The wars in the world are going to slow growth?

Patrick Artus, Director of research of the studies of Natixis, recalls that every time in the past geopolitical tensions have caused strong reactions on the markets. "This results in general a rising raw materials prices, especially of oil, and a postponement of the values shelters investors, currencies like the dollar and the yen, gold and of State debts deemed safe by the United States and the Germany and at the same time a decline risky assets, banks and companies ‘ stresses the Economist. More broadly, should fear of consequences on the real economy: decrease of trade, investors confidence, decrease demand? The expert from Saxo Bank, the risk will be limited to the geographical areas concerned. The Russia will certainly be in recession, build several economists, because of the acceleration of capital outflows, the decline in foreign direct investment and internal demand stall. More pessimistic, Philippe Gudin, Chief Economist of Barclays, is expected to impact of the tensions on global conditions, especially in Europe. "Even more worrying is that the European recovery, including in fragile countries, is still mainly driven by the net contribution of exports. Europe is still recovering and remains highly vulnerable to external shocks,"he explains. Remains ‘paste a figure’ to this geopolitical risk "is very difficult," added William De Vijlder. One thing is acquired: the multiplication of armed conflict generates uncertainty. However, «analysts have clearly established links between indicators of uncertainty and growth,"says De Vijlder.» In times of doubt on the future, businesses and households reduce their investments. Immediate or delayed, the impact on growth ends up being real. . For extended information regarding this matter read hyperlink.

The forgiveness because by 20 Angelucci million against Wikipedia.

Narrow escape for the system that governs Wikipedia exists in Italy. Today the Association Wikimedia Italy was acquitted at first instance by a lawsuit for damages of 20 million that began in 2009. Same outcome, two weeks ago, for a parallel process initiated against the Wikimedia Foundation. The Court sentenced the accused to pay the court costs: are the brothers Antonio and Giampaolo Angelucci. Antonio at the time of the facts was Pdl, while parliamentary Giampaolo is the Publisher of free and il Riformista. The complaint started for references to judicial grains present in the free encyclopedia entries on Antonio and Reformist. Moreover, the Angelucci are again under investigation for tax fraud. Wikimedia Italy was acquitted because no stranger to the facts: the judge acknowledged that the Association is limited to Executive activities and merely supportive, and affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. without taking any direct management and without attribution of ownership of the site that hosts the encyclopedia, which remains of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Another acquittal, the judge ruled instead that the Wikimedia Foundation has the simple role of hosting provider for Wikipedia and therefore is not obliged to carry out preventive controls on published. The judgments are important for the life of Wikipedia, also because they recognize the characteristic nature of free encyclopedia editable by anyone. In the process against the Foundation, the Court said in fact that Wikipedia provides a service based on users ‘ freedom to draft the various pages of the encyclopedia; It is this freedom that excludes any [obligation to ensure the absence of offensive of its sites] and which finds its balance in the possibility that anyone can modify the content and request removal. Does not recognize this feature of Wikipedia or to attribute responsibility to the Foundation and the Association for published would have made life very difficult to free encyclopedia, in Italy. Was basically undermine the foundations on which Wikipedia is based and any other platform for the free movement of knowledge on the internet. Attempts to impose the responsibility to neutral hosting platforms-the forum of our days-threaten the very existence of these platforms, and path suffocate innovation and free communication, we read on the blog of WIkimedia in commenting on the judgment. If necessary, the Wikimedia Foundation does not hesitate to defend the world’s largest collection of human knowledge, against those who challenge the right of the Wikimedia community to communicate, create and share freely. Relief also for Frieda Brioschi, also cited her for the mega damages, because at the time was President of Wikimedia Italy. As told by herself, I began to breathe: I’ll stop waking me up in the middle of the night with that fixed idea or to be alarmed at the idea of buying the House. None I will restore my five years of anxieties of mind (and lazzi frizzi and to exorcise a bit), but that’s okay. . You can read the following weblink to discover more about this amazing subject.

Gaza: employees of the United Nations killed in an attack on a school.

United Nations employees were killed in the attack on a UN school in Gaza, said Thursday the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, which strongly condemns this attack. There are many deaths, dont de les femmes et de les enfants, ainsi que de les employés de l’ ONU, a déclaré M. Ban à Erbil (Irak), selon un communiqué de l’ ONU publié à New York women and children, as well as employees of the United Nations, said Mr. Ban in Erbil (Iraq), according to a release from the United Nations in New York. Mr. Ban said he is appalled by this attack, the circumstances are not yet clear. It has launched a new call to all parties to respect their obligations under the terms of international humanitarian law, the lives of civilians, the inviolability of the premises of the United Nations and their obligations towards humanitarian workers. The school attack underlines the urgent need to stop the killings and to stop now, said Mr. Ban, who leads a mediation for a cease-fire in Gaza. The spokesman Deputy of the UN Farhan Haq said that UN was still trying to determine the exact number of victims. We do not know who attacked the premises, he said. Fifteen Palestinians who had taken refuge in a UN school in the Gaza Strip were killed Thursday afternoon by Israeli fire, a new tragedy that overshadows the diplomatic ballet to reach a truce. Local relief reported a balance of 15 dead in a school of the UN Agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) aid in Beit Hanoun, in the North of the Palestinian enclave, where is were sheltered people displaced by the fighting. The Israeli army has promised to investigate this tragedy, saying do not rule out whether it’s a rocket fired by fighters from the Islamist movement Hamas. . Inspirational facts can be studied checking this fact.

Arms industry: On Gabriel’s leash.

The political calendar is currently more sparsely filled, as one of few fixed events a press statement by Sigmar Gabriel was announced for Wednesday. In his hometown of Goslar, the economic and Energy Ministers wanted to express according to announcement for the EEG reform by the EU Commission approval. So, it should go to Gabriel’s core business his trade policy currently prime concerns. But currently, Gabriel’s action in a different policy field raises considerably more controversy as his energy policy. It’s about arms exports. In the Bundestag election, the SPD had announced to handle the approval of sensitive exports as the former Black-Yellow Government significantly more restrictive in the case of a government stake. Not everyone took that from the Social Democrats. In the end, many thought would act yet again as industry – rather than a peace party comrades – especially since the red green Federal Government under Chancellor Gerhard Schröder had been introduced while political principles for arms exports and a degree of transparency, had been otherwise but not always squeamish what went to the recipient countries. But since SPD Chief Gabriel is responsible as Minister of Economic Affairs for export permits, the skeptics must admit: it has changed a lot. In all these applications, it was further said, it involves direct or indirect deliveries to so-called third countries, so that the neither the EU of nor NATO and also, such as Australia, the NATO equivalent are not. And only these deliveries are considered at all problematic – in the political principles of the Federal Government for the export of war weapons and other military goods it says exports to such countries will handled restrictively. It is problematic also – even if products from EU or NATO countries in such third countries continue to be exported if it is only small or smallest parts, it supplied by Germany. Our customers in France, Britain and Belgium sitting there unnerved and waiting for German spiked products, without which they cannot export their weapons systems, so Reuters quoted a worker from the arms industry. The economic Ministry will not comment on the figures on request, not however also sought to counter the impression that Gabriel put the arms industry on the leash. Finally, he had promised that after the Black-Yellow approval practice had triggered a broad public debate about the possible delivery of Leopard battle tanks to Saudi Arabia. In the Union but, Gabriel’s policy raises now more than just rumblings. The arms export policy is already subject to a tangible conflict. . You must read the following resource to read more regarding this interesting subject.

The Gaza conflict: U.S. carriers may again control Tel Aviv.

Passengers arrive at the airport of Ben Gurion in Tel Aviv. Flight bans continue to burden Israel. © Jim Hollander / DPA in the French capital Paris demonstrated many thousands of people against the Gaza violence on Wednesday night. After attacks on Jewish institutions on weekends, more than a thousand policemen secured the protest train. In Bischofshofen, Austria, a test game of the Israeli football club Maccabi Haifa was canceled on Wednesday night after pro Palestinian demonstrations. Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip enters third week. An end to the violence is not in sight. As the armed forces told at night, more than 95 shells on Israel were fired on Wednesday. The military said to have attacked more than 100 targets in the Gaza Strip in the day. The UN Human Rights Council, meanwhile, condemned a systematic and serious violation of international human rights in the conflict. In the resolution of the UN Human Rights Council on Wednesday, including a UN Investigation Commission is required, is to investigate possible violations of international law. The Panel of 47 Nations majority adopted the draft at a special session in Geneva. The UN High Commissioner for human rights, Navi Pillay, moved to doubt that Israel will do everything to avoid civilian casualties. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon demanded clarification about a missile discovery in a school of the United Nations in the Gaza Strip. He is outraged that the weapons in the school were discovered and then disappeared, said ban according to UN release. Those responsible have thus made possible attack targets schools and taken the lives of innocent children, UN staff and seeking protection in danger. The United Nations would investigate the incident and do everything necessary to prevent such a thing could happen again. The relief and Works Agency of for Palestine refugees (UNRWA) United Nations had communicated about a week ago that a rocket warehouse with about 20 bullets has been discovered in the empty UN school. UNRWA maintains 245 schools in Gaza, in which approximately 225 000 Palestinian children are taught according to their own figures. . You should visit this to read extra regarding this great subject.

Transport app: Hamburg prohibits driving uber.

Hamburg – no company worldwide is expanding in the business of digital mediation of travel services as fast as uber from San Francisco. The app is available in approximately 150 cities. While offering about pop, which is now also in Hamburg, individuals offer their services with your own car, the driver can simply order via your Smartphone. Berlin and Munich uber currently trying to gain a foothold in this country particularly in Hamburg and Frankfurt. However, the traffic authority of the Hanseatic city has prohibited now offering as a spokesman for agency manager told online magazine. The problem: Who wants to carry people in Germany for money, needs a passenger ticket – the uber drivers usually do not possess. Pierre Dimitri Gore-Coty, European head of uber, manager informed magazine online, Hamburg was a progressive and ambitious city, where innovations flourish. Uber respect the legal framework, will offer his services but continue in the city. In the city of Hamburg assuming anyway, that at the end of the courts be must deal with the case. Uber in San Francisco are convinced that the legal regulations for person transport around the world are obsolete and only the needs of the digital-savvy big-city dweller would need to be adapted. For example, Gore Coty calls even in the case of Hamburg, that the rules and regulations of the city of the Smartphone era would have to be adjusted. In the industry, one assumes that uber in Hamburg will take over the penalties for the driver, so that it won’t jump out. It does not disturb the investors by uber. Recently the 2009 founded company gained a new money for its expansion and it was prized over 18.2 billion US dollars on a goodwill – this is record breaking even for the standards of Silicon Valley. So the company, which itself has no own fleet, evaluated roughly as high Hertz as the car rental. And many firm such as court costs, you can with the more than one billion US dollars collected in the financing round probably settle how they now could arise in Hamburg. . Additional info can be read checking blog.

Health: 589 private structures in Italy, only 64 not credited.

Rome, 23 Jul. (Reuters Health)-In Italy there are about 600 private nursing homes. Of these, only 64-about 10%-are not accredited with the National Health Service. And ‘ what emerges from the data of the Directorate-General and statistical information system of the Ministry of health, which snaps a photograph on the world of private facilities (non-accredited), updated to 2011. Structures that are known and prestigious groups, including: San Donato Group, which belongs to the family Rotelli, with structures in Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. And again: the GVM Care Ettore Sansavini & Research with distributed facilities all over the country-from Turin to Agrigento and the Ganji of Emmanuel Miraglia, present with its facilities in Liguria, Tuscany, Lazio, Calabria and Sicily. Analyzing the table in detail, a given on every jump in the eyes: about half of the private structures active in Italy-266 on 589-located in four regions, namely Lombardy (72); Lazio (65); Campania (65); Sicily (64). Another aspect that emerges is related to the (few) non-accredited facilities with Ssn: only 64. Of these, about half (29) is situated in Lazio. Other structures 12 ‘ released ‘ from public service counted in Lombardy. For the rest, in other regions, the private care homes are almost all credited. Only 5 structures In Campania on 65 are not tied to the Ssn. In Sicily, however, the 64 private nursing homes are all credited. To work in this kind of structures are about 15 thousand employees. According to figures provided by the Italian Association of private ospedalità (Aiop)-representing 500 nursing homes, with over 53. 000 beds of which 45. 000 credited with the Ssn-people working in associated structures are 14. 902, of which 4. 696 doctors; 20.032 nurses; 5. technical 853; 9.010 socio-medical auxiliaries; 4.680 assistants. To underline the importance and the role played by private healthcare facilities is the President of the Aiop, Gabriele Pelissero: In Italy-Adnkronos Health claims-the 25% of hospital services are covered by the private ospedalità, which weighs only about 15% of health care expenditure. Not me to say it, but adds-is the Court of Auditors. The numbers show that we are a very important resource for the country, as an integral and efficient Nhs. Represent, concluded the number one of the Aiop-a great opportunity to ensure, in the future, a sustainable national health service and able to give citizens a high quality performance. . Main facts can be studied clicking this

National football team: Joachim Löw remains head coach.

Joachim Löw remains head coach of the German national football team after the World Cup triumph. "Yes, at the moment I can imagine nothing better than to continue working with this team, to lead the Championship after France the team to develop the individual players." I am so motivated as the first day at the DFB, the 54-year old declared on Wednesday in an interview on the website of the German Football Federation. Löw wants to fulfill his contract until 2016 dated and in two years run the DFB selection to the next mission of the title at the European Championships. "We have celebrated a huge success in Brazil, there are still more goals we want to achieve. The 2014 World Cup was a highlight for everyone, but still no conclusion. "The next match is on September 3 in Düsseldorf with the new edition of the World Cup finals against Argentina. Four days later, the European Championship qualifiers, Gibraltar, Ireland, Poland and Georgia are the other opponents begins with a duel against Scotland in Dortmund, Germany. . Additional facts can be inspected reading

Ex-Ambassador Primor: Israel has”no alternative”.

In addition, the army wanted to know: what happens then? An offensive against Hamas makes only sense when you set in motion a political process, a peace process. Otherwise Hamas comes back and rebuild everything, because it not lacking her money. But the current Government wants any negotiations because it is affected by the extremists. The majority of Israelis wishing, however, real negotiations. Primor: Yes. There is a hardening mood, as always in times of war. If people need to run ten times a day in the shelter, they are impatient and think you must hear no philosophy but quickly win the war. This is obviously superficial and it not all people think so, but quite many. And there are also right-wing extremists in Israel, which have become violent. This is a problem and worried us very. tagesschau. de: the head of the Palestinian Mission in Germany, Khouloud mow, talks about, there was a mass murder in Gaza, entire families would be killed. What answer Mrs Daibes to these allegations?. Main source could be studied visiting this

more than 400 miles south of Seoul. The announced today the police that Dna tests carried out showed that the corpse was found on 12 June in an advanced state of decomposition of the owner of Chonghaejin Marine, shipping company Sewol ferry sunk on 16 April with a budget of nearly 300 killed and missing. Still uncertain, for, the causes of death. Dna samples taken from the corpse match exactly with those of Yoo said at a press conference Woo Hyung-ho, head of the Sucheon police agency, report Yonhap Agency. Another confirmation gained from the examination of fingerprints of right index finger, he added Woo that Dna comparison was possible thanks to traces retrieved into a house where Yoo, 73 years, had taken refuge to escape the Manhunt which mobilised thousands of agents. To clarify the exact timing and cause of death: at the time of the discovery, the body lay face-up, wearing a suit and a hat, surrounded by empty bottles of alcoholic beverages and another empty of shark liver oil, produced by a company of its group. We believe that more detailed analysis and a second autopsy by the National Forensic Service can bring out other details, such as the cause of death, said concluo Woo. Yoo, founder of the sect of salvation, was the man most wanted in South Korea, with the South Korean authorities desperate for details on his capture, to the point of deciding a maxi size of nearly 500,000 dollars (only 100 thousand on his eldest son Dae-kyun, still unavailable). Prosecutors, in relation to each other, suspect Sewol consolidated practices of corruption, brought by Yoo and his family, have resulted in incomplete and dangerous procedures on security, including overcharging, resulted in one of the worst disasters in peacetime for South Korea. . You should check the following website to learn extra about this amazing subject.