No, the Valls 2 Government is not liberal.

Unfortunately, this victory is Pyrrhic, and if the word is fashionable, the thing is that virtual, or even misleading. No doubt there is some reality behind the choice of the word: it is a challenge to socialism, it is the fact that nobody knows what or who to turn. The word translated the disarray of the political class, but also of public opinion, that is why it is welcome. But what sense can there be in the current context and what concrete echo can have? For many people it means that trying to influence French policy towards social democracy, the most optimistic say even to the ‘German model’ both decried so far. But on the one hand social democracy is not liberal, as it is a large place to dirigisme and redistribution, which is not in the liberal doctrine. More generally, the third track’ who wants to mix the principles and elements of a market economy with those of a plan economy, always resulted in long-term on a failure; It is in no way a third system, it is a political compromise that sooner or later collapses. With the other hand liberalism cannot be reduced to economic freedom, it has a political and ethical dimension which gives it its virtue. It is limitation of power political and guarantee of individual rights, including the right to property, it is consistent with the nature of humans, its creative capacity, and its desire to live in harmony with others. This is the reason why the Liberal thing for now remains at the level of discourse. The ambiguity remains, and the Government is still uncertain. Will remove the legal duration of work? Hardly, considering a "development" of the 35 hours, which makes no sense for a liberal? What will be the tax cuts? In an increase in VAT? The liberal said more clearly: we cannot reduce taxes without reducing spending, and we cannot reduce spending without reducing the size of the State, without return ‘in the strings": accepts its kingly missions, those involving the use of coercion, such as defence, police and justice. Any reform that deviates from that line cannot be held for "liberal". Thus the Liberal thing can be that ‘global’, the liberation of the country cannot be only economic, it is all areas that the French should find their freedoms, which requires also the fulfilment of a State of law, i.e. a situation where social rules emerging experience and natural law are respected by all, and where the political power is precisely that purpose and mission is to respect this rule of law – and respect it himself obviously. It was pointed out to the envi applause of entrepreneurs in the speech of the Prime Minister. It is true that those who are harassed of taxes, regulations, victims of an ideology of control classes and condemnation of profit, designated to the mob as troublemakers of unemployment and poverty, can enjoy a new language is finally heard, their tribute to the creative work they perform at the service of the community. But, assuming that promises following the speech, that the Prime Minister wanted, is not the liberal revolution, it is the collaboration between the State and the enterprises. The speech is not liberal, it is colbertiste. It’s better than Marxism, but it is still of mercantilism: the State guarantor of national wealth in partnership with patrons. Colbert also wanted to help merchants grow their business: "What can I do for you?" he asked the delegation of merchants he had invited. Legendre responds: ‘let us do. This well-known anecdote reflects the spirit of the liberal: companies, like all French, need that they are left to create, save, invest and consume, they need as they are left to manage their private lives, their heritage, their families and their communities as they see fit. As long as this certainty will not be gained, there will be no return to trust neither growth nor harmony. It is at least the usual opinion of liberal. It is a real challenge in the land of Colbert and despotism. . You must check this to discover more on this great matter.

PSG. Al-Khelaifi: “financial fair play is not fair.”

In the aftermath of the closure of the transfer market, Nasser al-Khelaifi received Le Parisien/today ‘ hui – en – France at the Parc des Princes to a point on the topicality of his club, and in particular the financial fair play and its consequences on the Parisian mercato. "I do not know if Michel Platini wants to kill the french football but the financial fair play is not fair. It is even difficult to understand. The big clubs remain large and small remain small. We respect these rules, but we wish to discuss with Uefa in October to try to change the rules a bit. Otherwise investors will more come in football, they will go into other sports such as formula 1. "The president of PSG confirmed that Di Maria wanted to come to Paris but that the claims of Real Madrid were too high. "Even without the financial fair play, he have not recruited.". You can click this website to read extra regarding this great subject.

Kim Kardashian and the ‘ vacuum ‘ look.

(:: Play4movie)-Another day in front of the cameras and another look that doesn’t pass unnoticed for, engaged these days in the Hamptons, New York, to run the family reality show, keeping up with the KardashianIn company of sister Khloe and best friend Jonathan Cheban, Kim, who according to sources lately would be following a liquid diet, wore once seemingly little look comfortable on a hot day. A top aderentissimo flesh-colored, almost like a second skin, that although round-neck, leaving a glimpse into detail Kim’s breasts. Below, a skirt draped olive-green, coming down the flanks, but soft under which Kim wore the shorts containing Spanx, even these perfectly visible. High heels and make up the ‘ greasepaint ‘ complemented the look of the star, that convenience doesn’t seem to want to know when it comes to appear in public. Besides, Kim seems to have done that, ‘ who wants to look a little beautiful must suffer ‘ his motto!  . Extended data can be read reading

Mathematical modeling: Researchers present recipe for search for life in space.

The search should first concentrate on traces of water and oxygen in the atmosphere also planet for life in outer space. The U.S. researchers Timothy Brandt close and David Spiegel of the Institute for advanced study in Princeton (US State of New Jersey) from a model calculation for possible traces of life on other planets. The most promising candidates could be examined then separately on traces of chlorophyll, which is however difficult to prove with today’s instruments, To write the two scientists in the journal of proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Mirror and Brandt developed a simple model of atmosphere of a bustling planet based on the Earth. Water is therefore still the easiest way to discover, according to the researchers in its atmosphere. A space telescope may have to einespektrale resolution of at least 40, i.e. at a wavelength of 800 nm (red light) in wavelength sections of 20 nanometers wide recognize differences in brightness in the light of a distant planet. It’s possible with today’s technology. For the detection of oxygen, also a key indication of life, the spectral resolution with a value of 150 must be however almost four times better. . Root facts could be studied checking this

Take more risks to pay its taxes.

These measures include the lowering of the family quotient of 2. 000 to 1. 500 euros per share, the taxation of overtime, applied for the first time on an entire year, the taxation of the employer’s complementary, integration into earnings of increases in retirement for parents having raised at least 3 children. Not to mention tax loopholes to 10 caps. 000 euros. Other measures have certainly taken under the minibudget voted in July to limit case, but they concern only the most modest wages. Therefore, against this umpteenth "fiscal turn of the screw", taxpayers currently have two options: either they draw from their nest egg to pay their tax surplus, they reduce their consumption to offset the increase in their tax systems. I am afraid that the majority chose the second solution. In recent years, despite the increase in the tax burden, the French savings rate has ceased to grow to close to 16% of gross income available at the end of the first quarter of 2014. Of course, this can be explained by the very marked predisposition for French to be more ants than cicadas. But it is especially anxiety-provoking climate that encourages citizens to hoard more, lack of visibility and confidence in the future. Might as well attend a fall, or a stop, expenditures of individuals from September to December, and which would be dramatic for our country which consumption remains the main engine of growth (total consumption of households accounted for over half of the gross domestic product in 2013). In fact, there is a third way, much less dark and intermediate: take a little longer of financial risks through its savings to offset the tax increase. Investments secured and, first and foremost, euros in life insurance funds report on average 3% yield. If one subtracts inflation, taxes and possibly the ISF, we arrive at a performance close to zero. However, higher risk investments, on the major stock indices, bond markets, real estate, or even the financing of the real economy can offer individuals to higher earnings. Such capital gains will then Fund of new tax increases. In all cases, the French will have to look more closely at their finances. They will now have to do for less losing money and to earn more money. Such is the novelty! The investment is more speculative, it is preventive. Offensive and defensive strategy at the time. . Related data can be found clicking weblink.

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem arises in “Minister of parents.

Easy, because it is comfortable to stand on the side of users. The subject of the relations distant between teachers and parents is also in tune with the times. He was the subject of a parliamentary report, which concluded in July a ‘impossible dialogue’ and the emergence of ‘hard conflicts ‘. Also the new Minister likes to dream of an academic institution that would work "hand in hand" with the parents. It is through this relationship also mentioned the plan equal girls and boys. A plan of action that will succeed this year in the famous ABCD of equality, ‘a prefigurateur programme’, in the words of the Minister. "Parents will be associated with this plan seamlessly under the advice of school and institutions", she said. A way to anticipate criticism the day of his appointment. But the slope remains soapy. "For those who could have guessed, I reiterate my ambition", she hammered before however: "I am not deaf. I’ve heard parents. » . You should click this reference to learn more regarding this interesting matter.

Three-hour warning – what you must know about the railway strike.

Customers affected by the strike of the DB can refund their ticket and reservation at the travel centers or DB free agencies, the railway said. You can use the next – even higher value – train. With train-bound offers the train are unbound then. In addition the rail for delays pay compensation: a passenger arrives at least an hour late at the destination, she must reimburse him 25 percent of the fare. There are 50% for a delay of two hours. The surcharge for the ICE sprinter will be refunded from as little as 30 minutes delay of the sprinter. In the deadlocked wage dispute at the railway, it is not only higher wages, but also a struggle for power between the GDL and the competing railways, Transport Union (EDC). They’re arguing about who can lead the negotiations for Which one group of employees. Ulrich Weber, Chief of the railway staff was reaffirmed recently on Monday target DB stay agree a cooperation agreement with two unions. So, the railway wants to avoid competitive collective agreements. The location for the railway is procedures, because an agreement between the unions expired this year: so far the GDL for the 20 000 train drivers, the rail and Transport Union (EDC) negotiated for the 140 000 other railway workers in Germany. The GDL wants to be but now also responsible for 17 000 train and shunting Guide, negotiate the EDC now for all divisions. Overall, it involves 160 000 railway workers in Germany. . You can visit the following to discover more regarding this great topic.

NSA and GCHQ spying out Turkey – President Erdogan calls U.S. diplomat to report.

So, a representative of the US NSA have 2006 announces the first-ever success in the exploitation of computers of the Turkish leadership. The Turkish embassies in Washington and at the United Nations in New York had been spying. Among other things, IT systems with spyware programs had been infiltrated there. The British Intelligence Agency GCHQ was commissioned to improve the access to the Turkish Energy Ministry, as well as to three companies in October 2008 according to the report. The Turkish Government has asked the Chargé d’affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Ankara in the Foreign Ministry to ask him to reports about an alleged bugging of American intelligence agencies. The diplomat gave a statement on the allegations at the time, Government spokesman Bülent Arinc said on Monday after a report from the news agency Anadolu. He said nothing about the content of this Declaration. In mid-August, Ankara had asked the German Ambassador to the Turkish capital, Eberhard Pohl, for similar reasons in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Occasion for talking with the US Chargé d’affaires was a report in the mirror, according to which Turkey will be spied not only by the German Federal Intelligence Service, but also by British and US intelligence services. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he will address Very much open and clear this issue at meetings with Western leaders. Erdogan attends the NATO Summit in Wales on Thursday and Friday. . You should visit this to learn more about this interesting subject.

Education: the malaise is deeper, Madam Minister.

The school of the Republic, Minister, is in crisis. You did not carry full responsibility, far from it, but by your political discourse for years, you are part of the culprits. The malaise is deep. Teachers feel cheated by promises of your President, that you have worn during his campaign, and the years of disappointments. Parents redouble their anguish for the success of their children and they are more likely to seek alternatives in the private sector, and into the dropout; you do answered them with militant ideology, without trying to hear them. Students, if forgotten in all the debates, caught by the discussions of trade unionists, continue to suffer a system that excludes and leaves less inclined to enter the mold on the edge of the path. You pretend to denounce this crisis before the cameras, but inaction and the methods of your Government for two years nothing changed – if to create frustration and bitterness at the lack of best prospects. You say be, Madam Minister, a pure product of the Republic. It honors you, and like you, we are likely to be proud that a young woman, determined and talented, occupies an important position of the Government. But I am afraid, Madam Minister, that you don’t came also the bad sides of our school system: without too much force your nature, you impersonate this conformism and this lack of boldness that Mr Montebourg denounced with force. Your co-worker was wrong: conformism in power, this is not reform, it is spendthrift conservatism which maintains the system. Conservative national education pays expensive: in tens of thousands of students who fail each year. Then, release our children! Let teaching teams set their methods, at local level, to define national objectives assessed regularly. Let parents the choice of their establishment, by publishing the statistics of success. This is what is happening in the world, from Northern Europe to South America! It is this flexibility which take care of each student, which will again open the Republican success course in which we both! Replace scholarships to merit that you have removed, reinforce the boarding schools of excellence and second-chance schools, strengthen them aid individualized, add more hours of french at school primary, instead of overloading the programs and the heads of our already too tired children, allow them to be creative, innovative and. . . different! Break the mold of a school that grinds the individualities!. You can visit the following homepage to discover more regarding this amazing subject.

Today in the press: How does it, live?.

At the Venice Film Festival, now the awaited the cut by Fatih Akin has been to see, in which the German-Turkish Director deals with the genocide of the Armenians. Friendly Daniel Kothenschulte takes in the world of the cut: the opulence is In fact nothing external. If the term of big cinema still worth, then bowing before the appearance of the great cinema of the past. Especially artfully manages the connection between modern and classic elements in the film music of Einstürzende Neubauten musician Alexander Hacke: he bows to hear Ennio Morricone, at the same time he works up an Armenian folk song – and eventually distorted Guitars incorporates delicate choirs. One wishes this Audacity akin film consistently. Also in the guardian, Peter Bradshaw praised the film despite some weaknesses: the cut can mean the brutal act of murder itself; It can mean the division of husbands from wives, parents from children, and it can mean the present from the past, the insidious amputation of memory. Whether the cut encompasses this last is sense up for debate, but it is a forceful, watchable, strongly presented picture and a courageous, honest gesture from Fatih Akin. Otherwise the German criticism is sorely disappointed: Anke Westphal has failed for tragic the film by the Berliner Zeitung, as akin to overload his material A lot have. Taz critic Cristina Nord is also the cinema as such no finest hour are for, because akin chasing ledlich of concrete images: it may be that Akin dares remarkable with this movie politically (in Turkey death threats have become loud against him), aesthetically he dares anything the patina of period piece and easy readability, because he devotes himself to the conventions of the narration and facilities cinemas,. Similar outer Thomas Steinfeld Dietmar Dath in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Susanne Ostwald in the NZZ and Isabella of rich in the standard are in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Meantime Tobias Kandasamy portrait of Scorsese – and akin writer Mardik Martin, the SZ has put online. On Fandor, David Hudson has compiled international feedback on Akins film. The dispatched by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on the Lido, self-confessed horror fan Dietmar Dath is after the Austrian, Ulrich Seidl film I see I see completely in his element: this nasty little movie takes the mouth full of atrocities, chews provocative slowly it around and spits them me finally before the feet, because I’m gone out, when time was. I can not help me, that I like. Also, Christiane Peitz for the daily Der Tagesspiegel on the Lido to Al Pacino’s heels has tacked itself. Sophie Charlotte Rieger reports on cinema-time. de from a total however disappointing day of the Festival of erotic obsessions of male protagonists. In the FAZ Elenor Benítez is pleased that a DVD and a publication be forgotten which is looking at German film threat women from the boys. Whether in the movies with Richard Linklaters boyhood or in the literature with Karl Ove Knausgards life: the long term observation of everyday life has economic thinks Livia Valensise on time online: here it is sensation-loseste suicide but still as the sensation. Perhaps therefore ‘Boyhood’ and ‘Live’ but not least, the symptoms of a selfish time, in which the art is designed to provide only the familiar us: so we us, no matter where we look, thousands even can reflect. But at the same time they also testify to an uncertain time: we look on the search for a meaningful narrative of our own lives always on the other, to understand: How does it, live? Mumins-inventor Tove Jansson would have been 100 years old in August. In the Jungle World Jonas Engelmann extensively writes about, what fascinates him about their stories: the Moomins are no contradiction, the security in the cohesive nature of the family and the desire for something else but their basic drive. The Moomins support in their fears and longings, is providing great freedoms and still hold together. Anette Selg visited the studios of on female perspectives be comic magazine spring for the daily Der Tagesspiegel. In the standard, Thomas Trenkler is annoyed about the many errors in Wolf Haas’ new burner novel. Birgit Vanderbekes of the summer of wild boars (SZ) and new audiobooks, including Hans Falladas nightmare (FAZ) are discussed. Peter Hagmann raves in the NZZ after a week of Lucerne Festival and the wealth of impressions, of sensual delights, to suggestions: who for example, as it does the conductor Neeme Järvi, free from the liver away claims, nowadays all orchestral sounds, because all Orchestra with musicians of from different backgrounds, the local traditions have become so obsolete, which can better instruct in Lucerne can. Kai Mo Emperor portrayed the baritone Georg Nigl who is To give the Orfeo in Amsterdam with Sasha Waltz, genuine kamikaze singing for Baroque and contemporary music in the world: Peter Eötvös wrote for him the ‘tragedy of the devil’, Pascal Dusapin his Nietzsche-cycle ‘ O man!’ To Wolfgang Rihms ‘ Jakob contemporary to anchor, Naeem had printed itself scores of Opera, he will sing this season under the direction of Andrea Breth in Stuttgart and Brussels in the repertoire. He is also considered uneitler again performing singers. Discussed the new CD of the mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato (Tagesspiegel), the concert by Blumfeld in Vienna (standard) and Rocko Schamonis Berlin appearance with his favorite evergreens (taz) are an exhibition by Cordula Groth photographs of Berlin Philharmonic Berlin (impressive, Moritz Eckert in the daily mirror thinks). In the daily mirror, Sandra Luzina sums up the Berlin dance in August, where they have a plateau effect certifies: new developments could not get,, But Gavin Sutinen, the new head of the Festival, has made her promise true: introduced new names, presented the immense diversity of contemporary dance. And let the extremes collide with each other. In the world Manuel Brug is Idol still always very out and away from the Japanese troops Miss revolutionary zealots and their riot-fun purgatory: pointless, absurdly funny, bright, garish, moist. At the end of all, performers like audience, equally wet, stood covered confetti and streamers with seaweed, and reveled in the experience, actually totally mind-free bullshit, which had occurred just Inferno-like and gushed. In the SZ congratulates Egbert Tholl the Salzburg Festival while on their continued financial success, but he sees also the dam to the popularity: what remains is the most unmet longing for Festival as a place of exceptional. Wilhelm Sinkowicz lists in the press, what Opera stars actually do when they are not in Vienna. A tour of the Deutsche Oper Berlin in London will be discussed with Richard Strauss’ Salome (a true splendor, enthuses Eleonore Büning in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung). Polish intellectuals, including W¿Adys¿AW publish an appeal to Europe publicized Bartoszewski, Olga Tokarczuk and Andrzej Stasiuk, Andrzej Wajda Dorota MAS¿owska, in the Gazeta Wyborcza daily, the Economist, and the world. You criticize Germany that are let on to close links with Russia, and even more so France, which wants to supply warships to Russia: several politicians have already suggested France should sell the ships of NATO or the EU. Should his opinion not change soon President hollande, the citizens of Europe should convince him with a boycott of French goods. France must remain the country of European freedom and remain loyal to its great tradition. Also: Also in the world Thomas Kielinger describes the fear of English before a little England without Scotland and possibly even without EU. Martin Gehlen in the Tagesspiegel reported in the Arab world, self-criticism, stirs in the face of the immense brutality of the terrorist group Islamic State. ‘What does IS, embodies what we have learned in the school’, ironically tweeted the Saudi intellectual Ibrahim Al-Shaalan. ‘ If our curricula are good, then IS is right. If it is all wrong, who then is responsible?’ Similar to Syrian and Lebanese intellectuals, the Gehlen opinion cited. A large number of Arab citizens is however quite a different opinion, explains in his editorial for the newspaper Al-Sharq, Gehlen also quoted the Saudi politician Jafar Alshayeb worried: in Saudi Arabia, there were ‘ many citizens who have the same focus and the same ideas like these people, and the terrorist acts against the political regime and approve social groups. ‘ And so a first informal poll in social media revealed that a significant number of citizens the view, IS lying on a line with the values of Islam and the Sharia. Daniel Marovitz, founder of the startups Faculty of 1000, calls for a cultural shift in the scientific publishing in TechCrunch. It is not only against the corporations that dominate this area with huge margins, but also to a culture change. For example, he rejects the anonymity of Peer Reviews in journals from which could lead to abuse: in the year 2000 the Publisher started BioMed Central, the names of all reviewers for their medical journals, since many magazines have made these opinions public. This encourages a culture of transparency and dialogue at which is fundamental to science. Oh dear oh dear, the French Socialists about To give up the idea of socialism? Eric Dupin wants to come with moderate means but still there, where one slurps oysters without previously to be exploited, and fought in Slate. FR the more radical positions in other media: Laurent Joffrin of Libération is so far gone to To write that ‘Prime Minister Valls had welcomed Eduard Bernstein in previous centuries’, because this a ‘ revisionist’ was like the ‘liberal’ of today. Thus, he forgets that the German party leaders and theorists, who In fact gave up the option of the revolution wanted to enter on reformistischem road to socialism. (The picture shows the amber detested by brave left until today.) Expired the belligerence among the intellectuals after 1989, noted Martin Meyer in the NZZ: taboo breaks have become difficult and risky. Up dear man – rightly – impales the excesses of robber-baron capitalism, that it would be due to curse manifested again after the supposed end of obscurantism and finsterstem medieval history in the character of fanatical faith outside of our continent comparable engaged with the voices of intellectual morality. The whole Internet is a capitalist event, really the whole thing, including Jeremy Rifkinds idea of access, Byung-Chul Han in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung: and the ideology of the community or the collaborative Commons leads to the total capitalisation of the community. There is no pure experience possible. Also the friendliness is commercialized in a society of mutual evaluation. Gabs weekend demonstrations against high rent (Hamburg) and against surveillance (Berlin), but nowhere against arms shipments to the Kurds, noted Christian Geyer in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The pacifists hold back. Only one revised his position: ‘ I don’t want that people die for the purity of my philosophy, my pacifism. ‘ This set has disgraced the intellectual remainders of pacifism as a second sentence in recent days. A set clear in content, is courageous in the position. A set of Rupert Neudeck, who thus calls for arms shipments to the Kurds. Joachim Güntner in NZZ explains why it is so hard to take position in the dispute between Amazon and Hachette: the current conflict in the book industry has no unique front-end processes. There are established against underdog, nostalgic against progressive, pessimists against digital enthusiasts, small to large, sometimes young against old. The Polish historian Wlodzimierz Borodziej explains how to interpret the Hitler-Stalin Pact, with the Russians and Germans over the invasion of Poland, agreed today in an interview with Die Tageszeitung. So Vladimir had Putin 2009 while condemned the Pact, but then declared Stalin was afraid rightly in 1938 after the Munich Agreement, that the West during a war of the Germans against the Soviet Union would lift a finger. Borodziej finds this statement still noteworthy: because Putin followed the political logic: because the West gave way to Hitler on the question of Czechoslovakia, Stalin was consorting with Hitler. Seen in machiavellistisch, which is consistently. In Munich in 1938 was Stalin from Europe out sidelined, with the additional protocol and the occupation of Poland he returned to Europe. This reminds of Putin’s speech of March 18, 2014, over the Crimea. There is exactly the same logic. In the Tagesspiegel Egon Bahr recalled in an interview at the outbreak of the second world war 75 years ago: I loved him. Because Poland was defeated after ten days, then Norway and Denmark were occupied Flash and in 1940 the Wehrmacht capable of beating France six weeks later was. What had never managed the Empire. I felt that was impressive. For the world, Hannes Stein read the book this nonviolent stuff’ll Get You Killed (this non-violence bullshit will kill again you) of the Veterans Charles E. Cobb Jr, who portrays the role of guns in the black civil rights movement. . Root source may be read clicking this