EUROBIKE: make your cycling life easier.

The developers of Pedelecs and conventional bicycles also intensively seek alternatives to make sure the wheels. The start up You Mozum example secures his cruiser as motorcycles, namely by steering lock. The company Klever combines an integrated frame lock on the front wheel with an electronic fuse. The display of the electric bike can be removed. Stick it in your pocket, automatically blocks the rear wheel if someone wants to push aside the wheel. The combination of the frame and display is however only intended for the short stop at the bakery. The bicycle positioning by GPS has made in July at the latest, A few manufacturers sit up. Back then was the message through the media, that the owner of one of Stromer ST2 had recovered his stolen bike exactly in this way. It was been stolen from him in the night. Since he Not yet had enabled the ST2 app on his phone, his dealer about the app was looking for the wheel. The next morning the two it located in an industrial area and informed the police. The officials found the wheel in a container alongside other stolen wheels. Stromer shows the electric bike with the GPS technology on EUROBIKE. On the test track, the Trikes by HP Velotechnik fell again and again these days. For one thing, because they were fast and agile, on the other hand their riders have honking. Thus they made freely the way. If they just had a horn in the pocket or the Horn as standard is attached to the cockpit, I experience today. . Main facts may be studied clicking this

Sechsjähriger, it’s better to abuse.

The age of six had been discovered badly injured on a playground in Upgant-SCHOTT on 21 August. She was reassigned in a coma and is now again awake, according to the police. The investigators arrested a few days after the crime an 18-year-old, who admitted the offence. He’s due to attempted manslaughter and sexual abuse in custody. In their statement issued together with the victim protection organization white ring, thanked their parents for the help of also of the media in the investigations. They also asked: Please don’t try to contact us or our family. Should it To give further developments, we go again with an explanation to the public. But at the moment we need our strength and that of our family for our little girl. For parents, it is conceivable that it looks similar to the family of the offender. In addition to the thanks to all helpers, parents focused especially on the children who found the age of six. A very special thanks goes to the three children, who have found our daughter: you did everything right! For extra facts regarding this matter visit link.

The XV of France seeks blood 9 for his attack.

One year from the world-2015, the XV of France still waiting conductor of his attack, with half a dozen suitors to the position of N. 9, among which the established players and others which could redistribute the deal. + THE old Morgan PARRA (Clermont/25 years/56 salt) and Maxime MACHENAUD (Racing – Metro 25 years/18 salt) have been the preferred options of the era Saint-André, for so far disappointing results. Morgan, is the one who has the most experience, it is a good leader of men, a goalscorer and a fine technician, judge the former Scrum half of the XV de France Guy Accoceberry (19 salt between 1994 and 1997). Its single small defect it is less efficient defensively than some of its competitors, he says, regretting also that the Clermontois, author of a 2013-2014 fiscal year fair with his club, has lost a bit of its spontaneity. Expected as a natural leader in the light of its past in blue, Parra has apparently struggling to impose itself in this role. To the disappointment of the framework. Machenaud, he has all the qualities dixit Aubin Hueber, another former No. 9 of the Blues (22 salt between 1990 and 2000). It’s a puncher, a very good defender and he has a good password. But Max is struggling to prove as a pack leader. It has a game clean but very academic, who lack imagination, Accoceberry. During its last outings in blue, Machenaud also was seen trolling, sticky hard ball while game times multiplied. A deficit that could be resolved by beaches of rest more but also by the gradual transformation of the game of Racing, more turned to the offensive. + THOSE who might Bousculersebastien TILLOUS – BORDE (Toulon/29 years/8 salt) should be tested in the November tests, after failing for no tour in June. Champion of France and double champion of Europe with the RCT, Tillous-Borde pays first inability to whacked, forcing it a be associated with a N. 10 able to take this responsibility,. which is not the case of Rémi Tales, for the instant position holder. It of his great fault, admits Accoceberry. But it is a huge supporter, a smart boy who grew at Toulon by the dint of rub shoulders with high level players. Chunky (1.75 m, 96 kg), he likes to attack the line, like a 9th front, dixit Hueber. And it is also distinguished by its management skills, particularly interesting framing the Blues claimed a hinge capable of mastering more highlights and low times. Rory KOCKOTT (Castres/28 years/0 salt) is the great unknown. The South African is the supervisor of the title of CO in 2013 and has a priori perfect for international palette. Eligible since July 1, it could be tested by PSA. It is the most complete, says Accoceberry. Co, it has the freedom to undertake, he plays a lot of balloons for him. It could be a good choice if one left in the world in the context of a game restrictive, based on conquest, defence and Kockott. But it would disappoint me, continued the former Béglais. It is one of the able to take individual out of schemes and play instinct N. 9, pleads for his part Hayek, believing that Kockott deserves to be tried. But convene the South African could do cringe by sending an additional negative message to the French training, while there is a reservoir of players to try, dixit Accoceberry. + AS WELL AS,. Jean-Marc DOUSSAIN (Toulouse/23 years/10 salt), versatile 9 and 10, now seems a default option after a tournament-2014 where its slow performance eventually prove fatal. Scorer, solid defensively and magnet attack line, it has certainly some guarantees. But he must still prove to be very high level. Jonathan PELISSIE (Montpellier/26 years/1 salt) could he have another chance after having been integrated into the Group during tests by November 2013. Injured then he was unable to confirm. Good goalscorer, he is probably the best ejector and its speed makes it a valuable asset. But the physics held at the international level? Root facts can be found clicking the following reference.

IMF worried about the serious economic impact of Ebola in West Africa.

The IMF expressed concern Thursday of the severe economic and social impact of the Ebola virus in three affected West African countries hit by the epidemic, adding study the release of additional financial assistance. The Ebola outbreak was a severe economic and social impact in three already fragile countries of West Africa: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, said international monetary Fund spokesman Gerry Rice at a press conference in Washington. The balance sheet of the Ebola epidemic that started early 2014 in Guinea has exceeded 1. 500 dead in West Africa, according to the World Health (who) Organization, binding the countries of the region to take drastic measures to try to contain its spread. At this stage, it is clear that economic growth will significantly slow down in these three countries and important financing needs are likely to emerge, said Dr. Rice, ensuring that Fund teams are actively working to more accurately assess the impact of the epidemic. According to Mr. Rice, the spread of the Ebola virus risk to jump the poverty and increase food insecurity in the region while affecting employment in the key sector of agriculture. Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone have already all three programs of assistance from the Fund dedicated to poor countries but the experts of the Fund are currently working to assess what additional funding may be required, said Mr. Rice. Mid-August, the World Food Programme of the United Nations announced that it would expand its interventions to one million people in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea to prevent a food crisis related to Ebola. WHO has meanwhile announced a plan to combat the epidemic of 100 million dollars while the World Bank raised 200 million dollars in emergency. The current outbreak of Ebola is the most serious since the outbreak of the haemorrhagic fever in 1976 in the former Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo). . Extended text can be read checking web site.

Syria: 43 peacekeepers detained by an armed group.

Forty-three UN peacekeepers are held for a few hours by an "armed group" on the plateau of the Golan Heights, officials said Thursday the United Nations. These peacekeepers were captured as a result of violent fighting between the Syrian army and the Syrian armed opposition groups, said the spokesman for the United Nations Stéphane Dujarric. The captured soldiers belong to the strength of the United Nations Disengagement of Syrian forces (UNDOF), created in 1974 by the United Nations to oversee the implementation of the ceasefire between Israeli and Syrian forces on the plateau of the Golan, born as a result of the 1973 Yom Kippur war. It does not know the identity of the armed group nor the nationality of the peacekeepers involved. The UNDOF has some 1. 200 troops from six countries (India, Fiji, Philippines, Ireland, Netherlands, Nepal). This is the third time that members of the Force of the United Nations are thus taken hostage by Syrian opponents in this region. In previous incidents in March and in may 2013, the peacekeepers had been released after a few days unharmed. In addition to the detention of 43 members of the UNDOF, 81 other peacekeepers are "prevented from leaving their positions" near two other localities in the Golan, said Mr. Dujarric. "The United Nations made every effort to secure the release of the detained peacekeepers and restore the freedom of movement of members of the Force throughout its area of operation", he said. The Syrian branch of Al-Qaida and rebel groups had taken Wednesday to the Syrian army the Quneitra crossing, linking the Syrian side of the Golan and the occupied by Israel, according to the Syrian Observatory of the rights of man (OSDH). "Front Al-Dhanub and other rebel groups have taken the Quneitra crossing and fighting with the Syrian army continues to rage in the region," according to the Director of the OSDH Rami Abdel Rahmane, which included 20 soldiers and four rebels killed. . Main facts can be found clicking this web site.

Justice, Government at work on the latest nodes. The Deputy Minister Costa: «not too distant “Positions.

Positions «not coincident, but not too far away. " The Deputy Minister of Justice, Enrico Costa (Ncd), douses the flames of controversy among the allies of justice reform that governosulla will arrive tomorrow in the Council of Ministers. And, waiting for the Party Summit convened in the afternoon, stresses that the New Center represents the protective nature of the majority ‘ soul, convinced that one should not "weaken the collateral only process to allow faster». Interceptions and pre-trial detention, as Fabrizio Cicchitto, are nodes that Ncd seeks to dissolve immediately, "otherwise it wouldn’t be a reform but a counter-reform». Nodes that must now come to roost, in two face-to-face premier Matteo Renzi: with Justice Minister Andrea Orlando and tonight, with the head of State Giorgio Napolitano. Recent meetings between Orlando and the opposition parties has hampered the Coast just to the Minister via Arenula Andrea Orlando concluded the last meetings with the opposition, brothers of Italy and SEL. A "substantially positive" Summit for Edmondo Cirielli (Fdi), which he recorded with the Government on some points (changes on prescription, the reintroduction of false accounting and the introduction of laundering) and puzzlement on others, such as ‘ shy ‘ about the limits to the publication of wiretaps. Cirielli shares with Arturo Scotto (Sel) the promotion of Orlando-a comparison to 360 degrees-although Scotto stressed that justice is taking place "a competition Alfano-Berlusconi that could produce chaos." The Wsj: snail courts hinder the economy ‘ up by Italian courts snail slow the economy to a myriad of ways, "writes today Giada Zampano in the Wall Street Journal. A problem that affects banks as businesses and discourages foreign investment. But-note the Wsj-’ Renzi’s efforts are likely to disappoint, "as was the case with his predecessors. Confartigianato: delays cost businesses $ 1 billion a year for three years and a month, on average, to have justice in a civil lawsuit, against 554 days of colleagues in the rest of Europe. Both the Italian entrepreneurs have to wait, with costs exceeding EUR 1 billion every year. To reckon is Confartigianato reminiscent of how to define a bankruptcy proceedings you arrive even at the age of seven. «The CEPEJ is a determining factor for the business and development, "said President Giorgio lace. The longest waits for civil proceedings in the court register in the District of Messina with 1. 992 days, followed by Salerno with 1. 919 days, with 1. 831 days, Catanzaro with 1. 703 days and Bari with 1. 484 days ago. The faster you detect in Trento with 601 days, followed by Trieste with 656 days, Turin (666 days), Milan (739 days), Brescia (818 days ago). Long waits even in Catania (1.320 days on average), Perugia (1.292 days), in Naples (1.240). In Rome expects an average of 1. 074 days, compared with 739 days in Milan and Turin 666. Doubts by Anf: risk flop for the backward measures If the claims of the parties mainly concern the criminal standards, the national forensic Association, by the mouth of Secretary Esther Perifano, expresses concerns on the measures envisaged to reduce the enormous backlog of civil. The possible close on appeal and on appeal-underlines Perifano-’ go in rut, path already in bankruptcy, of trying to intervene on the numbers, to the detriment of protection: it always goes more towards an authoritarian process». Online, continues the Anf, with assistance of the last twenty years but "they produced results poor and unsatisfactory". Attention should be directed elsewhere: «Serve investment: more judges with pay scale; more stationery staff; more funds to operate the electronic civil process». . Root facts can be found reading this

Ebola, in Nigeria the first death outside of Lagos.

It is the first death due to the Ebola virus out from Lagos, Nigeria: a doctor who contracted the virus died in the city of Port Harcourt in the South East of Nigeria. The Nigerian authorities announced, indicating that this is the first case of death from Ebola found outside Lagos: according to Minister of health Onyebuchi Chukwu, the doctor died on 22 August after developing the disease to have completed treatment for a patient who had been in contact with the first case of Ebola in NigeriaLiberian died in a Lagos on July 25. This is the sixth victim of the virus in Nigeria, for a total of 15 confirmed cases, according to a new assessment of the Ministry of health. The disease was introduced into the country on July 20 by a Liberian civil servant died in Lagos five days later.   Barcelona meanwhile has been detected a possible Ebola case on a 38-year-old man admitted last night to investigate "Hospital Clinic". The patient, the Catalan authorities, was being treated at the hospital Vall d’hebron and was transferred to an isolation room for infectious diseases to «Clinic», as well as provides the Protocol for suspicious cases. Blood samples of the patient are tati sent to National Center for Microbiology Majadahonda Madrid and the results are expected within the next 48 hours.   The Ebola epidemic continues to accelerate, according to the World Health Organization the total number of confirmed and probable cases in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone climbed to 3. 069, with 1. 552 deaths. An epidemic remained "out of control for months ‘ is the location of Médecins sans Frontières, which notes that the international health community we’ve put too much time to react.   Anja Wolz, operator of the French NGO doctors without borders, worked for 7 weeks as nurse coordinator in a service center in Kailahun district, Sierra Leone. He lived ‘ face to face ‘ with Ebola and condemned in no uncertain terms the flaws in the management of an emergency which worsens by the hour. His testimony is reported in the journal "Nejm": "every day we see people dying-explains the Msf worker." Surely die of Ebola, but are not counted by the Ministry of health because the cause was not confirmed by laboratory tests. The epidemiological surveillance system is dysfunctional. We need to define the chain of infections to stop, but we lack key data».   . You can check the following to learn more regarding this interesting subject.

Enzo Baldoni, who was killed in Iraq and insulted in Italy.

Enzo Baldoni, publicist and contributor of the weekly Diario, had died ten years ago, kidnapped and murdered by the Islamic army in Iraq. But still the controversy over his death have not dulled. Stay open, in fact, three fronts. The first is the behavior of Maurizio Sadman, then Commissioner of the Italian Red Cross. The second is the task of the security services, then polluted by the clique of Pio Pompa. The third is the role of the press, which decried Enzo and became a tool of misinformation. Sadman threat even today to sue the Enzo’s wife, Giusy Bonsignore, who dared to remember in an interview with Mr Republic Cri "spread false news they wanted Enzo around looking for impossible interviews". Yet that’s exactly what Sadman did. Enzo was kidnapped Friday, August 20, 2004, while he was at the head of a column of the Croce rossa italiana: thanks to her old friendship with the Chief of Mission in Baghdad, Beppe De Santis, had managed to persuade him to bring aid to the people of Najaf under siege by the Americans. On the return journey, an explosion stopped his car. The column of the Cri continued, not to expose themselves to the risk of a full attack, while Enzo was kidnapped. But Baldoni, capocolonna, was under the flag considered safest in the world. Sadman knew it had not given its authorization for the mission. Yet Monday, August 23, three days after the Rapture, when the mortuary of Iskandariya was already found the lifeless body of the driver of Baldoni, Ghareeb, Sadman from Rimini Meeting declared: "the fact that there was the body of Baldoni, leads us to think that Baldoni is elsewhere. Let us hope that it is around to make those scoop that so much love "(USA today, August 23, at 17.37). On the same wavelength as a part of the press, leading lights Vittorio Feltri and Renato Farina, ranging forward days on free to be ironic under titles such as "smart Holiday" and "The pacifist with kalashnikov". On 22 August, the Republic, Luca Fazzo writes that "If Baldoni riapparisse, says one of the men that in these hours are to save him, would he be having some explanation". A couple of years later we realized: it was to work on Earthquakes of Niccolo Pollari, with the Office of disinformation via Nazionale led by Pio Pompa, with a payroll agent "birch". When Enzo was killed, 26 August, the denigration orchestrated by turned into information intoxication: newspapers, dictation, wrote a (non-existent) in which Baldoni rebelled against his captors, and killed, just as the men of the Sismi "you dannavano to save it". "An authoritative source" intelligence tells Ansa that Enzo’s release seemed to thing done, but then everything crashed to an unpredictable fact happened on the spot ". Who knows what. "Birch" is more imaginative, manages to describe the video that hasn’t seen and that there is: "to 18 on Thursday, at the expiry of the ultimatum, Enzo is blindfolded and. , Baldoni is ripping the blindfold, he throws the Palestinian Keffiyeh had put I. And it takes to ,. While Enzo writhes and screams, the shooting in the back, the head ". Then the efficiency of Sadman, who was given hands and feet to a former Saddam official, Abu Karrar, was in search of the body: the remains were delivered to the family only six years later by Ros. But now, ten years, who knows should mention. New (?) security services could thin out the shadows. Renzi, who announced it would shed light on the great mysteries of Italy, could at least thin out small, painful mystery of Enzo’s death. . Similar information can be read checking page.

Between volcanoes and tsunami lost map of the abyss.

A rainy evening, poking in the shelves of the library, in the corridor between my apartment and the fanalista, I found a map rolled up in a cardboard cylinder. The apersi on the kitchen table, I gazed at the sides with the books and lit the lamp. Below the inscription in capital letters Structural-kinematic map, my piece of the Mediterranean will extend 1: 500 scale. 000 in a Symphony of colors that seemed to sum up all the wonders of creation: from red to gray-mouse Vermillion and cadmium yellow, by Prussian blue to blue and burnt sienna. At the center of a meticulous plot of isohypse isobaths, even my island showed, along with the neighbouring archipelagoes. The captions were legend, alongside coloured rectangles, words like Cobblestone area, middle-late pliocene Chains or Hercynian basement, which played to my ears like the murmur of a woman in love. The whole plan was crisscrossed by fault lines, red, black, green or orange, pea and the lighthouse of the Cyclops appeared in the middle of that obscure Deep dance. And while terrible pressures, giver of earthquakes, materialized a bit from all directions (Italy, Balkans, especially North Africa), the other half of the world-backdrops-unveiled its crazy morphology: chains of submerged mountains, depths of 3,000 metres, extinct volcanoes, cliffs to the water. Passed the initial enchantment, I tried to go into detail with patience. More scavavo, and the more I found: the map unveiled a wonder after another. From losing his head, and especially sleep. A deep bench Individuai twenty-five arms, who knew then perfect for la lampara, the hunt for new moon to mackerel and sardines. The surroundings of the island were dotted with dried blessed by vessels, but feared by sailboats too casual, which threatened to get the drift. I tried until late at night. In the upper left corner of the map, thirty miles to the Northwest, in the middle of nowhere, was a rock left, made of lava, marked as pitfall already in the ancient sailing directions, an outcrop that has always made me crazy the compasses, but around which, in the right season, you could see the cod in water. Fifty miles to the northeast of the island, it opened a pit, the pit well known deep-sea fishermen. Rimini skipper Fabio Flowers I had spoken as a kind of uterus which, despite the outrages of modernity, continued to give formidable fish. Slowly, the tabloid headlines about the reasons of ancient fertility of that sea. The Almighty had put my island at the center of a potentially inexhaustible reproductive basin. It occurred to me that Antonio Mallardi, batsman of Aegean and Ionian Islands, the Dodecanese as apart from Cyprus, when he learned my destination, I had recommended to bring me behind histories of Herodotus from Halicarnassus and Orca Orcynus di Stefano D’arrigo dedicated to seas of Sicily, but immediately afterwards, like a ravenous hunting instinct of awakening, I had explained how to catch Octopus and especially how to kill with a bite between his eyes. Then sbattili-commuovendosi-sbattili had said I recommend, with all the force of your push, on a smooth rock for at least fifty times, then close them in a basket and sbattili again, and again, to soften the flesh. Listening to the joy of his instructions, I hadn’t had the courage to tell him that, some years earlier, caught an Octopus, I had it thrown back in the water after having gazed into my eyes. Intelligent gaze, had almost from mammal; and since most pescai in my life. You’ll find fish that no longer exist, I had not confided without envy my friend Leonidas, Greek of Messinia and large predator into retirement before they depart for my adventure. Had whispered: you’ll see, Pavlos! Red mullet, snapper, croaker, congers, morays, lobsters, sargos and octopuses etc, And then began with a litany of place names, things like Mondefusta, St. Nicholas, Diomedes, Salamander. Names that now found in the blue-green on the bottom of the map. The next day the building told me a nice story. Until the thirties of the twentieth century, to gain the best hunting areas around the island of the Cyclops, the inhabitants of the archipelago had given birth to a race. The boat that won conquered the first choice. Were robust boats lateen sail, but this time it was only oars, with stroke standing at the Venetian. A race for real men, that lasted from dawn to dusk, fifteen hours to forty miles, more or less seventy kilometers. I outlined in pencil the crossing and annotai route alongside Nicholas instructions. Until the 18th century the race was held under the escort of a military ship, the Dawn Treader or jail, to ensure protection against pirates. In the 19th century came the great season of canned sardines, which enriched hundreds of families. But with steamships and ocean fisheries, competition was the hunger for the canning industry in the area, and thousands of Islanders were forced to emigrate to America. Slowly I discovered the direction of currents and the tides. I learned the direction of prevailing winds, grazing fields of fish, the most treacherous Straits between the Islands, the millimeter accuracy of fish migrations. I knew that in an island 50 miles there was a Bay where the mistral wind combined with tide, could generate small tsunamis and beat the mainland fishing boats for thirty, forty meters. And annotai all, meticulously, on parchment. Navigate with the imagination was a thousand times better than grope on the web, or neuter my ramblings with the shortcut to a search engine. Certain nights of strong wind, was even better than navigate at sea. (22. continues). For additional data on this matter read article.

Year Vignette: Dobrindt rejects criticism of toll plans.

Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt has rejected criticism of its toll plans from the North Rhine-Westphalian CDU. By providing infrastructure, it is To give no effect on border crossings, the CSU politician told the Rheinische post (Thursday). In Bavaria, for years, you know this situation with Austria just vice versa. But even took to the border in recent years. The people in the border regions would be on many occasions after Germany, for example for holidays, she visited friends or made trips. Just because the year vignette worth already. A toll on all roads we reject, because we believe that this would violation of the coalition agreement, said Chairman of the largest with 63 deputies CDU land group in the Bundestag, Peter Hintze, the News Agency dpa in Berlin. The CDU deputies wanted to search the conversation with Dobrindt now. We are interested in a constructive solution. This Dobrindts would have to be a change of plans but at central points. . Extended text can be inspected checking