Case Cucchi: acquitted on appeal, even doctors. Family: absurd Judgment.

Acquitted, even physicians: this is the judgment of the corte d’appello di Roma for Stefano Cucchi’s death, the Roman surveyor arrested on October 15, 2009 for drugs and died a week after Sandro Pertini hospital. At first instance were sentenced only to doctors for negligent homicide. The acquittal of the six doctors, three nurses and three prison officers came under the second subparagraph of article 530 that invokes the lack of evidence. Her sister Ilaria: sick justice killed Stefano-justice killed Stefano. It’s a sick justice, my brother is dead in this Palace five years ago, when there was the validation hearing of his arrest for drugs, and in that case the Court did not see who had been massacred. He said between tears Ilaria, sister of Stephen. Stefano, he added, went off alone between atrocious pain. We will wait the motivation, for sure I will go back and I will not stop because pretend justice. People like my brother erred must pay, but not with life. Nurse: right also absolution of doctors-I’m really happy about this ruling, said Giuseppe Flute instead, one of the nurses also were acquitted in the second degree. I’m happy not only for myself, because I had no doubts about my position and innocence. I’m happy for doctors of Pertini because several times in the first instance they said they were not worthy to wear their shirts. This made me even more evil. Today there was a true justice; It wasn’t just our acquittal without their acquittal. Sap: satisfaction with acquittals doctors and agents-All acquitted, as it should be, said John Tonelli, General Secretary of the police Union Sap. In this country, "says the trade unionist in a note-you have to finish it by download on servants of the State the responsibilities of the individual, who is abusing alcohol and drugs, who lives at the edge of legality. Does any one have contempt for one’s health condition, if one leads a dissolute life, you pay the consequences. Without the other, doctors, nurses or police officers in this case, to be punished for sins not his own. The Union highlights our commitment and our efforts to systematically introduce organic and video cameras and functional guarantees so he can protect the policemen, but also citizens, in all situations. Ignored the demands of the pg-pg Mario Remus had asked to overturn the ruling of first instance that had held responsible only doctors. He called for the two-year sentence of three prison officers, one year the three nurses at the hospital, to three years for the hospital’s primary Fierro and two years each for the four doctors Stefania Corbi, Silvia Di Carlo Bruno, Flaminia and Luigi De Marchis. In addition the pg had requested confirmation of the sentence to eight months that had been inflicted on the doctor Rosita Cambay for charges of false ideological. The arrival at the Pertini-will be immediately admitted and taken to the prison wing of Sandro Pertini hospital. There Cucchi, according to doctors who will be heard in the afternoon from pm Vincenzo Barba, maintains an uncooperative behavior. Parents every day trying to see him. It is not possible, no permission. Parents get 25 permission, too late. Doctors state that refuses power. Cucchi Stays all the time with the sheet over his face, covered. You do not see. After six days Stefano Cucchi died. Photos issued by the family showed a skeletal body and filled with swelling. . Main data may be found reading this article.

The good guys are boring on tv and in life.

GUIA SONCINICi are words that meet only when you read the other tv. An American who read any article on Italian tv you ask what it was towing, the lack of which all those who do fail choose programs as a scapegoat. In the United States-where if your program goes bad is because you have not been good enough, not because it was what was on the air first, and you haven’t been able to take advantage of the force of inertia-struggles much of likability. The unsavory characters have been featured in all the stories interesting television in recent years, from Soprano to Girls passing for Breaking Bad. And then comes out at least one article a day that revolves around the issue of likability: will not accattivarselo a bit, this audience? We are sure that you do not have to win the good? And who is the hero which you cheer? What are we talking about? Who is likable? One party line-up to your Christmas dinner? You’d like to sit next to you on the plane and we were telling all her trouble? For me you have to be irresistible, not nice: when the New York Tv Festival have asked the likability, Beau Willimon was amused. Of course, if you’re the author of House of Cards, the fact that a character is cute is clearly not among your priorities. And you have your reasons, that literature recognizes: Orson Welles said, and I agree, that the best of Shakespeare’s characters are bad. Richard III. Iago. Hamlet, which after all was the villain. The criticism of the New York Observer that led the meeting claimed that she likes Mercutio, understood as the friend of Romeo Montague. Willimon has, at this point, outlined the necessary so that a lovable character does not become nauseating: do you know what is the secret of the success of Mercutio? That dies after five seconds. Do not make time to get bored. I listened and thought as the Italian tv would need to author Frank and Claire Underwood, of one who has never raised the issue to make their characters at least one good deed to bet, so we don’t feel guilty to find them irresistible. Then he said that anyone who poses the problem of likability remained to Mary Tyler Moore, IE the 1970s sit com; and I thought fortissimo to Gigi Proietti, and imagined the Italy between forty years: once we have passed the reassuring tv. Twitter: @lasoncini. You can check the following resource to discover more regarding this great subject.

2. Bundesliga: Fürth WINS in Berlin, no gates in the top.

In the second half, there were two corners which led to danger. In the 55th minute, Michael Rensing saved after unsuccessful defense of Christopher Avevor against Robert Bauer. Five minutes later Silva Pinto could clarify here first a header from Moritz Hartmann on the line, but the ball went straight into the air and landed at Hershey, who headed home from close range at the post. There were the two best chances in a competitive game, which remained without a winner. For the 1st FC Union Berlin the home match against Greuther Fürth began with a shock: Przybylko has brought guests after just two minutes. The hosts wanted to compensate for the early backlog as soon as possible, but failed due to the attentive SpVgg-keeper Tom Mickel, who was with numerous Steilpässen of Berlin to the site. Although Union in the second half tried some more, it was hardly dangerous before the gate of the guests. Sören brandy saw the red card just before the end after a foul play, it was from a Berlin perspective in a narrow defeat. On Saturday (13: 00, live ticker mirror ONLINE) can pass by Darmstadt 98 with a victory in Heidenheim at Düsseldorf. The obtained chasers Leipzig and Kaiserslautern (all 19 points) meet on Monday (20th 3: 00, live ticker mirror ONLINE) together in a direct duel. Greuther Fürth is sixth, a place and two points before the KSC with 18 points. Eleven Union Berlin with 13 points ranked, Sandhausen is temporarily with twelve meters 13. For more data about this matter click

Brittany Maynard pushes back the date of his death,.

Brittany Maynard had married when she learned that he had more than six months to live. Faced with this very aggressive cancer, which would lose its autonomy and endure terrible suffering, she decided to take the little control that remained it: moving with his family in Oregon, one of the five U.S. States that have legalized assisted suicide. Now, a doctor can prescribe medications that will put an end to his days as it wishes, in his room, surrounded by his family. Feeling well enough yet, the young woman decided to give a little time. I share enough of joy and smiles with my family and my friends to tell me the right time has not yet arrived, she said in a new video of six minutes. But the moment approach because I feel more and more sick. If November 2 arrives and I am dead, I hope that my family will be proud of myself. And if 2 November arrives, and I’m still alive, so I know that we will continue to move forward as a loving family, and that decision will come. A poignant testimony that takes a special resonance on 2 November is world day for the right to die in dignity.   . You can visit this to read more regarding this amazing subject.

No smiles, we are British. When the sulk has scientific reasons.

-The British, especially the British, are genetically inclined to be imbronciati. And ‘ what emerges from a study of English University of Warwick, conducted by a team of geneticists in collaboration with a group of economists. The tendency of the people of the United Kingdom to be more depressed and anxious would be linked to certain genes that regulate the production of serotonin-which in fact cause depression-and that in the British are shorter than normal. So, although the inhabitants of Great Britain can enjoy an enhanced economic prosperity and better living conditions than those of other countries with similar socio-economic values, are much more prone to sulk in most of their days.     Presenting research, the Economist Andrew Oswald of Warwick University said: according to this crossover study, the inhabitants of Denmark and Holland are the ones with the lowest spread of these genes shortened. This is as well as who lives in Copenhagen or Amsterdam, while living in a climate similar to the British and being subjected to similar stress levels, has the same low level of depression by Panamanians and Vietnamese, considered among the happiest in the world. One thing should, however, consular concluded the study: the British could get much worse, since he loved/hated in France, across the English channel, are among the most depressed in the world. . For more insights on this topic read article.

Luis Enrique: ‘ No sense be the harakiri ‘.

Always defeat is painful and affects everyone. But there are no seasons without them. You have to be aware that we can not live in a riding Russian, because the inside end masters half tarumbas. We are l deres [matched to 22 points with Sevilla], it makes no sense that by losing and deserve to lose the last match you get the ‘harakiri’. There are 38 days. The campe n always is because it has been able to overcome moments of weakness. So we relativizamos everything and better, explains the t technical Catalan, who, by his words, has not had to rub the wounds caused by Real Madrid’s mercronina. As expected to finish its first exercise in front of the Bar to. Although le menten Gerard Piqu might be, allegedly, slope of the phone vil m in alg n release from the Supercopa de Catalunya, something that did not want to assess. l, to his own. Because s Saturday, an hour and a half before the encounter at the Camp Nou, sit facing the players, to ask that they grip the Chair and given the initial team. I like to think all the players that they can compete, have the option of playing. I like this feeling n that the footballer comes prepared to party, and with an hour and a half before there is enough time to deal with play, desvel. . Extended info can be inspected checking

The stability law to Padoan “greeted well by markets.” And Visco bride line of Renzi.

"Operators and markets have welcome the Stability Act, aimed at supporting growth. More generally are granting full trust to a political project that aims to promote the advancement of the country breaking up structural nodes that have accumulated over time ". If to say is who signed, i.e. the Minister of economy, Pier Carlo Padoan, there you can impress. Although from October 23, when the ddl has finally seen the light, the main Market price has actually lost 0.2 percentage points. In between there were the results of "examinations" of the European Central Bank, which have sunken in many institutions, it is not appropriate to attribute responsibility to the Government manoeuvre. Some doubts in addition, though, can inspire you to marry in full the Commission’s line, including the postponement of the balanced budget required by Brussels, is an independent authority as the Bank of Italy. Yet during the 90th celebration of world day of savings at the headquarters of the acre, the lobby of the banking foundations, Ignazio Visco, the Governor has granted an unexpected assist to Matteo Renzi. Visco, who in September had cautioned that the time to make reforms in Italy is ending, he promoted with flying colors the decision to postpone the tie to 2017: "given the exceptional duration and depth of the recession", it was "appropriate" "making more gradual the process of rebalancing of public finances, while at the same time pursuing a reform strategy aimed at raising the country’s growth potential". Although, of course, "the rapid definition of all aspects of this strategy and the implementation of individual measures the agreed deadlines are indispensable for the recovery of confidence in the prospects of our economy." Not only that: green light for the demand of flexibility to the EU, because, Visco said, are allowed to "temporary deviation from budgetary targets in case of out-of-control events and severe recessions". This despite two days ago, the EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs and future Vice-President Juncker, Jyrki Katainen, has warned that although the economic situation has changed, "we cannot retroactively change commitments". The Governor is in favor of a "not unnecessarily restrictive interpretation" of the rules, which offer scope for reconciling budgetary discipline and growth ". Moreover, he said, "the EU Council of last June stressed the importance to take full advantage of the flexibility already inherent in the stability pact". Then the ex officio defence of Italian banks, which already Sunday, after the results of European stress tests, Bank of Italy took the parties claiming they were penalized by the policy adopted in the assessment. According to Visco "results show an overall soundness of banks ‘ balance sheets the balance object" and "this judgment applies equally to the Italian banking system". Whose estate, to the Governor, is the result of "supervisory action on the adequacy of provisions for impaired loans, of prudence adopted by banks in preparation of budgets of 2013, further strengthening actions, strongly encouraged by the Bank of Italy, launched this year. Unlike what happened in recent years in many European countries, there were significant recapitalisation operations with public funds ". In practice the unique Visco weak point of the system is the amount of impaired loans, "whose growth is still continuing, although attenuated rhythms than those of recent years" and that "consistency can be reduced through active policies of management and recovery, certainly easier in a better macroeconomic environment, and with supplies in bulk of impaired assets, which are favoured by further raising their rates of coverage ". Of course agree the President of Associazione bancaria italiana, Patuelli, Antonio returned to ask Italian institutions are not "penalized compared to those foreigners who, instead, prefer speculative finance". Patuelli urged "caution on the part of the institutions to have equal competitive conditions to attract stable capital of savers and of investors that are essential prerequisites for a lasting recovery".  If it were not clear, "the legislation on banks must converge to the same standards, leading to the birth of European Banking Union". . You should check this to discover extra regarding this great topic.

Dam Sivens: for the FN, only the State has the legitimacy for major strategic projects.

The National Front said Friday that only the State had the legitimacy needed to carry out major strategic projects, the suspension of the construction of the Sivens dam (Tarn) illustrating his eyes derivatives of decentralization. The general Council of the Tarn suspended Friday the construction of the Sivens dam, without setting date deadline nor speak of abandonment, five days after the death of a protester during clashes with the forces of the order. The announcement by the president of the general Council Tarn of the suspension of the work of the Sivens dam and willingness of is + relying on State + confirm the inability of communities to conduct only, major strategic projects, writes the FN in a press release. Only the State has indeed the political weight and legitimacy necessary to organize, in the sense of the general interest, major or any other major project affecting the development of the territory and its economic development. Of course local elected representatives must be related but should in no case be the drivers of such projects, considers the FN. The cost of the disputed project of the dam of Sivens amounts to EUR 8.4 million. According to the website of the Department, the budget of the general Council of the Tarn, in 2014, is balanced in expenditure and revenue to 443,86 million euros, which 365,63 in respect of operating expenses. For the FN, this political fiasco is a prelude to the disasters that inevitably result from the territorial reform in preparation, which plans to expand the prerogatives and powers of the regions at the expense of the State. It must put an end to decentralization and its derivatives, political and financial, advocated by the National Front, which denounces the landerisation of the France that prepares and calls for the withdrawal of the territorial reform. . Inspirational data may be found visiting the following

Hotel tax will also affect the apartment Exchange sites.

Fabius called these ‘reasonable’ increases because they are less strong than what could be considered and ‘modern’ because they will affect non-traditional and accessible accommodations via internet, such as rentals in private homes. Hotels not classified and ‘institutions of equivalent characteristics’ will be taxed at height of 0.75 euro, against 0.40 euro. This tax will now also affect the so-called accommodation non-traditional type Airbnb. Institutions with a single star will remain taxed at 0.75 euro per person and per night. The tax is also unchanged for 2 stars to 0.90 euro. But it passes 1-1.5 euro for 3 stars, and 1.5 to 2.25 euros for 4 stars, and double for the 5 stars from 1.5 to 3 euros. Finally a specific palaces tax (so far filed under 5 stars and +) is created at 4 euros per person and per night. In early October, a progress report proposed more significant increases, with a doubling of fees from the third star. "Cannot attract tourists, if increasing taxes too strongly", said the Minister to the press. The Government may wish to tax the new forms of accommodation, which develop over the internet like Airbnb, Bedycasa or Sejourning, by making these websites of tax representatives of hosts individuals. "Non-traditional tourist accommodation online reservation companies would be tax representative of the hosting and collecting tax on their behalf," according to a press release. . For additional data regarding this matter check

New York Marathon 2014: 10 things to know.

Sunday 2 November, around 10 the traditional Cannon will give the 44th Edition of the New York Marathon. Mythical and race with a long history that is soon to become the event in the collective imagination to reach for anyone who approaches the race. And indeed the event, attended by approximately 50,000 people each year from all over the world, is a very "democratic" event in which athletes and amateurs are treated and treated the same way. But to learn more about the event, here are ten things to know about the New York Marathon. 1. the story. The first edition was organized in 1970 by the President of the New York Road Runner Vince Chiappetta and Fred Lebow, with 127 competitors who ran more laps around the park Drive of Central Park. Only 55 arrived to cross the finish line and the first was Gary Muhrcke in 2:31:38. In 2012 the event was canceled a day before departure, at the behest of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy. 2. the path. The 42.195 km, or to put it the 26 American. 2 miles, covering all five boroughs of New York City. It begins in Staten Islan, on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, down which it continues for approximately 19 miles through Brooklyn. 21.1 km climb over the Pulaski bridge marks the entrance into Queens district. Four kilometers after it arrives at the East River and from there on the Queensboro Bridge to Manhattan. From here take the First avenue, Wills bridge avenue and cross the Bronx before returning to Manhattan via the Madison avenue bridge yet. Then you will come to Harlem and Central Park where the finish line is placed outside the Tavern On the Green Restaurant. 3. the bridges. Of the many along the route, the most feared ever is among the districts of Queensboro Queens and Manhattan. The race turns here toward the "wall" of 30 kilometres and fatigue begins to be felt significantly. Once in Manhattan psychologically the road is definitely more downhill. 8. Security. After the attack on the Boston Marathon in 2013, the security system for such events helps blindarli in each pass with a large deployment of forces. Attention, in particular, for the so-called "Lone Wolves". . Original source can be studied visiting this homepage.