Anti-corruption expert Pieth: “it runs in the wrong direction”.

The former reform officer of the International Football Federation (FIFA), Mark Pieth, has prompted the Organization to publish the results of the investigation into the corruption allegations surrounding the World Cup contracts in Russia (2018) and Qatar (2022). "It is terribly important that the FIFA now creates trust. This is why it needs transparency. The thing is A lot to tricky and adopted such a dimension that not feeling may arise in public, things would be swept under the carpet, "said anti-corruption expert and criminologist from Basel of the F. A. Z. Pieth had been significantly involved in 2011 on the introduction of a compliance at the FIFA and finished its work last year. Last week officials of the competent FIFA Ethics Commission had pointed out that the report and its findings only for internal use at the FIFA were intended. "It runs in the wrong direction. A publication Not yet even the FIFA rules would have to be changed. It was all just about Yes in some places to protect witnesses and to blacken the name. That would be no problem", Pieth said. The casting chamber Chairman of the Ethics Commission, Hans-Joachim Eckert, in the main profession of presiding judge at the Criminal Court in Munich, checks the 350 pages long reports on his formal correctness and could then either make more tests or initiate proceedings. FIFA chief investigator Michael Garcia, a former American Prosecutor, had put together the report. As Eckert had announced in the past week, the procedure could take until next spring. . Inspirational facts can be found clicking this

Cineblog01 is: Agcom, the judiciary and the great confusion about online piracy.

The complex of sites falling within the Galaxy, Cineblog01 is a reference point on the web for download or watching streaming movies, was the subject of a preventive seizure yesterday, adopted by the Rome MAGISTRATE Bernadette Nicotra, and performed by the Guardia di Finanza of the Special Unit for broadcasting and publishing. The order was sent to the Italian provider because disabilitassero access to the site for Italian users. Italian providers do not know where to give straight line, do not know what other formalities must play to accommodate orders of Agcom, that overlap in the best case to those of judges, replacing them. The continuation by Agcom issuing such orders, that the judiciary continues to enact entitlement is attached, and which, if made by the latter, appear to be the only serious tools for combating piracy, it seems able to trigger an institutional war between Constitutional organs of the State, through orders chasing each other and involving the seizure of siteswho are otherwise risequestrati by Agcom, to be again subjected to seizure by judicial Authorities, generating an enormous confusion and a way to fight piracy. . For extra about this matter visit

Guided bombs and stealth technology – F-22 Raptor: Obama rushes to the IS this super fighter jet.

The United States have used first F-22 "Raptor" fighter planes in their attacks on the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) in Syria. A spokesman for the U.S. Department of Defense said that on Monday evening (local time) the US broadcaster ABC. The fighter pilot is Not yet hardened. The F-22 was built from 2001 to 2011. The U.S. air force had 183 machines in service. The "Raptor equipped with stealth technology" is difficult to detect by radar. The aircraft is 18.90 metres long and has a wingspan of 13.60 metres. In its service ceiling of 15 000 m, it reaches more than double speed of sound. The use RADIUS is specified approximately 1480 km. There is a pilot on board. Since April 2008, the U.S. air force has again and again problems with the oxygen system in the jets. So, the F-22 fleet had to stay 2011 temporarily on the ground, because pilots about symptoms of oxygen deprivation complained. . You can visit the following site to learn extra about this interesting topic.

Let My heart beat faster – film expert Gätjen: these three stars are unbeatable.

If the hacker Strip "who am I on Wednesday before premiere, FOCUS-online expert Steven Gätjen meets three hopefuls of the German film industry." He explains why the three of his favorites are, why they are so different – and just so well in harmony. There are moments in the life, which make my cinema heart beat. As Christmas, Easter, my birthday and a visit of the new star wars sets on the same day fall. It will be on September 24. Then I meet three completely different guys, which I find absolutely brilliant: Wotan Wilke Möhring, Elyas M’Barek and Tom Schilling. All three are now By the way together to see "Who am I" on the big screen. But later more. The actors we dedicate ourselves once. We can start times with Wotan Wilke Möhring, the Jack of all trades. It has gone through the press already umpteen times what it already has done in his life: doorman, model, club owners, et cetera. He is ardent BVB fan and a sensational father. His goal was never the acting, but the art itself. Violin has played, painted, was in a punk band and then ended up in the film. It can not be better. . Similar info can be inspected clicking article.

PMA: ‘the Court of cassation gave an emotional opinion contrary to the rights of the child.

Aude MIRKOVIC: There are actually fraud to French law when two women can go in Belgium or elsewhere to receive artificial insemination with donor, such insemination is prohibited in France. This fraud is real but it is not the only or the most serious. Fraud, here, consists mainly in the fact of conceiving a child in a way that deprives him intentionally his father to not be burdened father and leave room for the spouse of the mother. The child is thus deprived of her paternal lineage, to make it adoptable. Is therefore not an adoption that is requested, but misuse of the adoption, and it is this fraud to the adoption that the Court of cassation agrees today to validate. It had however refused, so far, to validate these manufacturing process of adoptable children, which also involved male/female couples. The Act Taubira said that two men or two women can be parents of a child. But this does not alter the reality, which is that two men or two women can not procreate together. Therefore, that two men or two women "have" a child, this implies in practice to start with deprive this child of father or mother. The problem is that such a practice is contrary to the rights of the child and, in particular, his right, insofar as possible, to know their parents and be cared for by, guaranteed by the International Convention of the rights of the child (art. 7). There is no right to intentionally deprive a child of a parent or both, to satisfy his own desires, whether you are a couple of women, men, male/female, single or another: the problem is to deprive the child of his parents, and no matter which deprives. In this case, be in a couple of women does not give the right to deprive a child of his father. Moreover, the Constitutional Council has clearly said, in decision that said Act constitutionally Taubira, the fact to go abroad use PMA or the GPA in fraud to French law, to request then the adoption in France, constitutes a misuse of the law, and "it is for the courts to prevent, to deprive of effect and.where appropriate, to punish such practices"(Decision No. 2013-669 May 17, 2013, §58 DC). The Court of cassation clearly cares little, and makes an unconstitutional opinion. Automatically, not. Nothing is automatic, nothing is irreversible, and all decisions are made by free and responsible people. Just that a few people have the courage to make the right decisions, and it is possible to restore the right. Moreover, this notice is not mandatory for judges, and they can still protect children by refusing to follow an opinion shameful and retrograde. French law validates the manufacture of adoptable children, and this is very serious. It is useless to lament, but you have to change this law, which is also more of the right but the injustice: to start, repeal Act Taubira which is at the origin of all this, and then restore the adoption as what it is, an institution in the service of the child, which has the reason to be replaced with the child the parents which he was deprived by the misfortunes of life. Here, it is not the misfortunes of life which the child’s father, but the decision of his mother and his wife. Judges cannot accept to validate this, however said the Court of cassation. . For more insights about this matter click link.

García old could have been infected by operating a pregnant woman.

Father Miguel García was his personal physician, count. Father Manuel was my point of reference, he explains, people in Lunsar is shocked by the news, because it was a point of reference of Lunsar. He never said no to anyone, stands out the religious from Sierra Leone. The generosity and commitment of father Manuel is something that repeats all who know him. I met him a few months ago, was very worried because they had closed hospitals and the people had no where to go, even if it were to be treated of Malaria or other diseases, I wanted to open it as soon as possible.   It was always open to everyone and always had a smile for everyone. It is a very generous person, and generosity led him to be infected the ebola virus. By what I’ve heard, it is contagious disease while surgery was a pregnant woman, and he did not know, logically, that had the disease. It is difficult to know who is sick until it doesn’t have all the symptoms.   The generosity that led to García old to Africa amounted to its simplicity. It impressed me much when it celebrated 50 years of religious. I was impressed by the amount of people who attended, but above all its simplicity, he wanted nothing, although he accepted because it’s tradition, but it is a very simple man.   As I was already known, funerals are a focus of contagion of the disease, by the tradition of colliding with the dead body, explains now seems that people been aware most, that it knows that the body of the dead is most contagious in a living person. What we need is arriving international organizations arrive here. The Government says will get doctors from Russia and Cuba, but until you do not see it don’t think so. . For additional data about this matter visit

Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8: much more than just a Wild Stallion.

A look at the Mustang and the heart of the American car fans begins to jump. The new Ford Mustang is there and excited from October the pony fans across America. In Europe, it will take until the middle of next year until the American dream car is left out of the gate for the first time officially. but worth the wait. There were Not yet a casual Ford in Europe; a sportier anyway. Provided it opts for the big eight-cylinder of the Mustang GT, which with its 308 kW / 418 PS roars as powerful as worth watching on highways and country roads. Real United States fans the brawny wabbernde V8 sound is likely missing despite 524 nm maximum torque at 4. 250 rpm, because the five-litre eight-cylinder vacuum cleaner sounds rather like a more powerful six-cylinder. 0-speed of 100 in less than five seconds and 250 km/h top make mood. Under 14 litres unleaded petrol is to make but little in reality. But the new Ford Mustang is more than the Wild Stallion, which want to be tamed with firm hand and inviting rear At last. The suspension with MacPherson strut rear is front and an independent suspension with integral bars not to recognize when compared to its predecessors. Although of 4.78 metres long Americans with little unevenness sometimes hard to hurt himself, kilometre on the grip wheel is a delight. With the performance standard in Europe, he rolls package on welfare 19-inch (front 255er, rear 275er tyres) and the driver can affect any variable steering, suspension and engine electronics via a switch on the center tunnel in several modes. The Steering response is excellent in sports mode; in comfort mode, however, one gets the impression to park a Fiat 500. For little different four shock programs, the comfort mode is the most compelling package. Wild orgies of trample the rear axle as once are as forgotten as a tail, which like escapes towards outer guard rail in the border area. Perfect: the manual six-speed manual transmission from the House of GETRAG, which has perfectly adjusted on motor, drive and ambition. If now the wild abandon and charm of the 1.7-ton Galoppers flegelhafte missing the Mustang fans Around the world, so the control systems on request you can still turn off. And who wants to drive it quite wild, enjoy the empty hardware store parking lot on Sunday and can be individually blocked front axle with the launch control smoke the rear wheels. Everyone else enjoy that the Mustang now for the first time has become a sharp sport Coupé, which for the first time seriously can take on the European competition. To the 418 PS strong GT – eight-cylinder you can’t go around already because of the expected battle price by less than 40 000 euros. And one should not bother the good 5 000 euro Mustang use cheaper four-cylinder of Ford with its 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine. The small entry-level Mustang makes his 231 kW / 314 PS turbo engine and significantly less weight on the front axle for sporty driving. The right Mustang spark may not skip but tip and 0 to 100 in less than six seconds despite 233 km/h, because especially the sound is a disappointment. His hefty torque of 434 nm from 2 500 rpm the engine reminiscent of a soul-less four-cylinder from Asian production and seem to fit in any field of Acoustics to a Mustang. Perhaps, the Americans before the market launch in Europe let go even an acoustic retrofit by the head; otherwise the US tuner must lend a hand. So many love and devotion developers from Dearborn drive and design have exercise, so A lot has trouble is given also in the details in the Interior. No thought that the Mustang in any form on the Premiumliga scratches. This includes in particular the plastic surfaces leave too many desired and also some leather item seems to indicate areas for improvement. But the instruments fit as good as the well contoured Recarositze and most of the functions can be operated on the eight-inch TFT screen, whose Prozessor can never compete with the acceleration of the eight cylinder. Space is in the first row always pleasant – not only by the aerial dash – and the cargo area offers 408 liter. Who cares there that you can sit in the rear of the American hardly seriously? Here everyone anyway only in the driver’s seat and then off to the Paddock wants. . For extended about this subject visit

Fight against Islamic State: Berlin wants to prevent Pact with Assad.

Berlin–the Federal Government wants ONLINE lock yourself after mirror information in the coming weeks on an international level vehemently against it, that there is a deal for the fight against the Islamic State (IS) in Syria with the local dictator, Bashar al-Assad. The AA paper by end of August serves as a kind of road map for the coming weeks, when at the UN in New York as well as at other meetings proceed the now rapidly growing coalition against the IS should be agreed. The paper warned the Suppression of IS in Syria was also part of the strategy of Bashar al-Assad in his fight against the legitimate demands of the moderate opposition. Without that it is directly mentioned, confirmed the Foreign Ministry so that the interests of the international coalition IS and Assad could cover at least temporarily. Matching the Syrian State television spread after the first air strikes against positions IS in Syria on the night of the Tuesday immediately, the regime had been notified in advance by the United States. What wants to suggest Assad’s apparatus, therefore, is clear: Damascus sees itself already-rehabilitated and as a partner of the West. The AA paper warn against a development, which would allow Assad a return as legitimate President of his country. So the lesser evil could represent for parts of the Syrian population IS compared with Assad. Instead the State Department sets up in the paper, that Berlin will continue its support for the moderate Syrian opposition. Even before the first air strikes of the United States on the night of Tuesday, there were rumors repeatedly, the United States could work together to fight IS with Damascus and announce coordinates of IS positions such as the Syrian military. Assad’s Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallim said the United States would coordinate any attacks on targets of Islamists in Syria with the Syrian Government. Whether this has In fact happened remains unclear so far. US President Barack Obama so far always strongly rejected cooperation with Assad. Washington is also a cause of the rise is in the brutal policy of repression of the Syrian regime. However, American military expressed doubt that the extremists without a strong ally on the ground or their own forces could be defeated. . Main facts could be read visiting the following site.

Susanne Gaschke: Fostering Hillary on the banana peels.

"Full risk" means the book, has written the journalist and short-term Kiel Mayor Susanne Gaschke. "Full risk" is also about To write in which oneself is a book. Susanne Gaschke lets namely under the chapter heading "Stegner" know that she could never have me. This is problematic, but not really – neither for you nor for me. The disappointments to be added to other politicians you, where she works out in her book seem defining. Susanne Gaschkes book is about her short trip to the active policy – from a subjective standpoint, how she even writes. Almost each of the 254 pages is full of emotions. What primarily depicts the author – the core thesis of the book – is virtually a conspiracy that is second to none: Susanne Gaschke feels that as a victim of intrigue, headed the Schleswig-Holstein Land Government, in particular Prime Minister Torsten Albig, Interior Minister Andreas Breitner, as well as the country-SPD and at the end of her own SPD District Association Kiel. Even the media, in particular the Schleswig-Holstein, which should have resulted in joint success of this intrigue are in complicity. For whatever reason it should – have come to this unique conspiracy readers don’t know. A Politkrimi without resolution so. Facts and motives remain great in the dark, contradictions. Provided is a detailed chronology of an administrative mistake: Rush’s personal decision namely, with the Mayor Gaschke a Kiel doctor actually overdue tax debt in millions has adopted. She did this without having previously made the agreement with the tax authorities of the country or Council meeting beforehand in the Kiel. A handcrafted, maybe also a traceable error about a politician actually not should fall. It is dealing with this crisis, which has led to the departure from the political scene also in the case of Susanne Gaschke. And this shows clearly in this book. Susanne Gaschke, who they "survived conversation with Sabine Christiansen, Henry Kissinger, and Sigmar Gabriel" (as she writes), but week after week with former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt in the "time" editorial sat together was urged by a supposedly testosterone-driven old politicians take from the Office. This reading puts the author in the context of well-known clichés about an affairen of the Barschel affair until not elected by Heide Simonis – and scandal-troubled country, almost waiting for but someone from the format of the author. Pretty self-righteous all sounds, but: error in crisis management admits she quite. Error right in dealing with the media, which ran under the experienced journalist there. So, she described calling the editor in Chief of the "Kieler Nachrichten" magnet to prevent a possibly imminent article. You compare it with the legendary call of the former German President, Christian Wulff, "Image" chef Kai Diekmann. . Inspirational data can be found clicking this web site.

Mortgaged to cure hepatitis.

Gerardo is 52 years old and from ago 30 suffers from hepatitis C. Your liver is on the verge of cirrhosis. There is a drug that would be ideal for him and for many of the 800. 000 Spanish that they suffer from this disease, the leading cause of liver cancer and for which there is no vaccine. It is the sofosbuvir Рof Sovaldi trade name-, a potent antiviral which is known as hepatitis penicillin by its very high cure rate: more than 90% in combination with other drugs. And it is famous also for the price that the laboratory that produces it, Gilead commercializes it: about 60. 000 euros (three months) most common treatment, half a liver transplant. While the Ministry of health negotiated how much going to buy Spain, nine patients have decided to wait no longer and pay it out of pocket. Gerardo (fictitious name) is one of them. It has called a mortgage. "It is regrettable to have to borrow money to make a person to save. In Spain! ", sums up his wife. The hepatologos were enthusiastically approved by the Sovaldi in Europe last January. A milestone: the first step towards the eradication of hepatitis C, a serious public health problem that affects between 130 and 150 million people worldwide and kills every year between 300. 000 and 500. 000, according to the World Health Organization (who). In Spain is attributed to a 10. 000 deaths annually. The problem is that the drug has come at a time of crisis in which costs more than ever that innovative therapies enter the public system. Health has been negotiating with Gilead since the European Medicines Agency (EMA) authorized the drug. While countries such as Germany or France introduced it in your public network almost as soon as it became available, Spain continues with the Strip and tug of war. Without fixed price, the drug does not fit into the health system. 3. 000 Spanish patients who are not cured by current therapies "urgently" needed the drug, calculates the hepatologist Jos̩ Luis Calleja, Secretary of the Spanish Association for the study of the liver. The emergence of new antivirals direct second-generation has revolutionized the treatment of hepatitis C. These drugs reach sky-high rates of effectiveness depending on the guidelines that are given, always in combination with other products. Simeprevir, with price approved by the Ministry of health since August 1, is the first that has come into the public health system. Main facts may be studied checking this source.