Detained three residents in Catalonia when they were about to join the Islamic State.

Three residents in www.cat365.NET, two neighbors of Terrassa and the other from Monistrol, have been arrested on the border of Bulgaria when they went to Syria for joining the Islmico State. Two citizens of origin this is Moroccan and another convert brasileo, of 18, 24 and 27 years, they had undergone a process of radicalizacin since June, even with practices of apologa by social networks, according to the Minister of the Interior, Ramon espadaler, that also affirm that months ago were detected these people and is them was tracked. For that when they left the border the autonomous police issued a warrant for search and capture international which has culminated with his detainer this week in Bulgaria when they were about to cross the border with Turkey. After this detainer, the Mossos were four homes in Terrassa, Sabadell and Monistrol de Montserrat a run educated from the Audiencia Nacional. Espadaler said that in the last year are detected about 20 people that have come out since www.cat365.NET towards Syria for joining the Islmico State. Some have achieved it, according to Espadaler and none returned. . For extended information about this matter click source.

The creator of Assassin’s Creed works in an independent game.

Madrid, 19 December. -Patrice Désilets, the creator of Assassin’s Creed, has launched a new study and is working on a triple game of historical action and survival in the third person. The creative was linked professionally to Ubisoft since 1997 until 2010, company which created Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and the first three titles of Assassin’s Creed. However, he left the company and decided to try their luck in THQ Montreal, where he began to define Amsterdam: 1666, but fate did this study to pass into the hands of Ubisoft, which took the reins of his game, dismissed it and put the project on hold. Desilets and producer are faced in the courts on this subject. Meanwhile, the creative launched in Montreal independent study Panache Digital Games with Jean-François Boivin, who also worked on the Assassin’s Creed franchise. I am deeply moved by the fact that after all this time you continue supporting my team and me, Desilets said in a letter to his followers. The creative said that video games are a positive force for change for the society. My work has always had an underlying ambition: to evolve the world of video games. With that motivation, I designed ‘Assassin’s Creed’. I think that somehow I succeeded in my mission. That gives me motivation, ambition and courage to continue the adventure, he said. (Agencia EFE) Community of Madrid world Prince (general) technology themes Ubisoft videogames Amsterdam. Main source could be found checking the following

Massacred the girlfriend In prison for 20 years.

Deserves a sentence of 20 years imprisonment Maurizio Falcioni, the 35 year-old romano accused of having massacred the living daylights Chiara Insidious Monda, on 4 February in the apartment of Casal Bernocchi, until it ends up in a State of persistent vegetative coma. It is the request made by the pm Elena Neri to gup Giacomo Ebner in the judgement with the abbreviated rite. Man must respond to ill-treatment and attempted murder, the latter in terms of recklessness for accepting the risk that the 19-year-girl could die for the beatings suffered. The dispute, according to reports from pm, burst for a trivial reason of jealousy: Fabregas, which controlled every step of the living, had discovered you via facebook chat with a guy from Fiumicino airport. End of judgment was sentenced to twenty years ‘ imprisonment for ill-treatment and attempted murder with the aggravating circumstance of continuation. This was decided the gup Giacomo Ebner at the end of judgment held with abbreviated rite. Accepted the request of pm Elena Neri. The judge has ordered against the defendant even legal ban for the duration of the sentence and in perpetuity from holding public office. Fabregas should pay damages, to be disposed of in separate proceedings, the civil parties. . Extended info can be read clicking info.

Fatima Allaoui, former National Secretary of the UMP, joined the FN.

Fatima Allaoui, dismissed Monday from his duties as national Secretary of the UMP because she was a member for a month to a small left wing combined with the FN, joined the national Front, has welcomed Friday the vice-president of the FN, Louis Aliot. The national Front welcomed the arrival in the Group FN in the region Languedoc-Roussillon, chaired by France Jamet, Ms. Allaoui on patriotic and Republican positions, written M. Aliot in a press release. Ms. Allaoui was unable to be reached by AFP. Monday, Fatima Allaoui was dismissed from his duties as national Secretary in charge of thematic training of the UMP after admitting joined a month ago to the Siel, a microparti of the extreme right. Trust betrayed by Fatima Allaoui. No rapprochement with the extreme right, had tweeted Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Vice-President delegated of the UMP in the origin of his appointment three days earlier. I have taken note of my exclusion. I regret this decision unfounded, that is only the result of local pressures on my former party’s national leadership. Those who know me, know that I have never compromised on the fundamental values of the Republic. My exclusion is the victory of those in the Herault, attempting to hide their mediocrity and political failures. Failures that have also been clearly mentioned by Nicolas Sarkozy, Saturday, at a meeting of executives of the party, had commented in Midi Libre Mrs Allawi, decided to attend the departmental elections on the canton of Béziers. On its accession to the Siel, Mrs Allaoui explained in release is a crisis of political adolescence. She would have asked their support the Siel by desperation and to increase (its) chances to be elected, according to the daily. Of the aftermath of his exclusion from the UMP, Florian Philippot, vice-president of the FN had offered him to join the party of Marine Le Pen. If Florian Philippot proposal is serious, I will consider it, had answered the Regional Advisor. The website of the Midi Libre published Friday a picture of Ms. Allaoui manifesting March 27 against the FN to Béziers as well as a video where she participated in a meeting against the candidature of Robert Ménard for mayor of Béziers, entitled wolves entered Béziers. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. Similar text can be inspected checking

Jemez says Espanyol is a hard team which is going to cost to win.

Madrid, 19 Dec (EFE). -Paco Jémez, Ray trainer, described as Espanyol, which will be measured in Vallecas, hard team which is going to cost to win tomorrow and they have to be careful until the end, since at the last minute he scored many goals and shows that it is not concentrated and not be misleading. Espanyol has gone from least to most. It has brought positive results lately and is a team that has scored many goals in the final minutes. That shows that it is a team that is focused and not be misleading. They are goals that appear by tiredness and lack of attention and he knows how to use them, said Jemez, at a press conference. It is a team that started a little irregular but it is in a quiet and liar. The two want to go forward and also played at home. The sensations around the team are very important and it would be good to get twenty points in the absence of three parties. We are ready to make good matches and I hope that this opportunity, does not escape us he confessed. Espanyol is a hard team and going to cost much win. The team is in a very good dynamic and people are highly concentrated in the party. That makes me proud because they are moments in which people tend to confuse the holiday. I’m convinced is that we are going to make a great match, said ray technician. Ray arrives at this meeting after eliminated losing to Valencia in the Copa del Rey, in a meeting back in Mestalla where he tied at four. There are times that losing sales reinforced and the results are misleading. We wanted to pass the round but served us as experience to improve and hopefully that forgive us for the future. That party can take many positive conclusions, said Jemez, who used many unusual players in League in this encounter. That’s their job and they have done very well. The work has been phenomenal and spectacular. Did not notice that they were not playing and that reinforces them. I do not moves me what they have done. For those who are theoretically having more minutes this serves for you to see that when you sleep half a second can come out of eleven. All players are needed, he said. (Agencia EFE) Topics National Cup Spain Europe football Paco Jemez Real Club Deportivo Spanish Valencia Club de Fútbol. Similar text can be read clicking

Thomas under cocaine: for his lawyer, relatives of Habib com plan.

Since Thursday, it is free under judicial supervision. If according to Me Christian Saint-Palais, one of his lawyers, Habib Benattia has expressed much relief on learning that his application for release had been accepted after more than five weeks behind bars, she does not really account for the moment what happens to him. The announcement of this release would have made on the other hand neither hot nor cold at the AIX Thomas Vergara, her boyfriend injured by a stab on the night of 6 to 7 November in an apartment ‘ Boulogne Billancourt hotel (Hauts-de-Seine). It took note of this new in a fairly neutral way, without no emotion tells Me Thierry Fradet metronews Friday. I knew that in the minds of some the release of Habib would be the consecration of its position, that would tell us: ‘if it is out, is it gave him reason’. But not at all! The criteria for detention were no longer applicable. His release is normal since all acts of instruction were conducted. Com plan’?Asked about information RTL of the day concerning the traces of cocaine in the body of Thomas on the evening of the facts, the tenor of the Toulon bar believes that it is a non event ‘. This is a month and a half that the justice knows this. Thomas is not being prosecuted for drug trafficking, the judge for attempted murder! What this has to do with a stab, it has taken cocaine? I do not understand the link. Thierry Fradet wonder even why this non information released in the aftermath of the release of key columnist not at my post. This looks like a communication plan that is being put in place. Habib Benattia has the formal prohibition of disclosure in the media, otherwise it returns to prison. It will do it by his entourage. A who could enjoy this information, so it benefits anyone? It, not to us. Foundation or correctionnellesConcernant confrontation of Tuesday, Thierry Fradet confirms that each has camped on its position. Habib is however very much back on allegations of violence. She said that he had never been violent, that there were disputes, mutual empoignades, but thats all. . . . Questioned about the letter which would have sent Thomas Vergara at Habib in prison, it ensures that it is false. Read also > case Habib: a fake policeman wanted to recover the video of the Hotelcote calendar, the investigations will continue. The judge will then choose to refer the case to the criminal court or before the Court of Assizes. Knows yet when will be brought to trial, by 2015. it sure, but the month is not known. All lawyers in the folder, it should not be held before the end of next year. Read also > PHOTOS – released Habib: la Croisette to the prison, the year where everything changed. You must check this url to learn more on this interesting topic.

Campaign accounts: Hayange FN Mayor declared ineligible for one year.

The arrival of the national Front at the head of Hayange (Moselle) is questioned by the justice, as a result of a breach of a particular gravity in his campaign accounts. The young mayor of the city, Fabien Engelmann, appeared Tuesday before the Administrative Court in Strasbourg which ruled Friday: he is declared ineligible for a year. Read also > Rejetescette decision Mayor campaign accounts will not force the frontist elected for 35 years to resign in the immediate future, Fabien Engelmann still having the possibility to appeal this decision. The Court found that it was good right as the National Commission on campaign accounts and political funding had rejected the campaign of Mr. Engelmann account in October. The tracts were step Integresle Court considered that he had committed a breach of a particular severity the rules relating to the financing of election campaigns. In question including: 1575 euros fee for creating and printing of election leaflets, that candidate would have failed to integrate into its campaign accounts, with a total declared amounted to some 12. 000 euros. Thus declared ineligible for a period of one year and its mandate to advise agency resigned municipal of the town of Hayange from the date on which its judgment will be a finality, i.e. once exhausted all domestic remedies. Fabien Engelmann, 35, former trade unionist CGT joined the national Front, had finished in March at the top of the second round of municipal elections with 34.7% of the vote to the outgoing socialist mayor, Philippe David, at the end of a quadrangular. . Similar information can be found visiting

Graduate studies: Fessler envisages a pipeline designed to bac pro.

The Secretary of State for higher education, Geneviève Fioraso, envisages the creation of a post-baccalaureate course designed for holders of a professional Bachelor, more numerous to pursue studies but experiencing a high rate of failure at the University. Ms. Fioraso will entrust a mission to Christian Lerminiaux, former president of the Conference of Directors of French engineers (CDEFI) schools for the possible creation of a sector that could s? call top professional Section leading to a higher professional certificate (by analogy with the STS and BTS, according to mission letter which AFP has learned. Only 3.5% (from professionals, bachelors) are successful at the end of their first year of licence, says Ms. Fioraso in Les Echos, Friday. It is a social massacre. As a left-wing Government, we must take our responsibilities and welcome bac pro at the University under conditions that allow them to succeed. A specific for bac pro die could be proposed in all types of higher education institutions, be they schools offering already professional education and training, high schools delivering the BTS, universities concerned offer an alternative credible or bac pro willing to join schools ready to open their preparatory classes included in this new audience, says the engagement letter. A report will be provided to Ms. Fioraso six months after the start of the mission, for policy decisions at the end of the academic year and possible first steps in September 2016. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. Similar information can be inspected clicking web site.

Discover the key of eco, the site of economic statistics of the Figaro.

The French economy at a glance. The Figaro launches this Friday a site of economic statistics, to allow you to take the pulse of the French economy. Unemployment rate, power purchase, growth, debt, deficit, margin of the business or investment in research and development,. By browsing the eco keys, you can track the performance of the Hexagon, compare them to those of other countries, but also to scrutinize the progress of income and the cost of living. The eco key include four topics, which we propose you to discover: "Economy France" which attaches to the main french macoeconomiques indicators, ‘employment’, ‘income and standard of living", and"France in the world", which puts into perspective the French performance with those of our neighbours or more distant countries. In each of these sections, you will find some graphics to view economic statistics, but also analyses, news articles or even videos, to put the figures in context and interpret. This barometer is not exhaustive. We have selected a range of indicators, made or distributed by official institutes, such as Insee, Eurostat, employment Center, or OECD, which will be regularly updated. Feel free to suggest to include other statistics! » Discover the keys to the eco. Extended text can be found clicking web site.

LuxLeaks: the Luxembourg loses a round against the EU.

The Luxembourg gave up his tussle with the European Commission, to which he refused for months of information about some of its tax practices including the Rescripts tax at the heart of the LuxLeaks scandal, announced Thursday its first Minister, Xavier Bettel, on the sidelines of a Summit in Brussels.  The Luxembourg provide to the Commission the list of Luxembourg tax, or ‘rulings’ Rescripts, as well as that of the beneficiaries of the taxation of income from intellectual property, as has been requested, announced Xavier Bettel. This decision was taken following the announcement Wednesday by the European Commission of its intention to apply information to all countries of the European Union on their practices in tax Rescripts, he explained. "We insisted on the fact that should be common rules, and we are very satisfied that they are in place," said Xavier Bettel to the press. The practice of the tax ruling was powered spotlight news by the LuxLeaks scandal, which revealed a massive system of tax optimization in the Luxembourg. It allows a company to ask in advance how his tax situation will be handled in a country, and is used by multinational companies to do optimization. According to thousands of pages of documents obtained by the Consortium international investigative journalists, the Grand Duchy has spent the agreements with more than 300 multinational companies, including Apple, Amazon, Ikea, Pepsi, Heinz, Verizon, AIG, or even Skype, Microsoft and Disney, to minimize their taxes, depriving States Europeans of billions of euros in tax revenue. Read aussiLes europhobes, it dares all, even it it recognizes them [blog] well before these revelations, the Commission had sent end of March of the injunctions in the Grand Duchy requesting clarification regarding its tax practices. The country to there was not folded and had filed an action for annulment against such injunctions before the justice, explaining have "serious doubts as to the legality of these applications" because they "raise questions of principle relating to the scope of the powers of the Commission. The Luxembourg valuation of these two actions for annulment. The European Commissioner for competition, Margrethe Vestager, expressed Thursday "very satisfied" the ad, noting that the country had recognized "the powers of the Commission to investigate on its practices in tax Rescript". The European Executive will on his side abandon its action against the Grand Duchy for offence to European rules. . Original facts may be found visiting the following