Social Media

Instagram Stories have become substantial traffic drivers

Instagram stories is the fastest growing social media channel you can ever imagine of. Within 2 month of the launch of Insta stories they started attracting 100 million active users daily. This is a big number: but how can you utilize this to grow your business and generate a positive ROI out of Instagram?

Let’s find out!

Instagram stories are a form of photo, video or some message sharing in the form of stories where you can update what’s going on in your life or some message you want to convey. The story lasts for 24 hrs. Let’s understand how to use Instagram stories the right way and grow your business online.

Ways to Use Instagram stories to drive traffic

Show Them Behind the Scenes
When you are a brand and when you show what is going on in the office and how are you building the brand then people will get more attached to see your stories again and again. You can show anything which you are not showing on other platforms. For example: Meetings, Office gym, Team hangouts.

Promote Your Event
If you are having an event in the next month, then it’s your job to make people know about your event. Instagram stories are a great way to let people know that you are organizing an event. Moreover, you can also share the link in the stories so that they can directly book their tickets from the given link.

Product Teasers
If you are a SaaS business owner who is going to launch their next big product online. Trust me Insta stories can really help your product go viral. You can do giveaways for those who share the message and attract more customers for your products.

Sales and Limited Offers
If you run an online ecom store then selling your merchandise via Instagram is a great way to kickstart your store. As you already have a group of loyal followers following you promoting your store online through stories will be super easy. You can run limited offer sales exclusively for your Instagram followers.

Q&A Sessions
If you are an influencer or a big business owner, then people are always hungry to ask you questions on how did you reach there, what do you do, how much do you earn, etc. You can answer all their queries by doing a live Q&A session via Insta stories and answer their questions. This way they’ll feel more connected to you.

Set a New Trend
You can cover any new trending story with your product and show it to your audience. If the trending story goes viral then people will automatically start relating it with your product and suddenly you’ll see a drastic boost in your product sales.

Solve A Problem
People will buy from you if you are solving their problem with your product. The best way to sell is make Insta-stories pointing out their pain points and presenting them with a solution. What exactly will be the solution? Your product is the solution. People will buy it like hot cakes.

The End
I hope you now have a clear vision on how you can promote your product via Instagram stories and can generate a positive ROI. Follow all the 7 ways and I assure you that you are not so far from building a brand on Instagram. I wish you all the very best.

You are not limited to these 7 ways. You can always try out new ways and check what works for you and what is giving you better results. Once you figure that out, you can then do it more often to achieve quick results.