Beppe Grillo: “Exit from the euro is the only salvation. Or will default “.

Stored (for the moment) the controversy over the dismissals and policies on immigration, Beppe Grillo is back to talk about the economy and, from the pages of his blog, is relaunching the proposal for an advisory referendum as a step towards the abandonment of the single European currency. In short, in reading the political leader of the movement 5 Stars, there can be no salvation for the Italian economy if it continues to surrender monetary sovereignty, whereas the "interest on the public debt are killing the country, dismantling the welfare State". Interest on the public debt are killing the country, dismantling the welfare state. Annual interest expense on the debt are intended to increase and reach 100 billion share in 2015. From 78 billion paid by the State to finance its debt in 2011 will go to 89 in 2012 to climb to 95 in 2013 and to arrive at an altitude of 99.808 in 2015. Over the past 30 years, Italy has paid 3. 100 billion of interest on the debt, a monstrosity. The billions that the State allocates to interest payments on the debt are subtracted to citizens ‘ primary services: pensions, healthcare, social safety nets, education, resources for SMEs. With the euro debt will continue to grow and interest rates to rise until the Italian welfare state won’t be completely dismantled and become an empty shell. A body of a gnawed by the ECB. The public debt should be renamed to a new currency tied to the value of our economy. Then pay less interest on the debt. The State would start to use its primary surplus they already have (net of interest payments on the debt) to finance activities and welfare. With Italy out of the euro, the Italian SMEs will return competitive again employment in crescitae foreign investors still pay our debt to be sustainable and honorable. Outside the euro there is no salvation, but time has expired. Reclaim the monetary sovereignty and leave the nightmare of bankruptcy by default. To not end up like Greece. Outside the euro or default. There is no alternative. . You can click the following to discover extra on this great subject.

The death of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta: an icon is gone.

January 2004: In a new sex and the city episode, protagonist Carrie Bradshaw eats with her wealthy boyfriend in a fast-food restaurant. She wears a pink, strapless dress. Lawyers, politicians, actresses, business women – Oscar de la Renta has them all dressed up. I have it always considered my task as a designer, to do my best to make a woman look as good as possible, he said. When Hillary Clinton was still First Lady, de la Renta made sure that she put off the grey mouse image, wearing Pastel-colored pantsuits and landed on the cover of US vogue. Only he told no black, her, so de la Renta told later. In pastel colors, they look lebensfroher. You have a so funny, open being unfortunately far too few people know. We will always be grateful Oscar for the love that he has shown in us, and for that he has shared his talent with us in some of the most important moments in our lives, write the Clintons in a statement. Also the former First Lady Laura Bush issued a release: my daughters and I have many fond memories of Oscar, who designed our favorite outfits, including Jenna’s wedding dress. De la Renta was born on July 22, 1932 in the Dominican Republic, he grew up with six older sisters with wealthy parents. Would it have gone after his father, the young Oscar have sold insurance. But that he was so tired. Instead, after his mother’s death, he moved to Madrid. When I was told my father that I want to be a fashion designer, he fell dead on the spot, said de la Renta. A month-long passage to from South America to Spain took – and have lain de la Renta seasick in the cabin of the passenger steamer. Arrived in Franco’s Spain, he studied at the Royal Academy of fine arts of San Fernando. Home gave him pocket money $125 a month, it was enough for a capital city life as a dandy. He quickly left the art behind, henceforth he designed women’s clothing. He learned the trade at the largest of its time: at Balenciaga in Madrid and at Lanvin in Paris. With several letters of recommendation, de la Renta 1963 traveled to New York from Paris. He worked there for Elizabeth Arden and set himself up two years after his arrival in the city. He attended numerous parties, his own were legendary. According to the New York Times Norman Mailer and Henry Kissinger were among the guests. At his side: Françoise de long charge, editor of French Vogue and de la Rentas’s first wife. When she died of cancer in 1983, de la Renta faced with his greatest fear: the loneliness. I thought my son and I remain forever alone, he told vogue. But de la Renta fell in love with again, a good friend of Françoise and me: Annette Reed. The couple married in 1989 and lived until recently in Kent in the U.S. State of Connecticut. She was the person he most admire, he said of Vanity Fair. De la Renta remained always connected to his homeland, the Dominican Republic. He owned two houses and founded an orphanage. He adopted a child, Moises. De la Renta won some of the most important prizes in the fashion industry, was for many years Chairman of the Professional Association of American fashion designer. There was a youth line, perfumes and furniture under his name. According to the New York times the turnover of the company have risen recently to $150 million. Earlier this month, it was announced that designer Peter Copping as Creative Director will take over. He had to design the next collection in close collaboration with the company’s founder. . For additional data about this subject click home page.

The German Stock Exchange EEX will become majority shareholder of Powernext in 2015.

The scholarship of the German energy European Energy Exchange (EEX) will become the majority shareholder in French counterpart Powernext from 1 January 2015, announced the two companies in a statement released Tuesday. EEX, a subsidiary of the Deutsche Börse Group, will hold 55.8% of Powernext shares through a public offer of Exchange. This operation follows the logical evolution of a sustainable and fruitful cooperation in electricity and initiated gas in 2008, said the release, which adds that the German and Austrian competition authorities have already given their green light. Thanks to this step, the EEX group will strengthen its position of market place Central European energy, energy and raw materials-related products, thus expanding the international dimension of the Eurex, our parent group, said Peter Reitz, CEO of EEX, quoted in the press release. All gases of the EEX group activities will also be grouped within Powernext. This means that, effective January 1, 2015, Powernext will handle all of the range of products of Pegas, gas common transaction platform that both awards were launched in 2013, said the press release. Powernext and EEX were already strong partners, notably within the European electricity Epex Spot Exchange. It was born in 2008 from the merger of electricity spot markets developed by the two groups, which each hold half of its capital. fka-hdu-pre. Root facts can be studied reading the following url.

Leopards and the English language: make them live in color.

The English language has always been restless and homeless, derided, torn. The Italians cannot speak Italian, let alone write it! In this context, melancholy and surreal, there is a need to revitalize the method not only to get to the new generations, but also the old, watered down by using linguistic shortcuts of a malpractice idiomatic in line with that of ethics. Therefore, a language not hibernated in austere schemas hard, but free to travel through time, as well as the slavery of subjunctive and the impurity of the purists. The volume is agile and exciting and provides access with vivacity to the universe of grammar that for certain is dramatic affair. You feel the need to give the Italian a new life, wake from her coma wrong drugs with the hope that, for some, "Manzoni" is not a kind of giant steaks, "Leopards" cats particularly intelligent and "Pastures" ideal, even for a rich culture. . Related data can be found visiting

“it surprise me that one day I asked a pharmacist to get a vaccine.

It is the idea that angry doctors. The Marisol Touraine Health Bill, introduced Wednesday 15 October by the Council of Ministers, would allow pharmacists and midwives to vaccinate patients. Internet users and professionals adhere to the proposal of the Minister, that the French are more and better protected? Excerpts from their conversations. For many, ‘or pharmacists or nurses have the level and skills required to replace a doctor", as wrote BaronPiquant. For Zixxis, doctor, the main downside is "that they are not of the patient’s medical record. It also insists on the importance of "complementary training to staff. "It would surprise me that one day I asked a pharmacist to get a vaccine, each his trade», ensures Danielle Van Ashley. Others are much more wound, as Lapetitesouris which notes that "pharmacists are visibly less annoying when they touch the prerogatives of other when touching their". Our Internet here refers to the strike movement of last month led by pharmacists to protest the reform project of the regulated professions, including the sale of prescription without prescription in supermarkets. Moreover, for omega33, this is mainly a "bone to pick" launched by the Minister to calm their anger. A general practitioner, du29, unworthy of this extension of powers proposed to pharmacists and considers "If a pharmacist can do my job, I can do his. «I’m a visionary, scoffs Talpha, soon the vaccine by tobacconists!» Are many questions on the feasibility of the project. Bubard recalls that to be vaccinated, "go once the doctor, go to a pharmacist who sells you the vaccine and return to the doctor" and wondered "if it would be simpler than the doctor not have vaccines and injects it in one visit? Others wonder about the practicality of this advert: ‘ in what place will be bites? ” On the counter?"quips Jlot1. A nurse, Romain333, says do step being against, provided that this is to save social security, but advance having echo of a ‘twice’ tariff that it touches for the same delivery. According to a report by France 2, the cost of vaccination could still be twice cheaper pharmacy than at the doctor. Providing, Jean V. 10 also recalls that before anything else, "need check if pharmacists and midwives are covered by professional indemnity insurance. Facing these criticisms, some Internet users list several arguments. «Vaccinate do claim no particular expertise», supports Jerome Martin, who adds that "the Portuguese Pharmacists do for 7 years. Others, such as Bethsabee2460, are up in arms that critics questioning the professionalism of practitioners and pharmacists, and call users "read the codes of ethics of the two professions, which are medical professions. "I do not understand the reactions of general practitioners, they are already busy like this!", note his side Pauldetarse. «And then adds Charente16, I’m not sure that pharmacists would like to get general practitioners and nurses to back» JP Revaultconclut: "everything that simplifies access to care in the right direction,," » . For more insights about this topic visit website.

After the scandal Prism, the disillusionment of the tools of anonymity online.

Despite these failures repeatedly, users continue to seek their anonymity on the Internet. The Anonabox had collected more than 585. us $ so that its creator, August Germar, asked that 7500. Popularity enjoyed also Whisper: almost 2.6 million messages pass through the application every day. This is still nothing against Snapchat, figurehead of these new tools promising the discretion to Internet users. This application of ephemeral pictures would have more than 100 million users who exchange 700 million photos and videos per day. However, it is not free from defects: the company has already pinned by the US Federal Commission of competition (FTC) for its wobbly protection of the personal data of its users. In January, she suffered a serious security flaw that allowed the theft and publication of 4.6 million numbers of telephones and identifiers owned by its members. Faced with these faults, why continue to believe anonymity online? The motivations of the users are diverse. Some are afraid of surveillance and censorship online. On the page the Anonabox Kickstarter, August Germar claims to have had the idea to build his router after seeing a story about militants in the spring Arabic having more access to Twitter in Egypt. "We thought: why not build a machine against censorship? ‘, he recalls. The interest of the general public for online anonymity has begun by benefit the start-up, more reactive because of their small structure. First reluctant about the phenomenon, the great names of the Web now want to catch up. The next version of the Internet Mozilla Firefox browser could incorporate the Tor software, that had previously been used by online safety experts. Google and Apple itself are also attracted the wrath of the US authorities offering tools of encryption within their respective mobile operating system, iOS 8 and Android Lollipop. . For extended data about this topic check

10 years of most beautiful life: how to explain such longevity?

The anniversary of the series ‘ most beautiful life "is only a relative interest and looking under the microscope the evolution of its situations and his characters do in present little not more. On the other hand if it agrees to consider the phenomenon as a "sociological indicator", the perspective changes somewhat. Remember that it is a work of fiction based on the principle of the English programme Coronation Street: recurrence of the same characters and the same places for more than ten years (forty for the English program). But it is the side "I married opinion, the amorous habits, the vocabulary and social habits of my contemporaries in their lower aspects, including dubious" which explains the longevity of this soap opera-spaghetti. It wraps on itself, it is often fatty, one puts it everywhere and is never the end but please due to an ingredient that makes everything go, narcissism. Forty years ago people worshiped see entirely different people of them on television (or even higher). Now it must be equal (or even lower, where the success of the Deschiens, groland, all these programs where we see social situations at the limit of debility to reinforce the idea that one remains in good average). Previously on extasiait in games before Wells’s science, scholars of campaign, calculators wonders and the violinists in ten years. Now the ideal TV game is that someone who looks like you and whose questions have in all social classes the exclamation "I could answer!» (cf. «Who wants to earn millions»). It must at all costs that the programs resemble those who look at them, it means flatter on one side their self-esteem and the other excite their fears. In the first category include all emissions where it is said people "you are great!", the other all those where it scares them because the world is full of serial killers and "it can happen to you" which, absent error, is the title of an emission. In any case, between "most beautiful life" and "Criminal minds" the general public does not leave the only land whose advertising revenues are predictable from one year to the other, the triumphant me, of the permanent selfie. . For extended insights regarding this subject click

Syria: more reactive, the army has adapted to the guerrillas.

The Syrian army has lost in three and a half years almost half of its strength in the fight against the rebellion, but this drastic reduction also allowed him to become more mobile and effective, say experts. Sounded at the beginning of the uprising, near the technical Knockout, the army built on the Russian classic turned into a counter-insurgency force. And thanks to the Russia and the Iran support, and expertise in its Lebanese Shiite ally of Hezbollah guerrillas, she was able to return to the field. Aram Neguizian, expert military at the Center for international and strategic studies (CSIS), based in Washington, says that the army has lost half of its staff since March 2011. Desertion and losses have reduced the strength of 325. 000 troops in 2011 at 295. 000 in 2012 and approximately 178. 000 in 2013 and 2014, he told AFP. But the 100 to 150. 000 loyalist troops operating on the ground and will are seasoned for two years in the event of fire, undoubtedly form a more lethal than the 300 force. 000 soldiers who were doing nothing for 30 years, apart from wait on the plateau of the Golan, against Israeli forces, according to him. After years of inactivity, the army ended up facing very different insurgent groups, the moderate of the Syrian army free the Islamists of the Islamic Front, the jihadists of al-Dhanub (Syrian branch of al-Qaida) Front and the Islamic State group out-numbering. More than 190. 000 people have been killed since the start of the conflict, of which 40. 000 soldiers and 27. 000 militiamen pro-regime, 55. 000 rebels and jihadists, according to the Syrian Observatory of the rights of man (OSDH), which estimates that the number is actually much higher. Despite its losses, the army has avoided so far launched recruitment campaigns and relied for new blood, on compulsory military service which are required men aged 18 to 50 years, 18 month stretch. Last week, in a unique manner, the central Committee of the people’s reconciliation called for general mobilization, asking the Syrian people, particularly those aged between 18 and 50 years old, to join the ranks of the army. A senior military downplayed the need for reinforcements, insisting that losses in men and material were soon replaced. The army has improved both qualitatively as quantitatively, he assured. -Adapt or die – in the first months of the conflict, the army had lost control of broad swaths of territory, that she managed to partly recover last year, including around Damascus and Homs. It must its success to its ability to adapt to a conventional war, marked by massive bombardment, to urban guerrilla warfare which Hezbollah has been a specialty. The insurgency has forced the infantry to adapt or die, says Mr. Neguizian. Big battalions were divided into small flexible units, commanders aged and inefficient were discarded in favour of young officers that have been entrusted important operational responsibilities, according to him. One of the most emblematic figures of this new generation is Col. Souhail al-Hassan, nicknamed the Tiger and described by media pro-regime as the favorite member of Bashar al-Assad. Reviled by the opposition, he is credited in the circles of the regime to open the head of 4. 000 men totally dedicated, the road to Aleppo long at the hands of the rebels. However, despite its progress, experts doubt that the army be able to re-establish the authority of the regime on all lost territories. The rebels control most of the province of Idlib (North-West), half of Aleppo and almost all of his province, part of the suburbs of Damascus and Daraa (South). The EIS for its part takes an iron hand the northern province of Raqqah and much of the rich Eastern province of Deir Ezzor. Close and medium term, there was little chance that Assad is capable of destroying the insurgency and regaining territory controlled by the rebels, argues Stephen Biddle, an expert at the American Council of international relations. This is going to be a long war, he predicts, because this type of conflict lasts at least 7 to 10 years, sometimes even a generation or more. . For more information regarding this subject click

VIDEO. Holland and the tout-Paris inaugurated the ‘Crystal Palace’ Louis Vuitton.

The ‘extraordinary’ Museum futuristic of the Foundation Louis Vuitton, which marks the entry into fanfare in the Parisian cultural landscape of the boss of LVMH, Bernard Arnault, was inaugurated with great pomp Monday by the president of the Republic, in the presence of several personalities. The head of State toured the audacious building twelve sails of glass placed in the Bois de Boulogne, alongside the American architect Frank Gehry and Bernard Arnaud, its author. Then at the end of the ceremony, all three posed a hand on digital tablets to trigger three flashes who briefly made flicker this ‘Crystal Palace’, the ‘miracle of the intelligence, creativity and technology’, this "Cathedral of light", in the words of president Holland.  "It’s a cloud of culture that fits into the Paris sky", is it marvelled at before the tout-Paris fashion, culture, politics or the luxury. Among the guests: prince Albert of Monaco, the ‘iron lady’ of fashion Anna Wintour, editor-in-Chief of the U.S. edition of Vogue, Karl Lagerfeld, Alain Delon, Claire Chazal or even Xavier Niel. François Hollande paid tribute to «patron» Bernard Arnault, which enables to offer ‘contemporary art in the eyes of all’. "The culture is a great democratic ambition (,.). but it is also a powerful factor of attractiveness for our country,"he argued. After the Vuitton Foundation, the head of State will be Saturday at the Picasso Museum in the Marais, which will reopen after five years of renovation. It could also attend the Fiac (international contemporary art fair) next weekend, was reported in the entourage of the president. Bernard Arnault, the richest man in France, has disclosed neither the operating budget of the Foundation, nor the cost of the building, funded by the various companies of the Group LVMH (Moet Hennessy – Louis Vuitton), world leader of luxury. His great rival, François Pinault, opened since 2005 in Venice a foundation personal (non-business) on two sites, the Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana. In September 2012, full debate on the taxation and tax exile of the more fortunate, Mr. Arnault had aroused an outcry asking Belgian nationality. He had waived seven months later. The Vuitton Foundation has 3,500 m2 of galleries where she must reveal steps the collection that is since 2006 the president of LVMH, advised by Suzanne Pagé, former Director of the Museum of modern art of the city of Paris. Three open house beginning Friday will allow the first visitors to admire the works of Thomas Shütte or Olafur Eliasson and enjoy the terraces from where you can discover, as did François Holland, the Bois de Boulogne, the skyscrapers of the defence and the Eiffel Tower. The building is surrounded by twelve sails of glass, each shape and curvature different. Composed of more than 3. 800 panels screen prints, they are stripped from the heart of the building – "iceberg", the formula of the architect – and supported by a sophisticated play of steel and wooden beams. . Original source can be studied checking this

Insects in the glass: Brewer’s yeast specifically attracts fruit flies.

So far, no one knew quite what these flavors are good. The Belgian scientists were able to show now that the Drososphila fruit flies are attracted by these fragrances specifically. The fruit flies feed then the brewer’s yeast and spread the yeast cells that are stuck during a meal on the fly legs in turn. "Two completely separated existing species – yeast and flies – have developed obviously a complex symbiosis on the basis of the smell", so shipping str epics. "The flies Live yeasts and yeasts will benefit by moving the fly from place to place." This realization is a coincidence. Ver str epics had noticed that is in a piston left standing over the weekend with Brewer’s yeast countless fruit flies were collected. Not only fruit flies floated in one right next to it the piston with Brewer’s yeast. The only difference was that the yeasts in a piston in the location were to form the typical smell of beer. The necessary gene was turned off when the yeasts in the other piston. Scientists now suspect that there are even more, based on odour Symbioses in nature and that this is a general principle in the coexistence of insects and micro-organisms. Who is drinking a cool and sweet-smelling beer next time, should be remembered so that fruit flies can do otherwise than to land in the middle of the glass. . You can check this link to discover more regarding this interesting matter.