Switzerland: Bank stop transfer due to Arabic name.

Aarau – a referral for a gift a Swiss introduced A few inconveniences as the Aargauer Zeitung reported. The man has a gift for his friend Amar * involved and for this purpose, 100 francs to the collector of money transfer. In the purpose he wrote according to the report: gift Amar. But the money had not arrived at the receiver, it is said in the text further. Instead, the Swiss got according to post the report from his bank. There are difficulties with the transfer, have approved it in the letter. The Bank of the receiver ask for first and last name, nationality, Date of birth and residence of Amar. Without this information the transfer cannot be ruled out. According to Aargauer Zeitung, trigger for the transfer ban was the Arabic first name of the recipient who had been linked to terrorism. A security algorithm to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing was started on Amar and had prevented the transfer of the money. Apparently a name relating matched the transaction with a name on a list of sanctions, a bank spokesman told the newspaper. . Original data may be read clicking this link.

Via dei Georgofili massacre without guilty: do not call it justice.

We entered in court for the first time on June 12, 1996. Courtroom bunker of Santa Verdiana in Florence: is that day, in that place, that started the process to Cosa nostra. Sixteen persons members of the consort of Cosa nostra plus some other wingmen had entered as panzer in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence in order to make it blow up. But they noticed the security cameras, which later would be found to not be in function; they decided then to place their cargo of death under the old Tower, the adjacent street. The closest. If you’re wondering how many were physically present in via dei Georgofili, if you think all sixteen were there: no, in via dei Georgofili were four. In Milan, in via Palestro, where less than two months after a massacre, will be repeated in three. In Rome the mafia will blow up two churches care to the Pope during a single night: to make materially these attacks were three or four. On the same line of reasoning, the Appeals Court in Florence in October 2013 condemned the mafioso Francesco Tagliavia, already in the crosshairs of the judiciary since the first investigations and trials but had never been able to convict for lack of evidence. As a result, the repentance of Gaspare Spatuzza has cast a light on the position of terrorist Tagliavia. Life imprisonment at first instance, the confirmation of the appeal. Then, yesterday, the Supreme Court annulled the condemnation: all massacres. Rome, Milan and the new referral process for massacre of Florence. When sentences were imposed on fifteen to life imprisonment, and all mobsters, one by one, were responsible for all the massacres of 1993 were definitely other times. At the time, i.e. immediately after the so-called massacres "in the continent," do you still openly talked of negotiation between the State and the Mafia. For sure, though, there were already many soiled consciences. It was necessary to appease the souls of the people for the death of Dario, Nadia and Catherine, Fabrizio and Angela. In 1998, the date of the first judgment for 1993 massacres, was considered very valuable, Buscetta theorem and the shared responsibility for all operators of the slaughter. Life imprisonment would militate was good for the mafia. We understand that the Court of Cassation must be any. But it’s the other one that offends us and hurt us again, after so many years from those made of blood. Life sentence sucks at everyone, their goodness, haven’t had to deal with Cosa nostra. For what concerns us, we are angry. And angry at us. To use a hackneyed phrase and rule, expect the reasons for judgment. . You should check this source to learn extra regarding this great topic.

How to advertise his divorce to children?

The announcement of the divorce or separation must allow the child to accept no longer see her parents as a whole and to project in his new life, summarizes Alice de Lara, couple therapist and family mediator.   It is often more the conflict of parents that separation itself that undermines the children, says. This is why we must at all costs avoid crying, screaming and show solid to reassure the child. Otherwise, it is he who will bring the concerns and silences.   I knew exactly what I was going to say, even if we had not discussed together the details, says Eve, mother of two boys, 7 and 9 years. The speech was clear, net and precise: their father and I do hear more and we decided to divorce because we had all the time. I told them that we them loved always as much and that this separation would ease tensions. I also explained how it would organize for the guard and the sharing of the days.   Not need great speech, approves Alice de Lara. Need to be muted the deep reasons for divorce (deceit, debt,.) and Center the announcement on the child. Where does live? What school will it go in? How will custody be organised? We cannot announce a separation if it has not yet these responses, it would generate too much concern for the child who needs benchmarks to be reassured on the fact that it will continue to see both parents. Nuria Casanovas recommends to explain it to the little ones using a drawing or dolls.   Generally, under the shock of the announcement, children do not speak and ask few questions. The parents, because they feel guilty, they then tend to do too much and to anticipate issues of children, explains the family mediator. Which is not necessarily the right solution. On the other hand: any question should get a response. The void is filled with what the child has in the head, which may not all correspond to reality. If the child does not ask questions, please feel free to discuss it again with him later, to ensure that it does not block on a detail.   Attention to the amalgam, the child might think that if her parents do more, like maybe one day, they could stop loving him, too, warns the child psychologist. Prefer the more neutral MOM and dad agree more.   . Inspirational data may be read checking this link.

Australia: threats jihadists at the top of the State.

The Australia has deployed Friday armed police to the Parliament due to threats jihadists against the tops of the State, after it had announced the day before outplaying projects of assassinations of the Islamic State (AR) Group on its soil, including the beheading of civilians. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has called for an emergency meeting of his National Security Committee, asking Australians not to be impressed by the jihadist threat. All levels of Government (,.) will do everything that is humanly possible to preserve the safety of the community, he said at a press conference. The best way to respond to the terror it is to lead a normal life, he added. The terrorists want to use fear to keep us from being ourselves. The members of the Government and the Parliament are concerned by the threats of attacks, he said. For this reason, there will be Federal Police armed in and around Parliament at any time. The authorities had announced Thursday have arrested 15 people and failure of projects of assassinations, in particular the beheading filmed of civilians, on the part of the jihadists of the Islamic State (AR) group, during an operation in which more than 800 police had been involved. Nine people have been released but one of them, a young man of 22 years, was placed in custody for having planned a terrorist act intended to shock, horrify and terrify, according to the prosecution. Authorities suspect a high Australian placed in the EIS in Syria of having given the order to its networks in Australia to seek to commit executions for the example, the Prime Minister reminded the television channel Seven. Because we felt that a performance for example was imminent, we acted as we have done to dismantle this network, he added. This, the largest such operation ever held in Australia, has barely occurred a week after Canberra had raised its level of alert against the terrorist threat posed by Australian veterans of the EIS’s return from the Middle East. In addition to the recent beheading of three Western hostages by jihadists in this group, the proposed mode of operation recalls murder stab of the British soldier Lee Rigby, attacked May 22, 2013, in broad daylight on a street in South London. About 60 Australians fight in the ranks of jihadists in Iraq and Syria, and a hundred provide, of Australia, active support for the radical Sunni movements, according to the country’s security services. . Extended text can be inspected visiting web site.

David Cameron: ‘it is time to meet and to move forward together.

The United Kingdom has survived. The Scots rejected independence by a clear majority of more than 55%, with a record turnout of 85%, according to quasi-definitifs results. Pollsters have avoided the fiasco of a surprise victory of the Yes, but they had not anticipated such a difference between Yes and no, that they gave to the neck-and-neck in the last days before the vote. The leader of the Scottish National Party, Alex Salmond, has admitted defeat and thanked the 1.6 million Scots who voted for independence, as well as the people of Glasgow. "Scotland has decided in majority not voting for independence. I accept this verdict of the polls and I call all Scots to do the same and to accept the decision of the people,"he told his supporters. In a solemn statement to 10 Downing Street shortly after 7 p.m., David Cameron said he is "delighted" to this result and commended for having left the Scottish people pronounce on his destiny in a democratic way. "This debate has been set for a generation, and, perhaps, as stated by Alex Salmond, for life. There will be no dispute, no remedy", he said. To the Scots who voted yes, he replied: "We hear you." The rest of the country, he enjoined that "it is time to meet and to move forward together. Unionists, manhandled during the campaign by the overwhelming Yes campaign, are relieved. Alistair Darling, head of ‘Better Together’, welcomes the victory of "Unity on the division. The author of Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling, who gave one million pounds to the no campaign, has tweeted that she had stayed up all night to monitor the results and praised "a peaceful democratic process which we should be proud." . You must click the following source to discover extra on this amazing matter.

Scotland: vigil of arms in the pubs of Paris.

The battle for the independence of Scotland is not only played in the polls. In Paris, failing to take part in the vote, the Scots found themselves in pubs them also Scottish. The Highlander, at the foot of the Pont-Neuf, should yet tender ear to hear anything other than to the french. Rest that for this historic day, the television screens retransmit the BBC and not the usual sporting events. But the English public string prefers to devote his newspaper 20 hours or almost at the disappearance of a schoolgirl. The referendum is playing more to the North is relegated to the background,. On bottom of Celtic music in a stifling atmosphere, alcohol flows. The glasses are empty as soon as they fill up. And betting on the outcome of the vote continue to multiply. A supporter of the non-provoked the wrath of his friends who dream of the contrary. Sitting at the counter, a man wearing a kilt seems to have planned two cases. In his left hand, he holds a flag in the other, the flag of Scotland and Britain. On the right bank of the Seine, the Auld Alliance clients – the name of this alliance concluded in the middle ages between the France, the Norway and Scotland against England – outside on the sidewalk. But then again, the French are the most numerous. Risky geopolitical discussions are progressing well. And an hour of the closing of the polling stations, the few Scottish prefer not think about the outcome of the vote. Behind the counter, the waitresses wear a t-shirt touting the Scottish Independence Day and fill pints them one behind the other. The views may differ from one table to the other, beer has undeniable pacification qualities. Beer in hand, blue t-shirt extolling independence, Eileen Sorley refuses to believe in these results, which give a short advance to the non. I left Scotland 31 years ago to escape the policy of Margaret Thatcher, demonstrates this translator and musician. I no longer want that Westminster (British Parliament, Editor’s note) decides the future of Scotland, justified. Came with his brother, his sister and her daughter, she regarded not: Scotland was never British. Could not imagine an outcome other than Yes, she worries that some of his compatriots have been able to believe the propaganda issued by certain newspapers about the uncertain future of the country in the event of independence. To hear it, the doubt is not permissible, Scotland is certainly a small country, but a country that has the resources to cope. . Inspirational facts could be studied checking this http://staples1.foetusized.org.

Dilma Rousseff: Robbery in the favela.

Who ends up with the plane in Rio de Janeiro and runs to the city centre, Mare happened the poverty area. Most Rio visitors notice anything of it because the Government along the highway has set up high ramparts: which should serve as a noise for the residents, but conveniently hides the huge favela also from the eyes. 130. people live 000 in Mare, huddling together in simple houses, which are stacked side by side and stacked like building blocks. Many walls consist only of raw brick and mortar, not all Windows have panes. Last weekend, the Brazilian President has visited Mare – that can make them more recently. Shortly before the World Cup, Dilma Rousseff had sent only the military in the favela, to distribute the drug gangs, who here fought deadly battles on the open road for years. You could always escape through backyards, secret tunnels, and dried out sewers from the police. Now, tanks patrol and off-road vehicles in camouflage, the streets, and grim-looking soldiers set their gun barrels to the threat on everything that moves. So then: the visit of the President. 17:15 local time. A construction site on the edge of poverty. Construction workers in hard hats are waiting for their cheering usage, cameramen screw nervously on their tripods around, and Dilma Rousseff gets out of her black limousine, heavily made up and in a cream silk blouse. We build the future here, she says into the camera, and makes a sweeping gesture towards construction site. Campaign slogans: In three weeks a new President or a new President is elected in Brazil. But she is right: here on the edge of mare will be built until 2016 seven modern schools for poor children. It should To give 136 new schools city-wide, which will cost 700 million euros, the President knows about ratios, since none of her is. The children are there too. She invited no one, but as the President begins to speak, crawl about 300 of them between embroidering, under fences and semi open sewer pipes out. The security forces panicked, but they To give hit after a short time: start games this gang is not to control. Scuffles pass quickly, so they tolerated the attack somehow. The children flit and bumping into two meters alongside the President around. Dilma! Dilma! call and wave at the election. When already a famous guest in your district, then also To want have fun! But front looks the President staunchly continue in the television cameras. You finished her presentation to the enhancement of the well-being of the child in Mare, to the value of education for a better future of the young generation. Dilma Rousseff speaks confidently and competently, underlining her words with power-conscious gestures. Then she rises again in their limousine. Your driver turns on the motor and joins the military convoy. . Similar data can be read reading resource.

Syria: Kerry accuses Assad of having violated the agreement on chemical weapons.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry accused Thursday the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad regime of violating the international agreement on the elimination of its chemical arsenal by who had used this year to chlorine gas weapons. There is evidence of use of chlorine by Assad, Mr Kerry told the commission of Foreign Affairs of the House of representatives. He had already discussed such suspicions against Damascus, but had never been also affirmative. The United States also have questions about a series of other facts which are subject to an investigation and could violate the international convention on chemical weapons, said the head of American diplomacy. Chlorine has been used as a chemical weapon in Syria in a systematic and repeated manner, had confirmed on 10 September the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) investigating into allegations of the gas attacks in the country in war. The survey on the use of chlorine had been announced late April after the France and the United States had accused the regime of having used an industrial chemical in attacks against rebel strongholds. Pursuant to an international agreement of September 2013, the Syrian Government has virtually destroyed all chemical weapons it had previously identified, in a statement made to the OPCW, but discussions continue about any errors or omissions in this list. The regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the rebels accusing each other of using chemical agents, including chlorine, since the start of this bloody conflict, in March 2011. . Related information can be found clicking info.

 The contract for an indefinite period to increasing safeguards for the new employees to the reorganization of existing contractual and forms of labour relations but also of inspections; until a more flexible use of tasks, for the protection of the workplace, and to the minimum wage, extended to co. co. co. Are the main innovations of the Bill delegating at work, the Jobs act, contained in the amendment tabled by the Government in the Senate Labor Committee, where the measure is under discussion, and in particular article 4, which concerns precisely the Government delegation on the reorganization of contractual forms-adds-inspection activity. The amendment, agreed with the rapporteur, will be voted on tomorrow. Some themes namely safeguards, tasks and remote controls impact on some articles of the Statute of workers, in order to articles 18, 13 and 4, which are never explicitly mentioned in the text. Increasing protection contract for young people-for new hires is expected the contract indefinitely to increasing safeguards in relation to length of service, read in the amendment. In the original text of the Bill spoke of the introduction delegation, possibly on an experimental basis, of other types of contract ,. with protections increasing. The protections (and the time) will graduate in decrees delegates to follow the approval of the Bill, as pointed out by the delegation State Secretary at work, Teresa Bellanova. With this formulation, the rapporteur supports Maurizio Sacconi, the progressiveness of the protection will be a compensation proportioned to the length of service, without thereby reintegration provided for by article 18 in cases of unlawful redundancies (would be only for those discriminatory). Flexible tasks-also Review of the system of tasks (article 13 of the Statute of workers provides that the worker must be dedicated to the tasks for which he was hired). This will go towards a more flexible usage of tasks, in the case of processes of reorganization, restructuring or corporate conversion with the worker’s interest in the protection of the workplace, the professionalism and the living conditions, including limits on changing the grading, writes the Government. . For additional insights regarding this topic check http://staples1.foetusized.org.

More earthquakes because of shale gas.

As the Guardian recalls, she promoted effectively fracking as the most revolutionary and safe technique. While protecting behind the U.S. State Department. According to the British daily, Clinton has not only sent diplomats U.S. headlines asking to gather a maximum of information on the prospects for the extraction of gas from shale by hydraulic fracturing in the countries where they worked, but in some cases, personally, she did the promotion of shale gas. One wonders then if it is also who had the idea to export gas from shale in Europe? If Yes, then it is his particular interest in the countries of the former Soviet bloc, including for the Ukraine. At first, everything seemed more promising and profitable. But after the finding of the first consequences due to these dubious technologies, environmentalists began to worry. In addition, residents who lived near the places of extraction of shale gas have begun to complain. According to them, the soil has lost its fertility and water became undrinkable. The US television channels even airing a story that showed that the tap water could ignite these areas. It is at this time that everything has stopped. And the interest of Clinton became extinct. She had already certainly considerable dividends in 10 years. And today, including that the shale gas revolution was no longer so profitable project, it is passed to other-thing. Experts today evoke the wonderful prospects of another type of hydrocarbon – matrix oil production. This is probably why we speak today more modest and less often of the shale gas revolution, and only appear revealing studies on shale gas precisely in the United States. Well played, Hillary,, Main data could be read checking the following http://staples1.foetusized.org.