No Tav, reinforced after the March assault on the jobsite: but today we will be peaceful.

Today, probably, the March popular by Giaglione to the shipyard’s networks of Chiomonte, organized by committees No Tav with the support of the pentastellato Marco Scibona and Refounding, is entirely peaceful. According to the script for months of protests against the high speed, the day after a confrontation the movement shows the face good. Also happened last summer: after the attacks in May and June a peaceful demonstration ended the summer season of the No Tav. Some concerns, but not too many, police and carabinieri have however for tomorrow, Sunday, when it will be officially closed camping opened on 17 June. The other night, however, the limelight have occupied the last movement, after the usual walk to networks (not achieved), gave life to a spectacle of paper bombs, Fireworks and stone, managing to block the motorway Torino-Bardonecchia from midnight to three and twenty with a barrier of tires set on fire. On this new assault the Turin Prosecutor’s Office has opened a dossier and the pm Andrea Padalino is trying to identify those responsible. On the other hand, instead, Notav site. info at the end of the assault, he relaunched the night with undertaking the customary epic tones: the Elves are No Tav vanished into the Woods. And little by little everyone else returned to Shenzhen. Many smiles and satisfaction for a big day of struggle. In fact, the assault on the building site of Thursday night was not a great success. The elves, who were masked and dressed in black, the Ltf networks own there have arrived. The new police strategy that, unlike in the past, we have more perched on the construction site but chose a dynamic defense, coming from fences and directly countering the attackers on their soil. In addition, although no one dares admit, in motion winds after arrests for attacks in May last year the fear of ending up in handcuffs. Yesterday the Review Tribunal dismissed the release presented by Lucio’s legal Alberti, Francesco Sala and Graziano Mazzarelli, the three arrested on July 13 for the same crimes for which they are to jail the four activists taken a year ago. So, after pelted with firecrackers and paper bombs the unreachable site Notav assault teams have had to fall back on the highway, made impassable by torched tires and a busy launch homemade rockets and fireworks for more than three hours. The law enforcement response was obviously a massive use of tear gas. At the conclusion of yet another night to combat the high speeds the police counted a replacement Commissioner burned by a firecracker that exploded against his ankle. The managers of the site, as a precaution, have stopped work on resume only when calm has returned. Yesterday, around the yard, police later found the remains of the battle: a molotov cocktail with homemade mortars, firing on which they were mounted rockets capable of reaching 150 feet, stones, sticks and other things necessary for the guerrillas through the Woods. According to police the assailants, failing to reach the networks, they decided not to use incendiary bottle and the rest of the abandoned material. For the No Tav movement, however, that it was a Thursday night victory. On the website of the movement can in fact read: we said and did, once the movement has resumed Notav historical sites of their struggle in defiance of the bans and the police apparatus of the yard-fortino. From our Valley was a clear signal to those who, despite everything, continue to believe that this work useless and harmful someday you will. Beyond propaganda claims, however, the yard work and in recent months has taken on a completely different physiognomy: geognostic tunnel is now more than a thousand meters deep, work continues apace. The movement instead seems increasingly showing cracks and especially a certain difficulty in organizing mass demonstrations. We will try today with the popular walk on the trails of the Clarea: three kilometres from the sports field of Giaglione to arrive (if possible) to the construction site of the Maddalena. And organizers this time promise: it will be a peaceful March, without stones and without throwing firecrackers. . For additional data about this topic read resource.

The Air Algeria plane crash: what we know 54 french passengers.

It is difficult, very difficult, it was a partner and an exceptional friend. We worked together for 20 years and we were friends for 40 years, we did our all studies, told AFP journalists his associate who had with him the pharmacy in the market which employs 23 people. Parents, Bruno and Caroline, were returning from a trip to Burkina Faso, with their two children, Elno, 14 years, and Chloe, 10 years. They had spent a fortnight in the maternal family, explained the Secretary of Mayor of this small town of 550 residents. Maternal grandmother, who lived in the Gard, would be also among the likely victims. She was travelling with parents and two children, who were to land at Marseille airport. I at least wanted information on the repatriation of the body, how it happens. They took my details and thats it. I still lost 7 members of my family including my young brother, he added. The 46-year-old father worked in a plant’s distribution of Super U. Her four children were between 4 and 23 years and his 21-year-old nephew came to enroll in master in Nantes. . You can click the following page to discover extra on this amazing matter.

You can reach Spain Semiprevir, an almost infallible drug against hepatitis C.

Beginning August 1, Simeprevir will be applied in combination therapies for hepatitis C in adult patients infected with genotypes 1 and 4 of the virus. This medication is shaping up as the first antiviral agent direct of second-generation approved in Spain for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. Their effectiveness will vary depending on the type of patient and administered guideline. The entry of simeprevir in Spain is the best news that has occurred for patients with hepatitis C in the past 20 years, said the head of the service of digestive system of the Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol Barcelona, doctor Ramón Planas, who acknowledged that completely cured patients could lead to the total elimination virus. The price of the medicinal product will be comparable to which have been first-generation drugs. The news has been well received by the National Federation of patients and liver transplant (FNETH), whose President, Antonio Bernal, said the illusion to returned to patients with hepatitis C: we have a product that has the ability to heal with fewer side effects and that becomes the big bag, which will go for the most serious patients less serious spending the same. Autonomy will not have to increase its budget from the previous year in treatments for hepatitis C, and can reach as many people as they see fit. . For extra data about this matter read reference.

Deutsche Bank: austerity program will be extended to billions.

Total involves hundreds of steps, a leading German banker told the newspaper. Jain and hinge made already some areas, where the cost can be lower further. Examples: at the Cologne asset management subsidiary of Sal. Oppenheim future transferred the handling of trade on the Frankfurt system, so how it was already done at Postbank. In the retail business, the program next should promote the processes in the online and Mobilebanking. More savings ideas: in the securities, Deutsche Bank wants to take more orders for external customers and so larger amounts of cost savings. Asset management should be more digitized, it will also reduce costs. And the risk Center in Berlin, a special force recently established for risk management, should in future concentrate on higher quality services. Lighter tasks could be moved to India or Romania. The number of employees in the risk Center should remain but about the same. We know that we are moving in the future on difficult terrain, Fitschen said at the beginning of the year. The result of Deutsche Bank is always burdened by high costs of litigation. LIBOR and the dispute include the manipulation of the currency market and the interbank interest rate with the heirs of media mogul Leo Kirch. The loads due to the increased regulation and the extremely low level of interest rates to be added. Therefore, strict cost control at the largest German bank is to become the permanent task. The leadership wants to commit staff in the coming weeks on the new course. . For extended insights regarding this subject check

The proposal of wolves: less taxes on homes in areas of high population density.

For the next few years promises to be a real revolution for the world of urban planning in Italy. Yesterday, in fact, was presented the new Bill desired by the Minister of transportation and infrastructure, Maurizio Lupi, which aims to modernize the legislation on the world of home with important changes in this area. "At stake is the future of the country that passes through the cities and infrastructure, the world has changed since 1942 has made a new law on urbanism" Wolves said on the sidelines of the presentation of the project took place at the Auditorium of the Museum Maxxi in Rome. One of the major innovations proposed by Bill Wolves is the reduction of taxes on homes for high density anthill. In the text of the Bill, in fact, refers to a "gradual reduction" of local taxes on real estate "for areas of higher density construction". In practice, according to Wolves taxes on homes must also be established on the basis of this new parameter. Another novelty that the ddl to introduce instead is represented by tax deduction on home by Ires and Irap for businesses as well as exemptions for buildings intended for sale by real estate companies. For the ddl "the tax laws provide the same deductibility from income taxes and dall’irap in Chief enterprises and commercial bodies and their non-applicability of the buildings intended for sale or resale which are not used". Finally comes a new ddl’s boost to the realization of social housing accommodation, with the forecast also rents and facilities for the supply of buildings. In particular, it encourages the social housing through the involvement of individuals with forms of tax exemption of up to. . You must check the following hyperlink to learn extra on this great topic.

Murdoch, super pay tv in Europe: the British BSkyB buys Sky Italy and Germany.

A European superpiattaforma pay tv, which has 20 million customers, can reach 97 million homes, 66 million of which have not at the moment any similar service. Rupert Murdoch finds the 100 for Sky Italy 100 by Fox through the British BSkyB, which captures the Italian network and 57.4% of Sky Deutschland. The Italian subsidiary of Murdoch is rated 2.45 billion pounds, equal to about 3 billion euros.  For BSkyB the operation represents a revenue growth from 7.6 billion pounds (9.6 billion euros) to 11.2 billion pounds (14.1 billion euros). Through 21st Century Fox is fully controlled by Rupert Murdoch. The Australian magnate owns then through Fox control of 39 percent of BSkyB. The British Group had already announced a few months ago to have the examination a restructuring in Europe. In recent days, however, rumors had emerged of an acceleration, aimed at providing the media tycoon to lift the maxi offered by 80 billion on Time Warner, which has already received a refusal.   For the acquisition of BSkyB’s Sky in Italy will recognize more detail to Fox 2.07 billion pounds (2.06 billion dollars) turning his 21 percent stake in the National Geographic Channel, valued at 382 million pounds (482 million euros). The cash price for the acquisition of the stake in Sky Deutschland is instead of 2.9 billion pounds (3.6 billion euros), evaluating the company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange 6.75 euros per share. BSkyB will launch an unconditional offer on the remaining shares of the company. In the case of a full membership of the Opa, the entire rearrangement can lead to BSkyB a total cash outlay of up to 7 billion pounds, equal to 8.84 billion euros. BSky said to expect fully operational synergies for 200 million pounds (252 million euros) per year by the end of the second financial statements after the completion of the restructuring, with more synergies possible later. The most significant benefits, explains, will be possible in the United Kingdom and Italy. As well as in the acquisition of television rights on programs, savings are expected in the production of live events, It systems in the back office jobs, and over time the development of programmes and set top boxes. The effect on the estimated costs from such synergies by management of the company is in the order of 150 million pounds (189 million euros). BSkyB also announced today the results of the financial statements ended in late June. The group scored revenues of 7. 611 million pounds, an increase of 6.5% and a gross operating profit of 1. 667 million ( -1.5%) and an operating profit of 260 million (1. -5.3). Unchanged at 60 pence per share profit ‘ adjusted ‘, with a 7% growth in dividend, set at 32 pence per share. . Related text can be inspected visiting web site.

Reforms: Pact of Nazareno sanctified, negotiation with M5S mortified.

After Silvio Berlusconi’s acquittal on appeal in Ruby, Matteo Renzi said "Italy Firmly representing millions of votes there is a Government agreement but because institutional in a civilized country the rules they set. From an institutional point of view I maintained the word even if Berlusconi had been sentenced ". Will be, but it is undeniable that an eventual conviction would create the premier a few embarrassments and the acquittal on the second degree does nothing but strengthen the former Knight and sanctifying the Covenant of the Nazarene. Anyone who has witnessed a week ago to the live stream of the match between the Pd and the movement 5 Stars will not have done but notice that requests for Di Maio to Renzi, especially at the end of the confrontation, were precise and unrelenting and concerned above all the preferences to be introduced in the electoral law and the abolition of parliamentary immunity. Demands of fundamental importance and urgency if account is taken of the fact that the concern of anyone who opposes the way of reforms badged Renzi and Berlusconi is not only that of parliamentarians resolved to make a filibuster but also that of the Council that rejected the Patricia_917 for the unconstitutionality of the blocked lists and above all citizens who are expressing their views through surveys like the Ipsos Institute that demonstrate how the 73% of Italians is absolutely not an unelected Senate. How can count my direct experience, meeting many people who see the survival of parliamentary immunity as yet another injustice of caste on the citizens. It is true, there is no more immunity from investigation as was happening before Tangentopoli and Mani Pulite and then a member of Parliament can be tried as an ordinary citizen (and God forbid else!) but kept that part of article 68 of the Constitution guarantees that deputies and senators from the request for arrest, searches, wiretaps and delegates to Parliament the decision to proceed or not. If we ask ourselves if we are all equal before the law, or if we still have to decide something since we won’t be able to choose who governs us, for a referendum will need 800 thousand instead of 500 thousand signatures and the law of popular initiative to collect signatures will be five times we are all prey to a hallucination as would the Minister Maria Elena Woods? At this time we are seeing the pressures of President Napolitano who insists on the serious damage caused by the paralysis of decision-making on a fundamental reform process and the wish of Renzi claiming that these reforms the frenatori are doing a free spot while the Senate President has vetoed No Fat to 920 requests for secret ballots on some amendments. How it will end? The suspicion is that the reforms that will come out will be very far removed not only from the points required by the movement 5 Stars but also from the expectations of the majority of citizens. . Similar facts can be read visiting

Errani, the Pd and the next term.

Now the problem is not only personally but judge Errani, try to understand the situation and the future of the region. A serious political force should be drawn from a story even unpleasant, the opportunity to make the changes necessary to the programmatic and policy action. There is no trace instead of a discussion of this kind in the Democratic Party, the only argument put to the attention of public opinion is who will be the next President. I think, however, that for the forces to the left of the Democratic Party the first task is to draw a balance of the legislation and understand what are the main problems to be addressed in the next term that promises to be not at all easy. The region’s economy marks the step from there a short time, the economic crisis is global, yet the response capacity of the productive system emiliano romagnolo in other times was much stronger. The season of "captains courageous" entrepreneurs who founded a modern industrial system, took over the brick economy that caused soil consumption, especially to an extent never so pervasive and congested. In construction have not incurred new choices regarding energy redevelopment of buildings, as in other regions it is done with good results. Strong resistance prevented innovative choices today will "mourn" crises of many major builders, including cooperatives. . Root data may be read visiting this

The grisly death by overdose of Peaches Geldof.

In November 2013, and after tests which is somet, advised that pod to reduce the dose of methadone as a substitute for drug-taking. What occurred then between November 2013 and February 2014? Who waterpipe an with it do not have an explanation n, unless its silent and internal demons batallasen against their intentions to voice public p. In one of his interviews in this period said: motherhood has me rooted in a place, with lives literally depending on m, and I’m not going to leave for anything or anyone. The place geogr fico that is room to installed as mother was a house in the village of Wrotham, Kent County, outside London, to share with her husband m sico and their two children. Thomas said she was devoted mainly to go shopping and meet their television commitments. D before his death coloc a picture of it with his mother, another well known presenter televisi n, Paula Yates, who died in 2000 to 41 to you old also by hero na overdose when Peaches ten to 11 to, with the following text: Me and my mum. . You can check this resource to learn more regarding this interesting topic.

Politics and privilege: the bar of the Senate pennette branzino and dessert 10 euros.

Excuse me, can I pay with the pos? No, sorry, we do not accept credit cards: unbelievable but true, in the tracciabilit season for everyone, right at the Senate restaurant, was now considered the diner, electronic payment is not foreseen. So, as the laps and as the faces, the senators are reserved prices that, in another era, would have been called "politicians". On the ground floor of Palazzo Madama, for a full meal costs 10 euros, including water. Of course, I set the times when members of Parliament and their guests were greeted and served by waiters in livery, paying peanuts for excellent fresh baked delicacies, both to compensate for the difference in cost to the contractor of the service, we thought the Senate Administration, prepared to take charge of 30 euro per meal. So much so that at the end of 2011, was then President Renato Schifani to impose a life, trying to adjust to market prices: the result was that the Senators snobbarono steaks at 10 euros or 20 fish dishes, the restaurant closed and employees were left without jobs. Until last summer, when the local within the Senate has re-opened its doors, but in disguise. No restaurant, but the diner. In fact, the furniture is the same, the dishes as well and, on balance, the prices are competitive, challenging the seriousness of the catering market in the capital, which in the Centre becomes prohibitive. The Senators can eat a full meal (water included) with a 10 pound note. You choose between Russian and salads, cold dishes of meats and cheeses, vegetables and allied products, available at the self-service restaurant. Or, one turns to the bench of warm dishes, where the men of the day: penne all’Arrabbiata or cold pasta with taleggio, sea bass with julienned vegetables, veal in milk, green beans with butter and baked crunchy fries. Just ask and the dish arrives, also cooked at the time at the request of Celiacs and various intolerances. The wine apart and costs the same as lunch, while other beverages affect the rich pockets of Senators for 4.50 euros. A little more forward, sweet and fresh fruit pies are in plain sight. Here come to lunch Beppe Grillo in his latest trip, grumbling that it was a privilege to be chaste, here however continue to return his men, starting with the prestigious European Championship Andrea Cioffi, here they have lunched Nichi Vendola and Dario St fano before going to interview with Giorgio Napolitano. And here come the former, as an old glory ecologist as Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, sitting not far from (political) pairs tested, as Ichino-Tamil or Romans-Caliendo. . You can read the following to discover extra regarding this interesting topic.