Ferguson protests: more than 400 protesters arrested.

In the United States, the protests go on Michael Brown after the controversial jury verdict in the case of the murdered black youths. In many States, more than 400 people were arrested. On Wednesday, protesters stormed the Town Hall of the city of St. Louis. A part of the around 200 activists entered the building and chanted shame, shame it. Two people were arrested in the operation, the police said. According to police on Wednesday in Boston, it came to 45 arrests. There were ten cases in New York and in Dallas nine – because each major transport links were blocked. Partly also pepper spray was used by the officials. In St. Louis, and in the suburb of Ferguson, where Brown had been shot in August, at least 58 people were arrested during the night of Wednesday. Brown’s mother Lesley McSpadden told NBC television on Wednesday, she do since the announcement of the jury decision a sleepless, hard, heart-wrenching and incredible time. That Wilson described her son in his statement as demonic, disrespectful and insulting adds to the wound, she said. In an interview with CNN, which should be broadcast in the evening (local time), said McSpadden, to hear of the decision of the jury, have felt like even shot. As you would now shoot me, just no respect, no compassion, no. That could have been your child. It could have been anyone’s child. In London, more than 500 people in front of the US Embassy demonstrated on Wednesday night. Is the racist cops in prison and life counting blacks stood on their posters. Many of the demonstrators in the British capital carried candles, with a moment of silence she commemorated the victims of police violence worldwide. . You can read this http://b6b4f9ad60fb6b492dad9fdd469e031b.joshprice.biz to discover extra regarding this interesting matter.

GDP: Confindustria, starting 2015 can be good.

In Italy the contraction of GDP in the third quarter was in line with the Centro studi Confindustria estimates ( -0.1% from -0.2% in the second). In the fourth quarter the indicators available so far suggest a change nothing; It would be a good basis for the restart in early 2015. The Confindustria in economic flash points. Overall, for Italy, the few available data point to an unchanged Gdp in the fourth quarter, estimated that must find confirmation in numbers nextly; compared to expectations of further decline, this would be a better basis for the reboot already from the start of next year, said the Csc in the latest monthly analysis. In Italy, it is indicated, the export is returned to increase employment shows the first signs of recovery, it has stopped the bleeding of business credit (although the terms of the offer remain narrow) and the reduction in interest rates, which have much benefited from public securities and banking, starts to be transmitted to small businesses. By change and reforms to revive-fruit damage structural reforms over the medium term, but immediately respond to request for change of country and return so the confidence to revive consumption and investments. The Cbi says, in the latest flash situation, Csc’s monthly analysis of ,. Inspirational source may be read checking this http://b6b4f9ad60fb6b492dad9fdd469e031b.joshprice.biz.

How the creator of “Tetris” rewrites the history of the game to his advantage.

Unlike what Pajitnov portraits and the official page of the game suggest, it has not created only Tetris, even if it is actually thinking head. He is assisted in his task by two people who are strangely never named: his colleague Dmitri Pavlovski, with whom he shares, the mid-1980s, the ambition to commercialize his invention at international, and the computer scientist Vadim Guerassimov, then minor, to whom we owe its design origin and porting to IBM PC. His name appears on the title screen of the game in one of its early versions, in 1987. This desire seems to date back to the period where the company has been mounted. "He happened to see me at home and asked me to sign a paper emergency" that game companies give us full of money "’, recalls his former collaborator M.  Gerasimov on his personal site. "It does to not let me copy. As far as I can remember, the document said that I accepted to claim that the conversion on PC deTetris, that I accepted to give the right to manage all business decisions, Pajitnov and I refused any reward linked Atetris. I fully agree with the content, but I trusted to Alexei and I signed up anyway.  ""Tetris is officially out in June 1984, [published] by the Academy of sciences after its initially spread to academics and insiders to the computer in the form of copies on diskette,"wrote Vice in his portrait. The simple idea of an official release is inherently anachronistic. It is to map the current functioning of the industry on a project which, as such, has been gradual and informal dissemination and academic. Gold time sources say another thing. For example, the date of 1985 is mentioned on one of the first broadcast alternative versions, that of a certain Vladimir Baliassov, in 1986. The Agency Elektronorgtechnica evokes, for its part, 1986. On its site, Vadim Gerasimov tells, for its part, that development was spread out over two years, between 1984 and 1986, and that Tetris would have been finalised after the completion, in 1985, Antix, another game created within the Academy of sciences Soviet. In short, the story of this game was of 1984 and The Tetris Company Orwellian methods. Another British company, Mirrorsoft, distributes it to the United States in 1988 through the U.S. company Spectrum Holobyte, and the following years will be marked by judicial tangle complexes between several competing Western video game companies. This was before The Tetris Company. Since then, single-line on its historic page, she made disappear all the annoying bricks. . For more data on this matter read hyperlink.

Holland calls Egypt to pursue its democratic transition.

François Hollande on Wednesday called on Egypt to continue its process of democratic transition, advocating a clear relationship with Cairo, during a joint declaration in the Elysee, alongside his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah al-Sissi. We want the process to continue, (a) process of democratic transition that respects the roadmap and fully enable the success of the Egypt, said the head of the french State to the press. France, he said, intends to be a partner of Cairo at the time, because the Egypt needs France but also in a clear relationship with the Egypt. It went through a period extremely difficult, heavy, with considerable human consequences, said François Holland, calling to develop as many investments as possible. The Egyptian president, who began Wednesday a two day visit to France, has insisted on the importance of tourism for his country. You have nothing to fear, assured the address of french citizens, responding to the concerns expressed by french professionals of the sector, emphasis: you do not see how the Egyptian people like guests. Our people love people, we wish to welcome the world to our history and our civilization, he said. In the wake of lunch that brought together at the Elysee and forward to speak to the press, the two heads of State attended the signing of three cooperation agreements including a declaration of intent for a franco-egyptien partnership on the Cairo metro. . Main data could be studied checking the following info.

RB Leipzig spin off professionals: escape to the front.

Of course there are displeasure in Leipzig sometimes, for example when it comes to the courts. There is no seating enough in the arena, be bare sports standing on the other hand – some football fan is referenced so when using the plastic shells of the block. Otherwise sound but hardly brought by supporters of RB Leipzig in the football world. The second League promoted by the relegation place at the Bundesliga is just one point away. The project runs a walkover. A little sprucing RB Leipzig wants to put itself to the targeted Federal League debut but still: in a quickly convened and extraordinary general meeting an important decision to be made on December 2. It is planned to outsource the professional team and the youth team to the U16 in a limited liability company from the Club RB Leipzig. It is a formal step, whose background the Association does not communicate. But it is a move that raises questions. But above all, RB Leipzig has promised repairs with the rise in professional football. The German football gave Liga (DFL) only after some back and forth the license for the 2nd they signaled League, clearly that RB has to expect no special status in terms of regulations. The Club had to change its logo and pledged changes in the articles of association – including the high hurdles for membership should be reduced. Currently a voting member only twelve persons may call themselves, are all employees of the Association. Membership fee: supposedly 800 euro. . For more facts regarding this matter click hyperlink.

Debt, things go a bit too well. It’s a bubble?.

Two days ago in a clean sweep, La7, contractor-Roman politician Alfio Marchini said that Italy must restructure its debt because it is no longer sustainable and prevent recovery. A company tries to convince creditors to a deferral of repayments or a discount when it is no longer able to pay them. For a sovereign State, which has continuous need to finance itself on the market, is the default. You could argue for days if the recipe has a traumatic effect. But more interesting is the premise: the Italian debt is unsustainable? It seems not: the yield on Treasury bonds to 10 years passed in one year from 4.09 percent at 2.17, costa today half that at the end of November 2013. In the latest report on financial stability of the Bank of Italy says that the Treasury reported the average duration of the residual debt to 6.4 years: good news in hard times will shorten because short-term finance costs less and is easier if investors don’t trust to get back their money after 10 years. At the end of June, the latest data available, the share of debt in the hands of non-Italian residents, those more inclined to sell in case of panic, was 29.4 percent, up from 2.4 at the end of 2013. And, since the Treasury make less of all those now in circulation Italian banks have the 20.1 percent. A lot, but less of 21.7 a year ago. An important turnaround. In summer she saw some escape from Italian asset, misuratanel Target2 system (compensation of eurozone central banks), but Bank of Italy says it "probably" was just the effect of certain operations in Treasury debt management. Debt side everything is fine, in fact. Too much. The growth is not seen, the GDP in 2015 will grow a maximum of 0.5-0, 6For cent, the debt will rise again to 133.8 percent, the deficit will be at least 2.7 (but many expect that balance, that of 2014 will be above 3 percent, dragging upward the 2015 and triggering European sanctions). The maneuver is full of holes, with safeguard clauses, linear cuts from uncertain impact and measures against tax evasion which, although described as a series by the technicians, can be assessed only ex post really. If markets were rational, they should watch more suspect to Italy, especially now that the European Central Bank seems stuck between the promises of Mario Draghi and German Jens Weidmann vetoes. Instead investors continue to treat each other with kindness. When in finance there are unexplained things, often these bubbles, that is absurd behaviors based on wrong assumptions. All bubbles burst. And usually do a lot of damage.    . You should visit this homepage to learn more about this interesting subject.

Secret letter surfaced – the police officer who shot Ferguson Michael Brown: I had tears in my eyes.

In an emotional letter, thanks Darren Wilson, for all his support and defended his colleagues. However, the letter should never be published. An anonymous supporter a news channel played it despite the request. Wilson wanted to make the media actually not accessible this letter. However a supporter who wanted to remain anonymous, yet passed the letter to the sender of the message. The anonymous supporter told Moses that she’ve been during the last months in constant contact with the police. She read the letter Monday in the middle of the night. In this Wilson thanked all those who have kept for the last time to him. Especially impressed him, that he is supported by people that he has never seen in his life. Still, he had tears in his eyes as he had seen the video of last Saturday again. Preferably he would meet each one and embrace, but he could not do this for safety reasons. He wrote specifically that this letter should be by no means made available to the media and posted on social networking sites. It should be kept much more secret until the investigations were completed. Wilson adds, that everybody should know that he would return the same support. He closes with a request to include his colleagues by the police in the prayers. You would bring in a great sacrifice all to keep the protests at Ferguson as peaceful as possible. . For extended information about this matter visit http://b6b4f9ad60fb6b492dad9fdd469e031b.joshprice.biz.

When Julie Gayet presents itself as the fiancée of the President.

It is a picturesque scene reported Wednesday the magazine current values. Just before the weekend of Halloween, actress Julie Gayet returned from Japan via the airport Charles De Gaulle, North of Paris. We are a few days before the famous head-to-head with François Holland, whose pictures were published last week in here. François Hollande has never admitted his relationship with Julie Gayet Apercevant, the paparazzi from the shooter, Julie Gayet would have abandoned the idea, according to current values, enter a car of the Elysée who had come to expect. Is engulfing in a taxi, she would have taken the road to Paris before stopping at the height of gendarmes on motorbikes who were there. And, according to the magazine, she would have asked them to escort his taxi to avoid the paparazzi the continue. Officials refused, who weren’t there for that, it would then have submitted a status that neither she nor François Holland, has so far publicly admitted: I am the fiancée of the President. The first step towards a coming out in good and due form? For additional data about this matter read http://b6b4f9ad60fb6b492dad9fdd469e031b.joshprice.biz.

China, peak coal by 2020: Beijing agrees to reduce emissions.

Coal still accounts for about 70 percent of China’s energy mix. The only capital should reduce their use of 99 per cent coal China needs to reach its peak in the use of coal by 2020, if it wants to fulfill the commitment to put an end to the emission growth to 2030. It says the Institute of energy research (Ire), a think tank that is headed to the National Commission for development and reform, the body leading the transformation of the Chinese economy and society. To reach the goal, you must be under the roof of 4.1 billion tons at the time of peak 2020, that is about 13 percent more than 3.6 billion burned last year. For the first time, Beijing has undertaken binding way to break down their emissions in a historic climate agreement entered into with the United States on the sidelines of the Apec Summit last week. He also promised to increase to 20 percent the share of non-fossil fuels in its energy mix by the same 2030. Consider that coal still accounts for about 70 percent of China’s energy mix.  According to the calculations of the IRE, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong, i.e. the most polluted areas in the country, must cut their consumption of at least 220 million tons by 2030. The only capital should reduce their use of coal of 99 per cent (to less than 200 thousand tons). The other three zones should make cuts of 27 percent. For their part, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, namely most developed areas on the East Coast, should reduce consumption of 85 million tonnes by 2030. To achieve these ambitious objectives, the heart of the development of China must begin to cut their consumption immediately. Is what researchers at the Ire are trying to explain to local officials, that reason instead with other priorities in mind. Professor Ran Ran, people’s University in Beijing, says that the paintings of the province are encouraged to boycott the environmental policy because it is not thanks to those who make a career, but, in order: increasing the GDP; implementing good security policies (i.e. preventing "accidents" and destabilizing acts); realizing social measures (housing, education, etc). The environment is placed at the bottom. We understand then why continue to keep open a plant that employs both from their point of view more important than close it for environmental reasons. From here, the many Chinese Taranto. And so, in addition to the stick (the anti-corruption campaign), you have to devise some carrot: for a long time, we are experimenting with methods for the evaluation of officials based on a different hierarchy of priorities. It must be said that if the Chinese Government committed itself formally with the United States, means that it can succeed. In China, usually, it ratifies what is already happening. John Russell, managing director of North Head, says for example that the coal consumption in Beijing has already decreased by 7 percent in 2014 and that the capital and Hebei intend to prohibit the sale and burning in six districts by 2020. Short also prohibited the use of high percentage of fuel sulfur on a national scale. You are closing everywhere or fining the coal-fired power plants while it promotes the use of solar (the new goal is to bring the share of 13Gw, PV by 10 established previously). In terms of transportation, the municipality of Beijing is imposing new standards on motor fuels. These are just some measures of a complex package, which attacks the problem from different angles: industry, transport, supply chain. But the key structural remains: transforming China from an industrial economy to a services. The Apec Summit, in this sense, it was a great dress rehearsal, with a week of blue skies and zero-level pollution thanks to closed factories within a radius of 200 kilometers, limited traffic and incentive to "go on holiday". Beijing was wonderful and people keep talking about the sky "blue Apec". Sighing. . You can read the following resource to discover more about this interesting topic.

Health: Obesity-originally from 500,000 cancers per year worldwide.

How to calculate his BMI mass index body (IMC) is chosen by the WTO (World Health Organization) to locate your body and determine possible risks for your health. BMI is equal to the weight (in kg) divided by the square of height (in meters). If the result is less than 16.5, you are considered in a State of malnutrition or starvation. Between 16.5 and 18.5, skinny. Between 18.5 and 25, of normal build. Between 25 and 30, overweight. Between 30 and 35, slightly obese. Between 35 and 40, severely obese. Finally, for a BMI greater than 40, one speaks of mass or morbid obesity. Near a French out of two is in surpoidsEducationles French consider themselves healthy overall but 46% are overweight or obese, according to a survey last March OpinionWay, directed on behalf of the Mutuelle Générale de l’Education nationale (MGEN), the French themselves generally in good health but 46% are overweight or obese, despite a "good diet" and practised sports or physical activities regularly. It shows that 76 percent of the French consider themselves healthy, while 30% are overweight and 16 percent obese. The percentage of obese people is higher in the inactive (20%) and among the 50-64 age group (21%), youth being however more spared (only 9% obese). One speaks of overweight for a body mass index (BMI calculated by a ratio between weight and size, see box) located between 25 and 30 and obesity above 30. One third of respondents complain of insomnia and a quarter occur frequently stressed, women who consider themselves more often affected (a third reported frequently stressed). If you are overweight, your risk of developing cancer increases. This is a study published Thursday in the medical journal The Lancet Oncology saying. Nearly half a million new cases of cancer per year in the world in adults can be attributed to overweight and obesity. The study conducted by the international agency for research on cancer (IARC/Iarc), the Agency for the cancer of the World Health (who) Organization, estimated that overweight and obesity have become a major risk, officials of 3.6% (about 481 000 cases) of all new cases of cancers of adults in 2012. This analysis is based on a comprehensive database Globocan with the incidence and mortality from cancer of 184 countries. Rich countries are the most affected with almost two-thirds (64%) of these cancers associated with obesity in North America (111 000 new cases is nearly a quarter of the total of new world) and Europe. Sub-Saharan Africa is the region that contributes least to this balance sheet (7 300 cancers). Within Europe, the Eastern Europe is particularly affected, with 65 000 cancers. The study shows that this relationship between cancer and obesity affects more women than men, largely due to cancers of the endometrium (lining of the uterus) and breast cancer after menopause. Among men, excess weight is responsible for 1.9% (136,000) of new cancers in 2012 and 5.4% (345 000) in women. Excess weight is defined based on a body mass index higher (BMI: weight divided by height squared): being overweight is a BMI of 25 or more and obesity a BMI equal or greater than 30. Cancers of the endometrium (uterine lining), colon, and breast after menopause represents nearly three quarters (73%) of all new cases of annual cancer linked to obesity in women. While males, kidney and colon cancers account for two-thirds (66%). A quarter of these cancers attributable to overweight and obesity in the world – more than one hundred thousand cases – could have been avoided if the populations concerned had simply kept their average weight of 30 years ago, according to the authors. According to the who, the number of cases of obesity has doubled since 1980. Overweight concerns 1.4 billion people 20 years and more, among which more than 200 million men and nearly 300 million women are obese. . Root source can be read clicking the following http://b6b4f9ad60fb6b492dad9fdd469e031b.joshprice.biz.