Separatists and tanks So the Kremlin weakens the government's post Maidan

Kiev's grip on eastern Ukraine weakens as pro-Russians seize army ...

In a showcase of Simferopol in the Crimea has been exposed the official portrait of President Putin. The tearing of the Crimea, who has opted to join Moscow in fact triggered the uprising in eastern Europe Maxim Shemetov / Reuters

The mission to protect and bring together "the greatest nation divided" was formulated very explicitly by Putin. And as for the classroom of the Duma, now dubbed "the printer went crazy," circulate the craziest ideas, it is also a thermometer that whirls at the head of the Kremlin. When Vladimir Zhirinovsky onto the platform in camouflage and asks to conquer 9 regions' temporarily in the hands of Ukraine, "we must be careful: it had been the first to talk about annexation of the Crimea.

Today, everything is possible because, as the editor of the magazine "Russia in global politics" Fyodor Lukianov, Putin has' canceled all over the world post-89 to start afresh. " The putiniani as Transport Minister Vladimir Yakunin theorize a "paradigm of autonomous civilization" to choose from in isolation and in opposition to the West. But Putin is known to be not so much a dreamer as a pragmatist. The Crimea has already cost the sanctions, and even from the Kremlin press we understand that his phone calls with Obama and Merkel are dialogues between a deaf and mute, while the only Western politician to visit Moscow in recent weeks was Marine Le Pen. And the "little green men" in Donetsk Russians have not had smoothed the way. There remains the option of a massacre resulting intervention 'in defense of their fellow countrymen "of Russian troops massed on the border, and the propaganda machine and provocations continue to work, driven by public opinion exalted.

A goal, however, has already been achieved: the Kiev government is in crisis, political, economic and even military now. His army is struggling (or unwilling) to launch a counteroffensive, and with half the country under the control of the separatists and tanks on the streets of the presidential elections of May 25, become impassable. Allowing Moscow to continue to say that in Kiev there is a legitimate government, but only of the "Nazi coup" with whom we dialogue. The West, according to the Russians, will not want to commit too: "There's a dismissive attitude, is considered incapable even of serious sanctions," believes Nikolay Zlobin, president of the Center for global interests in Washington. The Kremlin makes it clear that the U.S. and Europe in Ukraine have ended up in a mess that only the Russians are capable and willing to work. Hence also the proposed Sergei Lavrov to provide aid in Kiev in exchange for recognition of the annexation of the Crimea. Of course it will not. But in the meantime the revolutionary racing Ukraine to Europe is likely to get bogged down as the tanks of Kiev in the country of the Don, and in that case, Putin can score a 2 to 0. Check if you want to read more

Re fighting in eastern Ukraine

The Euromaidan 'Iron Hundred' Are Still Fighting | VICE News

In Ukraine crisis is to facilitate a political solution, a highly anticipated summit meeting in Geneva. From about 9 clock 00, the foreign ministers of America, Russia and the Ukraine as well as the foreign policy chief of the European Union, want to sit at a table. However, in the eastern Ukraine, the situation remains tense.

Shortly before the Geneva crisis meeting criticized Russia America. By the Americans justified the military action against pro-Russian separatists in the region, they supported a "war against the people," said the Foreign Ministry in Moscow. At the same time Russia accused the Americans against double standards. So Washington defending the overthrow of the legitimate government as a popular uprising, but criticizing the protests in the East as terrorism.

Obama's government spokesman Jay Carney said aboard the aircraft president "Air Force One", the United States prepared to "active" new sanctions against Russia before. This could possibly be already announced this Thursday, if the meeting does not bring the desired progress in Geneva.

Moscow has since days back all the accusations, it chure unrest in the neighboring country and had sent soldiers without insignia across the border. Putin complained in return, the use of Ukrainian troops in the eastern border areas bring the country to the brink of civil war. In a conversation with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned against a failure of the crisis briefing in Geneva.

The Defense Ministry in Kiev, meanwhile, admitted that six armored vehicles have been lost to pro-Russian separatists. The military vehicles had been blocked in the eastern city of Kramatorsk of residents under the supervision of armed activists and then adopted. Where were staying the crews, was still being dealt. According to the separatists ran on soldiers to quash the uprising with an "anti-terrorist operation". Previously Kiev had denied the loss of vehicles. Go here for more information

Limited: in Italian physicians older, but continues to hold on degrees

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Test of medicine hated by students and families. But in Italy there are too many doctors, such as to justify a limited number so severe? And, in a few years, as they will be things? As the controversy mounted on the testing of Medicine April 8, the OECD publishes data on the health systems of the major economies of the planet. And it turns out that the Italian doctors are among the oldest in the world. So, in a few years, we will be forced to recruit foreign doctors in all likelihood. Also because a large chunk of today's doctors of Italy are enjoying a rich and peaceful retirement. In short, they are no longer "operating". And colleagues in business do not seem to be numbers in hand, too many more than those of countries such as Germany and Norway. While we are one of the European countries with fewer graduates in medicine and other areas that have to do with health. It therefore makes sense to continue with the number still closed in Medicine? Even in Italy because it takes at least ten or twelve years to train a new physician. The data published by the OECD and those of the database of the European Commission can I open some glimmer. With its 4.1 active doctors per thousand inhabitants, Italy is the square in the top positions for white coats in business. But it does not seem to be of stratospheric numbers if they work in the boot just 6 percent more doctors practicing in Sweden and 7 per cent more than the German and Swiss. Few or too many? If we review the identity cards of Italian doctors, our country does not seem destined for a bright future. Among the 29 countries surveyed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Italy is in second place for physicians over 55: there are 43 per cent. Only in Israel, there's more: 49 percent. 40 percent in Germany and a third – 33 percent – in France. Circumstance that could also be read positively, if it is true that a good doctor should also have a few years of experience behind them. But from Paris, explaining that "these doctors could be encouraged to retire in the next ten years, although a significant number of doctors continue to practice after 65 years." In this case, clinics, doctors' offices and hospitals Italians may soon be devoid of doctors and we would be forced to open their doors to foreign specialists. And countries such as Spain and the United Kingdom could be an advantage because now with the younger doctors. The under 35 are just our own on 9 percent, compared to 24 – always a hundred – in force in Spain and 34 in the UK. A fact, that on the average, which is crossed with the production of doctors and other professionals associated with the health of the Italian university system. If the probable flight to board the next ten years, in fact we add the "slow pace" of Italy for graduates in medicine and related prospects are even more worrisome. Italy, in fact, is one of the European countries with the lowest number of graduates in the medical sector: only 11 per 100 thousand inhabitants, explaining the European Commission. Denmark, Holland, Germany, Finland, the United Kingdom and Norway can sfornarne more than Italy. The only figure that abounds in our country is that of the doctor licensed to practice. In reviewing the data provided by Brussels, Italy it is able to count up to 626 per 100 thousand inhabitants. 12 percent more than Germany and 13 in most of Norway, but several are already enjoying a placid and probably golden retirement. Related information:

South Korea, the ferry sank a text message to a guy: “We're still alive,” But then it turns out that was a mistake

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SEOUL – The father of one of the boys lost in the sinking of the South Korean ferry said he had received a text message from his son, at 7. Room 30 hours, announcing: "We're still alive, we are in a submerged part of the ship, but we air. I am alive, other students like me are alive, please save us quickly. " The news was reported by the same parent who has immediately alerted the authorities. Soon after, however, it was learned that the parent had not received the sms directly, but he had heard from other parents that the inside of the sunken ship continued to get messages from the children. The authorities are looking into now, even with computer investigations, if indeed the ferry sank whether or not they arrive calls or text messages to family members of the boys and especially if you are ensuring these alleged messages or calls may be reached before or after the ship was submerged by the waters . Also read

+ + + Shipwreck of the 'Sewol “in the Live Ticker + + + – son wrote SMS:” Dad, I'm not coming out! “

17 06 clock: The sea was calm at the time of the accident. "All of a sudden I felt tipped it on its side with violence," said a middle-aged man in a hospital the transmitter Arirang. "People were trapped in their cabins because they could not open the doors."

16 40 clock: The survivor Kim Sung-Mook told CNN: "Not everyone made it to the deck. A loudspeaker announcement warned us to stay seated, because it could be dangerous otherwise. So everyone stayed where he was. Only when the water came, people began to run up. "

16 25 Clock: Meanwhile, more details about the moment of the accident are known. "Everything was great. Then there was a loud noise, freight parts overturned," Cha Eun Ok reported in the town of Jindo, which is closest to the crash site. Cha was on deck and photographed when the disaster took its course. "It has been said that the people should remain in place," she said. "But who remained, was trapped." Read more

Def, Boldrini clash-Brunette Renzi: shell? Owls expect

"They said I was a telesales. Then there were no covers. Then the shell, yes, but not those. # Amicigufi but not to wait until Friday? ". A tweet dry and that does not seem to admit that replicas of the premier Matteo Renzi, who arrived Wednesday evening. The wait for the approval of the Economic and Financial Document grows. Thursday morning at 9am. 30th you vote in the Senate, at 10. 30th in the House, and the House will begin at 14 explanations of vote. At least that 'we learn at the end of the conference of leaders of Deputies. Meanwhile, around the Def grows another yellow, that the alleged argument between the Speaker of the House, Laura Boldrini, and the leader of Forza Italy, Renato Brunetta: the subject of the dispute, the request made by Brunetta to acquire a copy of the letter written and sent by the government to the EU Commission to request the postponement of one year of a balanced budget. But, as reported by the exponent blue, "there was a lively exchange of views with the Boldrini that at one point she got up and left." The group leaders has been suspended. "At this point I think evil – adds Brunette – and I think that the letter is not there. But here it is not a small thing, we can not approve the Def without first reading it. It is a problem of importance in the country to know the reasons for the request for postponement to 2016: it is because the Italian economy is in crisis and should not be, and then it is a central point to be addressed in Parliament. " Where did the Boldrini? "Do not you know – answer – perhaps to look for the letter. . . But I'm staying here, waiting for the president and the letter. " Quips the leader of the Civic Choice, Andrea Romano, "Brunetta has seized the leaders while the House awaits its deliberations. The request for Brunetta is legitimate but the fourth meeting of the political intervention has been suspended. " to discover more

The wrath of the police unions after clashes in Rome, Maccari: “The leaders there are intervening too late?

"We are dealing with people since often, not infrequently managers, who make mistakes and get right. We would have to give many 'stupid' and as the Chief of Police has shown that you can do … With whom should we start? ". He does not hide his irritation Franco Maccari, Secretary General of the Coisp, Independent Trade Union of Police, "for the controversy that erupted after the clashes in Rome on Saturday, during the procession to the house, and in particular only, and only for the now famous Image of the girl lying in the street that was hit by a Police Officer, "reads a statement issued by the offices of Coisp and signed by the union. In conclusion, the reaction Maccari ("we have to identify an idiot") by Alessandro Pansa, the Chief of Police, in front of the notebooks leveled journalists did not go down in the least.

Maccari, to her that "idiot" is still burning, but in all events the police and striking beats you with too much vehemence, is not it? "I never said that the officer placed under indictment did well, I just said that the assessment of liability must be made by the competent bodies, not by the Chief of Police or by the newspapers; apart from it all, to give an objective opinion on the matter is necessary to understand the situation in which the events took place, but it seems to me that these do not affect anyone. "

Which speaks of context? It 'was an event like so many in Italy. "To begin with, once again, have been organized groups; First there were the Black Bloc now there are raincoats blue of the Blue Bloc, but it's always the same story is that people meticulously plan the assault to the police; I'm not saying that the object of the protest last Saturday is wrong (sometimes on the side of the protesters it would be even myself), I'm just saying that everyone must do their part. With that "idiot" Pansa has put himself in a position to get a lawsuit. Let me give an example: if a police officer would behave like looking out the window of his car after it stopped for excess velocitò told her, "you are a moron"? You would pay the fine but then it could, it would be legitimate to denounce the agent. "

Your task is not to arrest of manganellarli? Once in the cell will take care of the judiciary. "It would be the best thing, but there is a problem, especially in Rome: the offenses as those committed by demonstrators in the capital are not prosecuted. The judges put them in a "room of settling" them as secondary; the unimportant resisting a public officer? But in what country we live in? ".

His colleagues in the Sap, asked magistrates to take to the streets with the police to provide legal cover. What do you think of this idea? "They already have the judges in Turin: No Tav during the demonstrations were behind the barricades protected by the police, so they could order the arrest of the most violent in the act. Before giving someone an idiot based on a single frame would be better to analyze the environmental situation fourteen hours with the helmet on his head (it weighs two pounds and a half), insulted, spat, laughed. It 's normal? Under stress you're wrong, it does happen. The agent will pay, will not pay the other hand this situation or who has not known how to manage or those who have planned. " Also read

So a group of children react when they see a “walkman”

Filamented Devilfish, &Quot;The Red Sea Walkman&Quot; (Inimicus ...

Oh, a phone, not what is this thing, asks one of the participants. I have to press the "play", try another. I have no idea what is says Cooper six years.

The program team explains a bit how they work, what is, presents a cassette and headphones that come Accompanied solan. One of the girls blurts out when you get the helmets: Oh, my grandfather has one ace. Another boy of the biggest points out that you have used this model of headphones, but l was not born in the 90s.

They ask about how to go from song to song. Some do not know and other s, but it seems unwise. I can not imagine living in his time with this, I feel bad for those who lived in the 90's, I'm surprised how much the technology has changed, in the 80s I guess it was: Wow something that can play music and take it with me. . . if you have a very large pocket respond. to read more on this topic

Rasmussen: “NATO will protect any allies”

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NATO will not intervene in the conflict in Ukraine, as Secretary General Rasmussen. However, in the eastern Member States, the Alliance wants to strengthen its presence. Germany contributes the decision: It sends fighter jets, soldiers and a ship.

Russia has stationed tens of thousands of soldiers near the border with Ukraine, says NATO and now wants to strengthen its presence in the eastern part, "We will have more planes in the air, more ships in the water and a higher commitment to the country," General said Anders Fogh Rasmussen, following a meeting of the NATO Council, in which all 28 Member States are represented.

And Ukraine is known to be not a member of NATO. Well but the three Baltic States, Poland and Romania. They are particularly concerned about the developments in Ukraine and had asked to strengthen the NATO presence in their countries. Then the Transatlantic Alliance has now responded: "NATO will protect any allies and defend it against any threat to our fundamental security This is our firm commitment." Said Rasmussen.

NATO Secretary General did not specify how many planes or ships should also be used. As for the activities on the floor as he spoke vaguely of the deployment of more staff for training and maneuvers. Rasmussen stressed, however: "We will be putting enough in march in order to increase our defense capability." Continue reading

“Unacceptable”, “suicidal” … when the left is offended plan Valls

The radical left is in shock. After the announcement, Manuel Valls, the main lines of work of the government to try to reach the target of 3% of GDP deficit in 2015, part of the left immediately responded in the press and on social networks . Between astonishment and deep hostility, their criticisms are often more virulent than those made by the opposition.

"Manuel Valls, instead of the spokesman of the government pursued a 'story-telling' of government action with, ultimately, a single message. It will bleed And all floors' . 'Faster, Stronger', indeed, but by no means 'fairer'. "

"Such decisions will penalize heavily, particularly the most disadvantaged, and increasing inequality, insecurity and poverty. They also drag the French economy into deflation and worsen the financial situation of unemployment insurance. FO As the stated several times, austerity is triply suicidal: socially, economically and democratically. "

"Manuel Valls only replay his policy speech, with more austerity. (…) The announcement of the non-adjustment of pensions and supplementary pensions until 2015 goes against the protection of purchasing power and the need to maintain social cohesion. "

"The ads Manuel Valls confirm a course of unprecedented austerity leading to social violence increasingly unbearable, moreover without economic efficiency (…). Millions of French will suffer as a result of their collapse standard of living, because the government is determined to obey the European Union on the euro and economic policy rather than defend the public interest. " Also