ProA: The Summit, Dijon Strasbourg mate Paris-Levallois.

Strasbourg has preserved its invincibility and confirmed his seat as leader by signing his fifth victory at le Havre (72-59) while Dijon has outperformed the Paris – Levallois (77-58), Saturday on the 5th day of the ProA’s basket. The Alsatians, finalists at the last two seasons, had everything to fear from this trip to the ocean Dock face Le Havre training which, despite its low budget (the last of the elite), had inflicted its first defeat to the reigning Limoges (85-79) last week. Thanks to the trio Campbell (15 pts), Traoré (19 pts), Howard (14 pts), the GIS quickly imposed its rhythm to lead 39-31 at the break. At the back of the locker room, Vincent Collet men have continued to keep their opponents out of reach by relying on a better presence in rebounds. The old Strasbourgeois Ricardo Greer, one of the architects of the success against Limoges, has not weighed well heavy (5 pts) against his former club, the only one still unbeaten in the League of France Dijon, which remained on a defeat to the GIS, straightened the head of beautiful way giving a lesson at home in Paris-Levallois, which has long lack of address before wakingtoo late in the last quarter. This is the third consecutive setback for the Parisians. It is not better nor to promoted Boulogne, who has not won a single game, recording his fourth defeat in Nanterre (70-84). Convincing two pendants quarter-time, northerners were then down regimen in Nanterriens worn by the energy of a former Boulonnais, young Center Mahamadou Jaiteh (18 pts). Rouen, the other appointed, suffered the cardboard of the evening (49-92) on the floor of Gravelines, taken by a raging Trey McKinney-Jones. The American wing of 24 years, arrived in the North last summer, scored 25 points, including 21 in the first half, with a cheeky ease behind the arc (5/8). In a more balanced duel, Chalon-sur-saone took the best at home on Nancy (81-64). A street during the first two quarters, Lorraine have driven a recovery, stopped by the momentum in the last act. Results from the 5th day of ProA:VendrediPau-Orthez – Châlons-Reims 83 – 91Villeurbanne – Bresse 86 – 64SamediChalon-sur-Saone – Nancy 81 – 64Dijon – Paris-Levallois 77 – 58Gravelines – Rouen 92 – 49Le Havre – Strasbourg 59 – 72Nanterre – Boulogne-sur-Mer 84 – 70Lundi(20h00) Limoges – Orléans(20h30) Le Mans – Cholet. Main data may be found visiting the following

Renzi is ‘ autorottama ‘: I maximum two mandates.

Matteo Renzi speaks from the stage of the Leopolda to ‘ his ‘ people and urges him not to change but to change Italy. Then you venture into a statement that will discuss: I do at most two terms in the spirit of Leopolda. Maximum arrival to 2023. In short words that are ‘ autorottamazione ‘. But the former friend Pippo Civati comes a rejection very heavy: Renzi now speaks like Berlusconi. Here speaks the Italy that creates jobs. So Matteo Renzi opens the day’s work at the Leopolda, the number 5 most expensive show the former Mayor of Florence right here, now half a decade ago, started climbing in the country. We are doing very serious work on content: 52 52 tables this morning and in the afternoon. But for a couple of hours listen to stories of business: big companies, some of the largest in Italy, who lives the experience of social enterprise and small business stories. The goal is to be able to tell how even in times of crisis we can do business, says Renzi by introducing some interventions including Brunello Cucinelli and Patrizio Bertelli. There is an ongoing controversy because in the manoeuvre we recovered some money from slot machines, said Radhakrishnan-. Controversies that I think and I hope they can be overcome. The enclosure of the Democratic Party come the predictable-prime-criticism. I think more embarrassing the counterdemonstration of Leopolda there is nothing. The stresses Rosy Bindi, on the sidelines of the event of Cgil, who asks him if Dem minority participation at the procession can embarrass the PD. Hope that Renzi listens this square, adds. Another JAB from Deputy Pd Stefano Fassina. It’s a misreading that doesn’t recognize how this event both for work and development act to correct Jobs and stability, says law Fassina in the margin of the Cgil. And the Leopolda adds: I wish that the Secretary of the Democratic Party had organized a demonstration of all the party, an Assembly of clubs instead of Florentine event. To Susanna Camusso respond instead of reform Minister Maria Elena Woods in an interview with Channel 5 News: there is no matter and no clash between those on the square in Rome and who is at the Leopolda in Florence. Here we are saying in my face what does not work, but we also do proposals. The tug of ears more bitter, perhaps because it comes from a former ally, co-founder of Leopolda 1. 0, is the Goofy Civati. What they’re saying in the last days Radio is what Berlusconi said. When he says that there are one million people in the square and 1960s home Renzi makes a literal quotation of Berlusconi. It was 2002 and I was in the square. I had invited Renzi to come here but did not come, then responds to the edge of the manifestation of the Cgil who reminds him of the words of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said yesterday as the Leopolda was also home of Civati. Then a broadside about the words of the London-based financier David Serra, who from Florence asked him to restrict the right to strike for workers of the public administration: I reckon the Leopolda there is a delegation from the u.s. Republican right,,. Curtain with Calm, ready to make Minister? I am an old renziana-jocular repartee of the Leopolda chroniclers with Marina Sereni who coordinates one of the 52 tables, one in which I’ll cover of Isis. It is poised to become Prime Minister? Please, please ,. "," she retorts. And then says: it will be the President of the Council to decide. the decision will have to be next week, recalls seeing that on November 1 will upload the new EU Commission with Federica Mogherini. But in short you feel ready? they insist the chroniclers, this ever ,. still retorts Marina Sereni with a broad smile. You that you define a renziana old woman. . Extended data can be inspected clicking

JazzFest Berlin: Eric honour.

Charles Mingus, Eric Dolphy, two musicians who played together in their youth in Los Angeles, put the tension in the room, which splits the Black America: Rage versus generosity, Malcolm X vs. Martin Luther King. As Mingus flies back with his band in the home, remains Dolphy in Europe. He moved to Paris, preparing for his wedding, composed, exercises, is travelling a lot. A few weeks after the incident in Bremen at the opening of the Jazz Club he play tangent in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. On the first evening he feels weak, at the second he doesn’t come on the legs, so the concert begins in the evening of 28 June 1964 in the night. After a disoriented, he staggers from the stage. He collapses, is taken to the hospital. There they diagnosed a drug excess of the building skin color and professional. In the still of the night, Eric Dolphy died on a diabetic shock, neglect and racism. Three months later, Martin Luther King speaks a word of greeting to the Festival theme, black and white at the opening of the first Berlin Jazz days. . For extended facts about this matter check

Augustus Baker Rizzi: Farewell to ‘ Thursday ‘ Lounge in Milan.

He’s gone yesterday, to 74 years, a piece of Milan. An important piece, a man of many lives and many friends: Augusto Bianchi Rizzi, lawyer, author, novelist, theatre’s unique host. From the apartment in Corso Venezia, where he lived with his wife Rosanna, have passed hundreds of artists, politicians, representatives of civil society that have animated his memorable "Thursday": not left lounge, as held to clarify the Augustus (Yes, Augusto alla milanese, with the definite article and pace of Nanni Moretti), but "resistance" play area where they ate, they drank (all sittingmore than a hundred people each evening), you listened, struggled, it was friendship, he argued, there is innamorava. In a Word, you with-lived. It is a great sorrow to the many friends of Augustus Whites know could no longer endure her bluster if caught red-handed with the phone on Thursday, don’t listen to his vocione Thunder the intercom: "who is it? The fascists do not enter ", don’t have the occasion to meet special people (the list is long, you can get it at www. Thursday. org) who brought knowledge, art, beauty in the House Special. For his Thursday, Augusto was White awarded the Ambrogino d’Oro Award, other awards she had won for the theatre, good criticisms had collected for her novels (the last, almost Three stories of love, was released only a few months ago) and had a lot of satisfaction in the legal profession. A rich life, lived intensely, boldly, passionately. But too short for all the surprises that Augustus would surely reserved for his family and his many friends. . You should check the following to learn extra regarding this amazing topic.

United States: Ebola, the bloopers of the expenses public, all the buzz of the week.

Each year, manufacturers compete imagination to create original costumes for Halloween. This year, one of them in California launched the Ebola costume, a white protective combination like the one used by medical personnel, mask, goggles and gloves. People want fancy dress which shock and sidèrent, says the manufacturer in a video. No very tasteful? One could do worse, replies, explaining that they could sprinkle the combination of blood or vomit tasks,. Another study by the National Science Foundation has sought to determine the reactions in a couple when one of the spouses is hungry. Was given to one of the spouses a doll vaudoué representative sound joint. More the individual was hungry, more it stuck pins in the doll, showing a link between low blood-sugar levels and a surly behavior. The study concluded that cost $ 331,000: hungry people are grumpy and aggressive. While the president was quietly trying to vote on an electronic machine in a Chicago polling, a type challenged it him with key not to my girlfriend, which terribly embarrassed said young woman who voted on the machine to the right of the president. Barack Obama, while focusing on his machine, joked with the young woman before the cameras: here’s an example of a guy who covers you ridiculous without any particular reason. And now you will go home and tell it to your friends. How it is called? has asked the president. Mike, she replied. I can’t believe that Mike is so stupid, said Obama. It is really, acknowledged his girlfriend. Kiss me, like this it will be a topic of discussion, said the president by placing a kiss on the cheek of the woman, before concluding: now, it has to be really jealous. What is the biggest danger threatening America? The astronomical debt? The terrorists of the Islamic State? None of this. Believe the candidates to Congress, it is Ebola. The virus has become the major issue of concern to the legislative elections of 4 November. Discussed throughout the electoral meetings, debates, and even in the TV spots. If America is also ill-prepared for a potential outbreak, claim the Democrats, it is the fault of the Republicans who have slashed in federal budgets. A pro-democracy Group had fun juxtaposing images of the victims of the virus and kill videos of Republicans requiring budgetary reductions with the slogan the Republican cuts. Exaggerated? Certainly, but not without truth. The budget of the National Institutes of Health has not been increased since 2003. The Republicans who want to make this election a referendum against Barack Obama are, them, the Ebola virus to tap on the incompetence of the president who, according to them, reacted too late, did nothing to protect Americans, does not quite strict controls at airports and refuses to ban air flights from affected countries. They also use the virus to expose the dangers of the porous border with the Mexico and to warn against illegal immigration. The candidate in New Hampshire is even went to far as to say that the Americans have nothing to fear from the epidemic if Mitt Romney was in power. If he had been president, I think that there would have been a clear and concise plan. He would have reassured the Americans. . She explains that, since adolescence, it carries, on the advice of his mother, a bra day and night to prevent accidental collapse, which, she adds, rather well market so far. Walking in Paris, she knows well because she is married to a French, she discovered scandal, created in 1932. The mark reminds me of the city itself, beautiful and inspiring. It also believes that the French constantly renew their lingerie, much more than us. Halle Berry has chosen Target, a large surface, to launch the brand with a range at low prices. . Original data can be read reading this source.

Tennis: a difficult table for Federer in Paris-Bercy.

No. 2 world Roger Federer, if he decides well to align to the Masters 1000 of Paris – Bercy, which begins Monday, will not have an array of the most comfortable, after the draw made Friday. Switzerland, which has a program very busy at the end of the season, certainly the later decide possible if he comes to Paris, where he established himself in 2011. Federer will begin the second round against Jérémy Chardy probably in good shape after reaching the semi-finals in Valencia. The Switzerland could then find the Italian Fabio Fognini or big server Croat Ivo Karlovic, always dangerous in indoor. Then Richard Gasquet, who will begin before a qualified before playing the Spanish Roberto Bautista Agut, or Canadian Milos Raonic, another formidable player on fast surface, might come before him. In the semifinals, his compatriot Stan Wawrinka or Czech Tomas Berdych appear as most likely to be opposed. In the other half table, the global no. 1 Novak Djokovic should not be too bothered by the German Philipp Kohlschreiber or Edouard Roger-Vasselin for its introduction. The Serbian is much more wary then of the American John Isner. Unless Gaël Monfils, who played more since more than a month to treat a knee can quickly found form and a surprise. The French will begin against Portuguese Joao Sousa. Things will then spoil for Djokovic that probable opponent in the quarters the British Andy Murray. OJ-Wilfried Tsonga, the No. 1 french who conducted the draw, and Gilles Simon, could also find themselves in the quarterfinals. But they will no doubt why eliminate two large customers in the third round, the Japanese Kei Nishikori, finalist at the US Open to Tsonga, and the Spanish David Ferrer for Simon. . Additional information can be read checking

Ground-breaking ceremony for a US military hospital in the Western Rhineland-Palatinate.

Already the sheer numbers are impressive: 120 examination rooms and nine operating rooms are planned. Although there is in the normal state only 68 beds, each in single. In case the number of beds can increase but to 93. Parking there is not shortage also: almost 2 500 parking spaces are provided. Americans should be treated at US hospital living in Palatine. The U.S. military community around Kaiserslautern, among including the air base in Ramstein, has 50 000 members. In addition, the US hospital for soldiers wounded in action is responsible. Federal Bauministerin Barbara Hendricks (SPD) paid tribute to the project as a sign of the close and trustful cooperation between Germany and the United States. It is one of the largest projects that implement the Federal construction administration for the US armed forces. This is an important contribution to the preservation of also German jobs, in more depressed areas, said Hendricks. The head of the District of Kaiserslautern, Paul Junker (CDU), appealed to federal and State, to build the roads around the hospital so that it not come to unacceptable traffic jams in peak times. The US hospital should be ready in eight years at the earliest. It is built on a former ammunition depot in Weilerbach. The area borders on the air base Ramstein and is directly accessible from there. This has the advantage that for example wounded soldiers arrive in Ramstein, can be supplied more quickly. Currently, the patients via helicopter or streets in the neighboring US hospital must be brought to Landstuhl. The clinic building replaced the Landstuhl hospital and a clinic on the grounds of the air base Ramstein, which is then closed. . Inspirational data can be found visiting this

United States: Nurse survived Ebola infection.

As the national institutes of health (NIH) of the United States on Friday in a statement said that the nurse has been dismissed from the hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, on Friday. Blood tests confirmed that PAL is now free of Ebola virus. In a press conference, NIH spokesman John Burklow to announce more details. The 26-year-old from Dallas was part of that team that had treated Ebola patients Thomas Eric Duncan in the Presbyterian Hospital. The man was travelled from Liberia in the United States and stricken with Ebola after his arrival. In contrast the help came to Pham for Duncan late: as he was for the first time in the hospital with symptoms, the doctors sent him first back home. After four days he was hospitalized with the ambulance to the hospital. A few days later he died of fatal Ebola infection. After onset of symptoms, Nina Pham was treated first in Dallas, later she was transferred to the Special Unit in Bethesda in the vicinity of Washington. It is one of two nurses who had been infected in the treatment of Duncan’s. On 11 October, a laboratory confirmed that she was infected with Ebola. On October 15, it was announced that even if the 29-year old nurse amber joy Vinson the Ebola virus has been detected. Also it seems to be now healthy and free of Ebola virus. Currently it is handled but still further at a hospital in Atlanta, to recover from the disease. Meanwhile, another Ebola case has surfaced in New York: an employee of doctors without borders, who had returned on the 17 October from Guinea, is stricken with Ebola fever. On Thursday, the 33-year old Craig Spencer health authorities reported having fever. Currently, he is in a New York Hospital treated. WHO aims to at least 2015 turn of the vaccines in the first half. The tests for the campaign in West Africa would start in December, Deputy Director Marie-Paule Kieny is announced on Friday. Vaccination is not the panacea, Kieny said at WHO headquarters in Geneva, where talks had taken place with representatives of the pharmaceutical industry on Thursday. But when she is ready, she will make out a good part of the effort to turn the tide. All be prepared to test the effectiveness of the available materials from December. In the first six months of next year, then several hundred thousand doses available could be. Two vaccines are currently the most promising – a vaccine developed in Canada and a vaccine of the British company GlaxoSmithKline. Five more preparations would be pursued, Kieny said. By the most effective means, WHO wants to provide then enormous quantities (here you find an overview about the several Ebola vaccines). . You can read this to read more regarding this great matter.

The Paris Mint unveils its new facets.

Renovated piece by piece, the Monnaie de Paris inaugurated Saturday its new exhibition space for contemporary art with an installation by the American artist Paul McCarthy, prelude to a transformation completes and symbol of the new corporate strategy of the last factory in the capital. Under gilding of the Hall of honour of the Hôtel de la Monnaie, located in the heart of Paris, near the Seine, the Chocolate Factory of Paul McCarthy produced the chain of replicas of two famous chocolate? works of this controversial artist: Tree, whose conical shape evokes more oversized anal plug as a tree, and Santa Claus, bearded gnome bearing a Bell and a plugestablished in 2001 in Rotterdam (Netherlands). Symbols of an outrageous productivism, casts – unfit for consumption–are stored on shelves in the 1. 000 m2 of rooms in enfilade of the first floor of the East Wing of the building from the 18th century. The smell, combined with the repetitive projection of a video of the artist writing and ranting in a voice hoarse and nagging Are you the artist? Fuck you in the asshole!, produced a close feeling of the ec? surely. Affected by its recent attack on place Vendôme in Paris, McCarthy has shunned the presentation to the press of his installation, which marks the first stage of the reopening of the Paris Mint to the public Friday. The oldest French institution in activity – which keystroke common parts, collection and medals – celebrates this year its 1. 150 years. In the salons of the wing West, the three-star Executive Chef Guy Savoy restaurant will open in January 2015, with a little delay on the original timetable but the vast construction of renovation of this historic monument began three years ago, holds for the hour turnaround times. The completion is scheduled for 2016. The currency will become a place open, whose courtyards will house a garden, a brewery and a concept store of 400 m2. Visitors will discover the workshops of Foundry to engraving, along an experiential course leading them up to the new store. -’ Renewed attractiveness’ – these activities will generate, according to Mr. Beaux, a small additional resource for the public institution, which is however not a penny close: since the appointment of Mr. Beaux in 2007, turnover jumped 104.5 million to EUR 161.8 million in 2012 despite a one-time bending in 2013 (137.4 million). The factory of Pessac (Gironde) hit in 2013, 824 million pieces of 1 to 20 cents and 2 euros, also producing currency for the Thailand, the Uruguay or even Saudi Arabia. The currency resumed with profit since 2008, with more than 80 million euros of profit in six years, allowing it to self-finance its renovation work, estimated at EUR 70 million. The project, called MétaLmorphoses, is not limited to architecture and a few shops. It is also a strategy of brand, which began in 2008 with exhibitions of renowned artists such as Daniel Buren, Tadashi Kawamata or David LaChappelle. The intervention of the Monnaie de Paris in the sphere of contemporary art is the fruit of a strategy of company, not all the result of a personal taste, admits bluntly Mr. Beaux, which assumes this way marketing to give our products a resurgence of attractiveness and hope to remove consequential effects (,.) in terms of turnover. The prestige feeds also of big signatures: the couturiers Christian Lacroix and Karl Lagerfeld as designer Philippe Starck draw since 2008 medals and coins, such as Georges Mathieu before them, recalls Mr. Beaux. Ten franc coppery signed Mathieu piece was drawn to more than 700 million copies between 1974 and 1987. . Original data may be read reading this site.

Dispute over EU contribution from the United Kingdom: disaster potential.

Technically may be on the demand to suspend anything, its political implications are but unabwägbar. Cameron is under particular pressure because in November is a by-election in Rochester, where UKIP is hoping to win their second parliamentary seat at Westminster. Both UKIP MEPs would then former conservatives. UKIP could win the special election, which would be not only a humiliation for Cameron; especially a victory would send a signal to other Tories willing to change: you can join UKIP and keep his mandate. The Tories have thrown in so the big election campaign machine. All members have to visit the constituency. Among many conservatives, there is a sense that the party is fighting for its future, because a further defeat could trigger a withdrawal movement of conservative voters and a member of UKIP. The last thing Cameron need at this stage is a multi-billion debt from Brussels. He had no other choice, as the payment for the time being in sharp words to refuse considering the political situation. Above all, UKIP leader Nigel Farage plays the call in the cards. He described the EU as a bloodthirsty vampire and David Cameron as a loser. The matter could be but also a chance for the Prime Minister. Since the other European Heads of State and Government to Cameron’s know precarious domestic situation and ultimately no one wants the British to leave the EU, it is conceivable that a solution will be found, well the Prime Minister look like. When it reaches on the winding paths in Brussels -, that Britain not or at least not much has to pay, he can present in London as a strong man, which occurs on the continent for the British interests and gets what he wants. So he could take the wind out of the sails of the UKIP. . Related data can be read clicking web site.