Tokyo film Festival honored the cartoon.

The international Festival of film of Tokyo (TIFF) opened Thursday in the Japanese capital with the super hero cults Ultraman and will until October 31, honour to the animation, one of the areas of choice for the Japanese. The 27th edition of the TIFF will especially highlight the works of Director Hideaki Anno, often regarded as the natural successor of the master of the anime that is Hayao Miyazaki, author of Princess Mononoke or the journey of Chihiro (first animated film to win an Oscar, in 2001). TIFF will show 53 Anno films, including his science fiction masterpiece Evangelion. The festival, which hopes to increase its international recognition, also welcomed project in first World Big Hero 6 on the adventures of a Japanese boy, Hiro Hamada and his robot, including the American Walt Disney animated feature are hoping to make a success of Christmas. Tokyo was a huge inspiration for this film, said John Lasseter, Creative Director of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Added: we hope that the Japan will love this movie because we have put our heart and our soul. Among the guests this year, Director Tim Burton and the Director of the guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn, who is part of a group of six jurors for the Grand Prize of Tokyo, which will reward of 50. $ best film among 15 feature films selected among more than 1. 300 from 92 countries. Are also included in the programme of short films in 3D made by Shigeru Miyamoto, one of the leaders of the Japanese game company Nintendo, as being the creator of Mario and Donkey Kong known. Is also planned on the sidelines of the festival the projection of films Chinese and South Korean, as well as Spain and Latin America. . Similar facts can be inspected reading blog.

Steinmeier speaks because any IS poison gas usage with ban.

The SPD politician Ban Ki-moon suggested according to Government circles in a telephone conversation with United Nations Secretary-General that the United Nations Security Council dealt with the topic. Ban said to take up the issue, it was said on the night of Friday in Berlin. The New York Times had reported mid-October that remainders of old chemical weapons in the hands of the terrorist militia in the Iraq could have fallen. The newspaper was referring to the’s chemical weapons complex of Muthanna Northwest of Baghdad. There, including sarin rockets and mustard gas shells had been left behind. IS fighters had captured the complex early June. The Iraqi Government asserted in early July but all there once stored chemical weapons had been destroyed in the past. The terrorist militia dominates large areas in Syria and in the Iraq. It controls where several oil wells and refineries. Black market stores are main source of revenue IS oil. According to the US Government air strikes Meanwhile halved the militia from the oil sale proceeds. Instead of two million dollars as before the beginning of the attacks on August 8 the extremists to achieve this mere one million dollars (around 790 000 euros) daily, as the Secretary of State in the US Treasury, David Cohen, said. Experts think IS the richest terrorist organization in the world. The group have tapped into a deeply-rooted black market, connect the distributor in the region, Cohen said. Smugglers bring the oil to sell in areas that are outside of the lands ruled by the jihadists. Even if this revenue is now diminished, deserves the IS still in other ways. Ransoms from kidnappings had introduced the extremists already around 20 million dollars (15.8 million euros) this year, Cohen added. Theft, extortion, and partly also donations from supporters outside of Iraq and Syria, it would add. Kurdish fighters putting up resistance against the onslaught of IS since more than a month in Kobans. They are supported by air attacks of the IS Alliance, include several Arab States. Military aircraft flew a total of 15 air strikes in the Iraq and Syria, of which four in Kobans according to the U.S. command (central command/CENTCOM) on Wednesday and Thursday until the afternoon. For the distressed people in the Iraq, the United Nations ask for $2.2 billion in donations from its Member States. The appeal about the equivalent of 1.75 billion euros went to the 193 member countries on Thursday, but not binding. According to the UN, 5.2 million people in need are in the Iraq. . For more data on this topic click

World Cup opening in Sölden – German stars, Favorites, World Championships in Vail: 6 facts to the start of the ski season.

This weekend (Saturday and Sunday, ladies, gentlemen, each from 9 30 am live-ticker FOCUS online), the ski-stars in Sölden start in the World Cup season. The German driver of the exception in recent years will be not more with the game: Maria Höfl Riesch has finished her career at the beginning of the year. Who can replace them? And who grabs the crystal balls in the World Cup? FOCUS online answers the most important questions for the upcoming ski season. After the resignation of Höfl Riesch, who will be in the future as a TV expert for the ARD in use, the role of the star in the German team is especially Felix Neureuther, who recently revealed to even up to the Winter Olympics 2018 in South Korea at the start to want to go. For the ladies, Viktoria Rebensburg announced as Höfl Rieschs heir to the throne. Neureuther leads the team of strong German technicians, which could again provide many podiums this season. Besides Neureuther Fritz Dopfer and the first 22 year old Stefan Luitz are among the favourites in slalom and giant slalom. On Viktoria Rebensburg, the hopes in the women’s rest this season. Not wrong: With Olympic gold in Vancouver 2010 and bronze in Sochi 2014, the giant slalom specialist is already highly decorated. Also in the downhill and the Super-G she has demonstrated her class already. Compared to Höfl Riesch, the glamour factor is currently but still something missing Rebensburg. "In the speed disciplines of downhill and Super-G, it looks bad behind Rebensburg: in the downhill team is unfortunately very thin", Höfl Riesch criticized in the "sports figure". Véronique Harding will return anyway after a cruciate ligament rupture. The women all waiting banned the return of Lindsey Vonn, who want to early December in Lake Louise her comeback. Defending champion Anna Fenninger (Austria), Slovenian Tina Maze and Lara are good (Switzerland) also in the favourites for the overall World Cup. The two young riders Tina Weirather (Liechtenstein) and Mikaela Shiffrin (United States) could surprise – as well as Viktoria Rebensburg, who wants to win above all the Riesenslam World Cup. The clear highlight is the World Championships in Vail in Olympic season. From 2 to 15 February 2015 the athletes compete for gold, silver and bronze. The German Ski Federation is one in the men’s as target prefers one three medals–in the women’s, and one in the team area. A rank in the top eight or two finishes in the top 15 for the German Alpine is necessary to qualify for the World Cup at all. Opponent Lindsey Vonn has to fight with mental health problems. She said the FOCUS that she suffers after her serious knee injuries in the past few years training depression, which affected them in preparation. "Sometimes a very hard workout raises this depression. If I am physically very drained and exhausted, the emptiness and sadness in me can spread. "She takes antidepressants:"I will have to take always these funds. " Every day. The meds intercept a lot", said Vonn the FOCUS. The German Ski Federation equal to two new trainer won with Mathias Berthold (men) and Markus Anwander (ladies). A complete new start so? We are not quite as bright as it looked like at first sight after last season. I’m going in with a basic optimism in the new season, said Alpine Director Wolfgang Maier. Berthold, the preferred candidate of the Austrian Ski Federation returns to the DSV. The 49-year-old supposed to fit the men’s team in the speed disciplines. There are virtually no top-5 results in recent years, the last victory in the downhill behind ten years in December. Baker goal: in four years at the Olympic Games in South Korea shall take the men’s team in every discipline to medals. In the women’s Alpine head Maier has studied a two-year plan. No later than the 2016/17 season Höfl Rieschs resignation should be fully compensated. In this, as well as in the next season we will give the necessary time young women to develop in the top of the world, says Maier. The FOCUS online-live-ticker will this winter be your friend and accompany them through the ski season. Also, the events at ARD, ZDF and Eurosport are transferred. Also offer the TV channels in their libraries of live streams of the races. . You can read this homepage to discover extra on this amazing topic.

Ferrara, 14 porters dismissed the Mirror: Cobas protests and social centres.

A contractual dispute turns into an electoral battleground. And, lit the fuse, the protest policy of fourteen porters falls into the street, with clashes between Cobas and social centres on the one hand and law enforcement on the other. Happens to the Mirror of Saint Augustine, company active in the field of sandings, based in Ferrara.  The workers are demanding respect for the agreement, expired on 30 September, which would lead to their resumption after the change of contract operated by mirrors. The 14 porters were out of work at the beginning of September when the company after a series of calls to the Bologna cooperative for alleged shortcomings, has the contract termination of Bell boy to be placed in another cooperative, the Msz in Milan. From here he suffered life, 5 September, a garrison before the gates of the Jockey that led to an agreement: the Msz was hired three people at the Mirror, while others have been reused in other companies. But the agreement, say workers and Cobas, was rejected and then resumed the protest, with daily pickets in front of the gates, which have prevented the leaders and workers of the company entry into the venue. The intervention of the police forces, not without strong tensions, has convinced the demonstrators ("professional protesters, commuters of the protest" according to business leaders) to vacate the facility.  Then the employment problem turns into political contention. First with the Mayor of nearby Bondeno, the League Alan Smiths, candidate for President of the region for the Center, which stigmatizes the protest: "you don’t get through violence the right to work and, above all, you don’t get by preventing other workers to perform their tasks. I believe that in these cases the police have to intervene, even by force ". Then with the National Secretary of the Carroccio Matteo Salvini and via Facebook translates everything into "dozens of North Africans" who, "along with social centers, have paralyzed for weeks, the Mirror Company. The workers of this company, about thirty families, layoffs are likely to blame for this mess. You cannot miss out on other jobs. If some people don’t fit our rules, return home. " Anxiety of collective expulsion Matteo Salvini was followed by a parliamentary question of Northern League Deputy Guido Guidesi, who argues that "the porters were denounced for extortion and private violence, because it claimed permanent contracts despite the change of service provider, promising new blocks if this hadn’t happened". The Deputy then asks the Government to intervene to "prevent further damage to the Mirror and protect the real workers of the company".  On the "verge" Giulia Gibertoni intervenes, candidate for President of the Emilia Romagna region for the movement 5 stars, you ask "how many of these heartbreaking news we must see before they finally have the citizenship income in Italy, which would avoid these social conflicts?". According to grillin from here on out we will have "Daily Mirror" other "if we make it to the Pd and its vision of the work through the Jobs Act promotes freedom to sack, the abandonment of any form of protection for new hires, the easy, professional downgrading exasperated flexibility, no money for subsidies, the weakening of employment centres for temporary private agencies and abandoning themselves to professionals and craftspeople with VAT". . Main facts could be read visiting the following

Posthumous letter from José Luis Abós.

Through these lines l, I want to send you a big hug, since due to the above I could not do it one to one with anyone I hab is lively with your messages of support. For that reason I thank you for all the samples of cari or and minimum that I hab is commanded by any means and that I have served to encourage me, not sat is qu way. It is very comforting to feel so loved and supported by so many people, which means that we have something done well in this life. I Peel long time coach and reach ACB, and at the end it got, but not without much prior effort, of course. Knowing that in this way I have been accumulated so many friends and so many people that I know has been very comforting at this time dif easy. I feel I’m going too soon, I still have many things to do, but also n I’m going with the joy which has given me life, which have been many. Professionally I have been able to devote myself to what has been my sue or. THE BASKETBALL. I’ve been able to train in the team of my heart n. The CAI. And I have lived the best moments of my life in the Pr ncipe Felipe. Dear all and heat that gave me your Aficio n I felt me accompany ara all where to go. When I thought that the life of the dem s according to while I note that depart and that little by little I forget an, I filled with happiness and thrill n d to the presentation n the ovaci n, banners, t-shirts of minimum. Me emotion like I have done in life. I’m going with the heart n full of that feeling. Full of gratitude to all those who were the d in the Pr ncipe Felipe and which could not be but also I sent ais as. Thanks to my CAI so much happiness and thanks to Felipe, where be my heart n to support my team. . For extra about this matter check homepage.

U.S. Internet companies in Germany: loss of control, Yes please.

Now, more than a year later, remains little of this mood. Further in vain, looking hopeful European aspirants to the throne in the IT industry. The old players are on top. To do so one needs to look these days only to Frankfurt. There, where converge the data streams from all over the world, at the intersection of DE-CIX. Where the access to the World Wide Web is best, the Internet Group Amazon opened two new data centers on Thursday. Aim is not around, to speed up the company’s Web site. Amazon is, you have to know that longer than only a digital attractions. The Group also offers an extensive collection of digital infrastructure under the name Amazon Web services. The group from Seattle is not the only US company, invested in the digital infrastructure in Europe. Finally a hot contested billion dollar market awaits: competitor Oracle had until recently announced to open two data centers in Germany. Google builds a server location in the Netherlands Eemshaven for $600 million on 440 000 square meters. Amazon had supplied from Ireland with computing power so far its European customers. It is no longer sufficient to meet the demand. Who offers a Web site or other services, can rent in these centres. Cloud computing means that in the jargon because data like in a cloud are outsourced. Cloud providers like Amazon or the competition from Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle and Google wouldn’t come over and set up the servers for their customers, but the data is stored in their data centers, even if the customer sits somewhere hundreds of kilometres away. . Root facts could be found checking the following

Proscesso escort, Vanessa By better: “with Berlusconi kisses and caresses”.

With Silvio Berlusconi there were "kisses and caresses, foreplay without sexual acts". Talking is Vanessa better, witness in the trial of Gianpaolo Tarantini and six other defendants for the celebrations organized in the former premier’s private resident.  "The effusions with the Knight was standing next to the sofa; in the bedroom there were me and two other girls. Then I’m out, and I don’t know what happened ". The Best answers to questions of the parties to the process on women brought from entrepreneur to Palazzo Grazioli. The bar in addition to Kaye and Claudio Tarantini brothers, at the bar there are the German strip club (aka Began), the so-called "Queen Bee" of Berlusconi’s partying, the actresses Letizia Filippi and Francesca wool, and friends and business associates of Tarantini, Pierluigi Pharaoh and Massimiliano Valentine. They are accused of criminal association aimed at inducing, aiding and abetting and pimping. When questioned by pm Eugenia Pontassuglia, Better said on the night of September 5, 2008 at Palazzo Grazioli. There were in all some 20 invited ", among whom she recognized George Clooney and Eva Cavalli. At the end of dinner the former Knight "stood up and came back with baskets of gifts for men, ties and scarves and other items for women," recalls the 42-year old. It was about the "invitees, floor plan, left and even Gianpaolo. I found myself stuck there. " Says they were in four, she, two other girls and Berlusconi (which does not name ever). "We chatted, laughed, sang, nothing special," said the Court. "The host joked, was a very nice person," he explains. Then the ‘ after dinner ‘: the effusions with the rider was "standing next to the sofa; in the bedroom there were me and two other girls. Then I’m out, and I don’t know what happened ". Then pursued by a civil party who asked for details, she said wryly, "we were standing on the couch". He however ruled out of having had sexual relations with then Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. "Nobody ever asked me to sell my body, they asked me if I would not have done. I didn’t need to be paid ". . Additional information can be found visiting

Napolitano: alt to paralysis, now change with real rules.

"We cannot remain prisoners of paralysis and impediments. The changes are essential». He said the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano in a long speech made getting al Quirinale new Knights of labor. The head of State reiterated the need for "structural reforms" but has also launched an appeal to Europe, in the day when the letter arrived in Brussels to request additional information about 2015 maneuver. "It is up to the EU now and take the road of very growth-oriented policies," said Napolitano. Why does everyone accuse the shots of "stagnation, if not deflation". Impatience for old assets: serve real changes, not separè «Because our country exits the crisis and return to grow ballast-free, we must all put the whole». With a positive message, claimed the President of the Republic, why is spreading a sense of impatience for the dragging of old structural assets and power and with strong determination not to linger on the street in pursuit of the reforms. " Napolitano claimed strongly its role as guarantor, also against "fake" changes: "I will continue to play my role as guarantor of national unity, of guardian of rules that are really such and not separè thesis to defend the status quo. I will continue to operate in this way within the limits of my strength ". Too many policy «brake» attitudes structural reforms, in short, "I’m not put off». The President has pitted the "resounding signs of negativity in the life of the country: corruption in the public and private crime, by poor functionality of too many Central and local administrations, the regression in the sprawl and violent behaviors of individuals and groups, to asocial subversive degenerations real». Hence the exhortation "to society and to the country’s ruling classes» to a «common awareness of responsibility to take to realize processes of change». Condemning resistance to change that come from politics: "politically, and with serious implications for the life of the institutions, too many confrontations rulings, the inability for dialogue and understanding, attitudes or braking real rejection than concrete reform decisions, were an expression of conservatism, corporatism and unjust pretensions of preservation of pension position, by the unjust positions acquired ‘. See, I have given as due and severo» The President has not given up on making an example of stall for the election of two constitutional judges by Parliament in joint session that failed to indicate the names for twenty votes. A climate, he said, that "there is touched with sorrow», remembering how" the head of State did not remain that give a example due to severe proceeding and appointing judges of my proficiency with impartial choices and aiming at a minimum gender balance in that location. " . For extra information on this subject check page.

Start of the Alpine skiing season: year one after Maria Höfl Riesch.

We are not quite as bright as it looked like at first sight after last season. I’m going with a basic optimism in the new season, said Wolfgang Maier, Alpine Director of the German Ski Association (DSV). At least a podium place should jump out already at the first race of the season at the weekend in Sölden. Women is from the German team Viktoria Rebensburg first candidate for one of the front seats. Around them a new team should be established in the medium term. In this, as well as in the next season we will give the necessary time young women to develop in the world, said Maier, who assumes that the winter 2016/2017 more as a runner for the medals can ride in. This season but probably alone Rebensburg is got to bring medal expected to at the World Championships in Vail and Beaver Creek in the U.S. State of Colorado (February 3 to 16). In the giant slalom I want back to the front, says Rebensburg, 2010 Olympic gold medalist in the giant slalom and 2014 bronze medallist in this discipline. As in the past years to Felix Neureuther, the focus in the men’s. Who had to move his season start, however, approached the 30-year-old not in Sölden due to back pain. Neureuther wants to be back in the second race on November 16 in the Finnish Levi. Fritz Dopfer and Stefan Luitz have great opportunities to ride in Sölden to the podium, Maier is optimistic despite the failure of his stars. . Additional data can be inspected reading home page.

Bartolone invites Valls to focus on his work as Prime Minister.

"The idea of changing the name, [the Prime Minister] has brought it within the Socialist Party. And I said unto him: Dear Manuel, it is a fault. For now, concentrate on your work of Prime Minister, meets the expectations of the French in terms of safety, employment, energy transition, and leave this debate to socialist activists who will have to discuss this at the time of the next Congress. [. . . ] It is a catch phrase and I think that this is not the best time to push this little ditty. "Previously, on his blog, in a forum entitled"Now, that’s enough", Claude Bartolone had pleaded for a truce in the fighting between Socialists, who have raged Wednesday by returning back to back protesters and supporters of the Executive, without sparing the head of Government.  "Here, we would be of the passeistes, ordered to change the name of the Socialist Party – what a strange idea. There, our policy would threaten the Republic – nothing less", he wrote in allusion to employed formulas the day before by Prime Minister and member of Parliament and former Minister Benoît Hamon. "I made no Richter scale between the words that hurt the left. "It is simply time to say stop," wrote Bartolone. "That’s enough, artificially amplifying our differences", he exclaims. "I’m returning the proposals of each and of others in every way, we agree on the essentials. I would challenge anyone to convince me that there is a schism between us. » . For extra insights regarding this subject click