Obama will eat sushi 3 stars in the Japanese subway

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For once, Barack Obama did not order, literally as well as figuratively: he eats what Jiro Ono, sushi teacher of 88 years, may wish to give him. So no menu in this tiny place of 24 places. No silver or crystal either to Sukiyabashi for one who is more accustomed to lavish receptions and gala dinners: the restaurant, minimalist, even spartan decor, is located in the basement of a building in central Tokyo giving. . . in a subway station.

But that does not discourage person must book months in advance to expect the taste of sushi Rolls-Royce, which has three prestigious Michelin stars since its inception in 2008 Japanese edition. "The master Jiro Ono left creates the finest sushi with fast and fluid movements," wrote the guide in 2012. Moreover, it is registered in the Guinness Book of Records for being the oldest chief three Michelin stars.

This perpetual quest for perfection of master chef, who fashions for over half a century, has even been an American documentary 2011: Jiro dreams of sushi. We see Jiro Ono buy her the world's largest fish every morning at the famous Tsukiji market, and not in anyone: it takes only in a very limited number of suppliers. Check izvestia.me if you want to read more

The million dollar question at Merkel: Does it help cancer medicine in the genome gold rush

Junk DNA formally abandoned in PostGenetics

The ultimate weapon in this new campaign against cancer is genome sequencing. The more molecular information is collected, the philosophy, the better to seek treatment for the tumors. At the neighboring National Center for Tumor Diseases, the great Scion of the DKFZ in which the university hospitals were brought on board and thus the research on patients, 2013, the genomes of more than 2000 cancer patients has already been deciphered. The potential is 7000 genomes per year. "We are already the second largest Sequenzierzentrum Europe," says Wiestler, but with the 14 current high-performance devices comes up against its limits. The genome of a patient is fully deciphered today in less than two weeks, the cost per patient amounted, in the calculation of energy and personnel costs, to several thousand euros.

Currently you are dealing in Heidelberg with the U.S. firm Illumina through a partnership and new, six times faster Sequenzierroboter. Critics believe the roast with the new generation of devices not yet entirely ("Nature", doi:.. 10th 1038/nature 2014 14530), but Wiestler sees the partnership as a huge opportunity, work your way up to one of four or five cancer genome centers in the world. The aim is to quadruple the sequencing capacity. This requires about ten of the new Illumina X Ten apparatus with a cost per unit of approximately ten million dollars. Wiestler has the DKFZ since he took over the issue of oncological no less visionary Nobel Laureate Harald zur Hausen ten years ago, missed a massive growth. With more than 3,000 employees, the workforce has grown. "Development partnerships" with companies such as Roche, Siemens, SAP, Bayer HealthCare and many smaller companies has built up, so the researchers going no high-tech and at the same patient at least come quickly to new therapies and diagnostics in studies Wiestler.

In fact, the DKFZ has become a national hub for cancer medicine. But that's not enough Wiestler. "Bigger is better" is his motto – and sings the song in the industry. Will be only when the genomes of thousands, millions of cancer patients decoded and compared with each other, one expects to have enough hedged molecular approaches found to treat every cancer patient individually and effectively. The bioinformatics needs to be increased to. In Paris, Amsterdam, Cambridge – everywhere is expanded. They all dream of a finale in the fight against cancer. izvestia.me to learn more

Host country of the 2022 World Cup – housemaids in Qatar are beaten and abused

Qatar World Cup 2022: FIFA reformer calls for vote rerun - CNN.

The human rights organization Amnesty International has accused the Emirate of Qatar before serious failure in the protection of foreign domestic workers. In a study published Wednesday with the title "My sleep is my break" is of massive exploitation, forced labor, physical, partly sexual violence mentioned. The host country of the World Cup in 2022 is thus on the working conditions on Baustellenerneut in the criticism.

Amnesty staffer Audrey Gaughran criticized the root of the problem was a discriminatory system, the women refuse basic protection. Women who show sexual abuse, risk for example, that is determined against them because of extramarital relationships. This is punishable in Qatar usually with one year's imprisonment and deportation. Amnesty Calls for the crime of the so-called illicit relations in Qatar will be abolished.

According to the organization are currently at least 84 000 foreign domestic workers working in the Emirate, most of South and Southeast Asia. Accordance with their legislation, there are no restrictions on working time and they are not entitled to days off. Escape usually means at the same time designation: For as in other Gulf states also applies in Qatar a "sponsor" system. Accordingly, the chefs vouch for their employees, work permit and residence are coupled to the employer. izvestia.me

Feminism book “Tussikratie”: Now we assume

Feminism, uff. It is hard to get started in this great theme. You can just so incredibly much go wrong. If you approach him playfully, one runs the risk of being considered ignorant of the harsh reality. If you try it on a concrete example, it feels as reducing to a multi-faceted phenomenon inadmissible on one aspect. If one begins with a steep thesis, one automatically draws anger on himself.

"Tussikratie", so have the two journalists, both in their early thirties, called her book. What do you understand by the term, they explain already in blurb: 1 A pseudo-feminist, but actually sexist discourse domination. 2 A view of the world in which men a) sad accessory or b) are powerful opponents. 3 The obfuscation of class differences as a women's problem. This crisp bullet, surrounded by neon-orange and black, makes a focus slobbering on a payroll, to a polemic.

Unfortunately, according to their observation, the basic structure remained present but too often untouched, it would always just about to award the new power – and to the women. Asked bluntly: What's in it when a man takes a woman sitting on a executive chair, but their underlings bullied the same way? izvestia.me to discover more

Asia travel to the U.S. President: Eight days, four countries, many problems

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Obama wants this TPP-called free trade agreements necessarily, it even has precedence over the free trade agreement with the EU. The reason is, according to Michael Green, Asia deputy director at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), is that it offers "so many ways to define trading rules by which America can export more goods than before in the growing Asian market ".

But it is important to circumnavigate more delicate cliffs explains Green. Thus, the relations between Japan and South Korea could hardly be worse than currently – even if Obama had brought it two months ago on the edge of the nuclear summit in The Hague at a tripartite meeting. Now he visited consecutively Tokyo and Seoul, and no one should feel better or worse treated by him.

On the other hand, Japan and China currently arguing about some small uninhabited islands, and this in a way and focus that brings to mind many historians to the dispute between France, England and Germany, who had gemündet 100 years ago in the First World War. "In this situation, the correct answer would the USA: We are on the side of Japan and we will try together with China to find the diplomatic channel, a solution that does not require military and economic sanctions," said Green, who, by 2004, the Bush administration worked.

As for Malaysia, the observers in the U.S. are particularly anxious to see if and how sharp the U.S. president is criticizing its government for its handling of the detained opposition leader. Ultimately, however, the White House knows that all four host countries – and of course China, which Obama wants to visit in the fall – is currently a closely observe above all: the handling of the U.S. government with Ukraine-Crimea crisis. You can read more on this topic here izvestia.me

Mussolini inaugurated the collar light of Forza Italy

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Alessandra Mussolini has accustomed us to the vagaries and surprises, but not all would have expected his new gimmick for the election campaign in the upcoming European elections. The Italian parliamentary strength to everyone's surprise occurred in the studies of a broadcast on Sky TG24 with a belt, where it appeared the LED neon Forza Italy. Alessandra Mussolini showed off the eye-catching accessory both in life, like a real belt, which at the neck, as a sort of collar bright. The Parliamentary face the question of who was home, he explained that the news is for the party's election campaign in the upcoming European elections.

"One way to adapt to the times" – Mussolini called ironically his belt / necklace with the mini display as a way to "adapt to the times." In practice, at a difficult time for anyone to start campaigning this might be a good way to not go unnoticed, and to make it clear, if there was any doubt, the party affiliation. Definitely a unique way to attract attention and be talked about and maybe that could be the beginning of a new style of campaigning. Discover more izvestia.me

10:05:00 – Mafia / Arlacchi, Falcone said, " " for Buscetta Andreotti real boss

"In 85 Judge Falcone told me he had learned from Buscetta who the real boss of the Mafia was Giulio Andreotti." This was stated by the professor Pino Arlacchi, a consultant from the DIA at the time of the massacres of '92 and 93, placing the process "Borsellino c" underway in Caltanissetta. "The second component adreottiama me and Falcone, was connected to Sisde and Bruno Contrada. Was him, the former 007, the head of this part of the state that rowed against," he said in court Arlacchi, and claimed: "With Falcone we talked about it often. For example, shortly after the failed attempt all'Addaura, Falcone said to me, you'll start to laugh but I think it was the first person that rang me after the attack, that the Prime Minister Andreotti., and I ' fell down 'a shiver down my spine. Andreotti our belief that this veneer on a leading role, it was also revealed by the findings that led to the maxi process. however-he said the heads-up on when there was no conclusive evidence, Falcone was opposed to a process. then the development of the surveys conducted by both Falcone by other investigators that they all went in the same direction. " Arlacchi also reported in the classroom, a former CIA agent told him that "there were several meetings between Andreotti and some mafia bosses. Andreotti In the study there were some bugs." izvestia.me to learn more

Football clubs in the ongoing dispute – Bayern boss Rummenigge announced “Ice Age” with BVB

Until the Bayern back may measure sporty with BVB, it still takes a few weeks. On May 17, the two best German clubs are in the final of the DFB Cup against – it is an expected duel with a lot of tension. Because the BVB played so much that the team of coach Jürgen Klopp be trusted a victory in Berlin. And because it's between the two industry leaders as much as never crackles.

In recent weeks, a verbal war of words had developed, alternately refilled again and again in between the clubs. Now Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge says in the "sports figure", you need "no peace summit and no more meetings" with BVB. "By that I mean that in the future no more food takes place prior to the Bundesliga games. This is perhaps a more honest approach than if you meet while each his – insured esteem – not existing. " Continue reading izvestia.me

Exchange of embryos, handling test tubes from at least 3 people. The Nas scanning documents

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Today, Nas began their investigations by acquiring all of the documentation on the case which now sees a couple expecting twins who have a genetic makeup that is different from the other but compatible with that of another copy being treated at the same center. A human error which would contest a chain of health care, or who has had to deal with test tubes exchanged: therefore investigations are under way to trace who performed the sampling, who has cataloged and stored the tubes and those who have operated to perform the installation on the woman. All medical personnel who work in the facility that is dedicated to medically assisted procreation in Roman hospital. The exchange was also aided by an almost homonyms in the surnames, and, as has been established by the controls of the commission headed by geneticist Giuseppe Novelli, a woman finds herself now pregnant with twins whose biological parents are others. On the latter, however, the procedure of artificial insemination has not had good end. The two couples at the center will be heard by the police of that Nas could also summon three other couples who were in the hospital Sandro Pertini in the days of the exchange (ie, the session between 4 and December 6, 2013): of these, one expects a child genetically compatible with the man and the woman, while the other two the procedure was not successful. On another the Rome prosecutor has opened an investigation following the complaint lodged by a sixth pair is not involved in the exchange in question because it is subjected to the procedure on different days. At the moment the file opened by the Prosecutor would no suspects and no offense: realistic to predict, by the two couples involved directly in the exchange, a kind of civil proceedings for compensation. Meanwhile, the Center Pertini, which for now does not welcome new couples, have introduced new and more stringent security measures to prevent future errors of this new type: the next patients who will undergo the procedure of artificial insemination will assign you a unambiguous identification code and not more than three candidates at a time moms will be treated in the same day. Finally, at the head of the structure, which at the time was assigned to the primary caretaker of the entire department, was appointed a new manager, the gynecologist Emilio Pittarelli. Here you can izvestia.me

Mackerel: Iceland announces quota “moderate” and “responsible” for 2014

The Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture of Iceland announced Tuesday in a statement its mackerel quota for 2014 at 147.57 tons, believing that this quota is "moderate" and "responsible". In total, this represents a share of 16.6% of the catch of mackerel recommended by the International Centre for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), the ministry said. "Our quota of mackerel in 2014 supports the efforts of Iceland to preserve the stock (…), which should be the goal of long-term management," commented Minister Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson, said in the statement. This share also represents 11.9% of recently decided by the European Union, Norway and the Faroe Islands, up to 1, 24 million tonnes quota. Iceland has again expressed disappointment at the Tripartite Agreement for a period of 5 years mid-March signed between the European Union, Norway and the Faroe Islands, leaving aside. In response, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson, was then considered that the agreement had been made "in [the] back" Iceland. "We were ready to negotiate us through an agreement between all coastal States," said Mr. Johannsson. "We must continue to work as partners, first and foremost to ensure the sustainable use of the mackerel stock, [keeping] the long-term interests in mind," said he said. The EU and Norway initially opposed to Iceland and Faroe, an autonomous Danish territory in fisheries management, since both countries have unilaterally raised their fishing quotas in 2010, claiming that these fish have migrated more north as a result of global warming. Discover more izvestia.me