Discover the key of eco, the site of economic statistics of the Figaro.

The French economy at a glance. The Figaro launches this Friday a site of economic statistics, to allow you to take the pulse of the French economy. Unemployment rate, power purchase, growth, debt, deficit, margin of the business or investment in research and development,. By browsing the eco keys, you can track the performance of the Hexagon, compare them to those of other countries, but also to scrutinize the progress of income and the cost of living. The eco key include four topics, which we propose you to discover: "Economy France" which attaches to the main french macoeconomiques indicators, ‘employment’, ‘income and standard of living", and"France in the world", which puts into perspective the French performance with those of our neighbours or more distant countries. In each of these sections, you will find some graphics to view economic statistics, but also analyses, news articles or even videos, to put the figures in context and interpret. This barometer is not exhaustive. We have selected a range of indicators, made or distributed by official institutes, such as Insee, Eurostat, employment Center, or OECD, which will be regularly updated. Feel free to suggest to include other statistics! » Discover the keys to the eco. Additional info can be inspected visiting website.

LuxLeaks: the Luxembourg loses a round against the EU.

The Luxembourg gave up his tussle with the European Commission, to which he refused for months of information about some of its tax practices including the Rescripts tax at the heart of the LuxLeaks scandal, announced Thursday its first Minister, Xavier Bettel, on the sidelines of a Summit in Brussels.  The Luxembourg provide to the Commission the list of Luxembourg tax, or ‘rulings’ Rescripts, as well as that of the beneficiaries of the taxation of income from intellectual property, as has been requested, announced Xavier Bettel. This decision was taken following the announcement Wednesday by the European Commission of its intention to apply information to all countries of the European Union on their practices in tax Rescripts, he explained. "We insisted on the fact that should be common rules, and we are very satisfied that they are in place," said Xavier Bettel to the press. The practice of the tax ruling was powered spotlight news by the LuxLeaks scandal, which revealed a massive system of tax optimization in the Luxembourg. It allows a company to ask in advance how his tax situation will be handled in a country, and is used by multinational companies to do optimization. According to thousands of pages of documents obtained by the Consortium international investigative journalists, the Grand Duchy has spent the agreements with more than 300 multinational companies, including Apple, Amazon, Ikea, Pepsi, Heinz, Verizon, AIG, or even Skype, Microsoft and Disney, to minimize their taxes, depriving States Europeans of billions of euros in tax revenue. Read aussiLes europhobes, it dares all, even it it recognizes them [blog] well before these revelations, the Commission had sent end of March of the injunctions in the Grand Duchy requesting clarification regarding its tax practices. The country to there was not folded and had filed an action for annulment against such injunctions before the justice, explaining have "serious doubts as to the legality of these applications" because they "raise questions of principle relating to the scope of the powers of the Commission. The Luxembourg valuation of these two actions for annulment. The European Commissioner for competition, Margrethe Vestager, expressed Thursday "very satisfied" the ad, noting that the country had recognized "the powers of the Commission to investigate on its practices in tax Rescript". The European Executive will on his side abandon its action against the Grand Duchy for offence to European rules. . You should visit this to learn extra on this amazing matter.

Iraq: the peshmergas have broken the siege of Mount Sinjar.

Veterans Kurdish peshmergas, supported by aviation international coalition, broke Thursday the seat of Mount Sinjar, in the North of the Iraq, imposed for weeks by the jihadist Islamic State group, said a senior Kurdish security official. The peshmerga forces reached mount Sinjar, the seat of the mountain has been lifted, said to journalists Masrour Barzani, the president of the Security Council of the autonomous region of Kurdistan, in a centre of operations near the Syrian border. A leader yazidi majority community in this region, which is located on Mount indicated, however show no sign of military deployment, while a peshmerga Commander explained that the evacuation of thousands of people stranded on the mountain that would begin Friday. In a statement, the office of Mr. Barzani said that the seat broke at 15: 30 GMT and was the result of an operation involving 8. 000 peshmergas. This operation represents (for Kurdish forces) the military offensive against the largest and most successful IC, the text says. According to him, the jihadists have fled mass towards their fiefdoms in the Iraqi North, as Tal-Afar and Mosul, the country’s second city. The EIS, which seized large parts of Iraq since the launch in June of its offensive in the country, had put the hand in August on the town of Sinjar, at the foot of the eponymous mount held by Kurds and yazidis fighters but besieged by the radical group. It is the Sinjar which had led the Americans to begin their campaign of aerial bombardment to try to slow the progression of the EI group. Kurdish forces have launched Wednesday a large-scale offensive aimed to resume the Sinjar region but also other areas near the Syrian border. According to Mr. Barzani, who spoke about 700 square kilometres of land resumed to the IC in two days, this offensive helped to cut the keys used by the IC supply routes. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. You must click the following to discover extra on this interesting topic.

VIDEO. Val-de-Marne: it takes the highway at cross-purposes and struck four cars.

Around 5:30 on Thursday, a 37-year-old woman, of le Plessis-Trévise (Val-de-Marne), borrowed at cross-purposes Quays of the Seine in Paris. With its 106, she crossed several vehicles before committing, always at cross-purposes, on the A4 in the direction of Metz-Nancy. On the same subject driver at cross-purposes: «I’ve narrowly escaped the frontal» how long it lasted? Hard to say, the fact remains that his vehicle struck four other who came face-to-face. Slightly injured, the driver was transported to the hospital Henri-Mondor de Créteil. Its alcohol screening proved positive. A firefighter who was leaving work and struck the car of this woman is remained incarcerated over 1 h 15. Seriously wounded, he was taken to the Percy de Clamart (Hauts-de-Seine) hospital and his prognosis is engaged. A policeman, who was also en route to its service and the vehicle is returned was him, slightly wounded and transported to Henri Mondor also. Two other drivers were unhurt. The investigation was entrusted to the police from the motorway, of which the intervention lasted more than two hours. It should determine more precisely the State where was this driver, who spent part of the night in a pub in Paris. But also explain how she was able to take the motorway at cross-purposes, what for now remains a "mystery". VIDEO. Driver at cross-purposes: «I have narrowly escaped the frontal» > stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. Main facts could be studied clicking this

Non-prescription drugs: sale in free access does not lower prices.

The Activir, cream against cold sores to the Strepsil, tablet to suck against sore throats, the association of consumers rural families spent through the price of fourteen products (twelve drugs and two non-medicated specialties). Result: prices are stable in physical pharmacies. And there are still important differences in dispensaries, with prices sometimes multiplied by four. Free access or behind the comptoirEn average, a consumer can save 4,40 euros on a drug or a pharmaceutical article comparing prices. As in 2013, the strong differences relate physiological serum bottles Physiologica (prices range from 1.95 euro and 8 euros, or a report of 4.1 between the lowest price and the highest price), the homeopathic gel Arnigel (report 3.2 min/max) and cream Activir against herpes Labialis (report min/max of 3). However, the price varies depending on the location in the dispensary (in free access, behind the counter or invisible). With the exception of the Arnigel and expectorants tablets Humex, it is in free access that drug prices are the lowest. Except that most of the drugs remain behind the counter. The pharmaciensConclusion of rural families monopoly: sale open access has not generated a significant decrease in the prices of medicines. The Decree of 2008 authorising this direct access was yet, according to the Ministry of health, to offer competitive public prices and, thus, to improve the purchasing power of citizens. The objective is therefore not achieved. This is not surprising Philippe Abecassis, specialist drug questioned by metronews economy: the pharmacy distribution system does not promote competition. In fact, pharmacists have a virtual monopoly on a neighborhood situation, a particular population. No need to lower prices to sell their over-the-counter products: just wait for customers to come with an order. Once there, they take advantage to buy ancillary products in free access. Internet changes rienPour the Economist, the arrival of online pharmacies changes attitudes, because it decouples over-the-counter of prescription medication and in fact a true product of consumption, like pharmacies practicing hard discount as the rue du Four in Paris. However, the prices of drugs Observatory notes that if the prices online are lower than those of physical pharmacies, drugs are not necessarily less expensive,. because of the shipping costs. In addition, despite this authorization of sale of prescription drugs online, physical pharmacy prices have not changed. Evidence is that pharmacists do not fix their prices according to those displayed by competition online. Because, from the point of view of the consumer, it is not the same purchase, recalls Philippe Abecassis. In pharmacy, we’ll buy a drug, not a product. And high price. Learn + > everything about the sale of prescription drugs online > online pharmacy: only a French on ten has already dared. You should visit the following to learn extra regarding this interesting topic.

Crimea, the EU: stop to investments and tourism.

The annexation is illegal and what we’re doing is part of the (policy) of non-recognition, said EU Commission spokeswoman, Maja Kocijancic, urging Moscow to take steps to put an end to the crisis in Ukraine. Under the new restrictions, European companies will not buy property in Crimea, finance local enterprises or provide services. Even sanctions against tourist facilities, with the announcement of cruise ships from the ports of the peninsula, except for emergencies. Companies of the old continent can no longer export any goods or technology to be used in the areas of transport, telecommunications and energy, in particular for the production and exploration of oil and gas. Already in June, had been blocked imports from the Crimea, as part of a more extensive sanctions plan that included freezing and the visa ban against Russian and Ukrainian leaders and companies believed to be responsible for the current crisis in the Eastern Country. . For extended about this topic visit

Reggio Emilia, archaeological remains in Victory Park. Complaints committees.

The excavations of the Victory Park are in danger of compromising the archaeological remains found beneath the surface of the square? More than a year after the start of work for the underground car park of Reggio Emilia which sparked the controversy by locals and United traders Committee No Park, on the site of the town gather new doubts. To lift the 5-star Movement in the last survey in the work in the first week of December has noticed the curtains to protect the archaeological findings. From the pictures taken, a brick paving, which may conceal old buildings or even valuable mosaics that an expert’s report had found underground at piazza, as he had reported a year ago, the former adviser to M5S O’brian. What hides underground, according to many, it could be an ancient citadel dating from 1339 built by Luigi Gonzaga, then Lord of Reggio, although the Municipality there are no confirmations. Whatever it is, however, citizens need to be made aware. With the five stars back to the NoPark Committee, which requested the intervention of the Superintendent so vigilant about finds. Even the Five star Maria Ivy Spadoni submitted a question to the Government, which has not yet been answered. What is certain is that the area near the car park has already unearthed Roman amphorae recently probably belong to one of the most important kilns of Reggio Emilia. For the Committee and the five stars so it is not to be underestimated the importance of the finds under the square. On Facebook matters worse even the Worst civic Committee, which asks account Emilia to what’s happening in the yard near the City Hall, "why not citizenship has to date received any signal or better because the Mayor and his Council to this day still do not express themselves, not reported to citizens about what reggiani important was found in their city." The municipality has reassured that the works are followed by the Superintendence, but open questions remain, especially on construction on what will be the fate of the artifacts. "We arrived at the most delicate moment – add NoPark Committee representatives – where history collides with economic interests that have had the upper hand over common sense and respect for our heritage". Now that the artifacts were reached by then, excavators will begin the archaeological site, which for a while will work on the construction of the underground garage. This means, explain the five stars, which piazza Vittoria could remain a construction site for a long time. "We must understand the timing of progress and the possibility that there are more finds advancing with the excavation. Just a few days ago we came to know that a similar site created some years ago in Cremona into a smaller square of piazza della Vittoria lasted six years because of the finds. " Another problem will be figuring out that order will make the finds. "Unfortunately for the municipality and for manufacturers is more important the realization of private boxes that the deletion of a historical part of our city." To refute the hypothesis of the committees and of the opposition is the municipal councillor of Pd Elmer Fernandez, Chairman of the Committee on Cultural Institutions: "the exhibits referred to lately are a fognolo of the 19th century, the remains of a sewer, which is of particular archaeological interest," writes on Facebook. Reassures Councillor on controls of the yard by the Soprintendenza ai beni archeologici and reports the results of the latest survey conducted on excavations, from which would emerge a Citadel, but not the remains of "a sewer widely frayed (damaged) during reconstruction of the block San Rocco in the postwar period. The fognolo has at least some historical interest and in fact everything is dug carefully and precisely documented ". For Ferguson’s chances of finding the remains of the city’s ancient post village, of medieval town or Roman storage there are, but in the event of a dig deeper, and ensures that "you will pay great attention to any valuable archaeological finds could emerge from the excavations, and if will happen every document is protected, preserved with careenhanced and made accessible to all ". . You can visit the following to learn more regarding this interesting topic.

Garlasco, the new expert’s verdict: “For the Stasi almost impossible not to get your shoes”.

It is almost impossible that Saliya, the August 13, 2007, when he entered the House in via Pascoli and discovered the lifeless body of his girlfriend Chiara Poggi has trampled any of numerous bloodstains on the floor. Does not differ from the expertise of first instance, if not in still lower rates, the outcome of the new virtual experimentation on "walk" by Alberto asked by the judges in the retrial of second instance in which the former student Bocconi students liable for murder.   Partial results of the experiment (the computer processing of data should be completed tomorrow), shown today in Bologna consultants of accusation, defense and plaintiff, it emerges that the experts appointed by the Corte d’Assise d’appello di Milano would have established that it is highly unlikely that the Stasi has not walked on even one of the bloodstains on the way (simulated on the pc) which, as he himself had explainedthat morning, had been inside the home of Poggi. And since the assessment made by the young on the way was extended to two steps and the area in front of the stairs that was Light’s corpse, Cowgirl percentages were now are still smaller than those reported by experts nominated by the 2009 Vigevano gup Stefano Vitelli.   Five years ago professor In Balossino, image processing expert at the University of Turin, without taking into account the two contaminated blood steps, had established that about 78 thousand computer simulations carried out showed that Stasi had only one chance not to trample the blood at the scene of the crime. Now, from what has leaked, there is talk of a chance in a million if you consider only the new zone analyzed. Even lower percentage if account is taken of any surface on which Albert moved first to find the body of his girlfriend.   These inspections are carried out by ones woven Dr. Roberto lyrics, head of the forensic unit of the Asl 2 of Turin, at which it was entrusted with the task of figuring out why the soles of shoes of former Bocconi students, among other things by him delivered to the carabinieri on the morning after the murder, were "clean". That analysis by rumors, would lead again to conclude in summary as impossible that they had "held back" the slightest speck of blood.   Those come afloat today and in recent days, however, are only rumors. To get precise data you will need to wait for the report of the experts appointed by the Court who will arrive before the end of the week.   This afternoon, however, the prof. Francesco De Stefano Professor Department of Health Science at the University of Genoa has filed to a court expertise on mitochondrial examination of the bulb of the hair short brown hair found in the Palm of the left hand of light (due to the lack of material to disposal has not been possible to obtain information) and on the traces of male dna found on some fragments of the girl’s fingernails. The analysis, which resulted in only 5 highlight all compatible with those markers of stasis, gave results considered insufficiently reliable.   In the coming days, and in any case no later than 8 October, the day when it will resume the process, should be deposited to the results of further investigations carried out by Laura Barbaini and pg by the advocate of Poggi, Gian Luigi Tizzoni.  . Extended facts can be found clicking

Renzi as Silvio and cricket Trust ko. Here’s why é.

The pi effect? of this phenomenon occurs probably under Italy. As you know, Berlusconi’s Party has experienced over the last twenty years, especially thanks to the leadership of the founder effect. Forza Italy in its various denominations? always been the expression of a Knight. The capacit? the latter attract and confidence has allowed his party to exist and, for a time, to strengthen. Today, for a pluralit? of reasons, the charisma of the Knight? deeply in crisis. There? which leads to the spread of disputes (especially, but not only, of Dense) within his own party. But a phenomenon somewhat analogous (though, of course, different for mode and content) is happening in M5S by Beppe Grillo. Here the inability? to do really and affect policy effectively in current debate led to ignite conflict apparently caused by quotas motivations (the presence on television), but really? caused by a real identity crisis? and clarity on what to do with the number of votes collected in the past. For this reason, even in the leading figure of M5S, a time capable of catalyzing and inflame his followers,? put strongly in debate and, for some, even discredited. Albeit to a lesser extent, also in the Pd, there is a questioning of the leadership of Renzi. How? known, his popularity?, measured by polls? greatly lowered in recent weeks. But the decrease measured? just as strong, if not, in some cases, pi? intense, among voters and members of his own party. There? that leads, in this case, the disputed leadership, until the defection of resounding vote on Jobs Act by a patrol of MPs and even the outvoted the Government some votes on the institutional reforms. How do you? said, the crisis of leadership brings confusion and bewilderment among the voters. Gi? for many years, in fact–as many analysts have pointed out, starting from Mauro Caballero-voting and pi? in General, the consensus for a political force? always pi? determined by the figure, the charisma and the capacit? of persuasion by whoever directs. Exhausted by the time the membership vote, do you? sets the electoral choice linked to the figure of the leader. The latter’s crisis? resulted in a net reduction of consent, that covers both Italy and Force the M5S and, also, the Pd. The fact that the leadership crisis has occurred simultaneously in all three of these political forces? random and of course? the decrease in voter confidence and growth of their pessimism about the future, as demonstrated by the recent ISTAT. But this contemporary? deters in good measure the passage of the vote by a political force to another, bringing rather to abstain. You? seen well in regional elections, especially in Emilia Romagna (in fact, in the past, homeland of the membership vote). The only leader who, at this moment, it strengthens and enhances, not surprisingly, its consensus?, as you know, Matteo Salvini. Having shifted the focus of the League by claiming localista type to thematics of national character (or, sometimes, or nationalist, chauvinist), as the controversy on the Euro and on the immigrants, has increased the leadership of Salvini and, consequently, its votes. . Extended data can be inspected visiting web site.

Mafia capital, it investigates the beating of a financier. Marino: Rome a civil party in the process.

-Meanwhile, in the day? place the hearing of Rome’s Chief Prosecutor Giuseppe Pignatone, the Anti-mafia Parliamentary Commission. In this major operation, others will follow shortly, said the magistrate. Pignatone has also made it known that the city of Rome has suspended one race for 25 million on Ater why? loomed a reliance on societ? by Buzzi. There might be – did know yet-a request for procurement Commissioner if it deemed Canton?. -Meanwhile, the Mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino, in qualit? of legal pro tempore of Roma Capitale has signed today formalizes the Act whereby the Prosecutor’s Office in Rome, the establishment of which the offense, in case that will be? established by Massimo Carminati and others. The Act specifies that the position of Roma Capitale? made also in view of the future Constitution of civil administration party in criminal proceedings, to obtain compensation for moral and material damage resulting from the offences for which we proceed, who see the city as the offense and damaged. The Mayor of Rome will be? the anti-Mafia Commission heard Wednesday? neighbor. -It’s Wednesday? in the high security wing of the prison in Nuoro and Badu Carros Salvatore, Buzzi, one of the main suspects in the investigation Mafia Capital together with Massimo Carminati, who has led in recent days to dozens of arrests. Buzzi, who? arrived in Sardinia aboard a scheduled flight,? prison inmate nuorese under high security, on charges under article 416 bis (Association for Mafia conspiracy), along with other prisoners considered dangerous. For now? the only exponent of the investigation moved to Sardinia and the choice of Nuoro? been dictated the need to probably keep him far from the main locations of the survey. For this? the Badu’s prison and Carros instead? Regina Coeli where other detainees are suspects of the operation called middle world. Buzzi? looked at from the perspective of the prison staff of Nuoro. . For more on this matter click