instead in twenty days of conflict, there are now more than a thousand dead and 6,000 injured as between combatants and the civilian population with a humanitarian disaster of enormous proportions. A situation that sparked the Palestinian protests in the West Bank where too many people are descended in piazza giving rise to violent events. Now there are fears that the escalation of violence in the Middle East could widen even further and engage the Palestinian population creating a third Intifada. "The third Intifada will come because the harassment of the settlers will not stop as well as the construction of new settlements and barbaric actions against Palestinians" ensure by Hamas. . Main source could be read visiting the following