Success in Fed Cup: Kerber and Petkovic provide Final Dreams

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Despite a perfect upbeat their top duo warned Germany coach Barbara Rittner with mischief. With convincing victories Andrea Petkovic and Angelique Kerber had brought the German tennis ladies in the Fed Cup semi-final in Australia on Saturday with a 2-0 lead. Only one point is missing now for the first-finals for 22 years and a final on 8/9 November against either Italy or the Czech Republic at home away from home.

However, after the remarkable performances of good friends Petkovic and Kerber may actually be no doubt that this year finally works with the first Fed Cup final since 1992 "You can tell this team has one goal:. We want to reach the final . And just as the two girls have also occurred today, "team boss Rittner said, relieved and impressed by the events before 4300 spectators at the Pat Rafter Arena in Brisbane.

Ahead of the clash with Stosur she's warned: 2011 Kerber defeated the eventual tournament winner in the semifinals of the U.S. Open on hard court, 2012 playoff duel of the World Group in Stuttgart on clay. At that time, Stosur won both singles, the German women were relegated to the World Group II. "I hope that I can beat them at last," Kerber said. "We want this rematch," added Rittner.

Much more relaxed allowed the German delegation Down Under then watch Kerber. From the first ball change at she dictated the tempo and rhythm. 28 minutes took the first set, the second even six minutes less. "I'm incredibly proud of them and take off my hat," Rittner said. The feeling of a Fed Cup finals knows them as opposed to their players already. In 1992 Rittner with Steffi Graf, Anke Huber and Sabine Hack in the victory against Spain in Frankfurt / Main in Germany's squad. Go here to read more

Essonne: it strikes the cashier with a cane octogenarian

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They have fiercely attacked the cashier by hitting it with a cane grandmother. Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at the Spar grocery market place Linas (Essonne), two sisters aged 28 and 30 years are taken to the manager, aged 41, who was prescribed 21 days of temporary total disability. Earlier, the older of the two, visiting his sister living in Linas, went once to the grocery store to buy alcohol. During his second visit to the store, always spirits, tone rises between it and the cashier. The third time the two women insult. Young drunken woman called her sister to the rescue by claiming she was hit. Younger sister arrives at the shop. She grabbed the cane from a client of 89 years and is used to to beat the cashier while the sister alcoholic slap and claw. The oldest will be arrested in the process, while the younger, known for acts of violence, was presented yesterday at the police Arpajon. Both should be referred today. Also read

Video: Good Friday: believers worldwide commemorate the crucifixion of Christ

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Particularly significant is the solemn train in Jerusalem for many believers. Pilgrims from all over the world gathered on Friday in the holy city, to pace off the Stations of the so-called Cross. Here, the suffering of Jesus Christ is traced. O-ton Even ("The celebrations here are always very nice," says the Egyptian pilgrims Mahroos Hakim. "We remember the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ and we receive great blessings through the places where Jesus once lived.") In Germany is committed the tradition of the Cross. In the Hessian Bensheim the Good Friday procession is held for decades by the Italian community of the city with a lot of dedication and attention to detail. As in Jerusalem, the Passion of Christ is readjusted again at several stations. Amateur performers show his arrest, the conviction by the High priests and elders, his performance at the governor Pontius Pilate, and finally the crucifixion itself O-ton ("It's poignant, the whole game, so it makes an already goose bumps.") O tone ("I think that's just a nice event and it is an honor for me to participate here, even as Judas., it makes a lot of fun and brings the people but the matter a little closer. And alone it is already worth it. ") in Rome had heralded the Easter celebrations on Holy Thursday evening Pope Benedict. In a rehabilitation center on the outskirts of the Italian capital of Pontifex twelve sick and disabled people washed the feet and kissed her. A gesture that is to remember the goodness that Jesus during the Last Supper before his death showed his twelve disciples. Earlier popes had always held the ceremony in the Vatican or in cathedrals in Rome, were selected for always 12 men Catholic faith. But Francis performs as Pope continued the tradition which he had maintained as Archbishop of Buenos Aires in the slums. LOCATION: JERUSALEM, BENSHEIM, ROM Close Also check this

Basketball: the “Pana” corrected quarter of the Euroleague, the brink

Panathinaikos Athens is not far from the elimination of the Euroleague gentlemen after recording a second defeat, heavy, on the floor of CSKA Moscow (51-77) on Friday in the quarterfinals. Greek club, six-time winner of the competition, the last time in 2011, now has the obligation to win the next three games, two at home and one final in the Russian capital, to reach the Final Four held from May 16 to 18 Milan. The "Pana" is exactly the same situation as his compatriot and double defending champion Olympiakos Piraeus led 2-0 after another setback Thursday at Real Madrid (77-82) and that a third defeat would be fatal. Should this happen, the absence of the two Greek clubs in the last four would be a first since 2008. Together, Panathinaikos and Olympiakos have shared four of the last five editions, each is imposing twice. Against CSKA, chasing a seventh title since six years, the Athenian basketball had failed to win in the first game (74-77 AD). They did this time not weight, as they were dominated in the domestic sector (23 rebounds against 34) and collectively (8 assists against 20). They lost ground in the second quarter (only 6 points) before collapsing in the last act of this meeting marked, once again, an excellent performance by Sonny Weems (23 pts, 4 rebounds). In the other match of the evening, Olimpia Milan equalized (1-1) with Maccabi Tel Aviv after a great success at Mediolanum Forum (91-77). The Transalpine, still without their captain Alessandro Gentile (thigh) were keen to make amends after blowing victory in their last duel with the Israelis (99-101 AD). The Milan team has relied in particular on Curtis Jerrells, who compiled 17 points, 2 rebounds and 6 assists. Also read this

Serie A's Parma-Inter: Europe up for grabs. And Mazzarri fears the revenge of Cassano

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The punishment of the right and left jab, divine as its tail. The play-off for Europe heard between Inter Milan and Parma decided the class of Roberto Baggio. It was May 23, 2000 and the last place was up for grabs for the Champions League. A real extra to get into the championship ended up the big cup. Other times, both. There have been no new decisive crossroads between Emilia and Inter, the latest designer to Zlatan Ibrahimovic earned him the title at Mancini's team and pushed against Parma in Serie B. Other times, also.

Tomorrow is again decisive match at the Tardini, where Inter has never managed to win by more that 18 May 2008. And other times they are once again: best for Parma, the saddest to the Milanese club. At stake is again a pass to the continental cups, but this time it's for Europe "Series B". Inter are fifth with 53 points, Parma follows her to 51. Two points that make all the difference in the world because they are worth the last good place to fly in the Europa League, which means money from TV rights (especially) and the box office (also). It would be an unexpected result for gialloblù, earlier this year predicted in mid-table and absent in the European Tour from the 2006/07 season when they were eliminated from the UEFA Cup to the knockout phase. For Inter hook the European train would mean ending the season with the bare minimum to not consider bankruptcy in the first year of Walter Mazzarri in Milan.

The spanner in the former coach of Napoli will try to put him, Antonio Cassano. Troubled relationship, the one between the coach and the talent of Bari Livorno Between 2007 and 2009, bringing together make great Sampdoria in Europe and in the Italian Cup final, losing on penalties against Lazio. Mazzarri commands from the bench and Cassano puts her: goals, assists, and show some header (not heard from football). But when it comes to WM Appiano last summer download Fantantonio that does not take it very well and body digs into his now former mentor. Meanwhile, marks and signals, Parma takes his confidence and tomorrow faces Inter looking into her eyes.

Cassano has accelerated the recovery from the blow received by the Cana Lazio and lead the troop Donadoni to overtake. In attack, ready to bite him with Inter Milan, there will be Schelotto Biabiany other former Nerazzurri from the tooth more or less poisoned. And it will also have extra motivation Marco Parolo, in the past five years of the Series D Foligno to dream of flying in the world with Italy. Parma midfielder has already scored 8 goals in the first leg season and inspired the fury of Samson, who scored twice in the draw at the San Siro (3-3). On the Nerazzurri will weigh the defections of Jonathan and Alvarez worked separately until the last workout, but will not be part of the men at the disposal of Mazzarri, who after the 4-0 at Sampdoria wants confirmation of his a week after challenge Inside with 'his' Naples and the future staff also decided by the conquest of a European placing. Kick-off at 15: Cassano is ready to put the arrow to take in one move Prandelli's Italy and Europe with Parma, making his tongue out at Leghorn. The role of spoilsport, moreover, has always come good. We also recommend reading

Three steps to glory


As was, and deserved to be losing the rest Atltico to deny what, nothing to do with the final two goals, missed a penalty-other-a puadito of occasions and Courtois viewer. As is the leader, angry, self-esteem above the clouds, convinced that sooner or later win games. And the win for one reason or another, the strategy or the heart, which at this point in the film gives both. Make matches, and do it three times more to be champion deservedly League. Is Atlético team title with direct capital letters. Suffer to do if you consume it, perhaps there is no way for anyone here has come up with less material than rivals.

They wanted to wake up just before the break with two inmates of Juanfran, He found that the only going to make dao to Elche, but were fireworks. Back Simeone snack to Ral Garca by methylene Adriny the Navarre-Sapunaru-made him a penalty that could have ended with heartbreak. Gabi went for the ball to Diego Costa drsela but not really know if it's because l querao not because it PIDI Villa, finished tirndolo the Spaniard. And a guy with that experience, with all the titles in the bag, also not the pressure of what is playing Atlético. He handed it to Manu. Also

Recovery, the Bank of Italy, “continues but at a slow pace.” Unknowns unemployment and inflation

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The Italian economic recovery continues but at a slow pace, to the point that companies will not come back to increase the number of employees before the end of the year. And if on the one hand, the "slight recovery" is expanding from manufacturing to services, and from investment to consumption, the other is bloodless inflation (0.3%) that it is "essential to combat," and the strong euro that hampers exports. It 'a cross-section dellacongiuntura italianache emerges from the Quarterly Economic Bulletin of the Bank of Italy, which takes note of the "slow recovery of GDP" in place in the first quarter of this year, highlighted by the performance of industrial production and surveys among firms . Just Friday 18 Istat certificate orders and turnover in industry monthly decline of 3.1% and 1, respectively, 5% (+2.8% and +1.2% on-year). "The positive momentum resulting from the recovery of industrial activity would begin to gradually extend to services," notes Via Nazionale in its quarterly publication.

However, there are factors that hamper the recovery, from the conditions of the labor market that are "difficult", especially for the young people for whom unemployment has doubled since 2007, exceeding 42% in February (24% in the Eurozone) . "For the first half of 2014 the prospects of the companies reported a further decline in employment", warn economists of the Bank of Italy. "The number of people employed to resume growing only gradually, not before the end of the year."

And then there's the risk-deflation, the Bank of Italy that never mentions explicitly but emerges from the evaluation of the European framework: "It is essential to counteract the excess of disinflation," writes Via Nazionale, estimating that over the next two years, the inflation Italy will remain contained, rising just above 1% until the end of 2015. Risks are also global, since private debt in China, a possible escalation in Ukraine, the volatility of investment flows from emerging markets to pour out Eurozone and also on Italian BTPs. And then there's the weight of the strong euro, which the Bank of Italy, with unusually clear words, shows as a brake on growth. The competitiveness of Italian exporters fell by about four percentage points since mid-2012, in a negative trend common to the main partners of the Eurozone that "reflected only the exchange rate appreciation." A position that is similar to that of the ECB, which could interfere with unconventional measures to address the risk-deflation and the single currency on the threshold of $ 1.40. Via

Deneuve, Marceau, Depardieu … Sentences shock of the week


The beginning of the week was marked by the words of the actress Sophie Marceaudans GQ magazine against the president. Phrases that have not lacked aback Catherine Deneuve who responded to his colleague in an interview with the newspaper La Nouvelle République Sunday. The actress multiplied in recent weeks the media phrases. After criticizing Gérard Depardieu and his exile in Belgium and the evening of the Caesars it is "limited and gloomy," she now criticizes the excessive casualness of his junior.

Bernard de Choisy, the son of Albert Uderzo co-creator of the comic strip Asterix is ​​at war with her husband's family for over seven years. In three months, he appears with his wife Sylvie Uderzo to justice "psychological violence" against Albert Uderzo and Ada. Wednesday morning he spoke to the Europe 1 antenna on the release of his book The Law Lords and the dispute that pitted him against one of the two creators of the most formidable opponent and the most friendly Julius Caesar.

In an interview published Wednesday to Sunday and GQ magazine actress Sophie Marceaus'est long entrusted to Frédéric Taddeï particular on the link between Hollande and Julie Gayet revealed in January by the celebrity magazine Closer. After processing the Head of State "loose" actress La Boum outbid the antenna to the radio RTL "We do not ask him to be sober either but I think he can put it's a little behind. " Also read

Fietz on Friday – Why should all know what Good Friday means

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However, this requires knowledge of the background of these holidays. Time and again, surveys show that many are illiterate in this field that they connect the Easter Bunny with Christmas gifts and Easter. And at Pentecost then remain only a question mark. That is unfortunate. After all, we live in a country that is dominated by Christianity in its origins and in the anchored Judaism. It's always good to know your roots. And it can not hurt to give them children.

That is why I do not understand those who their children are not baptized with the argument that they should themselves decide once – for or against the faith. I can not understand why children are logged out of religious instruction in the schools in this context. How should understand what constitutes religion, if he does not know a man? How can he know if he wants to follow a Jesus of Nazareth, when he does not know who he is and how his message is? Here you can

“That's who is a stalker” relives the nightmare on the set

And 'dynamic, fun, volcanic. "I want to split the world, especially now." The voice breaks for a moment, as if a moment of darkness interrupted the happy thoughts running in his head: that smile is still hiding behind a bruise, wound of a past that still hurts. Born in Padua 36 years ago, Cosette Turkish chose Rome as his home after years spent between New York, Los Angeles and Paris to study dance. Capital comes in at 19 years young when he signed his first contract as a professional dancer on the television program "Pull and Spring" led by Paul Bonolis: she was one of the "sellerette" so beloved by the public. "Then I have not stopped since, I realized that the world of the show was the right path for me. Tomorrow I leave for South America, Colombia, where I'm going to present a fiction that we have just finished reciting "But it's Easter. . . "I do not ever stop, I always plenty to do, you think to answer the phone it remains only for the time I spend in the car to move from my home in Centocelle, to appointments, for example, we turn today. . . "How much exuberance. . . "I want to split the world, especially now. . . "Ouch. . . "Yeah, let's face immediately, until last year I was engaged, then we broke up shortly before we were married." Leaving a step away from the altar then? "And yes, four years of living together and had pretty much everything ready for the big step, however. . . but do you think that we are partners in a production company and we can work together. However, I am unlucky in love, indeed, I'm just trying them all beautiful and shit. " A troubled love life, I understand. . . "Do not make me say what I think of men, however, do not give up, I grow more and hope to find love." A troubled love life as well as in a story that you've played in a movie, The Stalker, directed by George Amato. "In the movie I was a strong woman with a daughter to defend, in reality there are just so, indeed, to relive certain scenes on the set was very strong." Forgive me. . . "I happened to suffer violence at the hands of a man, an ex-boyfriend. For fear I never complained. I was hoping he could change his attitude towards me was temporary, a kind of nightmare from which I would have awakened. But I deceived myself. A person does not change. If one is violent it will remain forever. Our efforts are only illusions. Women must understand why so many like me who have suffered and continue to suffer in silence, hoping. They need to stop having the hope that a violent man can change. The caresses will become ever slapped, when you least expect it. " A story that she was able to overcome? "Yes, now I do. In fact, I continue to hope in love. " We are not a double but we can make an appeal here. . . how to be her "prince"? "High at least six feet tall, but no more than 1.85. I am one meter and sixty-eight, and if there is not too high even with heels. Then dark and light eyes. Obviously sports, like me. Maybe adventurous, but be aware that simple. " And the rules to win? "A romantic dinner, a rose, and then has to get me to dance a slow, perhaps in a particular place. . . I love the Janiculum. " Via