Student brings Bamberger abuse to light.

There has never been this study, female servant said Thursday. It was just an excuse. The chief physician of the clinic for Vascular Surgery splashed a powerful sedative that made her briefly unconscious the young woman so without education and against their will. During this time to have the man her passed away and made of these photos. The police called on women may be affected, to sign. The hospital wants to support the investigators as well, said CEO Frauenknecht. The hospital set up a hotline where people reach the Chief psychologist of the House. Two women had already signed on Thursday, the clinic spokeswoman said. If they are affected, must now be tested. With the hospital Bamberg a clinic is advised for the second time within a few weeks in Upper Franconia in the negative headlines. Alleged malpractice in newborns had brought in Bayreuth to case the local hospital chief. The Supervisory Council appointed an interim Chief. The hospital operated by city and County prosecutors in four cases because of possible medical malpractice under investigation. . You can click this to discover extra regarding this great topic.

The Ku Klux Klan launched a subscription for the policeman who killed Michael Brown.

"New empire knights of the Ku Klux Klan" wants keep, the weekend of August 23 and 24, to Sullivan, small town a hundred miles from Ferguson, a subscription in favour of Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Michael Brown. On his blog, the movement wanted to do than gifts of at least $ 10. "All the money will go to the COP who did his job against the criminal Negro", can be read as a comment. The Ku Klux Klan is today burst into multiple organizations, perhaps dozens, of various sizes, on all United States. While some groups are trying to remain faithful to the tradition and the ceremonial, others are close to bands skinheads or various structures boasting the superiority of whites. In total, between 5000 and 10. 000 people would be affiliated with one of these various klans. According to the Southern poverty law center, association of supervision of the extreme right in the United States, the New empire knights, which launched the subscription, is based in South Carolina State and is headed by Charles Murray, its founder. The latter decided to separate a large branch of the KKK by ‘weariness of these false klans composed of skinheads, rednecks unemployed or criminals [,.] We wanted a true Group of white Christians. "Surprising as it may seem, the approach of this branch is far from unanimity in the Ku Klux Klan. Large structures clearly condemn the empire knights New initiative. Frank Ancona, Imperial Wizard (i.e. the supreme leader in the language of the KKK) of the Traditionalists american knights, organization of magnitude which has several thousand members in 48 different States, considers that this type of collection is a violation of the traditional rules of the Klan. It is full of criticism of the New empire knights it considers deviant. However, if they are not financially involved, members of the american knights Traditionalists are still present at Ferguson, as recognized in Ancona, to assist friends or family. These deniers have prohibition to display their membership in the street or in the protests. Ancona does not exclude also help to Darren Wilson: "we want to first see what they accuse him, said the police report, see what happens, and after only we will decide if we are going to give it our support. » . Related data can be read visiting site.

Lost in the Amazon eats flies and bees to survive.

You lose and not in a park or in a Grove but in the Amazon rainforest. An endless forest filled with dangers and certainly of predators. Gileno Vieira da Rocha, age 65, has paid dear the decision to go without adequate preparation and a guide in a wooded area of the municipality of Apuì, in the Brazilian State of Amazonas. Because this Brazilian retired engineer has dramatically lost its way home and found himself alone and certainly not with the forces of a 20-year-old to having to find water and food for twelve days, as many as we have put to find relief and bring him home. The details of his forced stay in the "dark forest" are pretty loathsome: he has confessed to being able to survive less than two weeks eating bees and flies. Elder said the rescuers had suffered hunger, because he couldn’t find fruit, let alone had the power to procure food hunting animals in the dense forest. And so he made a virtue of necessity and saw itself forced to swallow insects to feed on. . You must click this to discover extra about this great topic.

VIDEOS. Shots at all – will and racial prejudices, the defects which lead the American police.

In comparison, April 2012 March 2013, according to the Home Office, the British police have released their weapons three times (0 victim), and in 2011, the German police has shot 85 times, including 49 warning shots, according to Der Spiegel (6 victims). And sometimes just a single confrontation so that the U.S. Am derive more than these countries in a year. In April 2012, wrote The Telegraph, 90 lashes were t s shooting by the Los Angeles Police Department during a Chase. Why a such diff reference? One of the reasons is that weapons are common in the United States, in the hands of citizens, criminals and the police. Which is not the case in Europe, o m me ill gales are rare, according to The Economist blogger. The last one died by bullets of a British policeman goes back 2012, while 30 policemen am U.S. t tu s on the single year 2013. Furthermore, only 5% of English and Welsh officers wore a weapon in 2012, pr cise FiveThirtyEight. According to law professor Jens David Ohlin, interrogated by The Wire, the use of a fire weapon by the fact police part measures l tales. Clearly, it serves kill. (pull in the leg) is not part of entered them event and is not more required by law indicates the expert. When you your authorized r lay Mani re causing death, you have the right to kill the person. The vid o of the death of Kajieme Powell shows however that measures non – l tales which would have enabled to neutralize without killing him do not have t implemented. Results showed that participants identified faster the weapon after seeing a black person, and pr tended m see me who were not l. This kind of pr jug s can have important consequences in making decision of the officers in contact with s minority, says the author of the study. Some ann es more t t, in 1999, Amadou Diallo was shot 19 times New York s pr from his home by four officers in plainclothes, as he was leaving his wallet from his pocket. In one of the many songs Recalling the drama, rapper Immortal Technique sang that guns are not portfolios. Black am us, arm or not s arm, are they more often tu s by the police than whites? According to diff annuities studies and data are gathered by Mother Jones, r response seems rather positive t. In 2007, the Colorlines site and the Chicago Reporter has shown that the Afro-Am Americans were on-repr feels s among the people you are by the police in 10 more cities am American. New York, San Diego and Las Vegas, the percentage of victims is two times more lev as the proportion of Afro-Am Americans in these cities. � . Original source could be studied checking this

Bloodletting Tasi on shops and warehouses: +1.6 billion.

Waiting by next September 10 about 5. 900 Municipalities which have not yet done so act the Tasi, the tax levy on shops and warehouses could suffer this year, a sharp increase: on the first of about 140 euros (+17.1% compared to 2013) on nearly 400 euro seconds (+11.4% in 2013). In absolute terms, the additional tax burden on commercial real estate and production scheduled for 2014 could reach 1.6 billion. This is what provides the Cgia, explaining in a statement that this will check if the municipalities decide to increase rates of Imu-Tasi until the maximum statutory threshold of 11.4 per thousand. The tax increases are even more worrying dimensions, highlights the Cgia, if the comparison is made with respect to 2011, the year in which you paid for the last time the Ici, the increased tax burden could be exponential: even for the sheds may tap the 89%, for even the 133%. These estimates from the cadastral income averages tracked by the Agenzia del Territorio. The rates used in this theoretical exercise are those averages from 100 Municipalities approved provincial capital in recent years. For 2014, on the other hand, it is suggested that the municipalities apply the same rate of Imu 2013 and increase at most that of Tasi: widespread operation in most Municipalities provincial capital which have already approved for 2014. In recent years-says Giuseppe Bortolussi, Secretary of Cgia-tax increases at the local level it was excessive to say the least. As for the buildings, with the Imu and, from what we know up to now, even with the Tasi, the mayors have tried, as far as possible, by not penalising the main housing at the expense of the second/third homes and buildings to use as an instrumental. It’s good that now local governments take heed: a further increase in the tax burden on the productive and commercial real estate could put them out of business many companies that are more and more with the water in the throat due to the lack of liquidity. Compared to 2013, are two factors that are likely to increase the tax burden on capital real estate: the reduction in the share of Imu deductible for the purposes of direct taxation down from 30 percent of 2013 to 20 percent expected for this year; the introduction of Tasi (the new tribute indivisible services), in place of the mark-up Tares. . You must check the following to discover extra regarding this great subject.

Rome, tries to kidnap baby from the arms of her grandmother: blocked by passers-by.

Drama in Rome where a man allegedly tried to kidnap a child of two years from her grandmother. The fact happened around 10 Appio-Tuscolano neighbourhood, on the outskirts of the capital. This dynamic at the moment of the facts: she was on the street with her grandmother, near Villa Lazzaroni when the man approached and tried to rip them to the old style, spintonandola and taking behind the little girl. The woman, of Moldovan nationality, reacted raised the alarm, the baby began to cry, passers-by are insospettiti, approached and captured the man, calling the 113. There were police agents of the Commissariat Appius who have blocked the would-be kidnapper, ammanettandolo and accusing him of attempted kidnapping. The man risked the lynching. Then spread the false news that it was a kidnapping of Roma further driving up the tension. Now it’s up to investigators shed light on the real motives of the gesture and the sanity of the arrested who kept repeating, referring to the Act of abducting the girl: "I wanted to save her, only with me children are safe. I would not hurt ". The man turned out to be a clean, without any previous specific, therefore has 49 years, is originally from Northern Italy, was in a State of confusion and then pronounced meaningless phrases to agents of the Commissariat Appius. Her grandmother is due to use of health care of first aid for injuries to the head, which has been reported with 10-day prognosis. . Root data may be read clicking the following

Bundesliga newcomer: Paderborn to be wild.

Just 15 000 people fit into the arena on the outskirts of the city. The story that residents have, prevented that still football must be played after 10: 00, is now nationally known. Document is sure that this club from the province and province remains, and in the Bundesliga has already quite nothing to search. Everyone keeps us for, but for the safe relegated, no one expected what. This is our chance, says Ducksch. When someone of a champion-League participant moves to a newbie, one should believe you come into another world – even if there are only 100 kilometers between two cities. Ducksch looks very different: from the playground here, I can see even not so big differences, he says. And the types of coach Jürgen Klopp, Dortmund, and André wide equestrian, Paderborn, differed too much less than one could assume: are similar types, trainers who can have a concept and also impart it. Paderborn in the German Bundesliga – what appears many still elusive after months, lure out Ducksch shrug off: we have a broad chest, we have to hide from any opponent, and that applies to Bayern Munich as well as for the opening opponent on Sunday: Mainz 05 (15 30, ticker mirror ONLINE). In itself a perfect opponent for coming in. Mainz is attached, is eliminated in the Europa League qualifying and in the DFB-Pokal, who new coach Kasper Hjulmand is already under pressure. Each of us knows what is at stake on Sunday, says Ducksch. For the first three points of the Paderborn Bundesliga history. . For extended insights about this topic visit

The hamburger war Russia: widen inspections at McDonald ‘s.

Milan-it’s Burger war between Moscow and Washington, at loggerheads on Ukrainian issues. After that the Russian authorities have ordered the temporary closure of some McDonald’s in Central Moscow, including fast food historian in Pushkin square, were initiated further inspections today even American chain restaurants in Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk region. In the capital are closed for technical reasons three McDonald ‘s, and not four as reported yesterday. The basis of the decision by the Russian Agency for consumer safety, Rospotrebnadzor, there are numerous violations of health regulations. Other sources have reported to Reutersche would be ready to snap inspections, always by the same agency, in the southern region of Krasnodar, from next week. The suspicion, though, is that it is a political initiative, another Kremlin retaliation against U.s. sanctions imposed because of the crisis in Ukraine. As reported in Itar-Tass, the head of the regional direction of Rospotrebnadzor, Natalia Lukyantseva, inspections in Ekaterinburg started today, but were not disclosed the number of fast food outlets interested in controls. According to the official, the decision came in response to complaints of customers on product quality. In the next few days will be announced the results of the inspections, announced the Lukyantseva. According to Kommersant today, quoting federal officials, checks on McDonald’s were ordered directly by the Government, for this fast food restaurants had to close immediately without waiting for just as routinely, to correct the violations recorded after a warning by the competent authorities. McDonald’s has 435 restaurants throughout Russia, including eight in the Sverdlovsk region, and all concentrated in the city of Ekaterinburg. Despite the situation, the Us giant has made it known that they do not want to abandon the opening of other fast food restaurants in Omsk and Novosibirsk. The Director for the development of the chain in Russia, Lenar Kutlin, told Itar-Tass that Mcdonald’s plans to reach Siberia in 2015. . Original facts can be read visiting the following

The price of fruit and vegetables fell significantly this summer.

And the strongest downward, which revolves around 20%, focuses on one-third of the panel with Apple, melon, fishing, Zucchini, salad and a PEAR. For vegetables, the decline is however limited and prices remain close to the maximums recorded, with an average price of 2.15 euros (2.21 euros in 2013) per kilo. Rural families finds a greater supply of the fruit and vegetables of origin France, particularly in the large distribution. So in July, over three-fourths of the prices collected in super and hypermarkets were french greengrocers. Markets, this is the case for 8 products out of 10. But on 16 sample products, 9 are cheaper when they come from abroad, even if the difference is minimal: less than or equal to 7 cents in 2/3 of the cases. French products are most efficient in the price level, which encourages consumers to choose them, notes Marmier, who however says it is surprised by the price crunch between the France and abroad, given the differences in costs of production, for example with Spanish fisheries. It falls into the opacity of French supermarket prices, he says. . Similar info can be read clicking home page.

Declares 900 euros per month, but in the garage has a Ferrari: denounced.

That Ferrari has sold eventually, perhaps because, as he explained to the Guardia di Finanza, "it cost too much and this is why I keep in the garage". But perhaps the sale of luxury cars that helped control the Fiamme Gialle which now deny the trader to fish products of process 198mila Forlí euro of direct taxes and VAT 12,000 between 2011 and 2013.  The man claimed 900 euros per month. But he owned a Ferrari 360 Modena and a Mercedes ML 320. But the "red" with rarely used ramparts from Horse "for the high cost of management". In fact the entrepreneur was for some time now in the crosshairs of finance for more: more than once, in fact, had ‘ forgotten ‘ to do the ticket, after selling the goods, fell in its sanction. Verification activity, explain the Yellow Flames in a note, "has been in warehouse reconstruction goods and applying a surcharge taken from purchase prices and sale of products in addition to a series of cross-checks on suppliers and customers of merchant. The military questioned the tradesman in the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 a tax evasion amounting to 198mila euro of direct taxes and VAT 12 thousand. 2 also unrecognized. 000 euros of costs that the contractor had improperly resulted in Declaration. When you sign in the garage where the cars were kept, financiers the dealer stated that Ferrari used very rarely because of the high cost of ownership. A few days before closing the checks the entrepreneur decided to sell the precious fuoriserie ". . Similar info can be read checking