More earthquakes because of shale gas.

As the Guardian recalls, she promoted effectively fracking as the most revolutionary and safe technique. While protecting behind the U.S. State Department. According to the British daily, Clinton has not only sent diplomats U.S. headlines asking to gather a maximum of information on the prospects for the extraction of gas from shale by hydraulic fracturing in the countries where they worked, but in some cases, personally, she did the promotion of shale gas. One wonders then if it is also who had the idea to export gas from shale in Europe? If Yes, then it is his particular interest in the countries of the former Soviet bloc, including for the Ukraine. At first, everything seemed more promising and profitable. But after the finding of the first consequences due to these dubious technologies, environmentalists began to worry. In addition, residents who lived near the places of extraction of shale gas have begun to complain. According to them, the soil has lost its fertility and water became undrinkable. The US television channels even airing a story that showed that the tap water could ignite these areas. It is at this time that everything has stopped. And the interest of Clinton became extinct. She had already certainly considerable dividends in 10 years. And today, including that the shale gas revolution was no longer so profitable project, it is passed to other-thing. Experts today evoke the wonderful prospects of another type of hydrocarbon – matrix oil production. This is probably why we speak today more modest and less often of the shale gas revolution, and only appear revealing studies on shale gas precisely in the United States. Well played, Hillary,, Similar information can be inspected reading

China plans to invest in India.

New Delhi–China wants to massively invest in India and further open its markets for products from the neighboring country. During an official visit to New Delhi, the Chinese head of State and party Chief Xi Jinping said, two industrial parks would be built as well as the railway network expanded. Overall, China wants to invest US$ 20 billion (15.5 billion euros) in the next five years. A total of only $ 411 million on the subcontinent flowed according to India’s official from the economically A lot stronger neighbouring country in the past 14 years. India can also export in the future more products such as medicines to China. XI Jinping, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the army, emphasized in his speech, however, the cultural exchange. by 2015 the year should be in his country visits India, on the other hand it will To give 2016 the year visits China in India. He said the two billion peoples could determine together the twenty-first century. If China and India speak with one voice, the world will listen. . Extended info can be found checking

Campriani, mister bang-bang when sickens competitions.

A little Alberto Tomba was right, ‘ because I think the competition after some kinds saturation ". And some have Bode Miller, the skier perfectionist that contentment is not so much the victory because the awareness of having competed trying joy. «I Bode’s thinking, "says Nicholas Campriani, Italy one of the heroes of the games in London, the man who two years ago with the carbine won a gold and a silver and now are discovering the malaise of the competitive spirit, after a so-so World Cup and despite qualifying for Rio 2016 also conquered. "It is a State of true suffering. Can lead to nasty drifts, like drug use or depression. However, fortunately, I am guided by the "right" people, like Petra (Editor’s note, the Zublasing, his girlfriend, a rifle Sharpshooter and neo-world champion) or as Edward Etzel, the psychologist who follows me». Etzel has inculcated a phrase that our Mister bang-bangha turned into a compass: ‘ life is not expected as the storm passes, but you learn to dance in the rain, "says Nicholas. What is his discomfort? More than sports or result from new rules that he and others do not like shooters, from the questions that arise from a defeat. Indeed, the question with the’d ‘ in capital letters: what still can give him the shot? «Win a medal to me is not enough; I want the victory. Once I enjoy, I also see a meaning in what I do: success is a consequence, not a goal. " The new format of the shot have a weight in the dissatisfaction of Campriani. "We thought the show. Understandable, but we we proposed other athletes: would be enough working on technology to make more comprehensible the races and to share the pointing phase, in which the shooter is not immovable. We have listened, but there have listened. " Still, that’s not the point: ‘ for my features, I’ve put back, although I am not saying that those who beat me was lucky. Simply, the shot for me was looking for accuracy and completeness: today is no longer the case. I will do all right, of course: I 26 years, I can’t be flexible; among other things, before the world, I’ve won three out of five races, so I don’t know yet how to do it. However have changed feelings: I get compliments, but I’m not happy; I feel more relieved to have finished what a pleasure to have won. " . For more facts regarding this topic check

The Act of aging, a great debate, a disappointing result.

At the end of the debates, Laurence Rossignol, Secretary of State to the family and the elderly, had dropped, not without emotion: "the quality of the debate and our exchanges is the honour of the Parliament, but policy. I hope that our fellow citizens, not in holding often that the skirmishes and moments difficult, will show that we can also work together, respecting our differences and our specificities, to advance the causes that concern them. Thanks to everyone for this debate. And certainly, the small number of members present, right as on the left, discussed with effectiveness. And without unnecessary friction. A beautiful quality debate, in the eyes of all. But in the end, a demi-flop. While no substantive difference was noticeable, the right voted against. However, this Act is a few qualities, even if some believe it stops along the way. Thought around three pillars – the anticipation to prevent the loss of autonomy, adaptation of the company to the aging and the accompaniment of the dependency-, it has the merit to a global mismatch between the ageing of the population (the old French of 75 years and more were 5.7 million in 2012, it will have 12 million by 2060) and a company that is as if its inhabitants were all 30 yearsresidents who can dwell in any slot, use any transport, live alone with a few hundred euros, and then settle in a retirement home in exorbitant prices. Similarly, is addressed, for the first time in the Act, the age of consent and human rights question in retirement homes. A delicate, hidden issue: often the very elderly are placed in the EHPAD (establishment of accommodation for elderly dependent people) without their consent. For security reasons, their freedoms, such as driveway and come, are limited. While this on the margins of their fundamental rights. «These issues are not resolved, but at least the debate is placed, it is more hidden, is satisfied with Laurence Rossignol. "We can still have regrets," responds Professor Olivier Saint Jean, Chief of Geriatrics at the Pompidou in Paris hospital. And he explains: "in this matter, the France remains a generous country, but support systems will not be delivered flat. The Act continued the French policy of assisted living at home, in a fashion that many developed countries should copy. It is typical of a quinquennium that safeguarding social protection and its achievements, but it shows unable to perform the necessary systemic reforms for the future. It is global governance that Olivier Saint-Jean was disappointed: it refused to create the High Council of the age, which would be followed in implementing policies and served so box ideas. And we will continue to drown the gerontological policy in the family, which has nothing to do, but above all it sterilizes the reflection. Everything remains so fragmented between the sanitary and social, source supported poorly adapted, dissatisfaction of users and unnecessary expenditure". . Similar information can be read visiting

In Asia, the cigarette has not finished to a tobacco.

In Asia, smoky bars and crowded oncology services testify to the neglect of the public authorities in the fight against smoking. Today, the authorities wake up, a little late, to try to cope with the explosion in smoking-related diseases. According to researchers, the ignorance of the risks by the public, coupled with aggressive marketing of the tobacco industry, said that Asian countries have rates of smoking among the highest in the world while in the United States and in some European countries, public health policy led to the roll back. About 60% of the world’s population lives in Asia where tobacco control programmes are less developed, especially in countries with low and medium incomes like China and the India, wrote the scientific journal PLOS medicine in April. In developed countries like the Japan and South Korea, where once smoked up to 85% of adult men, the authorities have begun only recently to implement true anti-smoking measures. The taxation of cigarettes, considered to be the most effective way to reduce consumption, practiced in Europe with the support of the world Organization of the health (MOH), soon to be put in place in Asia. Last week, authorities in South Korea, where 44% of men are smokers, have proposed taxing packs of cigarettes to 80% but the opposition immediately mounted niche to accuse the Government of wanting to ransom the followers of the cigarette. Long, smoking was considered by Koreans hard at work as the way to cope with the stresses caused by rapid industrialization, said Kim Jin-Young, Professor of sociology at Korea University. Governments were reluctant to increase taxes on cigarettes and alcohol for fear of pay at the polls. -More than smokers – however, attitudes are changing, he told AFP. People become more health conscious. In April, public health insurance has lodged a complaint against three South Korean and foreign manufacturers of cigarettes claiming 53.7 billion won (39.9 million euros) to compensate the patient care. Japan (30%) has increased in June for the first time in 17 years the taxes on packages. The high number of smokers is the result of the legacy of the war, where the authorities were promoting tobacco to power the national budget, says Hiroshi Yamato, doctor and tobaccologist at the University of Kitakyushu work (West) health. The tobacco industry was a State monopoly until 1985. Privatized, national cigarette maker Japan Tobbacco however retains more than 60% of the market and is highly influential politically. The Japan is still lagging in the fight against smoking, in particular against passive smoking, add the tobaccologist. You can still smoke in many public spaces, such as offices, cafés, restaurants. In South Korea, it is forbidden to smoke in public areas from July 2013 but small bars / restaurants received a reprieve until 2015. Overall in the world, smoking rates are lower than they were in the 1980s. But there are more smokers due to population growth in countries like China and the India. In 2012, in China, there were 100 million smokers more than 30 years despite a smoking rate from 30 to 24%, according to data from the Journal of the American Medical Association. The anti-smoking law is very loosely applied. Studies show that 1.2 million deaths per year in China and one million in India are related to cigarette, figures which are expected to grow exponentially. The British Medical Journal estimated that China could earn 50 million deaths from tobacco between 2012 and 2050. And because of the effects to long term of smoking, the impact of decades of laissez-faire has yet to be felt. It is likely that the burden of diseases caused by tobacco will increase in the coming decades, and during more long if nothing is done, stresses PLOS medicine. . Similar facts can be found checking

Volleyball World Cup: Germany reached the semi-finals.

Furious! The German volleyball players have fulfilled the dream of the World Cup semi-final. Led by a superior Georg Grozer the team by national coach defeated Hammond the world rankings-11 vital in Katowice on Wednesday. Iran after a spectacular performance with 3-0 (25-15, 25:21, 25:19) and can thus the dream of winning the first world championship medal in 44 years meet. The men of the German volleyball Federation (DVV) showed up after their opening defeat in Group G against France turned and made their best World Cup finish perfect for 40 years. After two rest days, Grozer & co. in Poland To want to make the finals on Saturday. After the 0-3-lesson against Frankreichzum opener in the three relay was for the German volleyball player now: To give full throttle! And the slam artists in the first World Cup game of both teams competed after a balanced start-up phase as transformed. 13:6, Grozer & co. showed that they necessarily wanted to use their minimal chances of getting ahead. "My dream is to win a Medal with Germany," the powerful diagonal attacker before the showdown had stressed. After 44 years in range, world rankings tithing because continued the first world championship medal, where he had left off in the first two sections. The greed was precious to see them formally. A 8:12-residue they turned furious and went with 17:12 lead–that was the preliminary decision. Omitted cheered the DVV-men on the way into the semi-finals. . Main data can be studied checking this

Just laughed: booze of two teacher stops school trip.

A booze of their teacher has terminated the school trip of real students in Hamburg. The warden had alerted the police on the night of Tuesday, because a teacher had a Gash on the head, not help wanted to leave and was barely responsive. According to the students from Bramsche, the two teachers were just drinking A lot alcohol on the first evening, a police spokesman said on Wednesday. The Neue of Osnabrücker Zeitung had reported the aborted class trip first. The police informed the school in bramsche, Lower Saxony, which Right away ordered a teacher who was in Hamburg on a school trip to the care of the sophomore in the youth hostel on the next morning. Also, the student bus trip was organized. Under criminal law, nothing has happened in the evening, the police spokesman said. The officials had written but a report for the State Board of education in Lüneburg. We work on together with the school, said their spokeswoman Susanne Strätz. It is an absolute case. The bucket detonated about three metres from the traffic policemen away, neither of the two officials was injured by the explosion. Nevertheless the police is no fun in the thing: compared to the Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung Police spokesman Rainer Dionisio said: not to think what would have happened if the police officer would be closer when the firecrackers. You know what can happen in such accidents to new year’s Eve. Because at the point more frequently, the speed is measured by motorists, the police does not rule out a vendetta by drivers. According to police, the device to have been quite professional. In Japan, the police detect after more than 2000 people who bought shoes with hidden mini camera for secret shooting under woman skirts. The officials in the old imperial city of Kyoto had previously fined the operator of an Internet site on which such shoes were expelled, fined, as reported by the Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun on Wednesday. The cameras are controlled by remote control. The idea was good, but he had probably not expected, that a professional runner in pursuit: an old fled Werneck (Bavaria), as the police during a traffic check discovered a bag with drugs with him. He ran off, but the policeman was faster. It’s much faster. Because while the crook was even drugged, the third German championship was in the 10. 000 metres. An unequal race. Later it turned out: the truck driver doesn’t even have a driver’s license, and there are several arrest warrants against him. Together with his 28-year-old co-driver, he had stolen before even several hundred kilograms of steel plates in the night. The 32-year-old ended up in prison, as the police announced on Wednesday. What helps people, must be good for cats, the forces must have thought well: after an apartment fire the Berlin fire brigade of a cat with an unusual action has saved your life. The animal was lifeless discovered on Monday night with smoke poisoning from an apartment in the District of Moabit in fire. The firefighters came up with the idea to revive the Stubentieger with an oxygen device – and succeeded. A further cat and a rabbit were rescued unharmed. The occupants escaped with the horror. The cause of the Schwelbrandes is unclear. It sounds like the scene of a teen comedy: A drunken young man undresses on an Oktoberfest splitter-fasernackt and binds a balloon on the penis. The police in Lindau / Lake Constance described that in their report so: the young man had the ‘original’ idea to present yourself naked before a group of female visitors in all its glory. To set up probably the Crown the whole, he tied his best piece then a balloon. A train traveler has let in Rotenburg, a worker and the police puzzle peace with the unusual first name with God alone through Jesus Christ. The name listed on a ticket by had let a lawyer in Rotenburg are suspicious. Officials called added to the review but then noted that the 34-year-old passenger who was born in Cape Town which had allowed no joke with the name registered in German and his ticket was valid. Unlike in Germany, where a court decided a few years ago against a religious name, this is permitted according to police in South Africa. The police had tapped the man on Monday in the city controlled Kandel and the suspicion that he took drugs. The urine test had he Herum genestelt Very much long on his trousers, a police spokesman said. Looking after an officer noticed that the 24 year old was strapped to a dummy of the penis. It was Kunsturin you can buy. A new test on the services was positive. In China plans for the world’s first live broadcast of a giant panda birth have been dashed for the time being: AI pan as bear was not yet pregnant, and in the breeding station of Chengdu in Sichuan province, China, the State Xinhua News Agency reported. Allegedly the bear faked the pregnancy, to the benefit of favored treatment for pregnant females. According to the report, phantom pregnancy in pandas are not uncommon. A young Bull Moose is lost on Monday at the headquarters of a company in Dresden. The animal broke on his flight from people through the door of the glazed office building and was stranded in the entrance hall. That’s a sign of panic, he knows No more, where, said a spokesman for the Saxony forest State enterprise. The four-legged friends, who for the first time had been seen on Friday in nearby Radebeul, browsed previously close to the industrial area in the flood channel. When police and onlookers moved on, he took his heels. After over five hours was old animal stunned the two or three years on Monday, loaded in a container and taken away. The boy was suspended at an undisclosed place in Saxony, Eastern Germany, the city of Dresden is communicated. Details are not made according to the hunting authorities. Small incident when the Dalai Lama visit in Hamburg: after a visit to the exhibition of Tibet – nomads in distress the leader of Tibetans for A few minutes in the elevator was stuck. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate when he took it with humor and joked with the Museum’s staff. Finally, could he get off one floor higher, and went down the outside stairs to the courtyard of the Museum. At the 5000 audience at the Congress Centre (CCH), which already waiting for him, he apologized for his delay. A pregnant, aggressive cow roams for weeks through a forest in Swabia. At Gaildorf, she turned on a motorist in the way, the police said on Friday. The man I can brake in time, nothing happens either. But one could definitely speak of a problem cow. Night sex games on a loud squeaky rocking justify the termination of a tenant. This decided the Munich District Court, in a ruling published Friday (AZ: 417 C 17705/13). In the present case, a man had set up an old swing frame with chains in his apartment and at night used to sex play with other men. This led to massive complaints from neighbors – and finally to the termination by the lessor. Actually a case is heard at the District Court empty presumed exhibitionism. Nothing appetizing, A few men sometimes unfortunately do. Specifically: A 54-jähriger parcel delivery agents have let at a delivery from a 16-year-old hang out his pants down and his penis. "The man denies it, but the young woman remains: the fly was open, the penis was hanging out, that was uncomfortable to me", she said according to the East Frisian newspaper in court. Actually, the matter could be clear, knew of an interesting detail to report not the wife of the accused. Excuse me honey, she says according to the blade, but your penis is too short, which can not hang out. The judge interpreted this statement as a possible relief and decided to measure the Member of the man. Not personally, but by a coroner in Oldenburg. Rarely, a man so Very much on a small penis will have hoped as this Messenger from East Frisia. In Thuringia, a Baker had unusual clientele: A horse stood Tuesday morning before loading it into the Centre of Eisenberg. The Public Affairs Office could catch the horse and put in a zoo. A Wohungsinhaberin in Baden-Baden was amazed Not bad when she suddenly found a foreign woman in her bed – which was even naked to make matters worse. As the police reported that the 57 year old through a door open for fresh air invaded the House, had to take a shower and then laid in the bed. The situation of the older resident was naturally uncomfortable: first turned to the neighbors and finally called the police for help. Officials had to find upon arrival that she already knew the 57-year-old. According to rudely, they tore the sleeper from their dreams. The obviously drunk woman was brought home. Their explanation: You have confused the House with a friend. . Additional info can be found reading

TV-tip 17.9: Braveheart: the heroic struggle for freedom of the Scots.

Gibson, who also served as Director and producer, was overwhelmed for Bravehart with Oscars. The film delivers a thrilling battles painting and is Very much impressive, especially because he delivers no factual representation, but any will on the Scottish side. On the one hand the good Scots fighting for a noble cause. On the other side of the nasty English yearning only to power. And so it is good that the Germans may not participate in the referendum. Because who has seen this film on the eve of can No more objectively judge questioned the independence of Scotland. Monsoon baby 20th 3: 00, ARD DRAMA you can now make your honeymoon. Resolutely, doctor Kamalika its customers from Germany points the way to the door. Nina (Julia Jentsch) and mark (Robert cake book) have found a surrogate mother in Kamalikas hospital in Calcutta. The young Shanti will bring that child to the world, on which the couple eight years in vain hopes. Differently than assumed, the wait becomes a grueling process in Germany. Until Nina’s doubts are so great, that taking on his own, what it should be: you travel back. -Andreas Kleinert managed a moving drama that long lasting effect through the semi-documentary images from India. (up to 21 45). For additional information about this topic check home page.

Corruption, from Craxi a Berlusconi to Renzi: blame is never of thieves but always of the guards.

This past 11 September I wrote a post in this blog titled: "The Pd resurrects clockwork Justice of Berlusconi?" attirandomi many criticism from militants and supporters of the Democratic Party have reproached me for being a justicialist reactionary.a that for granted the guilt of suspects Richetti, Stefano Matteo Bonaccini and company. Some have asked me to write openly that I hate the Pd, there is I to death with the Pd. I can’t write it because it is not true, criticizing members of Pd or Fi or M5S if you think are wrong does not mean hate them but show their freedom of expression. I will say more, if ever I had voted for the Democratic Party in the past I would have one more reason to be indignant and to underscore the fact that morality always claimed by the left and the lack of morality in the centre-right Berlusconi reproached today sounds somewhat out of tune and has the flavour of the teasing. Apparently the truth hurts truth that nobody has in his pocket, no candidates in the primaries of the Democratic Party in Emilia Romagna, which, I repeat, remain innocent until the third degree of judgement but I am involved in an embezzlement investigation, not for Claudio Descalzi Eni renziana nomination which remains innocent until the third degree of judgement but that is under investigation for international corruption in the acquisition of a large oil concession in Nigerianot the pm that can sometimes make mistakes (but how often in Republican history has been proven bad faith or fumus persecutionis?) non-journalists who are "citofonati" warranty notices this or that politician as saying Radhi but who contribute often to unveil what the policy would remain locked in the palaces of power nor the undersigned that expresses opinions that may be more or less shared but that rely on facts. . Main data could be found reading this

Renzi to attack public utilities: 8 thousand are too many, they will become very much.

Renzi back to municipalities: attack of the 8 thousand such companies surveyed in Italy "are too many, we have to reduce them to at least one-eighth of the current. You have to recognize when you need and how much is the parking lot for political experiences that no longer work. " During a visit with the Mayor of Turin Piero Fassino to L’oreal of Settimo Torinese, the premier promised that soon "we spend from 8 thousand to thousand». Income tax Bonus effects when you will understand that it is not Tip The electoral meeting with the workers and employees of the company was also an opportunity to revive the cornerstones of the action of the Government, starting from 80 euros bonus paychecks that "were not a tip in a long time and thanks to these consumption will increase». Although probably not immediately perceivable in economic indicators, "said the Prime Minister once again, the bonus ‘ has a meaning, and" consumption will grow. This phenomenon over the medium term will express its strength. " Appeal to invest in Italy: multinational companies welcome The premier admits that the road to recovery "is going uphill, there were moments of difficulty and you have to work harder." But, he adds, "knowing that the road is uphill, we are here to say that today there is a strong desire to do an Italy where you can breathe the scent of the future and not just that of the past. We’re not just a Museum, but we must build opportunities for growth in the future. The Italy has a future that is bigger than its past. " Then, having clarified that for our economy "we are not yet to restart, but the fall is over," the new appeal to invest in Italy: "the multinational are welcome, but should not come here because we reduce the wages even if we need to reduce labour costs and the burden of bureaucracy." . Extended facts can be read clicking