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Rome, April 11 (Reuters) – It 's hunting, even in Italy, to volunteers who suffer from Parkinson's disease, but also to healthy people who can contribute by joining the project' Fox Trial Finder ', and accelerating the development of scientific research on this disease . Just click on www. foxtrialfinder. michaeljfox. org designed by the Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF), active from September in Italian, and in particular on 'Find Trial'. In anonymous and voluntary, you can choose whether to respond to a simple questionnaire, donate a sample of blood or tissue, perform a battery of tests, or test a drug. Today there are 28 thousand volunteers from all over the world participating, including 450 Italians. The goal is to reach 30 thousand volunteers by the summer.

In Italian patients with Parkinson's and parkinsonism are 200 thousand, with a very high incidence: 350 patients out of 100 thousand inhabitants, including 250 suffering from Parkinson's disease. Of these, 23 000 are only handled in Milan at the Parkinson Center of the CTO, the largest in the world for this disease, which each year approximately 1. 500 new cases, the majority of men (58%) compared to 42% of women .

"The Grigioni Foundation for Parkinson's disease – says the president Gianni Pezzoli, on the occasion of the World Day of Parkinson's which is celebrated tomorrow – it combines the objective of the Michael J. Fox Foundation and calls on patients and their families to become part of the 'Fox Trial Finder' with an active role in the pharmacological studies, scientific or otherwise, that are made about the disease. Grigioni Foundation (in collaboration with the Center for Parkinson Milan) remains the main point of reference to the design of MJFF: it reaches beyond 100 000 families affected by Parkinson's disease in Italy, qualifying first in Europe. "

"It is not enough to have the best researchers in the world – notes Maurizio Facheris, neurologist and associate director for research programs MJFF – or have excellent diagnostic data and advanced equipment. If you miss the people who give their time, samples of blood, saliva and tissue or experiencing a drug on themselves, clinical research could not go forward, to achieve their objectives needs people, sick and healthy volunteers, who work together in research at all levels, in studies of phase I – precise – that assess the tolerability and safety of drugs prior to testing on people who are sick or healthy, Phase II that verify the effectiveness of a restricted population with the disease in question, and phase III, similar to the phase II but in which the sample of the population is larger. "

"The intent of the MJFF – adds Facheris – is threefold: to understand the disease, that is, how it works and what it generates Parkinson's, these aspects are not yet fully known; find cures that can change the course of the disease, halt or reduce the progression, or still able to lead to a regression, improve the quality of life in patients who are carriers of the disease. " Extended info can be inspected checking