John B. Emerson in the FOCUS-online interview-US Ambassador: “I got me the beheading videos of US hostages not viewed”.

Emerson: I think that you personalize the terror for many people. Earlier, there were reports about the incredible brutality of the Islamic State. His fighters have invaded villages and have executed hundreds of people in a barbaric way. But when you see the pictures of a hostage who is kneeling on the floor next to a veiled terrorists, then that seems more personal. FOCUS online: Germany is not directly involved in the operations in the Iraq and Syria, but sends equipment and weapons for the Kurdish fighters and take over parts of the training. How do you see the German role in this conflict? Emerson: A very interesting process to watch, which was launched last year by President Joachim Gauck and picked up by the Ministers Steinmeier and the Leyen, both by the Chancellor is now in Germany. It comes with the perception of security interests to evaluate their own role in the world. It is an organic process within Germany. It would be wrong if we Americans would now say: "you must do this or so." Emerson: The best way to strengthen a relationship, is to draw in the face of common challenges together. And we do that. No matter whether it’s terror in the Middle East, which is always new metastases. As a result, that fighters in their home return to wage war here as so-called "Lone Wolves" against the West. We also work together in the fight against Ebola, climate change or the Russian penetration into the Ukraine. No country can cope with these threats. All these topics are Germany and the United States shared the responsibility and assume a leadership role. This is the ultimate test for the German-American partnership. Every day we sit together because of these problems – and it’s not as if we would be us doing constantly at loggerheads. . Inspirational data may be read visiting the following

Greater transparency will not lower prices, according to dentists.

Make more transparent the acts carried out by dentists will not pull prices downward, say representatives of the profession, the investments related to the equipment is important, according to them. Dentists say went to war against the draft of a law that will, according to the Minister of the economy Emmanuel Macron, a transparency in l? all of the different acts: the price paid by the dentist for a Crown, the delivery and the final cost to the patient. If Mr. Macron is convinced that it will lower the price, the consumer can look at the purchase price and create pressure on her doctor, dentists believe on the contrary that this will have no impact. Put the purchase on the quote price, and not the selling price, will not lower the cost of the prosthesis, which varies from the simple to the triple depending on the country of manufacture, says Catherine Mojaïsky, President of the national confederation of trade unions dentists. For a ceramic which costs 500 euros, the prosthetist charges 130 euros: the difference corresponds to the investment very very heavy in the material, she explained to the press. However, to depreciate the cost structure and operation, dentists explain rely primarily on prosthetic care (30% of their activity, 65% of their fees), because they apply fixed rates established by the social security base dental (cavities, scaling, etc), which represent two-thirds of their activity and about one-third of their total turnover. For 27 years, the Crown is always refunded 75 euros by Medicare, which disengages, says Joël Thomas, Secretary general of the dental association française. Dentists are also concerned by the project to allow the patient to choose his prosthetist. This would result in a dilution of responsibilities between the dentist and the dental technician, explains Ms. Mojaïsky. We are not resellers, we develop treatment plan, the preparation of the teeth, fingerprinting, monitoring and management of potential problems, says Mr. Thomas. Discussions are ongoing with the Government on these issues. . You can click this to read more regarding this great subject.

Russia, Russia to new tax. Furious European investors.

Moscow, Nov. 27. (askanews)-the Association of European businesses (AEB) opposes the introduction of trading commissions in Russia, i.e. new taxes: the measure will lead to a worsening of the economic climate and reduce the attractiveness of investment in Moscow and its surroundings. Askanews the learns from business Association, which represents the interests of over 600 European and multinational companies that make up the major investors in the Russian economy. The rules on trading commissions have not received regulatory impact assessments, and has not been discussed with the business community stands out. For now is not known the extent of this new tax and AEB recognises the need to combat tax evasion, because tax evasion undermines fair competition on the market. In reality, however, it turned out that the rules governing commercial taxes will not lead to a reduction in the black, but rather an increase in the tax burden for those entrepreneurs who now pay taxes in good conscience. There is a high risk of pushing business entrepreneurs in illegal, leaving some part of the business into the shadows, which will cause a decrease in tax revenues for local budgets, according to the Association. . For more information on this subject read

Despite the restrictions, the Commons attempted to recruit again.

However, the latest barometer of ‘Human resources’, carried out between June 17 and August 18 at the public pole of the giant of the Randstad interim, is blow hot and cold on the future intentions of the Commons in the matter. Indeed, according to this Barometer (based on 398 responses), the payroll control happens at the top of concerns related to the management of human resources for 66% of the communes, 60% of the communes Department and 51% of General and regional councils. Yet, a quarter of the communities (24%) still plans to increase their numbers. Because of the reform of the school rhythms. Thus two-thirds of the municipalities and 15% of the communes Department plan to recruit individual contractors to meet this reform. More generally, the barometer shows that the payroll control will not necessarily accompanied by control of recruitment. This is the case for a community in five (21%), although other means exist such as the revision of the working time (17% of communities) and sharing of functions and services with the intercommunality (16%), For extended information on this matter click

Sanchez denies to Rajoy, who can lead the fight against corruption.

It has not asked for the resignation of the Prime Minister, but said it is not able to fight political corruption and way, hint has been urging it to assume responsibilities. It is not credible. This has been the assertion by the Secretary general of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, in this debate on corruption which has submitted alternative and complementary to the Government’s proposals, has ruled that corruption in Spain is not widespread and added that corruption comes in many cases "of economic power to condition the political power". There is no widespread corruption but to some it affects them more than others. From a socialist perspective, the PP affects him more than any other. "Not enough to apologize, must assume responsibilities", said the President of the Government. The intervention of the Socialist leader has had boot the reference to the resignation of the Minister of health, Ana Mato, who demonstrates "that corruption affects the PP" because everything derived from the Gürtel plot for Sanchez. "We have a common enemy that is corruption, but not affects us all equally; We don’t have our Treasurer in prison, have not financed us with money B, nor have bonuses; that has not happened in my party", has sentenced Sanchez. It is not "the best day" for Rajoy to talk about corruption, according to Sanchez, again by the resignation of Mato, "which has not any mention". From year ago and half the Socialists are still waiting for that "someone answer the Gürtel and assume responsibilities". The PP ‘has been financed illegally for 20 years", has accused the Socialist leader with the basis of judicial cars, although even the investigation runs its course. There are not too many measures to be adopted by Congress with the parliamentary majority the PP and probably with voting in many of the Socialists and other groups, but they are not enough. Short is for the severity of the problem. "To follow so you are admitted; you do not understand what is happening in Spain because the political crisis is more honda than what you are willing to accept", it has criticized him. Crisis of values, of distrust, has spoken about Sanchez, going beyond the specific corruption problem since its effects, according to Sanchez, affect the "coexistence model" in Spain, because society makes sacrifices so that its around see intolerable behaviour of political power. Sanchez coincided with Rajoy in which corruption is not widespread. "The PSOE is having open ears and we acknowledge our mistakes and at the risk of being wrong, we offer solutions. "You don’t", Sanchez has criticized him. Democracy issues are solved with more democracy, the Socialist politician paraphrase which was leader of the German social democracy, Willy Brandt has said. And with the two bills presented does not fix the problem, he concluded. As an alternative the Socialists offer their texts referred to in good aside the Government because they were fruit of negotiation for weeks that ended without agreement. Sanchez measures were debated by his party in the so-called Declaration of Valencia last October. It must be primary in all matches, that is something different than the PP; "We want to leave forever the colonization of the organs by the parties" and that reinforced in Parliament majorities are those who choose them. The pardons for cases of corruption politicians must banish; incompatibilities of officials at its exit to the same will be extended from two to five years, among other proposals. And a touch of attention to those who boast of not having cases of corruption in its ranks. "Those who have not suffered the bitterness of disappointment is because it has not had to exercise responsibilities". It could be UPyD, but also can. . Similar facts can be read reading

Ferguson protests: more than 400 protesters arrested.

In the United States, the protests go on Michael Brown after the controversial jury verdict in the case of the murdered black youths. In many States, more than 400 people were arrested. On Wednesday, protesters stormed the Town Hall of the city of St. Louis. A part of the around 200 activists entered the building and chanted shame, shame it. Two people were arrested in the operation, the police said. According to police on Wednesday in Boston, it came to 45 arrests. There were ten cases in New York and in Dallas nine – because each major transport links were blocked. Partly also pepper spray was used by the officials. In St. Louis, and in the suburb of Ferguson, where Brown had been shot in August, at least 58 people were arrested during the night of Wednesday. Brown’s mother Lesley McSpadden told NBC television on Wednesday, she do since the announcement of the jury decision a sleepless, hard, heart-wrenching and incredible time. That Wilson described her son in his statement as demonic, disrespectful and insulting adds to the wound, she said. In an interview with CNN, which should be broadcast in the evening (local time), said McSpadden, to hear of the decision of the jury, have felt like even shot. As you would now shoot me, just no respect, no compassion, no. That could have been your child. It could have been anyone’s child. In London, more than 500 people in front of the US Embassy demonstrated on Wednesday night. Is the racist cops in prison and life counting blacks stood on their posters. Many of the demonstrators in the British capital carried candles, with a moment of silence she commemorated the victims of police violence worldwide. . Inspirational facts could be studied visiting the following home page.

GDP: Confindustria, starting 2015 can be good.

In Italy the contraction of GDP in the third quarter was in line with the Centro studi Confindustria estimates ( -0.1% from -0.2% in the second). In the fourth quarter the indicators available so far suggest a change nothing; It would be a good basis for the restart in early 2015. The Confindustria in economic flash points. Overall, for Italy, the few available data point to an unchanged Gdp in the fourth quarter, estimated that must find confirmation in numbers nextly; compared to expectations of further decline, this would be a better basis for the reboot already from the start of next year, said the Csc in the latest monthly analysis. In Italy, it is indicated, the export is returned to increase employment shows the first signs of recovery, it has stopped the bleeding of business credit (although the terms of the offer remain narrow) and the reduction in interest rates, which have much benefited from public securities and banking, starts to be transmitted to small businesses. By change and reforms to revive-fruit damage structural reforms over the medium term, but immediately respond to request for change of country and return so the confidence to revive consumption and investments. The Cbi says, in the latest flash situation, Csc’s monthly analysis of ,. You should check this resource to discover extra about this interesting subject.

How the creator of “Tetris” rewrites the history of the game to his advantage.

Unlike what Pajitnov portraits and the official page of the game suggest, it has not created only Tetris, even if it is actually thinking head. He is assisted in his task by two people who are strangely never named: his colleague Dmitri Pavlovski, with whom he shares, the mid-1980s, the ambition to commercialize his invention at international, and the computer scientist Vadim Guerassimov, then minor, to whom we owe its design origin and porting to IBM PC. His name appears on the title screen of the game in one of its early versions, in 1987. This desire seems to date back to the period where the company has been mounted. "He happened to see me at home and asked me to sign a paper emergency" that game companies give us full of money "’, recalls his former collaborator M.  Gerasimov on his personal site. "It does to not let me copy. As far as I can remember, the document said that I accepted to claim that the conversion on PC deTetris, that I accepted to give the right to manage all business decisions, Pajitnov and I refused any reward linked Atetris. I fully agree with the content, but I trusted to Alexei and I signed up anyway.  ""Tetris is officially out in June 1984, [published] by the Academy of sciences after its initially spread to academics and insiders to the computer in the form of copies on diskette,"wrote Vice in his portrait. The simple idea of an official release is inherently anachronistic. It is to map the current functioning of the industry on a project which, as such, has been gradual and informal dissemination and academic. Gold time sources say another thing. For example, the date of 1985 is mentioned on one of the first broadcast alternative versions, that of a certain Vladimir Baliassov, in 1986. The Agency Elektronorgtechnica evokes, for its part, 1986. On its site, Vadim Gerasimov tells, for its part, that development was spread out over two years, between 1984 and 1986, and that Tetris would have been finalised after the completion, in 1985, Antix, another game created within the Academy of sciences Soviet. In short, the story of this game was of 1984 and The Tetris Company Orwellian methods. Another British company, Mirrorsoft, distributes it to the United States in 1988 through the U.S. company Spectrum Holobyte, and the following years will be marked by judicial tangle complexes between several competing Western video game companies. This was before The Tetris Company. Since then, single-line on its historic page, she made disappear all the annoying bricks. . For additional on this subject check

Holland calls Egypt to pursue its democratic transition.

François Hollande on Wednesday called on Egypt to continue its process of democratic transition, advocating a clear relationship with Cairo, during a joint declaration in the Elysee, alongside his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah al-Sissi. We want the process to continue, (a) process of democratic transition that respects the roadmap and fully enable the success of the Egypt, said the head of the french State to the press. France, he said, intends to be a partner of Cairo at the time, because the Egypt needs France but also in a clear relationship with the Egypt. It went through a period extremely difficult, heavy, with considerable human consequences, said François Holland, calling to develop as many investments as possible. The Egyptian president, who began Wednesday a two day visit to France, has insisted on the importance of tourism for his country. You have nothing to fear, assured the address of french citizens, responding to the concerns expressed by french professionals of the sector, emphasis: you do not see how the Egyptian people like guests. Our people love people, we wish to welcome the world to our history and our civilization, he said. In the wake of lunch that brought together at the Elysee and forward to speak to the press, the two heads of State attended the signing of three cooperation agreements including a declaration of intent for a franco-egyptien partnership on the Cairo metro. . Extended text can be inspected reading website.

RB Leipzig spin off professionals: escape to the front.

Of course there are displeasure in Leipzig sometimes, for example when it comes to the courts. There is no seating enough in the arena, be bare sports standing on the other hand – some football fan is referenced so when using the plastic shells of the block. Otherwise sound but hardly brought by supporters of RB Leipzig in the football world. The second League promoted by the relegation place at the Bundesliga is just one point away. The project runs a walkover. A little sprucing RB Leipzig wants to put itself to the targeted Federal League debut but still: in a quickly convened and extraordinary general meeting an important decision to be made on December 2. It is planned to outsource the professional team and the youth team to the U16 in a limited liability company from the Club RB Leipzig. It is a formal step, whose background the Association does not communicate. But it is a move that raises questions. But above all, RB Leipzig has promised repairs with the rise in professional football. The German football gave Liga (DFL) only after some back and forth the license for the 2nd they signaled League, clearly that RB has to expect no special status in terms of regulations. The Club had to change its logo and pledged changes in the articles of association – including the high hurdles for membership should be reduced. Currently a voting member only twelve persons may call themselves, are all employees of the Association. Membership fee: supposedly 800 euro. . Similar info can be read reading fact.