My friend? You’ve got a nerve.

The Swede had quite casually mentioned it when we were talking in a bar of music: live with him in the district a somewhat whimsical old type that run a strange business, his name is Izzy. At night he sent yet a SMS with the opening hours of the shop which he had read on his way home on his window: "open noon to six p. m.". At the next lunch so I run up the hill from the Stockholm lock, cemeteries and at Cafés along the streets of Södermalm. The Wollmar Yxkullsgatan seen over almost the inconspicuous corner shop, whose Windows are old books, but there it is then a simple sign: "Izzy Young – folklore Centrum". The door is open, the store is empty. Well, load: it is rather a large room with many chairs, whose Wände bookshelves and collect folders of all colors and ages are lined, bear inscriptions such as "Banjo", "Dulcimer" and "Ukulele". Right in the corner is a small writing desk with a very old computer, its screen with marker inscriptions is dotted and full of paper sticking. I enter under loud knocking. A man from the back comes after some waiting. He wears a kind of Boy Scout shirt, a thick notebook stuck in his breast pocket, and a Covenant with large key around his neck. The face is a long story in itself, the hairs are slightly confused. From embarrassment, I make the mistake of asking: "so you’re Izzy?" He looks up to: "Do you see anyone else around?" Then he muttering a set in which the F-word appears (which he incidentally very often used, but with him it sounds rather casually friendly, not hard), and followed by: "I’m not on organization, you know!" Israel Goodman Young is perhaps no organization, but he is an institution. And she actually heard MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village in New York City. Since his first opened in 1957 "folklore Center", a place for the promotion and archiving of traditional music, where you could buy guitar strings or entire instruments, plates and books. Above all but invited the place to stay, and soon everyone was there and had anything with folk on the hat. About Alan Lomax, the great sound Archivist, but also featured Harry Belafonte, Pete Seeger, of course later Joni Mitchell and Tim Buckley. In November 1961, young organized the first New York concert of a certain Bob Dylan in a side room of the Carnegie Hall – there were 52 people, a financial disaster. The still little-known Bob Dylan hacked Izzy in February 1962 a song called "talking folklore Center" was in the typewriter, which at the same time advertising the story of arrival in crazy New York and also a kind – jingle for the all accessible place: "you don’t have to own a Cadillac car / or a nine-hundred-fifty-two dollar guitar". . Related data can be found reading

Russian aid convoy reaches Lugansk and is unloaded.

The authorities have classified the needy groups in Lugansk, traded to the you food would be about 2000 tons, so the Russian State television. The truck convoy had set in the morning without an agreement from Kiev in movement. She crossed the border on a post, which is controlled by the separatists. Up to 12 30 am (CEST), 145 trucks had crossed the border according to Ukrainian. NachARD information has been reviewed by Ukrainian officials only 34 trucks and sealed. The population in the embattled city of Lugansk is strongly dependent on help from the outside. For at least 18 days, there is there is no running water and no electricity. Every day hundreds of refugees trying to leave the city. Therefore, the Ukrainian Government had sent relief supplies in the region. This truck already last week arrived at their destination, the charge was passed for distribution to the Red Cross. A Lithuanian diplomat was abducted and murdered in the Lugansk region. The Honorary Consul had been found shot, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry in Vilnius said. Gunmen had abducted the man a few days ago at an unknown location and killed. We condemn this crime and we hope it will be investigated and those responsible are identified and punished, said the notice. . For extra data on this subject check

Swimming: Manaudou in gold and George silver in the 100 m.

Already sacred on the relay 4 x 100 with his blue and gold cronies on 50 m butterfly, the flagship of the Marseille swimming circle is awarded his third Berlin title with authority – the last straw for those who by discovering places had not hesitated to be choosy. Party in tornadoes before his training companion Fabien Gilot, the person concerned made the race from start to finish to win in 4798. Mission accomplished! The objective was to win and if possible within 48 seconds, blew afterwards, the heart still beating wildly. It’s great to share it with Fabien because we swim all year together. No nevertheless brag to the young man of 23 years, aware that his technique remains perfect on 100 m. I does not handle properly running, recognized then on France Televisions. I do 90 m and after,. This is more me swimming! Until the end Fabien Gilot, thus able to worry him, he who in the end hard money by 4836 – his best time of the season – is two hundredths faster than the Italian Luca Leonardi. It was a very open race, responded to the dashing hot MILF, multiple champion in the relay but never medalist in individual on the international scene. Second, it is beautiful, and even if I wanted to title I’m happy. The first 15-20 m from Florent was very fast and it was not easy to challenge him. It’s nice to share this podium between French, between Marseilles,. You have a lot of respect one to the other, it will make a beautiful Marseillaise! Surely. . Root source could be studied checking this site.

Abattoirs Gad: the fate of a thousand employees in the hands of justice.

The path of judicial liquidation seems to be confirmed for the 950 employees of the slaughterhouse Gad to Josselin (Morbihan).  At the end of two hours of meeting in Comité d’Entreprise, this Friday, one of the Union representatives assured that a winding-up petition had already been filed by direction from the tribunal de commerce of Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine). A majority shareholder of the slaughterhouse, the Cecab cooperative, "formally challenged" this information, stating that the record would be filed with the tribunal "over the next week. A hearing before the commercial court should intervene "in the first days of September", according to Patrick Piguel, delegate CFDT.   This Friday, employee representatives have issued "a negative opinion (at the meeting) and hope now that a takeover bid will be made more quickly (,.)", commented Annick Le Guével, delegated CFDT.  In a statement, management justified its request as ‘a technical step and necessary legal for the finalization of a project of recovery of Gad activity’, only to "perpetuate the activity" of the slaughterhouse. It is especially the takeover bid that is expected. While Agriculture Minister Stéphane Le Foll reassured employees morbihannais in an interview on 19 August, where he announced them that the proposal for resumption of the Intermarché group, awaited, should take place by "10 to 15 days.   An announcement tempered by declarations of subsidiary "abattoirs" Intermarché, the SVA Jean Rozé, island-et-Vilaine, which estimated in a statement published last Wednesday that it was "premature to consider that a firm takeover bid (would be) soon made" anxiety of employees is even larger than Intermarché is to date the only potential buyer.  "It is our only hope," says Patrick Piguel of the CFDT.  "The time is shortened from day to day. It is necessary that Intermarché hurries to make an offer", he stressed.   . Similar data can be inspected visiting

District: Little world-champion form.

Never again football: some rural football clubs in the district, complaining about youth problems relating to Mr. Many amateur football teams from Sydney to mass Hausen complete third season playing in the lower leagues of the Danube/ISAR BFV district this weekend. Quite a few reserve teams can only run on man with eleven, because the coach recruiting veteran players have hung their boots age already on the nail. From the youth to comply with often very little staff. Many young people already cancel her footballing career in the C Рand b-youth. How does this development to a country that is world champion and Europe where most people in the stadium? The decline of young talent at the team Holledau is certainly no exception: according to statistics of the German Football Association (DFB) member of the Bavarian youth teams of 20 699 in 2008 to 17 728 in 2014 is decreasing. The online portal Football Subdivision reported that the number of the upper Bavarian youth teams have reduced in the last ten years from 450 to 387. In Lower Bavaria only 193 teams be so football suburb left. Noise mentions a mixed trend in which demographic developments would play a major role in the light of the discussions on the footballing talent shortage. He said that in the last year, for example, seven or eight new youth player at the team Holledau alone came from H̦rgertshausen. This year there was only one. This varies so greatly. The size of a new basic school year in a community is a good indicator of where one could roughly estimate the number of players. Accordingly had clubs in communities, the areas of immigration, fewer difficulties. Georg Appel is head of the football Department at the SE Freising. He says: there are simply fewer children than 20 years ago. That you must watch as hell. The SEF have no problems, but fortunately, as Appel. In the F Рand G youth, the Freising take every child, which wanted to begin playing soccer. Then, from the youth, we play in higher leagues. Since not everyone can play of course who would like to. Appel as well as noise does not believe that less football play youth due to lack of time by the G8. Rush, who teaches high school in the Stan, says: the stress at school fall only in the higher school in the weight. But since many young people had already stopped with football. Most break away in the C Рand b-youth, so noise. At this age, some young kicker would realize that they have really different interests. As a teenager, you have just often other things on my mind than football. Players who would still continue, however, even after the b-youth that play mostly in the Mr range. . Original facts may be read visiting the following website.

Rugby Pro D2: match Massy – Pau teams.

This Saturday, Massy revives the Pro D2 after a season of purgatory in f̩d̩rale 1. For their return in the antechamber of the Pro D2, the sky and black welcome the Section paloise (18 h 30) to stade Jules Ladoum̬gue. A year and a half ago, on 24 March 2013, Palois, winners in go it 37-8, largely lost in the Paris region, 44-20. Pierre Saby, Gr̩gory Coudol, Wilfried Rodrigues and Antoine Ratinaud (double) had scored five tries massicois. The victory did that extend the deadline from relegation for the promoted at the time. This Saturday, handicapped by a litany of injuries, Franciliens, handicapped by a litany of injuries (Vakaloa, Daguin, Chauveau, Mendes, Purdy, Dimartino) seek many of their summer recruits. This is particularly the case of the Italian Pablo Huete, established against his former club. The 2nd line of 24 years, author of an essay in pre-season game (against Chamb̩ry), played the last two seasons at Pau. Another great start, Pablo side, one of the former international Damien Traille (86 caps), now aged 35, tries a last adventure in Pro D2, after a decade in the Biarritz Olympique Hickey РRodrigues, s., Lilomaiava, Vailea Р(o) Latorre, (m) Coudol РMacovei, Chaplain, Marsh (Cap.) РMolitika, Huete РKuparadze, Miguel, Iapteff alternates: Dadunashvili, Ashvetia, Dellieboo, Balan, Desassis, pray, Ratinaud, Diemer. Coach: deny. Acebes РNiko, Fumat (Cap.), Traille, Hiriart Р(o) Lescamel, (m) Moa РDomolailai, Coughlan, Bernad РDry, Boutaty РNatsarashvili, Boundjema, Hurou. Subs: Campo, Fakalelu, Ramsay, Monzeglio, brands, Fajardo, Bonnet, Davies. Coach: Mannix. . Related facts can be inspected checking

Father stabs his daughters in their sleep and then tries to commit suicide. The smallest dies.

Yet another family crime in Catania. This morning, in San Giovanni la Punta, at dawn, a 47-year-old man has stabbed the two daughters of 12 and 14 years. He saved the biggest and the smallest there was nothing to do. According to the reconstruction, the man married to a woman of 43 years, he would be thrown on small while they slept in a raptus. In the House there were the other two sons of quarantasettenne, who in vain tried with all forces to restrain the father. At the time of the attack, at 7 this morning, was not present at home quarantesettenne’s wife. The man later tried to take his own life with the same knife, by obtaining a wound to the abdomen. Is now in hospital where he has undergone surgery for injuries, but as soon as the doctors allow him to be heard by investigators. You do not know the reasons that have prompted the man to attack fiercely the two daughters, it is not clear if he had plans to attack the other two sons or his wife. The police are now working to gather all the evidence needed for the investigation and to gather testimony from neighbors and family. Expects to know the fate of the 14-year-old survived the stabbing, also hospitalised in critical condition. . For more insights on this matter visit link.

Is political ecology really left?.

At a first level, that of the political parties, the ecology mainly was rejected by the left as from the right, in this sense it is neither left nor right. A second tactical level some environmentalists currents believe that we need to draw the consequences of this neither left nor right and to gather lie at the centre or even behave rather like a lobby or a Union of the environment, by avoiding issues that can divide. At a third level environmentalism refuses the Hayek catallaxy since it implies infinite growth, but does not see the only solution in the State. For details I refer to my book Nature and political. The basic problem, which published political ecology antimodern, is that freedom ecologist is nor the freedom of the modern, based on the catallaxy and therefore infinite growth, nor the freedom of the old, supposedly rooted in ‘religion’ or ‘traditions ‘. Anti-capitalism agrees in the background to give the priority to economic, and reject the rest. Yet the history of Europe is not worth generality. Anthropology and post-colonial studies show that this dichotomy is too schematic. But modern against environmentalists agreement shows that the issue is more that a mode of civilization than simply a positioning on the political chessboard. The issue is also that of universalism: what is a universal which would not generalizable to 9 billion people? Ecology is an issue of lifestyles, global, which requeries necessarily everything that has been done or thought for two centuries. Today, are the proponents of "green growth", who believe that a new regime of accumulation based on products or renewable energy is possible, wrong? If it is not enough to broadcast on the green products market so the trick, is it really impossible to produce more and more healthily? "Decay" is shocking and provocative, but it does work ideas and substantive questions, it is its virtue. ‘Green growth’ gathers, but leaves open the question of what is expected to grow, and therefore the same movement remains ambiguous in this regard. This is partly the case of ‘green capitalism’, who claimed to be responding to climate change and the collapse of biodiversity by GMOs and geoengineering. He appears as the party of innovation but is characterized by a scientist faith and repressive (in all respects) in the giant tools. Since the departure environmentalists also worry the consequences for the freedom that could have the failure to take account of ecological imbalances, resulting in populations in a situation where it would be possible for the power to suspend the freedoms on behalf of the State of emergency. You speak little of human ecology. What is your perspective on the LDC or the GPA? Can we really deplore the instrumentalization of life through GMOs and find liberating and modern the instrumentalisation of humans through medically assisted procreation and surrogacy? The preservation of the world won’t hand in hand with the preservation of civilization? The limits to put for instrumentalization of life arises in many areas, which are not limited to PMA and GMOs: livestock, the use of forests, soils, conditions of work etc. PMA has no link with environmentalism, it is essentially a problem of design of the family and the affiliation, which we know with anthropologists that they can be very variously arranged in human societies. I refer you to the biologist Jacques Testart, inventor of the fivette, which I seem to have a Green position when he suggests ways low tech for the LDCs and the GPA. For their part the GMOs are technical costly and no effect on improving the balance with nature. In the light of the confusion often made on the issue I point out also that the problem is not the manipulation itself, since the Agroecology is a practice of media, it is not expected that vegetables grow alone. The question is rather one of the effects of the manipulation, on individual and collective. More than a certain vision of nature, ecology is not first a vision of man as an individual faced with limits and not as individual consumer? Again the problem seems to be ill-posed, the question is rather whether if a few individuals have the right to appropriate vast parts of nature, binding others to live in degraded conditions. This is what is already happening with greenhouse gas emissions. Huge emissions of each are the misfortune of others. These issues are obviously out of consumption, but again remember that it is organized, if ecological information had the capabilities available to marketing and advertising, which are of the order of magnitude of expenditure on armaments around the world, the choices made by consumers would probably be very different, and it is this that oligopolies are afraid. . For additional information about this subject read

Biofuel: Straw to fuel.

A hall full of straw, it smells like freshly-scattered stall. It is hard to believe that these yellow culms in future will replace crude oil. But Nicolaus Dahmen is serious. The chemist grabs a few bottles, which are lined up on the wall. You show how many intermediate steps from the vegetable agricultural waste fuel: gasoline or diesel. Or kerosene for aircraft turbines. Or completely new fuels for the motors have to be invented yet. Nicolaus Dahmen makes straw to fuel. The smell in the Hall next door comes closer to the thing. It smells burnt. Under the influence of pressure and heat, the straw here turns into the so-called pyrolysis reactor within moments into a black liquid. Who knows what looks like crude oil which might feel reminded that. Here at the Karlsruhe Institute of technology (KIT), they speak of Biosyncrude. The Word can be translated roughly as synthetic crude of biological origin. The liquid contains 85 percent of the energy that was originally bound in the biomass straw, has still only one-tenth of the original volume. So the broth achieved roughly same energy density such as brown coal. D project manager says his Biosyncrude could be stored and transported and is about as versatile as crude from the depths of the Earth as raw material. Black greasy broth has the potential to become the commercial form of residual biomass. In other words: here is bottled the energy in bottles stuck in the remains of the farm. The KIT project is just one of over 20 projects in Germany to produce a new generation of biofuels. Unlike conventional bioethanol (as it now is mixed in E10 gasoline) new fuel should made from plant waste or at least only from such plants, the food or fodder crops compete for no arable land. So far, biofuels mostly made from corn, rapeseed, wheat or sugar cane, which then lack in the food production is created. The first generation of bio fuel is therefore neither social nor especially environmentally friendly. A second generation should be lightweight. The machine from the Karlsruhe soon the fuel to gush, contents itself with sparse food – nothing must be specially built for them. Alongside straw, which remains in the grain harvest, she could convert wood waste into black bio oil just like pretty much every other plant material. It must be just dry enough. Nicolaus Dahmen leads in a third room, where it is connected to a steel boiler with countless tubes. Here, the oily broth from the pyrolysis reactor is split into so-called synthesis gas. What remains is a mixture of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. This can provide the starting point for many chemical reactions. A boiler, pipes, and a floor made of metal bars: More do not exist in the room. You need the space for measuring apparatus and extensions, Dahmen said. After all, this was a pilot plant, say: a great experiment. Because it is indeed clear straw cast somehow let in fuel. But the question we want to answer with the plant, is: under what conditions does it work, and up to what effort is it profitable? The Karlsruhe fuel is first examined in the laboratory, then tested on stationary engines of from different manufacturers, and eventually also in test vehicles. For the gas station of the future. But probably a smaller proportion would be ecologically useful: because a lot of straw decays to humus and returns nutrients to the soil. Some of the remaining stalks of grain reached back as fertilizer on the field after they have been used as fodder and bedding in cattle stables. How much straw farmers could turn without disrupting the humus – and nutrient balance of their soil, depends of the specific fields and the crops. Values between 10 and 60 per cent identified agricultural researchers. For Germany, the German biomass research center in Leipzig, Germany concludes that could be used between 27 and 43 percent of straw covered about 30 million tons for fuel. It is not the case that the straw lying around and waiting for us, says the chemist Dahmen. According to the Karlsruhe researchers farmers not just deliver the crude, so how they send milk to imposed conditions on the dairies. Rather, producer groups or cooperatives could make their own Biosyncrude. D imagine that one or two pyrolysis reactors will be available in every county to overcook the straw from the area to vegetable oil. So compressed, then also the transport to further away, special bio-refineries will be worth. You could make from the synthesis gas liquid and then fuel. Kit is not only a chemical process developed, but also an economic process devised. But one that has yet to mature. . Inspirational source may be studied reading this info.

Student brings Bamberger abuse to light.

There has never been this study, female servant said Thursday. It was just an excuse. The chief physician of the clinic for Vascular Surgery splashed a powerful sedative that made her briefly unconscious the young woman so without education and against their will. During this time to have the man her passed away and made of these photos. The police called on women may be affected, to sign. The hospital wants to support the investigators as well, said CEO Frauenknecht. The hospital set up a hotline where people reach the Chief psychologist of the House. Two women had already signed on Thursday, the clinic spokeswoman said. If they are affected, must now be tested. With the hospital Bamberg a clinic is advised for the second time within a few weeks in Upper Franconia in the negative headlines. Alleged malpractice in newborns had brought in Bayreuth to case the local hospital chief. The Supervisory Council appointed an interim Chief. The hospital operated by city and County prosecutors in four cases because of possible medical malpractice under investigation. . You should read the following to read more regarding this amazing topic.