An Icelandic volcano threatens air traffic in Europe.

It is one of the largest Icelandic volcanoes. Since a few days the Bárðarbunga thrilled the aviation sector. It is active for the fifth day in a row Wednesday. Earlier that week, the Icelandic Meteorological Institute noted in "orange" alert for aviation, which means "wiggle high or increased with potential rising of eruption". Beyond, remains more engaged when ‘red’ level starts a rash. Tuesday, the Institute responsible for monitoring its activity had been identified some 3500 earthquakes due to its activity, reported the Icelandic public television Ruv. Several of these seismic events have reached a magnitude 4.5 on the Richter scale-up. The Bárðarbunga is a huge volcano located under the largest glacier of the country, the Vatnajökull, in the South of the country. Is in eruption, scientists regard him as sufficiently dangerous to disrupt air traffic in Northern Europe and in the North Atlantic with its projections of ash and cause significant damage in Iceland, including the floods with the melting of the ice. Tuesday night, the authorities have decided to proceed with the evacuation of the area. The ports of Husavik and Seyðisfjörður police decided to close and evacuate the area north of the glacier, where floods are to be feared. This very wild place of the island does not include any capita year-round, part of tourist the Vatnajökull national park is nonetheless concerned. The road to of y acceder is now cut off to traffic. The last eruption of the Bárðarbunga dates back to 1910. Its activity is observed via a webcam located on the mont Grimsfjall 30 km from the volcano. A century later, in 2010, the eruption of another Icelandic volcano, the Eyjafjallajokull, had caused the largest closure of airspace decreed in Europe in peacetime, with more than 100. 000 flights cancelled on a month and more than eight million blocked passengers. . Similar information can be inspected clicking

Holland announces two tax measures for precarious workers.

In this day of re-entry, the president of the Republic announced wanting to ‘make fairer and simpler’ the scale of the income tax, and merge the premium for employment and the RSA. It also reminds the order Slingers of the Socialist Party and the president of the Medef. They are supposed to replace the degressive reduction of the contributions that the Constitutional Council has retoquée August 6. "One will aim to make it fairer and simpler the scale of the tax for the first instalments, explains the head of State, in an interview in the world. ” "The other will merge the premium for employment (EPP) and the RSA activity to promote the resumption of the work and improve the compensation of precarious employees. Two reforms that will be undertaken "since the finance Act. The president of the Republic also reaffirmed the responsibility Pact Cape, excluding any "sculling or any zigzag. A way to meet the Slingers of the Socialist Party who accuse him with this measurement, you want to make a gift to employers. "This is not because the situation is more difficult in France and in Europe that we must give it up saying it. On the contrary, we must go faster and farther. . You can read the following to learn more about this amazing subject.

Israel and Hamas resume hostilities, eight Palestinians were killed.

The overall observed since August 11 ceasefire between Hamas and the Israeli army was broken Tuesday with rocket attacks on Israel and air raids on the Gaza Strip who made at least 8 Palestinians were killed. Among the victims are the wife and a daughter of Mohammed Deif, the Commander of Tuesday night in Gaza, Hamas announced early Wednesday morning on Facebook Moussa Abu Marzouk, number two of the Hamas Politburo. It gave no clarification of the fate of Mohammed Deif. According to him, Israel was seeking "a pretext to take to target a large Hamas official. The air offensive and land Israel had devastated the Gaza Strip killed more than 2,000 Palestinians and injured more than 10,000. Israeli side, 64 soldiers were killed as well as three civilians in hostilities. Monday evening, Israelis and Palestinians had agreed at the last minute to extend by 24 hours to Tuesday 23 hours, French time, truce. And there was no indication that discussions could produce a lasting agreement between parties to the seemingly irreconcilable requirements. Without such an agreement, the fear was great to see burst of renewed fighting in a few months in a territory that is already in its third war in six years. Egypt submitted a proposal whereby they would undertake to stop fighting and which provides for the reopening of the border crossing points to the protagonists. It gives to the Palestinian Authority evincee Gaza by Hamas in 2007. The thorny subject of the opening of a port and an airport, to which Israel is opposed, would be him, delivered at latest. . For more about this topic read info.

Your home for 13,500 euros apiece.

"I wanted a place to me completely autonomous, which would contain all the necessary and that would relieve the stress of having a steady income to pay rent and survive economically. As an artist, I thought that it would also allow me to concentrate more on my work than money", says Brett Sutherland. And the artist did not simply to build the House. He began writing a guide to constructing, with photographs, he decided to sell, to encourage others to do like him. The artist has also turned a small video of presentation of his or her home. Decide to make this type of housing his main residence is a fairly uncertain strategy, even if it costs actually «»that 13. 500 euros. "It’s a very uncertain legal profile. Once you decide to stay more than three months on a same plot, it requires permission from the Town Hall. And the renewal of the approval can never be guaranteed!"notes Emmanuel Sourdon, before concluding:"in addition to the fact that these permissions are still provisional, the mobil-home are not routinely allowed on all fronts." Difficult, therefore, to make this investment, without becoming a sort of "nomadic". . For extended on this matter visit

For Iraqi Kurds, the jihadists are worse than Saddam.

The jihadists who attack minorities in Iraq are worse than Saddam Hussein, a Kurdish Commander on a front in the North of the Iraq, line the black banner of the insurgents floating on the horizon. This desert area was still recently under control of the jihadists of the Islamic State (AR), which early August have extended their offensive launched on 9 June the North, gaining ground on the Kurdish forces, attacking minorities and forcing tens of thousands of people to flee. These extremists are worse than Saddam. They sow terror and chaos to force the people to flee. Then they take power, says major-general Johannes Kawiri in the peshmerga, the Kurdish fighters, pulling on a cigarette. For his Deputy, Sardar Kamal, the persecution suffered by the Kurds in the late 1980s under the regime of Saddam Hussein that have cost the lives of tens of thousands of them, partly explains their motivation in fighting today the EIS. Faced with the inability of the Federal Army to counter jihadis, the Turkish PKK, of Syrian PYD Kurdish fighters and Iraqi peshmergas have joined forces in an unprecedented alliance to deal with jihadis and rescue thousands of civilians trapped in the nearby mountains. We do not want that history repeats itself, he says, while men go up tents to spend the night and monitor the ground they regain, only a few tens of metres from the closest positions of the EIS. Away, columns of smoke rise in the sky of the sites included by US strikes in support of the Kurdish forces trying to repel the offensive of the EIS. According to Johannes Kawiri, these strikes were very, very helpful. Its fighters are also inspired by a strong Kurdish nationalist feeling. We are fighting a war of self-defense, and we believe in our cause, he said. -Long experience of guerrilla – Sardar Kamal says he fought in the ranks of peshmergas from the age of 16. I don’t remember the number of battles in which I participated, he said with a laugh, while behind him fighters unload watermelons, blocks of ice and packs of water pickup delivering food. The peshmergas have a long experience in the guerrillas who with Saddam Hussein’s regime toppled in the wake of the American invasion of Iraq in 2003. And this experience helped turn the tide against jihadists who conquered large parts of territory since early June. Their biggest defeat was taking on August 8 by the IC of the Mosul Dam, the largest of Iraq, but alongside Iraqi forces and U.S. air support, they were able to take it back Sunday. Sardar Kamal men are deployed just a few km from the dam. The Sunni fighters of the EIS had at the beginning of the effect of surprise, but now we know their tactics, he said surrounded by his men who listen to him carefully. They send fighters wrapped explosives and detonates all around them. They attack civilians – men, women and children – and terrorize others pushing them to flee. In a very short time, they take control, he said. -’ I had to do something’ – then some Kurdish fighters have extensive combat experience, for others it is the first. Aram Hikmet, a thin young man of 19 years with a heavy machine gun, was not born when Saddam Hussein forces were conducting their violent repression against his community, including the gassing of Halabja in 1988 in which 5. 000 people were killed. I’ve heard that women and children yazidis and Christians were killed, he said, in reference to minorities covered by the EI. It was unbearable. I had to join the fighting. Another fighter, Jassem Yahya, says leaving his retirement to fight the EIS. I spent eight years in the Iraqi army, I made the Iraq-Iran war (1980-1988). I am a good fighter, he said. The EIS attacked with ferocity. I had to do something. . For extended about this topic visit

Presidents and taxation (2/5): Mitterrand or the anti-reform.

It is Jacques Chirac, candidate for the presidential election in 1995, Apostle suddenly the fight against the "social fracture", said bluntly: "one may wonder about the reality of left politics, see the economic policy conducted by the Socialists of the late 1980s, it was the right of the post-war period. What summarize the taxation under Mitterrand? It would be going a little fast. But it is true that the European choice made by the first Socialist president of the Fifth Republic has largely determined its practice. And not really different choices from those of his predecessor, some put symbols in part not really passionate about the economy, Fran̤ois Mitterrand is rather opposed to real reforms, including one proposed by his third Prime Minister, he had tended to treat with contempt, Michel Rocard, namely the creation of the CSG. Nothing to do with a Holland, from this point of view, Mitterrand dabbled not tax grub. He mediated the great directions, and the Finance Ministry followed. A general rule, with one exception: the wealth tax. For once, the Socialist president has taken things in hand. What heritage should strike this tax? The working tool, as we called it, namely ownership of his company? Works of art? On the second subject, we know the intense lobbying of a Laurent Fabius, eager to see works of art escape tax on the wealthy (IGF, such was its name from 1982 to 1986). What is less known, is that, respect professional property, the first version of the IGF was planning tax, with a reduced rate. It was passed and then cancelled before its application. The IGF was canceled again majority right in 1986, which was little appreciated opinion and contributed to the defeat of Jacques Chirac, candidate presidential election in the spring of 1988. Then restored in 1988, with the return of the PS in power, under the name of solidarity tax on wealth. With the same structure: taxation of all property, except the ownership of a business Рneed to own at least 25% and to exercise an activity leader Рand works of art. For the rest, as could raise it so Рlate 1988 Рtax to the cabinet Francis Lefebvre, continuity prevailed on fiscal policy, between one conducted by a right is wanting yet very liberal, from 1986 to 1988, and a left obsessed with the creation of the single European market, introducing freedom of movement of capital from 1992. Where successive reductions in the taxation of businesses (lower the corporate income tax, inter alia, brought down from 40% to 33.33%), and the multiplication of favourable savings devices. At the end of the 1980s, it was possible to get paid 8% and not imposed without risk Рmonetary sicav Рinvestments!Little by little, these advantages were dog-eared. But it is the Minister of finance Pierre B̩r̩govoy, who, under the aegis of Fran̤ois Mitterrand, went furthest in this direction from zero-rating of savings. . Root source may be studied visiting the following

Crane, Swan, Heron and three litres of wine per day: diet by King (Richard III).

He reigned only two years (i.e., from July 6, 1483 to August 22, 1485, when he was killed in the battle), but in those 26 months on the throne of England Richard III did not really miss anything, allowing exotic food (such as meat of crane, Swan and Heron but also freshwater fish) that the watering with three litres of wine per day. To find out how fast were the last years of the life of the last of the Plantagenets were the experts of the British Geological Survey and the University of Leicester, in a study published in the "Journal of Archaeological Science» (and the results of which were presented during the documentary «Richard III: The New Evidence", broadcast by Channel 4. In addition to lifestyle does not exactly Regal, the documentary he also analyzed the physical appearance of Richard III, focusing in particular on scoliosis which was suffering. As the article on «The Independent», to prove that the disease did not however prevented from fighting in battle, scholars have resorted to the 27 year-old Dominic Smee: the guy from Staffordshire and suffering from spine curvature identical to that of the King, was subjected to a series of specific tests (like wearing medieval armor and brandishing of weapons during a fight on horseback) who confirmed as scoliosis has not affected in any so the battle skills of Richard III, which, on the contrary, would have benefited from the rigid saddle used and that was typical of the middle ages. . Similar data can be inspected reading

New Clippers Boss Ballmer yells at fans – “nothing is us stand in the way. Boom.

For the song "Lose yourself" by US Rap Star Eminem wild gesticulating ran the new boss like a boxer through the raging crowd, clapped off some of the 4500 published by fans and then began his speech. "Nothing is us stand in the way. Boom. We will be hardcore. Hardcore. Hardcore. We are the hardcore Clippers", of the more than $20 billion heavy according to the Forbes Ballmer announced boastfully. The Clippers superstar Chris Paul and Blake watched Griffin easily distracted driving their new boss. Only last week the deal across the stage went, after a court in California had rejected a last appeal of the 80 years Sterling against the sale. Already, end of may had agreed sterling in wife Shelly with Ballmer living divorce. This is followed by a lengthy adjourned game.   Donald Sterling, which was pushed by the NBA after racist remarks in a telephone conversation with his girlfriend V. Stiviano for the sale of the Clippers is ill already according to statements made by physicians from three to five years, Alzheimer’s disease. As a result, he was declared by experts for insanity. As a result, sales in the way could be headed. . Extended facts can be read checking

Getting around Rome, “tears and blood” the common sort: New cuts.

by Fabio Cao Writes Ibrahim to Atac: "by 2016 will be 140 million saved through increased revenue and cost rationalisation". The price of tears and blood. It’s the August 5: while the first mail arrive for "outplacement", signed by the Chief of staff, Joseph De Paoli, the Councillor responsible for mobility of the Comune di Roma forwards a letter with which has a "terrible" to continue on the path to rehabilitation of Atac. It is a true revolution that part by save the bone on labour costs, reduction of the excessive power of the trade unions of base, and tight to fight absenteeism. Then cuts, cuts and more cuts. Ravenotation letter. it publishes in full, has the classic look of the guidelines, on the other hand is a revolutionary path, with whom the owner raises his voice and says just to decades of malpractice and mismanagement. NEW SERVICE CUTS. The aim is a return to the years ‘ 90, when the sum of the miles of most iron rubber attested to 101 million. So by the end of the year, will be completed the reorganization plan of the bus network with new cuts in order to avoid duplication of routes. Even the night service will be reduced to esteriorizzarlo by 2015. THE COST OF LABOUR. As anticipated, the letters to replace the redundant administrative are already matches and the process should be completed by the end of the year. For overtime is expected a further reduction of 10 per cent for each of the next three years, while it will be mandatory to increased productivity, with a new drivers ‘ shifts and machinists, for which there is also an increase of work hours to reflect standard costs. Always by the end of the year there will no longer be any difference between "latest" and managers: all must be stamped at the beginning of each working day and at the end. Always to managers, executives and all the staff involved in control and supervision, will assume the title of "administrative police officer", a kind of public official who has powers comparable to a police officer for checking documents and tickets. THE RESIZED. Says Ibrahim, a few words but tombs: "upgrading the basic representation (Rsus) through the definition of a regulation, in order to achieve an overall containment of industrial practicability." Translated: it ended the era of self-managed Union permits. SCHEDULES AND ABSENTEEISM. Working hours will be unique and no differences between functions. If not enough, all the "defective" will be sent to visit and those who, for example, can’t drive the bus, can and must be dispatched to the front-line activities: i.e. public offices and controlleria. MAINTENANCE. For workers coming in hard times: all 39 hours per week with a new measuring system of activities and extraordinary time and zero during the work shift.   In addition, by the end of the year, will leave the night maintenance and availability in case of emergencies. COSTS AND REVENUES. The assessor does not expressly say me that for Atac will resort to a recapitalisation deba is strong. Meanwhile, in addition to savings, the main objective is to increase revenue, even through mobile ticket offices at major events and passing through a sieve until 2015 at least 25 percent tariff concessions and 50 for 2016. Then there are two lines to interpret. Always writes Ibrahim: "review of pricing conditions and rules of use of tickets". Reading is two-fold: either reduction of the time of validity of the ticket, or the much-feared rise. Everything to understand, even the eventual political scope and effects that may have a new retouching after that operated by Giunta Alemanno. Never before has the shareholder had been so clear on the reorganization of the Atac. . For extra data about this topic visit

Terrorist militia Islamic State: Obama warns of wild bunch in the Iraq.

The dam is the largest in the country, had been conquered by the terrorist movement in early August. The jihadists controlled not only the water supply of the city of Mosul–there was also the fear the extremists could blow up the dam and bring to tens of thousands of lives in danger. With a height of up to 131 meters, the dam belongs to the highest in the world. It is about 3.5 km long and dam on the Tigris River to a mighty Lake. The re-conquest of the plant shows, said Obama on Monday evening at the White House, that the cooperation between Iraqis and Kurds work. Fighting IS going to need time however: there should be no doubt that the United States military will continue to perform limited stakes, I have authorized. The U.S. Army should have supported the Kurdish fighters alone in the past two days with a total of 35 attacks from the air. The Reuters news agency reported on Monday evening by a threatening video IS militia reported. In it, the terrorist militia in retaliation for possible air strikes of the US Army in the Iraq Announces terrorist attacks in the United States. You will drown in the blood, called therefore IS fighter in the video. . Extended info can be found clicking