Protests right after the replacement of the n ° 3 of the mounted police.

Three UMP deputies and the Secretary general of the IDUS themselves are moved Friday’s announcement Wednesday of the replacement of general Bertrand Soubelet, n ° 3 of the gendarmerie, who had expressed strong reservations about the criminal policy of the Government Eric Ciotti, Philippe Goujon and Georges Fenech, three UMP deputies, have written to Jean-Pierre Blazy, Chairman of the fact-finding of fight against insecurityto be moved from the announcement by the Council of Ministers of the replacement of general Soubelet, who pays no doubt freedom of tone with which he s? was expressed at the mission. The three members are part of the commission’s fight against the insecurity that had auditioned the general Sedenu 18 December 2013. S general? was then limited to do his duty by saying the truth about the consequences of the Government’s criminal policy, qu? he had l? occasion decrypt from the lifts from the ground, write. Today? today, we can only regret the decision of the Government to change d? assignment this officer to the undisputed reputation in seeing himself given command of the gendarmerie in overseas and for s? be expressed with sincerity the mission d? information to which we belong, they add. Three MEPs that this change d? assignment actually mask a sanction which does not say its name. Because we n? have l? intended use caution to a Committee that censors people who are interviewed when their findings are not consistent with government policy, we ask you to kindly note that want more to be part of the mission d? information over which you preside, end. Parallel to this mail Jean-Christophe Lagarde, Deputy Mayor of Drancy and the UDI General Secretary wrote to the president of the Assembly Claude Bartolone. In his letter, Jean – Mart Lagarde denounces true demotion, a Cabinet of the general. This injustice seems doubled d? a real danger to the rights of the Parlement(,.) Now, under the current Government, a public official appointed by its administration or prompt by the parliamentarians to come enlighten our work will know what? he risks d? be sanctioned in s career? just tell the truth to the national representation, written M. LaGarde. Member of Parliament thus asked Claude Bartolone, the form that (him) will appear the most appropriate, a vigorous reaction to the president of the Republic and the Prime Minister. . You must visit this web site to learn extra on this amazing topic.

Video: Multitasking talent: writing with all fours.

For the 26-year-old can write at the same time with both hands and both feet, and everywhere something else comes at the end. 1.5 years ago, the young Chinese girl gained a certain celebrity, when it was revealed that she synchronous can be in two languages, still with one hand each. Now Chen Siyuan has perfected her unique gift and additionally uses her feet. But it was exhausting, she reported. Interview CHEN SIYUAN: to write four lines of the poem or four different things at the same time the mind must muster far more energy than when a single poem. That tired a bit. According to a brain specialist and a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine right and left half of the brain are particularly strong, with her telling Chen Siyuan. Already in the school, the former translator had discovered her special talent by chance. Today, she works as a fortune teller and hopes that their multitasking in future could be scientifically useful. Interview CHEN SIYUAN: I think I was born with this talent, and I have to work hard to exploit it, so that it can help people in their everyday lives or meaningful things. Maybe it can carry new insights in education or scientific research. I find this very important. And this may be significant challenge continues. Chen Siyuan now also tries to write parallel Chinese and Latin font. But the curves, for example, in the good old self you are love in Latin writing a really hard nut to crack, she reveals. Venue: TIANJIN (CHINA) close. You should read the following to read more on this interesting topic.

To the death of Harun Farocki: lone fighter against the power of images.

From the late 1970s, Farocki established himself as one of the most important voices in the political documentary. Again and again he dealt thus, as the production of images has a wide range of sectors of society – most spectacular and entertaining in a day in the life of consumer 1993, where he mounted the daily routine of an Otto-normal load of 250 commercials. With creators of the shopping worlds he traced a decade later, with what subtle strategies planners in department stores and supermarkets visitors to the buy tempt. A film like an instructions for use for retail capitalism, in which the customer to the electronic sign coagulates, that is observed and directed up to the slightest hand movement. Again and again, Farocki shone from the planning offices of the society, especially in the areas of consumer and war. The most significant with views on the latter issue, his video essay detection and tracking from the year is 2003, which describes the electronic image production during different wars of recent history taking apart and the mechanization of the engagement by the progressive mechanisation. A work which should see everyone who wants to talk in the current discussion on the armament of drones. What happens if the pixels that represent a people, are just pure objective? Simulation and reality: Farocki showed the deepening gap between these two levels so mercilessly accurate in its documentation, so sensitive he tried in his fictional works to reconcile. Since 1998, he worked as dramatic Adviser and co-author for Christian Petzold, the influential German film director of the present. In the RAF-drama (2001) tell the homeland security Petzold and Farocki by ex-terrorists who are mistaken as ghosts through the foreign West Germany; suddenly waking the Phantoms of the profiles to life. Ghosts (2005) which involves young women, all people, looking for this cold showcase of the Berlin Republic in the art world to the Postdamer Platz, their identity. . Main data could be found checking the following

Pope Francis will speak at the next gay Encyclical.

The new encyclical of Pope Francesco on the issue of the integrity of creation, in the course of drafting, would treat the issue of so-called "ideology of gender" and the Pontiff would be ready to write clear and sharp words on a theory contrary to Church doctrine. To be leaked the news is the website "the rudder", a major Catholic Italian magazines, known to insiders for his traditionalist. In an article of a few lines, unsigned, posted in the past few hours, "the rudder" says that "a Bishop of a diocese, its request to the Pope about what to do in front of the spread of the ideology of gender" would be heard responding that the theme will be the subject of encyclical that are writing and who should be announced within a few months. The news is, today, a few timid and cautious confirmation in Vatican circles. An encyclical that discuss in depth the theory of gender could mark an important step in the pontificate of Francis, who, unlike Benedict XVI has never devoted a full reasoning for this topic. However, just a few weeks ago, Austrian Bishop Andreas Laun reported that the Pontiff would have told him to believe "demonic" gender theory, while the Pope himself has indirectly addressed the issue in public, during an audience granted to the members of the International Catholic Bureau for children last April, stating that "we must reiterate the right of children to grow up in a familywith a dad and a MOM who can create a suitable environment for its development and its emotional maturation. Continuing to develop in relation to masculinity and femininity of a father and a mother ". For sure, threatens to drop the gay friendly image of papa Francesco built by some circles of thought distorting the meaning of the phrase "who am I to judge?". The Pontiff, in fact, assumes, of course, not new because based on the words of Jesus to the adulteress, that we are all sinners and that we need of conversion of heart, we’re heterosexual, gay or lesbian. There was, however, who wanted to extrapolate from the context that sentence to pass the message that homosexual behavior is no longer considered a sin by the Catholic Church (among other things, as if a phrase from Pope smozzicata arm in a public opportunity to change the official doctrine). If confirmed the news on the text of the new encyclical of Francesco need to be sure that you will raise again the fuss of controversy. . You should visit this site to learn extra about this great matter.

New HBO project: the wire creator writes miniseries about racism.

Show me a hero based on the eponymous book by Lisa Belkin, whose Untertitel A tale of murder, suicide, race and redemption (murder, suicide, race and redemption) indicates to which incidents could occur in the series. Belkin flexes the action in the medium-sized American city of Yonkers, which is split by the consequences of a court decision into two camps. The young mayor of the city to cause the construction of social housing to be implemented in a district, where mainly better deserving white families live. The middle class struggles against the decision, because she knows (and fears), who could be the new neighbors: welfare blacks and Hispanic Americans. The dispute eventually forcing the Mayor to the knees and destroyed his political career. According to the industry service Hollywood Reporter Oscar Isaac will take over the part of the Mayor’s. He was most recently inside singing melancholic in the Coen brothers musician ballad to see Llewyn Davis. In J. J. Abrams’s new Star Wars movie he should play the part of Han Solo. . Catherine Keener (Enough Said, Being John Malkovich) will embody Mary Dorman, a hostess in Yonkster. Show me a hero returns David Simon, who along with journalist and author will write the screenplay for William F. Zorzi, go back where he is most familiar – is in rough American city life, that decomposes of intrigue and hatred. Simon has a good sense of what a society tick. From 1982 to 1995, he reported the The Baltimore Sun as a police reporter about acts of violence and murders. . You can read this resource to read more on this interesting matter.

Deceased FIFA Vice President Julio Grondona: the man everyone called Don Julio.

In the latter role, he has regretted the resignation of national coach Alejandro Sabella officially on Wednesday. A little later, Grondona was brought to a clinic in Buenos Aires, his State of health necessitated emergency surgery. During surgery, the 82 died from heart disease. Like so many officials about the alleged voluntary work in world football, Grondona came to enormous wealth. As a minion of the Argentine military ruler he had been promoted in 1979, success in the home tournament, the AfA leadership after the World Cup. He survived numerous scandals and probably not wrongly claimed to be more powerful than any Argentine President. Of a nested corporate Empire, the former owner of a hardware shop dominated large parts of the South American soccer market. In December 2011, in Buenos Aires, federal judge Claudio Bonadio called insight into suspected accounts of Grondonas from Argentina’s Central Bank and money houses in the Switzerland, Spain and the United States. The financial supervisory authority identified henceforth in the criminal case 228078 / 2011 around the FIFA grandees; dealing with money laundering and tax evasion. Grondona rejected as always all the allegations. Accused had several lawyers, she accused Grondona to hoarding millions of dollars and Swiss franc accounts in three distant countries. Grondona, a familiar sports official, his son and wife are authorized to sign for the straw companies. Extracts names such as bank Vontobel AG, Credit Suisse found on First Boston or the Bank of America; the addition of the columns of figures by the investigators found more than $100 million. . For additional facts about this topic visit article.

Why an amputated jumper will not go to the European Championships.

In improving his record in the handisport world of 29 cm, amputee athlete of 25 years of the right tibia in 2003 as a result of a wakeboarding accident is positioned 5 position of European assessments. In ambush to win the continental title in Zurich mid-August and eventually succeed his fellow Christian Reif (winner in 2010) and Sebastian Bayer (2012). A new case of Pistorius? Perhaps worst for the leadership, since the high-profile South African amputee of the crossbones has never been able to get on the podium of a major competition at valid them. But unlike the case of the sprinter who had taken more than a year in 2007-2008 (forbidden to compete by the IAAF that it governs then finally allowed by the Court of arbitration for Sport), that of Rehm has been adjusted in four days. Yesterday, during the official announcement of the selection of the team to Germany for the Championships, head coach of the federation Ibrahim Gonschinska said that "the mechanical conditions, between a spring and a musculo-articular system, are different. This isn’t the same long jump’ it refers to Rule 144. 3 c of the IAAF competitions: «(,.)» should be considered as assistance and therefore will not be allowed:(à l’exception deles de chaussures conformes) use of any technology or device with the effect of making the user an advantage there not using equipment specified in rules.  "Rehm, who presents himself as an orthopaedic mechanic and fine-tunes itself his camera, received the Reif support but not that of Bayer. One that paradoxically retained his national title reserves the possibility of a possible recourse to prove that its Blade brings no benefits, but it will anyway be too late for Zurich. But perhaps not for the global 2015 or 2016 games,. Contrary to what has sometimes been reported these days, no special study was commissioned to analyze the performance of the athlete to 1 m 85 to 79 kg. In the long jump competition was husked as every year by the expert Eberhard Nixdorf and Dr. Luis Mendoza of the Hessen Olympiastutzpunkt in Frankfurt. "We used a two dimension model which is the usual information we provide to athletes and coaches," said Nixdorf. The body of athletes is simplified into 15 segments for a kinematic study which consists of representations and descriptions of different types of movements in time and in space by the use of cinematographic processes. "We found a near 0%, of the center of mass energy reduction during take-off at Rehm. In comparison, it was 12% for Reif, second in the contest with 8 m 20.  "We have therefore concluded," says Nixdorf, the prosthesis is able to minimize this almost perfect energy reduction.  "However, this prosthesis does not seem to help its owner to run fast. Over 100 m, with a personal best of 11 s 46 100 m this winter, Rehm is certainly like Pistorius, disadvantaged in the start-up phase. However, once launched, the turbo does still not engage. His running speed is restricted, as in most of the athletes wearing prostheses, by his stride length: 2 m 15 and 2 m 20. The terminal velocity of the momentum run was 9.77 m/s, according to electric Nixdorf chronometers placed between 6 and 1 m Board at his jump to 8 m 24, measured from the tip of the foot 8 m 32. As the graph shows, (red dot) Rehm became, according to the data I could raise to 48 jumpers, the slowest of the specialists at more than 8 m. in the finals of the last European Championships in Helsinki, the smallest speed recorded by the biomechanist and Finnish coach Tapani Allemand among the 59 tests of competition was 9.80 m/s for a bond to 7 m Polish Tomasz Jaszczuk 65. The length of the jump is largely determined by the speed of the elan race, and the champion of Germany allows in theory to land about 7 m 50. The effectiveness of this carbon blade translates by the fact that despite a very low initial speed, Rehm left the Board after relatively short pulse (0 s 11) at speeds in the average of those of the best global jumpers (horizontal speed 8.84 m/s, vertical speed 3.65 m/sec, take-off 22.4 ° angle, according to Dr. Mendoza). The selection of Rehm has not surprised Tapani Allemand, according to the e-mail he had written in the aftermath of the Championships in Germany: "I think it will be taken to Zurich. Its brand new prostheses, which still seem best older models Cheetah (used by Pistorius), give it a huge advantage compared to its competitors.  "Thus, the disadvantage of the elan race would be largely compensated when the impulse of the jump, thanks to the unique biomechanical properties of the carbon blade. "We only analyzed no effect of the prosthesis on the possibility of achieving a high-speed race of momentum", tempers Nixdorf. "Collect more details on this influence is possible only with a model in 3 dimensions by calculating the flow of energy and the balance of power of the joints, and by measuring the reaction forces on the ground by a model in 3 dimensions.  "Contrary to what has been reported, we have not been involved in the study kinematics in Ulm during the Championships of Germany and so far, I have not had knowledge of the results. No dynamic or energy studies was made by us with Markus Rehm this week, and nothing is planned for the next few weeks. Since the reaction on the ground forces have not been measured, it is not possible to derive the return of energy of the graft in relation to absorption and generation of energy of a foot or ankle valid during the take-off phase. One cannot conclude that an advantage or a disadvantage of the blade from a kinematic study. The decision whether to allow a bearing prosthesis to compete athlete must therefore be a political decision and unscientific. . Additional text can be found checking

Despite winning thrust: energy business worried about Siemens.

While we have made good progress in most areas, the energy sector faces ongoing challenges in the next few quarters, said Kaeser in Munich. He warned of the economic consequences of the crisis in the Ukraine and in the Middle East. Mainly thanks to the absence of conversion costs, the group reported a profit surge in its fiscal third quarter. The current geopolitical tensions are a serious risk for the growth in Europe in the second half of the year, Kaeser warned. In Russia, Siemens last generated an annual turnover of around two billion euros. It was concerned about the recent developments there but there is more personal dismay as business concerns, said Kaeser. It stick to it, that you will strictly implement sanctions against Russia. In profitable energy business costs of EUR 128 million were due to the delayed network connectivity of North Sea wind farms, such as long waiting times in the yard. There were added problems of electricity transmission in a British wind farm, which hit with 27 million euros. The power transmission Division slipped to a loss of 188 million (previous year: minus 49 million) Euro much deeper in the red. A quick solution is not in sight, Kaeser said. . For extra about this subject read

Death of Paul Jean-Ortiz, the diplomatic adviser of François Holland.

One of the most emblematic Americans of the spaghetti western actors. Is particularly illustrated in the roles of Tuco in the good, the bad and the ugly Sergio Leone and the role of Calvera, the leader of the bandits in the magnificent seven by John Sturges. He died at the age of 98 after more than 60-year career on the big screen. Known in particular for his columns on Canal Plus and I-Tele, journalist Léon Mercadet is died Sunday, June 22, a dirty disease according to the expression of his former colleague, Bruce Toussaint. 64 year-old Yves Gloux (his real name) worked in current, Nova Magazine and more recently in the morning of Canal + between 2004 and 2013. Former Australian driver who died at the age of 88 years belonged to the F1 legend: three times the world champion, great Builder and great mechanic, he had not hesitated to push to hand his car to finish a Grand Prix in 1959 to win the title. It is the only one to have crowned at the wheel of a car designed by his care. He is also the first driver knighted for services to motor racing. 73-year-old MEP conservative and former Christian Democrat Premier of the Belgium succumbed to his injuries after a fall to bike in Morbihan, where he was staying. It is the European people’s Party (EPP) in which it was a member of Parliament who announced. Jean-Luc Dehaene was suffering from cancer of the pancreas, diagnostic at the beginning of the year and that it had significantly weakened. Born in Montpellier in 1940, licensed in law and Economics from the universities of Namur and Louvain, he led the Government of Belgium from 1992 to 1999. Michel Lang, author and Director of popular comedy of the late 1970s and the early 1980 that we small English, is died Thursday evening at Deauville (Calvados) at the age of 74, has announced his family Friday, April 25. To us the small English, released in 1976, was his greatest success with 5.7 million viewers. Tito Vilonava, former FC Barcelona coach, died Friday, April 25, announced the catalan club. 45 years old, he struggled for two years against cancer of the Parotid gland and was hospitalized for emergency Thursday evening. Deputy of Pep Guardiola since 2007 (first with the B team), Tito Vilanova succeeded him in the summer 2012 on the Barca bench. But he had to leave his post in July 2013 due to a deterioration in his State of health. As head coach, he has won a title of champion of Spain and was elected best coach in the Championship in 2013. The Colombian Nobel Prize in literature Gabriel García Márquez died Thursday, April 17 at his home in Mexico City. Aged 87, he was in a very fragile health at his home in Mexico City. Installed in Mexico since 1961, with periods of stay alternated in Cartagena (Colombia), Barcelona (Spain) and Havana, Garcia Marquez lived several years retired from public life and during his rare appearances had no statement to the press. The Colombian was considered to be one of the greatest writers in the history of the Spanish language literature. Iconic novelist of magical realism, he described the strangeness of real and historical situations using the wonderful. The work which earned him fame and is regarded as his masterpiece one hundred years of solitude, fantastic family fresco published in 1967 and whose international success was enormous (30 million copies in 35 languages). The writer and editor Régine Deforges died at the age of 78 at the Parisian hospital Cochin from the suites of a heart attack, announced his son Franck Spengler. Régine Deforges was a sulphurous Editor, often facing justice, before knowing the public success with the blue bicycle, adapted to television with Laetitia Casta. This saga of ten novels published by Fayard, begun in 1983 by 101, avenue Henri Martin and completed in 2007 by and when comes the end of the trip, has sold over ten million copies. Actress Shirley Temple, famous for being the first child of Hollywood star, has died at the age of 85, announced Tuesday the American media. His agent, quoted by ABC News and CNN television said she had died of causes natural Monday evening at his home in California, surrounded by his family. She starred in 40 films, most before the age of twelve, including blond curls (Curly Top) or little Princess (The Little princess). Cartoonist Aslan, real name Alain Gourdon, famous for her pin-up published by the magazine, died at the age of 83 of cardiac arrest Tuesday, February 11 in the evening to Canada where he lived for twenty years, announced his agent François Meyniel told AFP. Aslan was also sculptor: in 1968 and 1978, he made busts of Brigitte Bardot and Mireille Mathieu in Marianne for the Association of mayors of France. Ten years later, he signed two Dalida statues for the tomb of the singer and a place that bears his name in Montmartre. The legend of folk, mentor of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, died at the age of 94. He is best known in France for his song If I had year hammer, taken over by Claude François. . Main facts could be studied visiting this

VIDEO. Edinson Cavani: “I’d rather be in Paris.

At the end of the workout Thursday morning at the Workers Stadium in Beijing, Edinson Cavani held to put an end to all rumors about his desire to start. The Uruguayan striker, who joined his teammates in Asia Monday, reiterated on several occasions its willingness to stay at PSG. EDINSON CAVANI. I spent good holidays, I’m well rested. I feel good. Now, I am concentrating on the Champions Trophy. The recovery is going well. It’s always nice to find his teammates to come back with new things. I am glad to be back at PSG with this goal, to go as far as possible in all competitions. What are the objectives of the club? The club has made important recruitment (Editor’s note, David Luiz, and Serge Aurier). Suddenly, the objective would be to go a little further in League of Champions Yes, of course. We want always that new elements, elements of high level as is the case of Di Maria, come. This is a fantastic player. It would be welcome in Paris why won’t I be? I am in Paris, I’m quiet. I have a contract with PSG to meet. I train in this sense. I’d rather be in Paris. I feel well here. But, as I have already said, this depends not only on the will of the player but some things that can happen in the club. Most importantly, it is that I have a contract with PSG. I believe that the staff answered me compared to what I had mentioned last year (Editor’s notes, his desire to move to the forefront of the attack and not on one side). Last year, we just had small problems on the position I wanted to occupy the field. I already said last year that there were things that needed to change. But I feel very good compared it. I already said last year. I was waiting for the right time to say it (Editor’s notes, in April). At mid-season, it wasn’t the right time. But at the end of the season, this concern was already more so important that much. The fact remains that for a striker, it is better to play in a normal, adequate position for him. Now, everybody knows what my opinion on this subject. I won’t discuss it again. . Related facts can be found reading resource.