VIDEO. Holland and the tout-Paris inaugurated the ‘Crystal Palace’ Louis Vuitton.

The ‘extraordinary’ Museum futuristic of the Foundation Louis Vuitton, which marks the entry into fanfare in the Parisian cultural landscape of the boss of LVMH, Bernard Arnault, was inaugurated with great pomp Monday by the president of the Republic, in the presence of several personalities. The head of State toured the audacious building twelve sails of glass placed in the Bois de Boulogne, alongside the American architect Frank Gehry and Bernard Arnaud, its author. Then at the end of the ceremony, all three posed a hand on digital tablets to trigger three flashes who briefly made flicker this ‘Crystal Palace’, the ‘miracle of the intelligence, creativity and technology’, this "Cathedral of light", in the words of president Holland.  "It’s a cloud of culture that fits into the Paris sky", is it marvelled at before the tout-Paris fashion, culture, politics or the luxury. Among the guests: prince Albert of Monaco, the ‘iron lady’ of fashion Anna Wintour, editor-in-Chief of the U.S. edition of Vogue, Karl Lagerfeld, Alain Delon, Claire Chazal or even Xavier Niel. François Hollande paid tribute to «patron» Bernard Arnault, which enables to offer ‘contemporary art in the eyes of all’. "The culture is a great democratic ambition (,.). but it is also a powerful factor of attractiveness for our country,"he argued. After the Vuitton Foundation, the head of State will be Saturday at the Picasso Museum in the Marais, which will reopen after five years of renovation. It could also attend the Fiac (international contemporary art fair) next weekend, was reported in the entourage of the president. Bernard Arnault, the richest man in France, has disclosed neither the operating budget of the Foundation, nor the cost of the building, funded by the various companies of the Group LVMH (Moet Hennessy – Louis Vuitton), world leader of luxury. His great rival, François Pinault, opened since 2005 in Venice a foundation personal (non-business) on two sites, the Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana. In September 2012, full debate on the taxation and tax exile of the more fortunate, Mr. Arnault had aroused an outcry asking Belgian nationality. He had waived seven months later. The Vuitton Foundation has 3,500 m2 of galleries where she must reveal steps the collection that is since 2006 the president of LVMH, advised by Suzanne Pagé, former Director of the Museum of modern art of the city of Paris. Three open house beginning Friday will allow the first visitors to admire the works of Thomas Shütte or Olafur Eliasson and enjoy the terraces from where you can discover, as did François Holland, the Bois de Boulogne, the skyscrapers of the defence and the Eiffel Tower. The building is surrounded by twelve sails of glass, each shape and curvature different. Composed of more than 3. 800 panels screen prints, they are stripped from the heart of the building – "iceberg", the formula of the architect – and supported by a sophisticated play of steel and wooden beams. . For extra facts regarding this subject visit

Insects in the glass: Brewer’s yeast specifically attracts fruit flies.

So far, no one knew quite what these flavors are good. The Belgian scientists were able to show now that the Drososphila fruit flies are attracted by these fragrances specifically. The fruit flies feed then the brewer’s yeast and spread the yeast cells that are stuck during a meal on the fly legs in turn. "Two completely separated existing species – yeast and flies – have developed obviously a complex symbiosis on the basis of the smell", so shipping str epics. "The flies Live yeasts and yeasts will benefit by moving the fly from place to place." This realization is a coincidence. Ver str epics had noticed that is in a piston left standing over the weekend with Brewer’s yeast countless fruit flies were collected. Not only fruit flies floated in one right next to it the piston with Brewer’s yeast. The only difference was that the yeasts in a piston in the location were to form the typical smell of beer. The necessary gene was turned off when the yeasts in the other piston. Scientists now suspect that there are even more, based on odour Symbioses in nature and that this is a general principle in the coexistence of insects and micro-organisms. Who is drinking a cool and sweet-smelling beer next time, should be remembered so that fruit flies can do otherwise than to land in the middle of the glass. . Related text can be read reading homepage.

Inter, Tohir moves on debt. 5-year plan for the financial balance.

Inter have closed in June 2013-2014 budget with a profit of 33.2 million, thanks to extraordinary income for 139 million euros related to a shift of debt between intragroup society made possible by 230 million funding obtained from Unicredit and Goldman Sachs. The extraordinary operation under the debt refinancing was made with the provision of tv rights, sponsorship contracts and International society the trademark "Inter Media and Communication" data then basically pledged to the lenders (the mark awarded by InterBrand "vale" 80 million). In detail in June 30, 2014 revenues were recorded from tv rights to 76 million, revenue from the stadium for 20 million, 7 million for capital gains (against the 34 million in 2013) and revenues for sponsorships and advertising to 36.2 million (versus 28 of the previous season). The total costs was $ 268 million. In particular, the staff cost decreased from 123 to 116 million, while depreciation rose from 59 to 73 million. The CEO of the club, Michael Bolingbroke announced a plan in 5 years to achieve financial balance in respect of the Financial constraints imposed by Uefa Fair Play for European clubs. About Bolingbroke recalled that the next 7 November there will be a meeting in Lyon to explain the club’s projects, while Uefa will have time until February 2015 to make their own assessments and establish sanctions for any slippages in the past. «As we favour club Ffp and are developing a five-year plan in line with the directions of Uefa. There are rules that allow no more managing a club like in the past. What was it was, now we think about the future, but if we respect the sanctions ", said Inter’s Ceo Michael Bolingbroke. "Revenue should come also from the stadium, there is a prospect of 3-5 years to act quickly, other clubs have already announced the stadium and we can’t become the 10th club to do so. On stage I can’t tell you much, there were meetings, we have internal discussions and hence in January we will clarify our position, "are the words of the President of Inter, Erick Thohir, on the occasion of the general meeting underway in Milan. The theme is back even the Managing Director Marco Fassone: "it’s something that involves us, Milan and the city of Milan to which decision is of greater length but is a speech in the course of time. Within two months we will take a decision whether to remain at the San Siro, whether alone or with Milan, or take the road to build a new stadium in one of the areas already identified ". . For more data regarding this matter check resource.

Haley Bonar: Rarely sounded more beautiful a dichotomy.

The songwriter from Minnesota is on tour for many years. She made even comparatively many plates in these many years. Plates, of which many have certainly never heard. And yet what now compiles them on their first album on a reasonably powerful label – Memphis industries – in his restraint is a so penetrating scream from the depths of pop, one almost shudders in this regard. Load was called the collection of times might time depressed, rarely anyway, inspired love songs, their melodramatic thrust already in the title of the opening song kill the fun becomes clear. It sounds a little like the Pierce, this psychedelic fairy folk duo from the southern States, whose hypnotic double song looks like once the sirens on Homer. It also reminds Bon Iver, whose singer Haley Bonar has already jointly played a little. In his quietness was sometimes as cries for help from a cellar hole through the barely a sound penetrates to the outside. But then you can dive deeper in this epic work. Can be pulled down in the title track and then swing to the surface. Swimming in heaven’s made with quick moves calmly for two by a raging waters. Drifting in from A cage on the back under the starry sky and leaves floating in a shallow sea of Beatles harmonies. Resumes in woke up in my future journey, until one flushes the final called eat for free at sunrise on a picturesque Beach, exhausted, not happy, but up in the deepest mind grounded. Always, Haley Bonar thereby accomplishes the small miracle, as if to whisper and ROAR. Her voice may not more fully awake, sound sometimes packed in cotton like, down-regulated as early in the morning of a Midsummer night party, almost in half asleep. But driven by her musicians, she from the cosmos of various bands of Alpha consumer to tapes ‘n tapes has borrowed, unfolded in the midst of the silence an orchestral force that occasionally almost drifts are in the crash, without ever wound up to be even more excited. . Main source could be found checking the following blog.

Double scandal in Japan, resign two Cabinet Minister Abe.

Tokyo, Oct 20. (AdnKronos/Dpa)-in just a few hours you are discharged the two Minister nominated by premier Shinzo Abe as part of its programme to strengthen the presence of women at the top of power in Japan. Yuko Obuchi, Minister of Commerce and industry, daughter of former Prime Minister Keizo Ocuchi in turn is considered a possible future candidate for premier, resigned following allegations of misuse of funds and donations from political associations that support it. A few hours later resigned even Midori Matsushima, Minister of Justice, accused by the opposition of violating the electoral law. Abe apologized for the behavior of the Minister he had appointed just last September 3 as part of a reshuffle of his Government with the entry of five women, saying it will appoint new Ministers within 24 hours. At a press conference in which he announced his resignation, Obuchi is declared not guilty of the charges that are leveled, he misused 24.6 million yen (about 246mila dollars) of the funds, but said leaving because we cannot allow the economic and energy policy stagnation because of my problems. Obuchi, who has 40 years, pointed to consider seriously the impact that I have caused and apologised for not being able to contribute to achieving the objectives set by Abe, including economic recovery and progression towards a society in which women shine. And he acknowledged that many suspects remain with regard to the use of the funds. It was then the same Abe to announce the resignation of Matsushima, who 58 years. Last Friday the Democratic Party had filed a complaint against her on grounds of distributing of paper fans with its image and its political programme during a festival in his electoral district. Arguing that this is a violation of the electoral law and a misuse of political funds, the opposition had called for his resignation. But Abe’s problems with new Minister appointed last month might not stop there: they are in fact causing controversy the photos showing Eriko Yamatani, Minister for Affairs of the abductees in North Korea, at a rally by a group of ultranationalist indicted stir hatred against the Korean community in Japan. . For extra facts regarding this topic read resource.

Inflexible tariffs, lack of transparency – so you are not lost in the roaming jungle.

We note how little mobil we are actually in a world whose remotest Winkel open to us as travellers, at the latest as the owner of a mobile phone. While the tariffs have developed further in recent years, stand with their flexibility but at the latest on the EU’s borders. Sandra Paul (24, name changed) lives in Munich and wants to visit her mother in the United States soon. Not having to abstain on the net, she asked for in a shop of their providers: for German customers there would be no options but to make cheap calls in the United States. In the shop of a third-party, it is recommended the change in favor of expensive business tariff on demand. Which can be used worldwide for 200 euros monthly, annually there is even a new smartphone. It’s not about the young travellers but. She want to be mobile just for two weeks in a foreign country, without, that the costs explode. At the end they recommend you in a third, independent mobile store to buy a prepaid SIM card of a local party spot. The alternative is Sandra but too cumbersome. At the end, she decides to avoid mobile network and relies on the many free W-LAN hotspots, which are standard now in American cities, for example in Cafés. Urgently, the young Munich email must read finally only a few times a week. Phone can’t then just. Harder has it now, who wants to travel and remain mobile for a long time outside the EU, despite global positioning the mobile provider. On World explore the above prepaid solution has proven itself actually. Disadvantage: With time, the traveler collects many different SIM cards, which can be quite cumbersome. Advantage: He was speaking at the local rate of the country. A plus in comfort foreign suppliers of dual-SIM smartphone at the prepaid card solution can offer. With the even less common devices, the user can switch back and forth between his own card and SIM card of the country and remains available at his own phone number at the same time. All other calls and looks on the Internet then run over the foreign prepaid card. . Similar facts can be found clicking article.

Why the Germany has as much need to spend than to save France.

ECONOMY – Too want to oppose, we sometimes forget about the french and German Governments are able to move the lines. Paris and Berlin would prepare an agreement which would allow France to obtain the green light from the European Commission concerning the french budget for 2015, blew Sunday on Der Spiegel. But farther still, Berlin could commit to invest 50 billion euros if the France engraved in stone his 50 billion euros in public spending reduction. Now remains to measure the power of persuasion of the French. Ministers of economy and finance, Emmanuel Macron and Michel Sapin, meet Monday in Berlin counterparts, Sigmar Gabriel and Wolfgang Schäuble, with this encrypted claim. Paris asked that the German partner uses its budgetary room for manoeuvre to invest in supporting its economy, which all Europeans (key partners of the Germany) would benefit by ricochet. Nothing said yet if the Germany will agree to lift a finger. For Germany, that displays from 2012 to balance public accounts, 50 billion euros of additional expenditures would be compatible with a serious budgetary policy, Judge Emmanuel Macron. Indeed, the German model appears to currently stalled and Berlin needs to reinvigorate demand. Leading economic forecasting institutes have revised downward their estimates of growth in 2014 and 2015. And not just a little: the German GDP should grow by 1.3% this year and 1.2 per cent next year compared with 1.9% and 2% previously. Earlier, these are exports, engine of growth across the Rhine, which were mine gray. They fell by 5.8% in August, their worst performance since January 2009. And what about industrial production, another pillar of the national economy? It is down 4% in August. There again, the Germany had not experienced it for five years. Height of the affront to the made in Germany, automotive production who knows more violent decline with a decrease of 25.4%. German funds could be incorporated into the plan of EUR 300 billion wanted by the future president of the Commission Jean-Claude Juncker. They must be partly financed from public funds, supplemented by private funds. The discussion between Paris and Berlin on the proportion. Investments in the energy and digital networks are most often cited by European leaders. It is clear that Germany, whose rail network is badly and not sufficiently invested in energy transition policy, would need to spend more in these sectors, which can create opportunities for foreign firms, including French, said on France 24 Laurence Neyman, specialist of the Germany in the center of prospective studies and international information (CEPII). If it is still far from EUR 50 billion, Berlin has shown white leg by introducing the minimum wage from 2015. It is already a kind of 180 ° for a country that has built its recent fortune on the success of its exports, leaving completely or almost its domestic consumption. And who says higher wages, also means increase in purchasing power and therefore French imports. Indeed, the France is the third most exporting country of goods to the Germany. . Related text can be inspected checking page.

A vignette for heavy foreigners: FIR retoque the idea of Royal.

Ségolène Royal, always looking for solutions to offset the tax deceased, had decidedly badly to pass his ideas to Bercy. After its proposal, revised and corrected, to tax Highway corporations, the Minister of ecology suggested Sunday night taxing foreign lorries travelling on french territory by a vignette system. "Implement a vignette system Yes, but of course entry for all trucks regardless of their origin", replied Michel Sapin Monday morning on France Info. "In Europe, we do tax not a foreign truck because it is foreign" explained Finance Minister, thus sweeping the proposal of Segolene Royal. The eve on Betty, the Minister of Ecology had referred to "the problem of foreign trucks. A heavy weight, for example, "made full in Belgium, traverse the France to arrive in Spain without having paid the tax on diesel fuel, it is not fair. If this will be a sticker or a ban on national roads with obligation to borrow the motorways ‘, she had advanced. Among the other tracks preferred by the Government to offset the end of the eco-tax: increase the price of diesel fuel 4 cents per litre. The goal is to fill a shortfall of EUR 400 million, an amount that is required for the transport infrastructure.   . For extra facts about this matter click

A spectator in the veiled face requested to leave the Opera Bastille.

Seated just behind the conductor, the spectator, neck and hair covered, had a light veil him covering also the mouth and nose. "It alerted me during the second act", said Jean-Philippe Thiellay, recalling that Act, 2011 forbidden to hide the face in public space. "I do not like the idea that asked a spectator to come out but it is the law. In addition, we are a public service,"he explains to Metronews. The law passed late 2010 stipulates that "no person shall, in the public space, wear to conceal his face", under penalty of 150 euros fine or a citizenship course. The incident is reassembled until the Ministry of Culture, who decided to write a note to remind the setpoint to follow in the theatres, museums and other public establishments under his tutelage. "We considered it useful to inform the State of the law all public establishments under the Ministry", was explained, "to enforce the law, harmonize the reactions and prevent difficulties". On the side of the Opera, instruction was given to be more vigilant at the entrance. . Original source may be read checking the following

Fury, a film about the psychological trauma of the soldiers, according to Brad Pitt.

Film Fury, immersed in the horror of the fighting of the second world war, is a recognition of the psychological trauma endured by soldiers in armed conflict, said Sunday in London actor Brad Pitt, star of the feature film. Presented at the closing of the (LFF) London film Festival, European Premiere, Fury very raw way tells the epic in Germany of a crew of American tank led by Brad Pitt, during the last days of the war. Filmed in the United Kingdom and punctuated with violent and spectacular scenes filmed at point-blank range by Director David Ayer, Fury evokes the psychological impact of armed conflict on the soldiers and how their behaviors, their character can be altered by these invisible wounds. This isn’t the kind of film in which we take part to this or that camp, explained Brad Pitt at a press conference in the British capital. For me, it is a film about the psychological trauma which each soldier suffers to some extent, he added. It is a film that describes the exhaustion of the soldiers, caused by cold, hunger, the accumulation of days. We took this very c? ur, he assured, adding that the feature was a way of expressing recognition to soldiers. Brad Pitt, as well as several other actors of the film, had given their support to the Invictus Games, a sports competition for wounded soldiers, which took place in September in London. I learned a lot by turning this film, also said Brad Pitt, evoking a true learning of command. For this reason, I am now a better father, said the actor’s 50 years, father of six children. Brad Pitt also said that it had eventually cling to the Sherman tank in which he and his crew spend a good portion of the film. A tank, it is not ergonomic. But it has been forced to get used to it, to find comfort, he said. It has become our tank. On the set, Brad always remained in the tank, told David Ayer, smiling. It was necessary that I climb over to talk to him. It was like his Eagle’s nest from which he was monitoring, he said. . For additional data on this matter read resource.