Contest “mini-miss” the Assembly vote to ban under 13


Domestic violence, gender and competition mini-miss: Members finishing Friday consideration of the draft law on equality between women and men, in a generally consensual atmosphere contrasting with the virulence exchange about abortion in early week. This bill framework discussed in the first reading, which is a "de facto equality" as Minister of Women's Rights Najat Belkacem-Vallaud will be submitted to formal vote of the National Assembly on Tuesday before returning to the Senate the left, often divided lately on economic and social issues, is rewelded to support this social text. Centrist UDI as the vote. The UMP will abstain or vote for the text as a whole, considering it is in the line of equality measures adopted under the right. Throughout the week, measures to strengthen the right to abortion dominated inside and outside the chamber after a major demonstration by opponents of abortion Sunday in Paris, supported by the Pope, amid questioning of the right to abortion in Spain. The French debate on the abolition of the concept of "distress" to use an abortion could weigh on the Friday interview with François Hollande François Pope at the Vatican, in which was discussed the theme of family, thorny for French Catholics. The policy of the Head of State, considered "anti-family" by its critics, among others motivates a new event organized on Sunday by a mysterious group, "Day of Wrath", which means "clot" discontent face action François Hollande. To a text on incesteDu suddenly rose to second the other provisions of this text that complements previous texts on gender equality, violence against women and gender politics. This is the case of incentives to share parental leave with fathers, the main innovation. Throughout Friday morning, mainly on female schools, MEPs reworked the section on violence, for example by etching into law the 3919 online listening now unique number on domestic violence, rape, genital mutilation or forced marriage. They also adopted an amendment PS to better protect children when a parent is guilty of murder in the couple, stating that justice is always the question of withdrawal of parental authority. The Minister also announced that it would support a proposed law on incest, quickly sought by groups of left and right to register the criminalization of incest in the penal code and the alleged lack of consent of the child. In just lined chamber, especially on the right, a provision designed to protect foreign women victims of violence led to a clash between Marion Marechal-Le Pen and the Socialists, who accused MP FN to "defend impunity ". The youngest member of the Assembly have passed several insured protectors for women. Another chapter, the tone is mounted again at the presentation of an environmental amendment to favor alternating residence in the event of parental separation, provision was introduced in the Senate and then canceled committee in the Assembly. Denis Baupin (EELV) stood against "some elements of bias against fathers" after an end of inadmissibility of the Minister and the rapporteur have referred the matter to the next family law. To fight against the sexualization of children, MEPs approved without debate, however banning mini-miss contest for children under 13 years and a fine of 1. 500 euros for offenders, thus showing less severe than senators. Ultramarine carnivals will not be affected. For additional on this topic read article.