Growth: Valls must place the Germany facing liability (Cambadélis, PS).

Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, first Secretary of the Socialist Party, said Monday expect Manuel Valls, visiting official Monday and Tuesday in Berlin, he confronts the Germany with its responsibility with regard to growth in Europe. That expects Manuel Valls? To say to Mrs Merkel that he said before the national representation: the Germany has a responsibility. (. . . ) It is necessary that today ‘ hui that our German friends understand that if they have a low growth, it is also because the euro zone and Europe have no policy to revive, said Mr. Cambadélis on RTL radio. The Germany cannot do without the France and if the France is friendly and firm, the Germany hears US. As in Germany, the debate exists, it is led by the SPD, continued the Deputy of Paris. French Socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls meets Angela Merkel Monday in Berlin, to try to convince her of his determination to continue reforms, despite a serious fiscal slippage, and try to get the conservative Chancellor of the accommodation with the rigour in Europe. .

Sahara, a desert born of the sea?

When and how appeared the Sahara desert? Africa is the cradle of humanity, this question does not concern that paleoclimatologists. However, the scenario that they proposed so far seems to need to be revised in the light of a new study published in the journal ‘Nature’ and which was attended by researchers from the laboratory of science of climate and the environment and the Institut de physique du globe in Strasbourg. A series of numerical simulations of the climate covering the past 30 million years indicates the development of the wider world hot desert back to 2.6 million years ago as thought, but would have occurred much earlier, between 11 and 7 million years ago. It would be the consequence of the disappearance (related to the dynamics of plate tectonics) of Tethys, vast sea that covered the Eastern Europe and Western Asia and Caspian seas and black are the leftovers. This vast expanse of water had the effect of mitigating the climate impact of orbital variations (eccentricity, obliquity and precession are not constant over the millennia). Once Tethys disappeared, the variation of these parameters would have entailed the aridification of North Africa and part of the Arabian peninsula. .

By the energy industry to household appliances: Siemens in the Centre of billionaire acquisitions.

The German industrial group Siemens wants to take over the US compressor manufacturer Dresser-Rand for EUR 5.8 billion, as the company said on the night of Monday. The Supervisory Board of Siemens have agreed the decision of the Board of Directors to agree to take over all issued and outstanding shares of Dresser-Rand in the course of a friendly takeover bid with Dresser-Rand. The offer amounts to $83 per share in cash and corresponds to a total value of approximately $7.6 billion – equivalent, which corresponds to EUR 5.8 billion. At the same time the Supervisory Board, the further decision of the Board of Directors voted to, to enter into an agreement with Robert Bosch GmbH. Then, the Robert Bosch GmbH will take over the 50 percent by Siemens of the common Joint Venture BSH Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH (BSH). The purchase price amounts to three billion euros. In addition, an additional payment of $250 million each from BSH to Siemens and Bosch achievements prior to closing of the transaction. The transaction requires the approval of the antitrust authorities and will be completed is expected in the first half of year 2015. .

Protests in Moscow: Russians demonstrate against war.

The last major peace demonstration had taken place in Moscow, half a year ago, after Russian soldiers in uniforms without insignia had occupied public buildings and bases of the Ukrainian military in Crimea. A few days later, Vladimir Putin announced the connection of Crimea to Russia. Although the demonstration approved by the city of Moscow on Sunday for the first time again thousands on the road went, recent opinion polls revealed no evidence that greater resistance to the policy of the Kremlin could regroup. According to the independent levada Center, the willingness of the protest was as low as never since Putin’s first term in August. Only 17 percent of those polled deem likely protests in her home town. Only eight percent were willing to participate. On Saturday, the former Russian magnate Michail Chodorkowskij started a new attempt to some democratic and pro-European forces in Russia and to promote. At the founding ceremony for the movement of open Russia in Paris the former richest man in Russia, called on his countrymen to use a 2016 for a political change of course and rule of law before the general election. .

Washington: the Secret Service on the spot after two incidents at the White House.

The Secret Service, responsible for protecting the president Barack Obama and already faced internal scandals, is again in the hot seat after two incidents at the White House, where a man was able to penetrate Friday evening, armed with a small knife. An investigation was opened on security at the White House, one of the supposed to be the safest in the world, announced the Secret Service. These incidents occurred while the security services are more mobilized, including in New York and London, due to the rise of tensions in the international. A man armed with a knife and posing as a veteran of Iraq, entered Friday night in the White House by jumping over a barrier and was able to enter the building after a sprint, before being captured. Omar Gonzalez, aged 42-year-old said after his arrest that he was concerned to see the atmosphere to collapse and wanted to pass on this information to the president of the United States so that it talks to people. Following this incident, the White House was briefly evacuated, said the Secret Service. Another man tried Saturday to approach closely, on foot and by car, from the White House and was arrested. But this incident was described as relatively minor compared to the first, according to the Secret Service. At each of these incidents, president Obama and his family were no longer in the White House, the who left by helicopter to go spend the weekend at Camp David. An investigation ordered by the Director of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson, was opened as early as Friday, said his office. It involves a thorough review of the site of the White House and interviews with staff. All safety procedures will be reviewed. -Night of drinking – contrary to first reports, the intruder, Omar Gonzalez, who claimed to be a veteran in Iraq, 42 years old and originally from Texas, was armed. He was found in possession of a knife with a blade 9 cm, according to his affidavit. He was charged Saturday by a court in Washington district of illegal entry with possession of dangerous weapon and shall be sentenced to ten years in prison. He was taken to George Washington Hospital for a medical evaluation. Although last night (Friday) agents have demonstrated a great successful and discipline in this case, the place of the arrest of Gonzalez is not acceptable, said the Secret Service. The announcement of the investigation came at the time of the second incident, when another man approached first walk from the entrance to the White House, then was arrested when shortly after he is introduced by car to another entry, told AFP a spokesman for the Secret Service, Ed Donovan. These incidents are particularly embarrassing for the Secret Service, which has already been confronted in the past to several variations of its agents. In March, three officers who were to protect the Netherlands US president had returned to the United States and laid off after a night of drinking in Amsterdam before the arrival of Barack Obama. One of these agents was found drunk in the lobby of a hotel of Amsterdam, on the eve of the arrival of the American president to the Netherlands to international summits, including one devoted to the Ukrainian crisis. The Secret Service had also been at the centre of a scandal in April 2012, with the questioning of a ten agents who had drank and partied with prostitutes, in full preparation for the stay of Mr. Obama in Cartagena, Colombia, for the Summit of the Americas. In a report published in December 2013, the inspector general of the Department of homeland security – which depends on Secret Service – considered displaced behaviour of agents were not widespread within the Secret Service. When asked about the behaviour of the agents of the Secret Service, the White House, at the time spokesman Jay Carney, stated that Mr. Obama supported a policy of zero tolerance on the subject. .

Italy: AC Milan of Inzaghi calibrates against Juventus.

Already better attack Italy, AC Milan’s Filippo Inzaghi passes its first big examination against Juventus Turin, Saturday (20 h 45) for the great shock of the 3rd day. Pippo made the Milan in his image: a counter-attack to sharp realism. The Rossoneri’s legendary striker, spent on the bench, have managed their debut against Lazio Rome (3-1) and Parma (5-4), but if the attack is already running, the largesse of defence worried a bit before to rub shoulders with the best team in the country for three years. Juve has stifled his first two opponents, Chievo (1-0) and Udinese (2-0), leaving them little balls. And she could score more goals, so it provided opportunities. The system well prowled coach Massimiliano Allegri, which for the moment remains in the footsteps of Antonio Conte could do bursting the seams of the Milanese defence. Inzaghi him must review its hinge, Daniele Bonera being suspended and injured Alex. The Colombian Christian Zapata should replace it alongside French Adil Rami, who can often be found Carlos Tevez in its area. -Ménez against Pogba – but his side Juve must beware of offensive inspiration of Milan, led by a diabolical Jeremy Menez. Top scorer in Serie A with Mauro Icardi (Inter Milan), ex-Romain (3 goals) is in a dazzling form, in the image of its sequence deck big-backheel for his second goal against Parma. Aligned in wrong number 9 until Fernando Torres is to the point, Menez, arrived from Paris SG this summer, ensures that he won in regularity and realism. He has 10 goals this season, and at least the qualification for the champions League. It also passes a serious test against the Juve of Paul Pogba. The Turinese is becoming the patron of the France team that Menez dream up with the Euro-2016 home on the horizon. This classic of the Serie A is worth therefore also its French duel between two of the last stars of a championship in decline. He opposed also two leaders, and Milan does not sulk his pleasure of being at the top of the standings after a season completely failed, even though two days only have elapsed. The other leader, AS Rome, receives Sunday Cagliari of Zdenek Zeman, twice coach of the Roma in the past. Saturday:(18h00) Cesena – Empoli(20h45) AC Milan – Juventus TurinDimanche:(12h30) Chievo Verona – Parme(15h00) Genoa – Lazio Rome Sassuolo – Sampdoria Genoa Roma – Cagliari(18h00) Atalanta Bergamo – Fiorentina Udinese – Palermo – Inter Milan Torino – Hellas Verona Naples(20h45).

On the trail of Mosel platform: Gentlemen of hillside.

Slightly cloudy, 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. They have claimed that at least in the weather forecast. Now runs the sweat pouring, the shirt sticks to his back. The responsive hikers has got rid of all his Leibchens and heaves the naked beer spoilers through the cultural landscape now. Locks on a bench in a young, slim guy with long hair and jeans, his girlfriend has a red head. It is still far?, asks the man with the beer spoilers. Well, depending on the target between 30 minutes and 200 kilometers. This one would have guessed that actually. The Romans gave its name to the Calmont, calidus mons, warm mountain. Before the river Moselle makes a hairpin turn; It has cut itself in millions of years-long work in the slate. Now the Calmont on the banks of the river rises like an oversized Theatron, whose Kessel potentiates the effect of the Sun’s rays. Whether he undoubtedly deserves one of these predicates is. So the Angel rock, in the northern Black Forest is often mentioned in the same breath with the Calmont with its gradient of up to 75 degrees. Who whatever all of the vineyards between Tasmania (the alleged southernmost vineyard), Alaska (the perhaps most northerly) and South Tyrol (the possibly highest or goes up but higher in the Valais?) measure has: the Mosel region is sure a home for wine cultivation in Steilstlagen with more than 50 percent, about 27 degrees. The area around the almost vertical Calmont is her heart. Here, the wine follows its own, often old laws. Or as Michael Borchert says: here wine to grow, is exciting. But almost crazy. Now, Michael Borchert can not even push his Beklopptheit on his ancestors, because Borchert does not come from this area, and he is also a skilled winemaker. He is the only Saxon Mosel wine, says his wife Gabriele and sounds probably also so so proud, because it is ultimately the reason for her husband’s East West migration. Her aunt and grandmother have lived in that old Court in Ediger-eller the awoke the family Borchert from 1997 to life: renovated the property, built in the 18th century, equipped it with apartments, purchased vineyards on and around to the Calmont, opened a wine Café and founded a distillery. Meanwhile, only 8700 hectares are cultivated on the Moselle, about as many as in the 19th century. Century. Only there was at that time not lay flat, says Borchert. At the same time, the size of farms grew. 1964 still 17 600 winemakers in the Mosel region, worked contracted this number until 1993 on 8500, and is now at only 2700. The total vineyard area has decreased in the past decade to about 1000 hectares. Borchert clinched two and a half acres, more than half, however, over the years of which in the coveted first position, divided between vineyards between banks and Nehren. It thus operates risk diversification – like, such as a value paper investors who invested in various funds. If it should be ruining the a site, a few others remain under normal circumstances. Some one square meter was a true bargain, now slowly throwing off return. Others he just had luck, like at that piece at the foot of the Calmont on the road. Actually, the Calmont is just one big pile of stone, says Borchert, as he unlocks the door to its vines and the stone stairs, once a little slate rubble beiseiteschubsen must. The slate is the reason for the typical mineral notes in the wine of Steilstlagen. BAM takes a look at the grapes and says: looks good overall. The harvest is in the next few weeks. Then A few of his guests are probably again ask him if they can help with. Voluntarily. But the harvest is stress. And if one helps just one day, it won’t me as winemaker. As I have just learned it. A few grapes, he wants to hang anyway something longer and try something new. There’s always air upwards – and Borchert has retained the property, to be able to admire other Vintners for their performance. Here one has the same slopes, and the weather made The same shit year, and then the presents you as a bomb. .

Crisis, Censis: an Italian on three is afraid of becoming poor. Fluid and Boom in bank deposits.

The 33% of Italians are afraid of becoming poor. And only 30% feel they have their backs covered by the welfare system, while the percentage rises to 58% in Spain, 61% in the United Kingdom, 73% in Germany and 74% in France. as a result of a study by Censis posted in Diary of the transition. In a context so hard, with growth and employment that does not leave, the Italians think it is essential to protect themselves in case in case of an illness, job loss or simply to meet unforeseen expenses. The 44% savings to cope with social, health hazards or working, the 36% because the only way to feel safe, the 28% to ensure a serene old age. During the crisis the Italians then cash money hold favorite or retainers on checking accounts, available to every eventuality. The value of cash and bank deposits increased by 234 billion over the past seven years. Stocks have moved from 975 billion of 2007 to a mass of 1. 209 billion in March 2014, an increase of 9.2% in real terms. as is always the Censis study which emphasizes how the Italians are now more liquid company of Italy. Financial, mass explains Censis increased from 975 billion of 2007 1. 209 billion in March 2014, an increase of 9.2% in real terms. Today account for 30% of the portfolio of the financial activities of households, while only 25% in the year before the crisis. Uncertainty, fear, caution prompted the Italians to keep the money ready to close occurrence and DAB the risks. At the same time also increased the money set aside by insurance companies and pension funds: +125 billion ($ +7.2). And life insurance policies are back at work as a piggy bank for many Italians: the premiums collected rose from 63.4 billion in 2007 to 86.8 billion in 2013 (+21.3% in real terms). Reset consumption ( -7.6% from 2007 to today), halved investment (from 807mila sales of homes of the 403mila of 2007 2013), here’s what has happened to the money of the Italians. By the second quarter of 2012 is a turnaround from the Italians in the creation of savings, which have taken over a growing trend, going from 20.1 billion to 26 billion euros in the first quarter of 2014, an increase of 26.7% over the period in real terms. The propensity to save rose from 7.8% to 10%, even in the face of a reduction over the same period of 1.2% of the disposable income of households and despite low inflation has softened the fall in purchasing power. .

Return of Sarkozy: De Gaulle on Facebook.

Former head of the RPR in the middle of the 1970s youth, Nicolas Sarkozy knows his classics. And including Gaullist rhetoric. Each word of the text, weighed in the trebuchet, he published on Facebook Friday 19 September to announce his return on the political scene and his candidacy for the Presidency of the UMP, borrows from the speeches of general de Gaulle and – incidentally – to those of Jacques Chirac. Not once in this letter, the former president spoke from the right or the left. The burst and renewal it is the incarnation would pass by a collective project which would bring together all the good wishes. Then measure the influence of the former Chirac supporter Pierre Giacometti, his Adviser opinion, recommending two years to Sarkozy to remain faithful to the spirit of the speech he had made at the Mutualité on the evening of his defeat may 6, 2012. (A) meetings and surveys on the expectations of the French, Sarkozy, says one of his very close, is satisfied that the partisan divisions of yesterday cover more the realities of French society, become too complex.     Waiting to be able to work towards the rehabilitation of the France, Sarkozy will yet have to deal with more prosaically of the new rally that he wants to start, he says, within a period of three months. What promises, from the date of his election to the Presidency of the UMP on 29 November, and until spring 2015, more focused initiatives on the functioning of this new formation on the France upgrade,,

Taxman, comes the “precompiled” 730 but without health care spending.

The income statement is precompiled one step further with a view to the debut set for 2015. Yesterday the Cdm gave the second ok the Decree laying down the criteria for the reform and now the matter passes into the hands of expert committees on the matter. This has the task of giving the final go-ahead to the Government: time a month and the Palazzo Chigi already defines a revolution in the management of the relationship between financial management and citizen will be carved in stone. The news, announced by premier Matteo Renzi last spring, won’t be really small. In a country where citizens normally touches chase the IRS to understand how, where, how and when to pay taxes, the introduction of a system that reverses the promises to be a significant simplification. What DOES currently, in fact, it’s the taxpayer a statement of data for compiling declarative model and financial administration called then to conduct audits and to communicate the results. With the arrival of season of precompiled statement, instead, will the IRS to collect and process the data. And the taxpayer will stay only an obligation to verify the accuracy and completeness of the data in the possession of financial administration. How will the precompiled statement? In 30 million homes, Italians potentially affected employees and retirees arriver a model with some entirely drawn up by the Treasury and another blank. In the first place will be the data already held by the Treasury, starting from personal income-earning ones contained in the Cud. To these add the deductions for dependents, for employment and for retirement. Among deductible expenses, the Declaration also contains the contributions paid by the taxpayer for domestic helpers. For deductions, however, between the data already entered appear interest expense for loans before House, polizzvita, renovation bonuses and those for energy upgrading of buildings. All other deductions "for variable trend" during the year (such as deductions for medical expenses) will be the taxpayer to indicate them in the space left blank. But only at this early stage because in 2016 to reform a step further. Or at least what promises the Government yesterday made it clear that, since the tax return to be submitted in 2016, the implementation of the information acquired by the agenzia delle Entrate with the medical card system data allow to insert in the Declaration data on medical costs, specific assistance and healthcare costs conferring entitlement to deductions from income or tax deductions. DEADLINES Because everything smooth wires without a hitch, the Launchpad legislation provides that the tax substitutes must transmit to the Agenzia delle entrate, by 7 March (the on-line declaration must be sent to the 7 July), certification data only. If omitted, late or incorrect data transmission due to application of a penalty of 100 euros. The reform is built in such a way as to reduce the taxpayers ‘ responsibility. If the statement submitted to a Caf or an authorized practitioner called to certify the statement with a visa of conformity-we read in the final communiqué of the Cdm-documentary checks will be carried out, by request, to the person who has applied for a visa of conformity without pi contact citizen. The SANCTIONS which will be summoned only if by check you will find that has provided wrong data with the fraud. In practice, if you lied to the IRS knowing lie. In that case the Caf or professional, by 10 November of the year in which the infringement was committed, convey a corrective statement of the taxpayer, the intermediaries will have to pay a single penalty, without prejudice to the application of payment payable by the taxpayer to the tax and interest. In such cases, the penalty paid by the professional or Caf will be reduced to one eighth if the payment will be made within and not over the same date of November 10. .