Two years for a ticket and overpriced, Italians fleeing from public health.

Endless wait times that push more people away from public health. It takes 2 years to a herniated disc or varicose veins and 20 months for a psychiatric examination. For a mammogram would expect on average 14 months and one year for a CT scan or Moc. Less than a year, around 11 months for a colonoscopy and ‘ just ‘ 10 months for an ultrasound scan. Too many for anyone who needs care. This is the photo taken by 17th Pit Health Report ‘ (health) care seekers ‘, presented today in Rome by the Court on the rights of the sick-Cittadinanzattiva. The expectations seem endless and discourage those who want to make speeches or visits to public facilities. Serve 9 months for an MRI and an Echocardiogram; 8 months for an ultrasound. 9 months, like a pregnancy, for an eye examination; 7 months for a cardiac examination and 6 months for Oncology. For cataract surgery expect 8 months on average and for an operation for kidney stones 6 months. On beyond 2013 with 24,000 reports collected in the Court, almost a quarter about the difficulties of access to health services, attributed in 58% of cases (in sharp decline on 2012) to waiting lists and in 31% of cases the weight of the ticket (vocals on an increase of 21%) to a health care ‘ too expensive ‘. The second major reason for discontent is territorial assistance, representing 15.6% of reports, an increase from the previous year, in particular for the service received from general practitioners and pediatricians of free choice. Cala instead the issue of alleged malpractice, mistakes doctors for years in first place, is now the third report item (15.5% in 2013, 17.7% in 2012). Increasing reports of hardships on inpatient care, from 9.9% in 2012 to 13.1% of 2013, especially for long waits in the emergency room. Reduce ticket, prevent new cuts in the National Health Fund and govern seriously wait times of all health services, and not just a few as is the case now are priorities for Tonino Aceti, court Coordinator for the rights of the sick. Added to this is the need to update the essential Levels of assistance, combined with an effective monitoring of their delivery. The spendingsi reduces the quality and quantity of rehabilitation services offered to citizens. Within the framework of the territorial service of the national health service, to make matters worse, in 2013, it is mainly the area of rehabilitation, at home as well as in housing facilities. Represents the 20% of reports of people’s difficulties in this area, with an increase of 7 percentage points compared to the previous year.   Over half the reports of poor service in the rehabilitating shelters: poor quality of care, even in some cases made. Follow the home rehabilitation (with 28.4% of alerts). In this case the people comparing, in particular, with difficulty in the activation of the service or its reduction. To the expense mainly patients who live in regions where re-entry plan according to Vinegar cut where you shouldn’t. On rehabilitation-explains-it captures the orientation of some regional systems geared to look not so much at the goal of the rehabilitation cycle, but the appropriateness of the accounting reimbursement rate. . Extended information can be inspected clicking site.

Safety: first ok for electrical and gun cameras on police uniform.

Yes to use on an experimental basis by the police to Taser electric gun. This is what provides for an amendment of Gregorio Fontana (Fi) the Decree approved stadiums by Justice and Constitutional Affairs Committees of the House. The word is now the House. The amendment was approved after the Deputy Minister Filippo Bubbico, has proposed a rewording that experimentation should take place with the necessary health care and public safety and in accordance with the principles of precaution and after consultation with the Minister of health. Contrary Sel, with Daniele Farina, while Emanuele Chaudhari (M5s) said that this amendment would not have been discussed in this Decree. Weapon of deterrence-the promoter’s Satisfaction on the part of the amendment, Gregorio Fontana: it’s been a real first step the introduction of Tasers as a tool to law enforcement. It is to be hoped that the condition posed by the rewording of amendment does not turn into a maneuver obstructive, towards a technological modernization, extremely useful for operators and security for all citizens. Electric Taser gun, as it is known, is a non-lethal deterrent weapon: it produces an electric shock which makes the person hit harmless for a few seconds, enough to law enforcement to stop it. Its use, therefore, contributes both to reducing risks to the personal safety of agents is to reduce drastically the number of victims in public security operations, as evidenced by the experience of many advanced countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, the France and Switzerland. Yes the cameras on the uniform, but only if you need-another novelty for police will be the use of small wearable cameras during public events, but only in case of real need. He established the data protection Commissioner who provided his opinion on new shooting system started on an experimental basis by the Department of public safety in four cities, Turin, Milan, Rome and Naples. The program involves assigning police officers to small wearable cameras, to be activated in cases where critical situations occur on the occasion of public demonstrations. The system presented to the guarantor by the Department of public safety provides for individual cameras are applied to tactical vest and activated according to the indications of the official who heads the Police Department. Rules-video cameras and memory cards are equipped with a serial number that is recorded in a special register with an indication of the day, time, service, capacity and the name of the agent that signs the assignment and the returns. The memory card at the time of delivery, agents shall not contain no images recorded previously. It is for the official who employs the Department issuing the order of activation of the devices as well as that of the end of the shoot. At the end of the service agents, after compiling a delivery sheet, book all documentation videos made to the official that will deliver to the local science police. Privacy policy-in his opinion, the Sponsor stressed that the system aims to protect the order and public safety, prevention, the detection or repression of crime, is still subject to compliance with the principles of privacy concerning the processing of personal data. The images must be relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which they are collected. The system, therefore, must be enabled only where there is actual need, i.e. in the event of real and concrete danger of disturbance of public order and safety. Filming must be stored for a limited period of time and then deleted. Finally, specify the guarantor, if you have carried out shooting at alleged danger situations for the public order and security then not manifesting itself, must be prepared timely deletion of images. M5s: money for taser guns and not for salaries-the chance to experience the electric pistol is a need so much urgent and necessary to be inserted into a decree-law?. If you ask the five Star arguing about costs. How long will these ‘ toy guns ‘ is not given to know while our amendments to unlock the top salaries of law enforcement have not been declared admissible. This-conclude MEPs M5s-is the priority of the Government and majority: Tasers instead of the payroll release and health protection of the police. We, instead, tomorrow we meet the police. . You must read this link to discover extra about this interesting subject.

Arles: an officer sublet its housing in the prison.

The tenants of the Central House of Arles, in the Bouches du Rhône, are normally for a lease. The prison has 150 individualized cells reserved for long-term prisoners, as Corsica Yvan Colonna. However, according to the Dauphine libere this Tuesday, it was possible to be sublet a villa for 75 euros the night or 450 euros the week until last August. ‘Secure residence’ guarantee. The announcement was published on "Le Bon Coin" by the Deputy Chief of the Central House detention. Marie, father of a child and in position for less than a year in the Department, he was living in the garage of his housing that he had arranged. With respect to its tenants, them was to pass to other members of his family. In order to penetrate into the walls of the prison and join the House at the foot of a watchtower, they did need a digicode and a badge. The handset has ended when the sub-tenants are wrong House and entered that of another officer. Following this incident, the announcement had to be removed from the "good corner" but it mysteriously reappeared in print: a Raven sent her in several boxes to members of the staff of the prison letters. According to the Dauphiné Libéré, the Deputy Chief of detention would currently stop or leave, while being still officially employed by the prison of Arles. . Main facts can be read reading the following reference.

The social butchery is there already. That’s left?.

Just to be clear right now: that proposed by Renzi is not a reform, it is basically a list of ads, presented propaganda and rhetoric. There is a fee, there are no details, there is a clear timeframe, there are vague claims and substantial doubts. In short, there is only the usual messianic conception of politics: trust me, so, in the dark. As for the mediation and to concessions "torn" from critical wing of the Democratic Party, comes from smile: really is an acceptable result have heard Radio the word "throw there specifications", ensure safeguards on maternity and discrimination and commit to a generic "confrontation" with the trade unions? Well, glad you ,. But above all, really someone thinks it can give to drink to millions of Italians the "risk of a new social butchery"? And, let me understand, today as the calls? What should think of a similar reading who lives daily working with dimension zero, zero protection rights, zero zero guarantees and prospects? Who can tell the story of the dismantling of rights: those who can go home at any moment? Or to those who have already gone home, perhaps after the failure of one of the tens of thousands of small businesses? Or those that seek him for years? Maybe there are noticed, but the social butchery already there. Is the result of the economic crisis, but not only. This is, you know, as a result of the inability to reform the labour market, but also to rethink a social model that is inclusive and not exclusive (the speech is complex, of course). Now would that there were restricted to to recalibrate the balance of protection while on the other hand, there are some who question the scale itself, with weak arguments, ideas already stale and the usual rhetoric. A nice alternative, there is no what to say. . For additional insights regarding this subject click

Half of wild animals have disappeared in 40 years because of the man.

Between 1970 and 2010, the Plan index you alive – which measures the evolution of 10. 380 3 populations. 038 esp those of res mammif, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish-a chut 52%. This trend gives no sign of abating, according to the 10th edition of the report, for which it is still possible to act to reverse this decline d and combine development and protection of the environment. Areas most touch es Am America Latin (-83%), followed by s pr by r Asia-Pacific region, and what are the esp these freshwater who pay high price (-76%) when the esp these terrestrial and marine have decreased 39%. who to blame? The wealthier ones overall ecological footprint per capita is the most high. In 2010, Kuwait came t te, followed by Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Belgium, Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore, United States, Barhe n and Su’s. The use of resources and ecological services of high income countries is five times more lev e t te than in low income countries and so to maintain their standard of living, the rich countries have widely used the biocapacit of others, says the WWF. � . You can check the following site to discover extra about this great matter.

Storms and survivors.

We are in full station n of rain in Sierra Leone. In the last weeks, storms and lightning have been hyping attack lands parched and cracked. Huge drops of water hit d a after d against the roofs of uralita creating a deafening noise, as the har an thousands of drums met licos to be beaten by a mob full of anger. When it pours, everything stops. No one dares to continue with its activities under a downpour of this caliber. I growth in the Northwest of England and I’m used to stay home whenever it does hurt to time, but never hab to seen the amount of water that falls in Sierra Leone each time giving to the sky by jarrear. He falls down with such force that one is left literally breathless. During those minutes, there is not much we can do,. except wait for the storm to pass and cross your fingers so not call us maternity asking for urgent help. While I watch the rain fall, tend to look for positive thoughts to not come down. And yesterday was I such an idea that suddenly me filled with hope: when they start, some storms m s long and loud that I found throughout these weeks it seems that they would not have a final. And however, it is certain that in the end all end up. I imagine the same ball, because if we apply what has been learned in other occasions, one realizes that so far always repeated the same story: after every outbreak of the disease, in the end all these epidemics ended up extinct. I have no intention n of underestimating the severity this horrendous disease, but the truth is that, at least apparently, there are two types of patients of ball: which est n well and not the est n. When llegu to Kailahun, was prepared to meet the hard visi n of adult men weakened and dying, people marchit moving by a strong diarrhea and bleeding end. And of course I’ve found with all those terrible visions that both have a throughout these weeks, but also I’ve seen groups of j venes sitting chatting and eating together, listening to the radio and playing cards. SA is the other side of the ball, which is up to those groups of people that you sense that are going to survive. The first d that I got protection costume n c mo sent the unforgiving Sun caused me a horrible feeling n of suffocation. The many layers of pl plastic that I cover an permit an all the heat entered and not let that or a gotitade air out. I remember that this d to hac to much heat inside the stores that we use as area of insulation, that patients who were the sufficiently well as to move is hab an installed on the outside of them, on a small or patio we have next to them. Then I saw that scene repeated much simas times m s. In a few minutes, I could feel that sweat corr to my body, and that all my clothes are volv to increasingly heavy s m and m s h meda. Try to work under this unbearable heat and with the stars which surrounds us is nothing f cil, but we know that what is at stake is the life of each of us, as we have to pay attention n to what we do in every moment and follow n the organization security protocols to the letter. By tired we are, we must try not exposed to disease or a second m s of what is strictly necessary. During the 20 minutes I was inside my head not even spinning. Only pod to see and each time I sent to m s d bil. However, he was aware that faint in a ball isolation unit was not much less of a good idea. So say get out before give me a fainting. The time of greatest risk to health care workers is at the time of leaving the area of insulation, not so much when one is inside. Those moments are cr, but luckily we have a hygienist Sierra Leone which stands on our side and that takes the hassles of repeating over and over again what is the entire process of descontaminaci n. Began to move my hands c circle on my head to try to explain to him that was mare ndome; She me ignor. I was breathing quickly r inside my double facial mask m, which gave me m s n heat, and I hac m s and m aware of claustrophobia, so increasingly ndome s m s by not be able to get out me this damn thing off. Things must be done calmly and in order, he said. Open arms, I cried from behind s of red line l that separated our worlds. My company was me spraying with the spray of chlorine to disinfect me. Turn!, I cried. S, is or!, you respond sarcastically. And is that, although still a was with the suit to the full, the relief already feel the washing is hac to notice much simo: f. sica and psicol strategically. Finally not me desmay and Laguz take off my costume. An electrostatic n m s on the boots and the generalaya let me cross the red line l. A last wash one’s hands in the decontaminated area and I’m free to go to rehidratarme. I look and I realize that I’m as if I had gotten into a swimming pool fully clothed. The nica complicaci n having to use protection costume is that all the work has to be carefully allocated and thought in advance. However, despite all the worries, optimism and hope that we feel everyone whenever someone goes ahead is enormous. With a martial salute, the patient walks through the port n into the unknown. To be discharged, they give them new clothes to dress (nothing of what enters the zone of high risk, leaves), food supplement, support psicol gico and assistance for advocacy n of health teams. Men who survive, although no longer are infected, n can transmit the virus of the ball through his semen during the three months, as we give them condoms use them during that period. And one of the favorite topics of conversation between the cured patients and their doctors is cu many think that you may need. When the sun sets in the isolation unit and we prepare for going to sleep, the question on all our minds is cu them our patients wake up n ma next, and cu them not. And it is that, they do not hesitate, or great powers articulate a response organized once and for all, under a clear chain of command, or this not habr who shut it off. . For additional data on this matter click article.

In 40 years, half of wild animals have disappeared from the surface of the Earth.

Of human action has led to the disappearance, in just 40 years, more of the half of the wild animals of the planet. This brutal fact is at the heart of the 2014 of the NGOs WWF living planet report, last State of overexploited land stations. "Forms of life are both the matrix of ecosystems for life on Earth, and the barometer of what we live to our planet," writes the Director-general of the worldwide Fund for nature (WWF International), Marco Lambertini. "And in us neglecting their fate, we run our loss," alert. Between 1970 and 2010, the living planet index – which measures the evolution of 10,380 populations of 3038 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish – has fallen by 52%. And "this trend gives no sign of abating", underlines the 10th edition of the report, which considers nevertheless that it is still possible to act to reverse this decline and combine development and safeguarding the environment. The most affected areas are the Latin America (-83%), followed closely by the Asia-Pacific region, and these are freshwater species who have paid high price (-76%) when terrestrial and marine species fell by 39%. The decline announced by 52% is much more pronounced that in previous reports, due to changes in the method of calculation which offer a more accurate representation of the global distribution of vertebrate species, says the NGO specializing in the protection of endangered species. In its latest biannual report, dating from 2012, the WWF reported a 28% decrease of wildlife between 1970 and 2008. The index covered then 2 699 species. The causes of this decline: the loss and degradation of Habitat (due to agriculture, urbanization, deforestation, irrigation, dams hydroelectric,.), hunting and overfishing (including accidental as for sea turtles), and climate change. Thus, many fish and animals of shoreline disappeared from the Coorong, South zone of the Australia where the withdrawal of water for irrigation has increased salinity. Alternatively, in Africa, the range of the forest elephant represented more in 1984 only about 7% of its historic range. And in this bare, poaching, the number of elephants has collapsed by 60% between 2002 and 2011. Humanity overexploits the Earth, meaning that it uses more natural resources that the planet cannot reconstruct: more fish that it did in born, more emitted CO2 that forests and oceans can absorb,, "Today, we need the generator capacity of land and a half to dispose of the ecological services that we enjoy each year", said the WWF. And the "biocapacity", or the surface area available to provide these goods and services, continues to contract with the explosion of global demographics. Between 1961 to 2010, the population rose from 3.1 to nearly 7 billion inhabitants, and the biocapacity available per head of 3.2 to 1.7 of global hectares (which represents a biologically productive hectare world average productivity). "The world population to reach 9.6 billion inhabitants in 2050 and 11 billion in 2100, available to each of us biocapacity will continue to regress (,.). in a world marked by the degradation of soils, the scarcity of fresh water and the rise of the cost of energy. " A who to blame? The wealthier ones overall ecological footprint per capita is the highest. In 2010, Kuwait came in the lead, followed by Qatar, the United Arab Emirates United, Denmark, Belgium, Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore, United States, Bahrain and Sweden. The France came in 23rd position, and in penultimate position, China, which nevertheless holds the first place for its total footprint, ahead of the United States and the India. "The use of resources and ecological services of high-income countries is five times higher per capita than in the low income countries" and thus to maintain their standard of living, rich countries largely rely on the biocapacity of others. If we lived all as a Qatari, should be 4.8 planets. 3.9 if we were all Americans, and 1.4, if we were all South Africans,, Inspirational data may be studied checking this fact.

Ford wedge in Europe and tumbles on the stock exchange.

Monday, the automaker Ford lowered its annual profit forecast, overtaken by the difficulties in Europe, where it loses money since 2010. Against all odds, the second American automotive group has lowered from $ 1 billion its annual earnings target. Expects now for the full-year profit before taxes to $ 6 billion against a range of 7 to 8 billion dollars previously, according to a presentation to analysts in its headquarters in Dearborn (Michigan, East). Last year, Ford made a profit before tax of 8.57 billion dollars for a turnover of $ 146.9 billion. Wall Street action immediately tumbled to finish the session at $ 15.11 (-7,47%). The decline continued in electronic trade after closing (0,86%). The pessimism of Ford is due to a combination of headwinds: a higher cost than expected of the recalls of vehicles and significant losses in Europe, explained the Group’s Mark Fields, who took the reins in July. -1.2 md’s losses in Europe – Ford will save on the old Continent a loss of $ 1.2 billion before taxes this year. He hopes to reduce it by 2015, to $ 250 million. Last year, Ford lost 1.6 billion dollars in Europe, its third consecutive annual loss. It is a blow to the automaker who had managed to return to profit in Europe in the second quarter, generating a profit of $ 14 million. It must be said that even if the CFO Bob Shanks had warned in an interview with AFP in July that the Group would wipe a big loss in the second half, markets and investors hoped a good surprise. Ford will pay an increase in its costs and expenses related to its restructuring program called One Ford. It aims at reducing the wing while launching new models. The automaker is launching the Mondeo sedan, produced in Spain, the new generation of Ford Mustang and a 4 x 4 (SUV) city, the Ford Edge. Ford is trying to close its historic site in Genk in Belgium that employs 4. 300 people. The Bill of severance should raise around $ 750 million, according to a stock exchange document dating back in 2013. As others automotive, Ford is also affected by the fall of the ruble and the difficulties of the Russian economy. After a slight decline in 2013, vehicle sales have collapsed this year in Russia. In July, the movement is further accentuated with a plunge of 23% over one year. Ford is particularly affected as its sales have fallen by 52% in July compared to the same month in 2013. The invoice of the recalls of vehicles will be as heavy. Its annual accounts will be amputated for example of 500 million dollars because of the reminder the week last of more than 850. 000 vehicles, including the Fusion and Escape, for a failure of the electronic systems likely to affect the operation of the airbag in the event of accident. The automotive group, only American to have escaped bankruptcy in 2009, manufacturer remains confident in Asia and in particular China, the first automotive market global. He is expected to make a profit of $ 700 million before taxes. Although it is still well behind rivals Volkswagen and General Motors, the second American automotive group wants to introduce in Asia from here 2015 not less than 15 new models, including its Lincoln luxury brand and its iconic Mustang. In North America, 2014 margins should be at the bottom of the range of 8 to 9 percent announced previously. 2015, Ford is more optimistic. It provides an annual profit before tax between 8.5 and 9.5 billion dollars. But this projection relies to heavily on a recovery in South America where it will lose $ 1 billion this year. . Root source can be studied reading this

The Rome film festival will be a jury of spectators.

They will be spectators of the Rome international film festival (16-25 October) that will make up the jury of this ninth edition, announced Monday its artistic director, Marco Müller, to promote all the diversity of the cinema. During a press conference, Mr. Müller, arrived in 2012 of the Venice Film Festival, said that five of the public would be awards this year, instead of the traditional Marc Aurèle of gold that was distributing a specialist jury. The public vote will help to highlight both the early films as documentaries, feature films from distant countries like Italians, he added. Each ticket will have a code which will vote on the Web site of the festival or via its official application. With 51 films in the official selection, including 24 world premiere, from 21 countries, the 2014 of the Roman festival edition is now more a celebration of cinema than a real competition. The economic crisis affecting the Italy since almost three years also explains this choice, acknowledged the Director-general of the Cinema per Roma Foundation, Lamberto Mancini. Our budget is down this year to six million euros, he said. With fewer resources at our disposal, we had to opt for a strategic repositioning of the event. But the essential is that the festival continues and self-financing half, continued Lamberto Mancini. With 25% more international participants and entries still in progress, the film market is also fine, he said. The announced stars include Clive Owen (who will present the event in ten episodes of Steven Soderbergh, The Knick miniseries), Richard Gere (for Time out of Mind of Oren Moverman), Kevin Costner (Black and white by Mike Binder), Rooney Mara (Favelas de Stephen Daldry) and Guillaume Canet (next time, I viserai the heart of Cédric Anger). As every year, master classes will give the floor to famous actors and directors, including Geraldine Chaplin, Kevin Costner and the Brazilian Walter Salles (Carnets de voyage), who will receive a Marc Aurèle of honour for the whole of his career. A single specialized jury, that of the Caméra d’Or, presided over by US Director Jonathan Nossiter (Mondovino), will award a prize to the best first? work. . You should visit this to discover extra regarding this great subject.

Mass protest in Hong Kong: China is angered Western meddling.

First it but not looks, as if the blockade participants To want follow the call of the Government. Thousands endure continued on the streets of Hong Kong, A few apparently enhance the reduced police presence as a sign of weakness. We are now more confident. The police have not enough forces to seal off the districts which will be protested, said the 27-year old Ivan Yeung, who spent the night in one of the protest camps. According to the the United States-based site in China, the Government in Beijing ordered digital times to delete all reports about the riots in Hong Kong from social media. The Instagram photo service was apparently locked. In Chinese State media, the protests of the radical activists were referred to as hopeless. The opposition groups know exactly that it is impossible to change the decision of the Standing Committee in the people’s Congress over the reform plan for Hong Kong, wrote the newspaper global times. . You should check this to learn extra about this amazing subject.